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    2023-04-28: I-485 USCIS Case Status: "Card Was Delivered To Me By The Post Office".

    2023-04-26: I-485 USCIS Case Status: "Card Was Produced".

    2023-04-22: I-485 I-797 NOA2 Approved in 284 days. CONDITIONAL. COA: CF1.
    Interview waived.
    I-485 USCIS Case Status: "Case Approved"

    2023-04-15: I-693 and Additional Evidence of Bona Fides of Marriage package drop off at the USCIS Atlanta Field Office.
    Additional Evidence of Bona Fides of Marriage files uploaded to my.USCIS.gov

    2023-04-07: USCIS emailed "We have taken an action on your case".
    USCIS Case Status I-485: "Case Is Being Actively Reviewed by USCIS"

    2023-04-04: I-693 medical exam with Civil Surgeon

    2023-03-24: Request for Form I-693 COURTESY EMAIL received from Atlanta Field Office.

    2023-01-26: EAD/AP Combo Card (I-766/I-512) received in mail. USCIS Case Status: "Card Was Delivered To Me By The Post Office".

    2023-01-25: I-765 expedite 1-797 Approval received in mail.

    2023-01-25: EAD/AP Combo Card (I-766/I-512) USCIS Case Status: "Card Was Picked Up By The United States Postal Service".

    2023-01-24: EAD/AP Combo Card (I-766/I-512) USCIS Case Status: "Card Was Produced".

    2023-01-19: I-765 expedite I-797 Approved with EAD/AP Combo Card (I-766/I-512) USCIS Case Status: "Card Is Being Produced".

    2023-01-17: Faxed in I-765 expedite "additional information" to USCIS.

    2023-01-17: USCIS emailed response to inquiry I-765 expedite requesting "additional information".

    2022-12-16: Requested second I-765 expedite by phone, since no response for 1st expedite request. Live agent says USCIS is in "final review" so expedite request may be denied.

    2022-12-06: Follow up on I-765 expedite with Emma.
    "No response has been made to the expedite request. if you do not receive a response within 7 business days, it may mean your request is taking a little longer to process and it is not necessary to call us again regarding the request. The Service Center, Field Office, or National Benefits Center will contact you as soon as possible."

    2022-11-23: Requested I-765 expedite by phone

    2022-08-23: Biometrics completed before appointment schedule. Early walk-in with the I-797C ASC Appointment Notice 2022-09.
    USCIS Case Status: "Case Is Being Actively Reviewed by USCIS"

    2022-08-18: Biometrics I-797C ASC Appointment Notice received in mail.

    2022-08-12: Biometrics Appointment schedule in my.USCIS.gov
    USCIS Case Status: Biometrics Appointment Was Scheduled

    2022-08-03: USCIS Inquiry responded with emailed Online Access Code.

    2022-07-26: USCIS Inquiry submitted requesting Online Access Code.

    2022-07-23: Social Security Card with marriage name received by mail.

    2022-07-19: I-797C Notice of Action for I-485, I-131, I-765 received in mail.
    No Online Access Code in mail.
    2022-07-12: I-797C Priority Date (Received Date)
    2022-07-14: I-797C Notice Date I-485, I-131, I-765
    USCIS Case Status: Case Was Received and A Receipt Notice Was Sent

    2022-07-15: AOS Check Cashed. No e-Notification

    2022-07-12: AOS delivered. FedEx signed.

    2022-07-09: Adjustment of Status I-485/I-864, I-765, I-131 sent via FedEx

    2022-07-01: Social Security updated to marriage name

    2022-06-28: Marriage Certificate

    2022-06-21: Social Security Card received by mail.

    2022-06-14: Social Security Number applied.

    2022-06-13: l-94 electronic available online.

    2022-06-11: US Entry. See Port-Of-Entry review in Timeline.

    2022-04-30: K1 visa passport package received by Delivery Service. UStravelDocs notified by email of the Delivery tracking number.

    2022-04-29: K1 visa passport package sent by Delivery Service. CEACStatTracker "Issued".

    2022-04-25: K1 Interview approved. CEACStatTracker "Administrative Processing". See Consulate review in Timeline.

    2022-04-25: K1 Interview appointment. CEACStatTracker "Application Received". See Consulate review in Timeline.

    2022-04-22: Medical exam completed.

    2022-04-12: I-134 received by the K1 beneficiary.

    2022-04-08: I-134 sent to the K1 beneficiary.

    2022-04-01: Medical exam started. Medical fee paid.

    2022-03-29: Packet 4 received by email. Interview scheduled confirmation. UStravelDocs completed.

    2022-03-27: DS-160 submitted. UStravelDocs started. MRV fee paid.

    2022-03-21: Packet 3 received by email.

    2022-03-17: Consulate received case. CEACStatTracker "Ready".

    2022-03-15: NVC case sent to consulate. CEACStatTracker "In Transit".

    2022-03-08: NVC case number and Invoice number assigned. CEACStatTracker "At NVC".

    2022-03-02: NVC received case from USCIS

    2022-02-28: I-797 NOA2 I-129F Letter received in mail

    2022-02-18: NOA2 I-129F approved notification on Case Tracker and USCIS Case Status (349 days from NOA1 Received Date). Notice Date is 2022-02-17.

    2022-01-03: Received USCIS inquiry "Outside Normal Processing Time" response that "should receive a notice of action within 45 business days".

    2021-12-19: Submitted USCIS inquiry "Outside Normal Processing Time".

    2021-04-22: I-797C NOA1 I-129F Letter Received from California Service Center 
    (Received Date: 2021-03-05, Notice Date: 2021-03-31)

    2021-04-01: I-129F Check Cashed USCIS Dallas

    2021-03-05: I-129F received/signed lockbox Lewisville, Texas

    2021-03-03: I-129F sent via FedEx

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  1. Hello all, Is there any phone apps that will save your Permanent Resident Card information besides keeping a photo copy? Apple Wallet only saves a driver's license for Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, and Maryland currently. https://learn.wallet.apple/id#how-to-video Are there other options to save the Permanent Resident Card virtually besides carrying it around physically as currently the required by law? Thanks for any response.
  2. Did you file your US marriage certificate name for your green card and passport (and driver's license REAL ID)? Did you file a Philippines Report Of Marriage with the US marriage certificate name, and used the ROM for the passport update? My filipina spouse used the married naming convention on the marriage certificate of first name, middle name (maiden last name), and last name (spouse's last name). We filed a Philippines Report Of Marriage using the same naming convention as the US marriage certificate, and I believe she is using the Philippines ROM to update her Philippines passport. As long as you continue to file using your marriage certificate name consistently, name format shouldn't matter like the green card only shows the middle initial and the driver's license only shows the first and last name, etc.
  3. It should not matter. But if you want "extra insurance" to avoid "future problems", you might consider applying for Global Entry. https://www.cbp.gov/travel/trusted-traveler-programs/global-entry GE will document your passport, id and green card, and you show up for an in-person interview to verify all those are you so that your documents and names are verified prior to the Port Of Entry immigration entry and the GE line is usually faster than the regular immigration line. You can check out our GE experience at https://www.visajourney.com/forums/topic/799684-global-entry-with-conditional-green-card/
  4. Yes. If you travel with US passport only-entry to Philippines and exit Philippines with US passport would have cleared that situation. But that eliminates the advantage of the dual passport, which include unlimited stay without visa, etc. For the problem case, because the airline only had the US passport info since the flight was booked with US passport ONLY, but the entry was with the Philippines passport. If the US passport did not show Philippines entry and US embassy does not have a record of the US passport entry, the airline assumes a US passport irregularity to maybe even a fake passport which the US may not accept on entry. And in which case, the airline assumes the cost to fly the traveler back to the departure country. So to avoid such cases, it is probably best to include both passports to all the connecting airlines for your international travel.
  5. I've been reading posts about other travelers with dual passports, including US-Philippines. Oddly enough, it is the airlines that give the most hassles. I've come to the conclusion that it is best to give the airlines both passports information on booking. Airlines are financially responsible for any travelers who can not be cleared to travel to the destination, and suck up the cost returning the traveler to the departure country. US or Philippines don't care if you have passport from the other country as long as you have valid entry. And it is often the gate agent or the boarding agent who makes the decision to allow a traveler to board or not. So the more information you provide the airlines before the flight, the more information that the gate agent can pull up to avoid any confusion. One post that reported a problem was that they booked with a US passport ONLY, but entered the Philippines with the Philippines passport. So when it was time to depart the Philippines, the airline flagged that the traveler's US passport had an irregularity and would not allow the traveler to board even though the Philippines immigration was cleared. The airline referred the traveler to contact the US embassy to clear the US passport irregularity, but the US embassy had no record of the US passport entry since the entry was with the Philippines passport. I think it took a missed flight to clarify everything, but it could be a hassle that could be avoided if you provide the airlines with both passports when getting boarding passes, or if the airline portal allows it to upload all visa or relevant traveling documents information before travel.
  6. Hello Green Card holders interested in Global Entry, After getting conditional approval for the GE, we were fortunate to get a GE interview at our nearest airport in about a month. We read cases where some are still waiting for interviews 6-12 months out. My foreign spouse only has a 2-year Green Card and was approved for the Global Entry, so these are some lessons learned that are probably true for 10-year Green Card holders as well: 1. Getting a convenient interview date and location can be a little tricky and is the hardest part of the whole process. You have to keep checking back almost everyday to see what opens up. We first scheduled an appointment at another location farther away but within our date limits in hopes of re-scheduling later if nothing opens up. And we noticed that more locations/date were opening up whenever we go back to try to re-schedule. I read one advice that CBP releases new interview location/dates every first Monday of the month. I think we checked on a Tuesday after the first Monday of the month to get our preferred interview location/date. There is also the Enrollment On Arrival option if you already have an international travel, but you need to arrive at a Port Of Entry with a Global Entry office during their working hours, so that will require some flight scheduling if you plan to do that. 2. My foreign spouse's passport name (maiden name) did not match the green card name (married name). Even though she showed the GE agent our marriage certificate, the GE agent said that she may be pulled aside for more questioning at the Port Of Entry. We thought the GE agent could maybe upload the marriage certificate to avoid any confusion, but the GE agent said they could not, but they will issue her a GE card anyways with the understanding that she may still get questioned at the POE. Carrying around the marriage certificate during travel for passport-green card name mismatch is the usual procedure anyways but hopefully, the GE line will be shorter and more efficient than the regular immigration line when the time comes to enter from international travel. Thinking back in hindsight when we were uploading document information for the GE application, the site did allow us to upload other documents like a second passport, etc. besides the standard passport, driver's license, and green card. And we should have uploaded our marriage certificate then because now the only way to update new documents is thru GE agent. And since the GE agent chose not to accept the document then we are stuck with the potential questioning at the POE. 3. To follow up on the passport name and green card name mismatch, the GE agent did say whenever the foreign spouse updates her foreign passport to the green card name, we can take it down to the GE office without the need for scheduling an interview and they will update her GE with the new passport name. This also makes me think that GE offices are maybe open to walk-in interviews if they are not busy? Because they have to accommodate for Enrollment On Arrivals anyways? But that may be hit-of-miss depending on how busy they are? What we observed was that most people with interview appointments were in-out of the office within 5-10 minutes. Since my foreign spouse had the special case of name mismatch, she was in-out in 15 minutes. Ideally, GE is supposed to do the background check and approve low-risk international travelers for the faster immigration processing thru the GE line. And the scheduled interview is really just to verify in-person your passport information along with the immigration status, and driver's license (REAL ID). The reason I got my foreign spouse GE was that we hope it will be less immigration hassle at entry. But I'm getting the feeling that GE does not guarantee lesser hassles, but maybe a shorter line?
  7. I've seen a COURTESY EMAIL notice for I-693 where the applicant re-uploaded the DS-3025 and was approved. https://www.visajourney.com/forums/topic/798091-request-for-form-i-693-courtesy-email/?do=findComment&comment=10840726 If you got the RFE for I-693, then I would do as the RFE says. Not complying completely with the RFE risks abandoning the AOS application or AOS denial and starting over.
  8. 1. Both can be sufficient. But as a general rule for myself, any electronic pdf statement printout is better than screenshot printout as supporting documents for I-864. 2. Do you have a US state driver's license with the US mailing address? Pic or converted to pdf print are both fine. 3. Not necessary, but if you have a voter registration card, then printout of that is better. What are the most important for the I-864 are the proofs of US income or US employment or US assets. Current pay statements, IRS tax transcripts (joint filing if married), property deeds, etc.
  9. Congrats! Were both your I-485 interview and I-751 interview waived?
  10. Not working or being unemployed or doing non-profit work is okay for the I-129F. But there is a question in I-129F or I-134 about if the K1 beneficiary has ever been a public charge? So my guess is that if the K1 beneficiary is unemployed and had public charge because of unemployment then that may be considered along with the K1 petitioner's means to support the K1 beneficiary from the I-134.
  11. See the guide for list of documents https://www.visajourney.com/guides/adjustment-of-status-k1-k3-visas/ Your total fee is still 1225 unless you are 79 or over. https://www.uscis.gov/i-485
  12. Congratulations! You can help others by filling out your Timeline, which updates the VJ stats pages
  13. I've only heard of one case where the CBP agent didn't know the procedure to open and inspect the sealed envelope. The K1 called USCIS to inquire what to do with the envelope, and USCIS told them to immediately go back to the airport to drop it off with the CBP. There are supposed to be other documents inside the sealed envelope besides the medical like police report, etc. so all those are supposed to be with the USCIS already when you file the AOS. Yes, good thing that you kept the envelope sealed. I read posts that in the near future this passing of the sealed envelope procedure will be updated to electronically transferred.
  14. Wait...whoa...you had the brown sealed envelope this whole time? which was supposed to be picked up by the CBP at the POE to forward to USCIS? And the current officer accepted it to put in the file? This is highly irregular. I'm guessing the officer is elevating the review to a superior since this is highly irregular. Ideally, the brown sealed packet is reviewed by the CBP at POE, and then forwarded to USCIS. Not sure what will come of this? Do keep us updated.
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