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  1. The CO are very versed on he cultures of the countries they service. I doubt it will be the engagement party, since Indians are known for lavish celebrations. I think it may be the incorrect answers, I mean who doesn't know where their spouse works? Or their date of birth? That seems shady especially if the CO thinks those are basic questions that require no thought. It's proof of a bonafide relationship they are trying to determine. If you file the CR1 visa, she will still need to be interviewed. Work on your relationship, and determine the best route for your family. Immigration is complicated everywhere in the world.
  2. keep calling, when you hear "thank you for calling the NVC, because to the high number of calls..." HANG UP call back When you hear "please be advised... " STAY ON THE PHONE FOR 30mins. Im a pro at this lol
  3. You said here he is a US Citizen, why are you asking if he is a US citizen? Stop being shady.
  4. Hi Folks, Our process took exactly 6 months, from the date we filed our I130 to the interview. Our embassy isnt really busy with IV visas, my husband was the 2nd case for Port of Spain. I think it all depends on the embassies. The Aug bulletin says Mumbai will be prioritizing F visas since the year closes Sept 2019 and they need to schedule those interviews first, so India folks, be patient.
  5. NVC for me took 3 weeks. from NVC case number, to DQ.
  6. Yes its the same website for the non immigrant Visa for Trinidad. They will give you instructions in the email. Trinidad doesn't use the other websites.
  7. I think you hv to be seperate for sometime. I believe thats how they want the system to work. I got a job and a began working for some months before I applied for my husband. Its not easy. Trust me. It is NOT. But they wont see past the fact that you're not physically in the US.
  8. Some people have to submit by mail. Whats your country code? It took me about 2 weeks. But others have had better luck.
  9. Its listed in the embassy website for pts. The Dr charges 600tt for chicken pox and 300tt for all other shots.
  10. Congrats! It was really long and trying for you guys. Finally the light at the end of the tunnel. God bless.
  11. put n/a in the space, so they will know it was not intentionally left out.
  12. thats not even a guarantee the visa will be approved either. It's a sticky situation.
  13. also, USCIS forms are very clear and if there are any discrepancies, as you said this will fall on the petitioner. One rule of thumb in the US, DO NOT LIE they will catch you and they will find out.
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