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    2024-06-08: Social Security card with no "VALID FOR WORK ONLY WITH DHS AUTHORIZATION" received in the mail.

    2024-05-28: Social Security updated with I-551 Permanent Resident Green Card to remove "VALID FOR WORK ONLY WITH DHS AUTHORIZATION". SSO needs to verify the document status with USCIS.

    2023-06-02: Social Security updated with I-551 Permanent Resident Green Card. No card received.

    2023-04-28: I-485 USCIS Case Status: "Card Was Delivered To Me By The Post Office".

    2023-04-26: I-485 USCIS Case Status: "Card Was Produced".

    2023-04-22: I-485 I-797 NOA2 Approved in 284 days. CONDITIONAL. COA: CF1.
    Interview waived.
    I-485 USCIS Case Status: "Case Approved"

    2023-04-15: I-693 and Additional Evidence of Bona Fides of Marriage package drop off at the USCIS Atlanta Field Office.
    Additional Evidence of Bona Fides of Marriage files uploaded to my.USCIS.gov

    2023-04-07: USCIS emailed "We have taken an action on your case".
    USCIS Case Status I-485: "Case Is Being Actively Reviewed by USCIS"

    2023-04-04: I-693 medical exam with Civil Surgeon

    2023-03-24: Request for Form I-693 COURTESY EMAIL received from Atlanta Field Office.

    2023-01-26: EAD/AP Combo Card (I-766/I-512) received in mail. USCIS Case Status: "Card Was Delivered To Me By The Post Office".

    2023-01-25: I-765 expedite 1-797 Approval received in mail.

    2023-01-25: EAD/AP Combo Card (I-766/I-512) USCIS Case Status: "Card Was Picked Up By The United States Postal Service".

    2023-01-24: EAD/AP Combo Card (I-766/I-512) USCIS Case Status: "Card Was Produced".

    2023-01-19: I-765 expedite I-797 Approved with EAD/AP Combo Card (I-766/I-512) USCIS Case Status: "Card Is Being Produced".

    2023-01-17: Faxed in I-765 expedite "additional information" to USCIS.

    2023-01-17: USCIS emailed response to inquiry I-765 expedite requesting "additional information".

    2022-12-16: Requested second I-765 expedite by phone, since no response for 1st expedite request. Live agent says USCIS is in "final review" so expedite request may be denied.

    2022-12-06: Follow up on I-765 expedite with Emma.
    "No response has been made to the expedite request. if you do not receive a response within 7 business days, it may mean your request is taking a little longer to process and it is not necessary to call us again regarding the request. The Service Center, Field Office, or National Benefits Center will contact you as soon as possible."

    2022-11-23: Requested I-765 expedite by phone

    2022-08-23: Biometrics completed before appointment schedule. Early walk-in with the I-797C ASC Appointment Notice 2022-09.
    USCIS Case Status: "Case Is Being Actively Reviewed by USCIS"

    2022-08-18: Biometrics I-797C ASC Appointment Notice received in mail.

    2022-08-12: Biometrics Appointment schedule in my.USCIS.gov
    USCIS Case Status: Biometrics Appointment Was Scheduled

    2022-08-03: USCIS Inquiry responded with emailed Online Access Code.

    2022-07-26: USCIS Inquiry submitted requesting Online Access Code.

    2022-07-23: Social Security Card with marriage name received by mail.

    2022-07-19: I-797C Notice of Action for I-485, I-131, I-765 received in mail.
    No Online Access Code in mail.
    2022-07-12: I-797C Priority Date (Received Date)
    2022-07-14: I-797C Notice Date I-485, I-131, I-765
    USCIS Case Status: Case Was Received and A Receipt Notice Was Sent

    2022-07-15: AOS Check Cashed. No e-Notification

    2022-07-12: AOS delivered. FedEx signed.

    2022-07-09: Adjustment of Status I-485/I-864, I-765, I-131 sent via FedEx

    2022-07-01: Social Security updated to marriage name

    2022-06-28: Marriage Certificate

    2022-06-21: Social Security Card received by mail.

    2022-06-14: Social Security Number applied.

    2022-06-13: l-94 electronic available online.

    2022-06-11: US Entry. See Port-Of-Entry review in Timeline.

    2022-04-30: K1 visa passport package received by Delivery Service. UStravelDocs notified by email of the Delivery tracking number.

    2022-04-29: K1 visa passport package sent by Delivery Service. CEACStatTracker "Issued".

    2022-04-25: K1 Interview approved. CEACStatTracker "Administrative Processing". See Consulate review in Timeline.

    2022-04-25: K1 Interview appointment. CEACStatTracker "Application Received". See Consulate review in Timeline.

    2022-04-22: Medical exam completed.

    2022-04-12: I-134 received by the K1 beneficiary.

    2022-04-08: I-134 sent to the K1 beneficiary.

    2022-04-01: Medical exam started. Medical fee paid.

    2022-03-29: Packet 4 received by email. Interview scheduled confirmation. UStravelDocs completed.

    2022-03-27: DS-160 submitted. UStravelDocs started. MRV fee paid.

    2022-03-21: Packet 3 received by email.

    2022-03-17: Consulate received case. CEACStatTracker "Ready".

    2022-03-15: NVC case sent to consulate. CEACStatTracker "In Transit".

    2022-03-08: NVC case number and Invoice number assigned. CEACStatTracker "At NVC".

    2022-03-02: NVC received case from USCIS

    2022-02-28: I-797 NOA2 I-129F Letter received in mail

    2022-02-18: NOA2 I-129F approved notification on Case Tracker and USCIS Case Status (349 days from NOA1 Received Date). Notice Date is 2022-02-17.

    2022-01-03: Received USCIS inquiry "Outside Normal Processing Time" response that "should receive a notice of action within 45 business days".

    2021-12-19: Submitted USCIS inquiry "Outside Normal Processing Time".

    2021-04-22: I-797C NOA1 I-129F Letter Received from California Service Center 
    (Received Date: 2021-03-05, Notice Date: 2021-03-31)

    2021-04-01: I-129F Check Cashed USCIS Dallas

    2021-03-05: I-129F received/signed lockbox Lewisville, Texas

    2021-03-03: I-129F sent via FedEx

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  1. We are K1-to-AOS, and soon-to-be ROC filers.

  2. In the Profile dashboard, there are the 3 tabs: Activity, About Me, Images. How do I add pics to the Images tab?
  3. Did all the cards look the same after the initial removal of DHS Authorization restriction from the 2-year green card?
  4. Thanks! That is better than having to go to the SSO a couple of extra times.
  5. Update the SSO with the 10-year green card or Certificate of Naturalization even though the restriction has been removed with the 2-year green card. What are the risks of not doing that because the SSN and the SS card will be the same?
  6. Greetings all, We are K1-to-AOS and soon-to-be ROC filers. It took us a couple of trips to the SSO to remove the "VALID FOR WORK ONLY WITH DHS AUTHORIZATION" with the 2-year green card. https://www.visajourney.com/forums/topic/821529-ssn-removing-dhs-authorization/ Now that we got the new Social Security card without the restriction, if we get the 10-year green card from the ROC or if we get the N-400 naturalization, do we need to update the SS card again with those documents? Will the SS card still look the same? What are some potential risks if we do NOT update the SS card with the 10-year green card or the naturalization certificate? Thanks in advance for any response.
  7. If you look at our Profile or Timeline, we had something similar at the Atlanta Field Office during the Great Request for I-693 Courtesy Email of March 2023. https://www.visajourney.com/forums/topic/798091-request-for-form-i-693-courtesy-email/ At that time the Atlanta FO estimated I-485 AOS processing time was over 36 months because the evidence suggested the Atlanta FO stopped processing in December 2022. So before the FO started back up processing, they apparently sent out a mass Request for I-693 Courtesy Email in March 2023, to all those who did not have an I-693 on file regardless if they had a proper overseas medical DS-3025 or not. Now there was a great debate among the Atlanta AOS filers then whether to go thru with the I-693 or not or wait for the I-693 RFE. About a week before the I-693 drop-off to the Atlanta FO in April 2023, the FO sent out a "We have taken an action on your case" email to seemingly everyone in the AOS queue, but the USCIS Case Status stayed on "Case Is Being Actively Reviewed by USCIS". About a week later, it seemed everyone got AOS approved without interview regardless if they dropped off an I-693 or not. So for us, from the "We have taken an action on your case" email to AOS approval showing up in our USCIS Case Status was about 2 weeks. The "We have taken an action..." notification was maybe USCIS internally prepping to formulate a decision like someone may have actually looked at your case, or they selected a few clicks on your case, etc. So the best advice is to be patient--some change may be coming up in your USCIS Case Status.
  8. Hello USCIS filing gurus, We are K1-to-AOS and soon-to-be ROC filers. I'm comparing the differences between the I-751 evidence of bonafide relationships (for 2-year of marriage) https://www.visajourney.com/guides/removing-conditions-permanent-residency/ and the N-400 referring to you and your spouse (for 3-year of marriage) https://www.visajourney.com/guides/us-naturalization/ It seems that there are a lot of overlaps in documenting the proofs of the marriage if not N-400 is just a continuation of the I-751. In other words for the N-400, can I just include ALL the I-751 evidence of bonafide relationships plus add 1-year evidence to the N-400 (like 1 extra year tax filing, 1 extra year of bank statements, etc.)? Or will USCIS see that as redundant or just proof padding since they already have the I-751? Or should N-400 (3-year) just focus on the 1-year of proof since the I-751 filing and not include the evidences already submitted with the I-751? Or is the I-751 independent or mutually exclusive from the N-400 so that including ALL of the I-751 along with the extra year of proofs is actually recommended? Thanks in advance for any response.
  9. Hello Everyone, I just want to follow up that we finally received the updated Social Security card in the mail today with no "VALID FOR WORK ONLY WITH DHS AUTHORIZATION". Did anyone else have the trouble of going to the SSO more than once to remove the restriction? Thanks.
  10. It is your choice to fill it out or not. My experience is that unless the foreigner LPR is receiving a LOT of interest dividends from the US bank, then the W8-BEN paperwork is worth the trouble to fill out. If the bank interest is less than say 1000, then withholding 30% isn't worth filing the W8-BEN. Most joint filers mix the 30% bank withholding in the IRS filing return anyway. I had asked similar questions for my K1-to-AOS spouse a while back at https://www.visajourney.com/forums/topic/790033-w-8ben-for-k1-to-aos-filer/
  11. Greetings everyone, we are K1-to-AOS who had previously tried to update the Social Security card (SSC) with the I-551 permanent resident card (2-year green card). Just want to share with others some difficulties we are experiencing in case anyone else is going thru the same. We first went to the SSO in 2023-06 with no appointments after receiving the green card to remove the "VALID FOR WORK ONLY WITH DHS AUTHORIZATION" on the SSC. The previous SS agent rushed us by inputting the green card info into the computer and barely looked at the SS-5. Then she said we should be getting something in the mail. But we never got any confirmation and we never received the updated SSC in the mail. We went again recently (2024-05) to the SSO with a scheduled appointment to update the SSC with the green card. This time the SS agent was more meticulous and took our SS-5 and gave us a confirmation letter with a reference number and a stamped copy of the SS-5 showing the received date. The confirmation letter stated: Before we can issue you a Social Security, we must verify the document(s) you gave us to show your Alien status with the Federal, State, or local office in the United States that issued the document(s). This may take up to 4 weeks. The SS agent said that USCIS probably did not respond to the previous SS request to verify the green card. This second request to verify the green card can take up to 6 to 8 weeks. So if any of you had problems with removing the DHS Authorization restrictions for work on your Social Security card, just be persistent and you may have to go to the SSO more than once. Just keep grinding.
  12. I read a while back that the Social Security Office could verify the I-94 electronically now. So you don't need to wait 2 weeks. You can maybe wait 1-2 days after printing out your I-94 to take it to the SSO, along with the passport, birth certificate, and filled out SS-5 form.
  13. I think one bottleneck that many K1-to-AOS don't realize is the time to receive the marriage certificate (not marriage license). Depending on which state or municipality, the marriage certificate can take 30 days or more to receive. We avoided the wait by going to Las Vegas for the wedding where we got the marriage certificate the same day as the wedding. Also, you can start collecting the documents for the I-864 like the last 3 years of tax transcripts, payslips, etc., A couple of other fairly important steps to plan for the K1 beneficiary is opening a US bank account and getting the state Real ID or driver's license, which rely on the SSN and marriage certificate (for name change). But as a rule of thumb for the super-prepared, if you can file the I-485 within a month after US entry, then you are balling. You can see the step-by-step of what we did at our Timeline or Profile. https://www.visajourney.com/profile/386517-eatbulag
  14. Greetings Everyone, My wife is a K1-to-AOS conditional green card holder. For the situation where the green card expires 02/01/2025 and resident since 02/01/2023, she plans to travel outside the country for say 4 months (less than the 6 months needed to reapply for entry). Will the 4 months outside the country affect the ROC approval? Or the resident since date? Or the date calculation for filing N400 (either 3-year or 5-year)? Thanks in advance for any response.
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