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  1. He’s finished! He got approved and Oath Ceremony on Sept 8!
  2. Thank you so much! His appointment was at 11:15am in Albany NY, I’m in the car waiting anxiously. Will update once he’s out!
  3. I am going for moral support. But we didn't interview together during his green card process, CR1 2019, ROC April 2023, and now citizenship. I am also curious to know if he needs to walk with the evidence, we submitted for his I751? Or just what they asked for on the interview notice.
  4. My husband filed his N400 Jan 3 2023, and has his interview tomorrow, 3 year rule and soo excited for him.
  5. She got the notice after her interview, the IO told her she will get a letter in the mail. What I read, and remember there was another form attached for credit card payment she needed to return to USCIS. attorney told her to pay it. (Tbh, I don’t trust some attorneys either) I think it maybe a NYS public charge.. she used the public hospital for a dental procedure and that’s what she’s omitting.
  6. She just let me read it, she didn’t let me take a picture (she’s knows I’m always on this site) I think she probably used dental services and she needed to repay, but you know some people are never honest with their explanations. I just wanted to be sure for my information because I NEVER heard of this.
  7. I thought so initially also..
  8. Ok so it may not be legal? The USCIS notice says she has to pay $978.
  9. Agreed. It can be interpreted as coming to work.
  10. Depends on the country. I know Haiti and Jamaica both need to be present.
  11. Hi all, my coworker’s sister, overstayed her tourist visa and has to pay a fine. Her attorney said it’s a new law signed in 2021, and USCIS is now enforcing it. has anyone heard of this?
  12. My then boyfriend now my husband was denied 4 times for a tourist visa between 2016-2018. yea we went ahead and got married and filed his green card in 2019. Your US citz boyfriend Is a huge red flag
  13. We got an approval on March 16, MSC no interview and card is sent to processing
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