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  1. Hello all, We received our NOA2 from USCIS on March 11th 2021, on April 15th we got notification from the NVC that our case was returned to USCIS after we had sent an inquiry about our case a couple weeks prior. No information as to why it was returned to USCIS. On April 22nd 2021 USCIS received the case and the current status says "Department of State Sent Case to USCIS For Review". We immediately sent an inquiry but have not heard back. Does anyone have any idea why the case would be sent back to USCIS? Would that indicate an issue with our case? Something we did or something USCIS got wrong? We would appreciate any insight if anyone has experienced something similar. Thanks, Colin
  2. Hi everyone, I received USCIS’ notice of receipt for our I-129F in March of this year (2023). My question is - I just moved to Brazil to be with my Fiancé while we wait for the visa to be approved. How can I notify USCIS of this update? To be clear I do not wish to update my address. When applying for the visa, I intentionally used my mothers mailing address in the states so that she could receive any / all communication on my behalf, which is significantly more reliable than changing the address to here in Brazil. I just want to notify USCIS of this “update" since I believe this significantly fortifies our case and shows that we truly have a relationship/intend to be married. Additionally - if we are worried about mail not reaching my beneficiary’s address here in Brazil, is there a way to update her mailing address? Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated.
  3. Hey! My partner and I are trying to fill the I129-F but we have some questions... We made a letter of intent to marry and e-signed, is it valid? We e-signed some other letters, but we are not 100% sure about it How long would it take to get some court documents from California and Denver, how can he get those? Does he need to explain them in detail? We don't have any pics from the proporsal, do we need them? Also do we need letters from out families? We are not very close to any of them, besides I still live at home but with super strict parents.
  4. I see websites (Boundless) say that the U.S. citizen sponsor must 100% meet the income requirements for a K-1 visa as a minimum, while it's 125% for the Form I-864 AOS. I am confused though because another website (VisaNation) says it should be 125%, and that the 100% only applies to active duty members of the Armed Forces. If ever the 125% does need to be met by a k1 visa sponsor, can the beneficiary combine her income (I work as a freelancer, and I earn around $1.8k a month) to her sponsor's? My sponsor at the moment can only meet around 105% of the HHS Poverty Guideline.
  5. Hello everyone! I'm a professional over thinker and I just realised that we sent, in the initial I-129F packet, the passport photos in the wrong size. Instead of the US version of 2x2 in we sent the European size. What are the chances we receive an RFE because of that? Thank you
  6. Hello! I am a Fiancee of a male from the United States, and we've been dating for about 4 years now. Right now, we are preparing requirements for the petition for alien fiancee. I am wheelchair-bound and was born with a degenerative disease called muscular dystrophy (myotonic-congenital type), that causes me to progressively lose muscle mass and my locomotive abilities, and me and my fiance very much wants to be married in the US soon and spend the rest of my life by his side. So, we wonder if our case can be expedited with this reason. Here's a sidenote, I am from a middle-class family in the Philippines. Though we're not able to get the necessary treatments for my scoliosis and other certain health problems because of certain specialists uavailable in our province, we get by very well and my basic needs are sustained by my immediate family (like: foods, dental, doctor's appointment for minor sickness, education, clothes, etc.). I have documents as proof for my degenerative disease, and my fiance also just wants to provide me the quality life I need, treatments that are easily available in US, and just be able to prolong my life and time with him. Both of our families and friends are also very much willing to support us. Hope to hear you guys' input on this. It would really mean a lot! Thank you all in advance.
  7. In June 2022, my fiance lost his USA-issued passport upon visiting me here in the Philippines. He filed for an affidavit of loss, and he received an emergency passport (to be used for him return to the States after his visit). Now, we are using the affidavit of loss to explain the loss of earlier passport stamps on his visit in June 2022. My fiance is filing his I-129F petition. However, this 2023, it is only coming to me that there is a clerical error on the affidavit: it mentions there that my fiance is "a holder of a USA passport, issued by the Department of Foreign Affairs (PH)" instead of the Department of State (US). Should I file for an affidavit of correction now, or will this error be excused by the USCIS officer? Will this be grounds for an RFE, or am I being delusional?
  8. Hello, My fiancé is a US citizen petitioner who is estranged from his father. He only knows his first and last name. He does not know his middle name, birth place, and area of residence. His mother has passed away, and nobody else in his life knows about his father. On his I-129F, is he allowed to write "unknown" on the appropriate spaces, or is it more appropriate to use "N/A?" This might sound like a silly question, sorry. The instructions on the I-129F don't seem to mention using "unknown" as a response. Edit: Is "unknown" more correct to use than "N/A" in this situation?
  9. Hi everyone! Is anyone can help me about this, please? My I-129F was just approved but I moved to another city here in Brazil. Where can I update my address? I’m afraid of them sending something to the old address. Thank you everyone!
  10. So for the last five years before moving back to the states I was stationed overseas in Spain while attached to a ship. Should I just put the address of the base?
  11. I understand the LEGAL age for marriage is 18+, but with the current 12+ month expected time to get the VISA, I have an interesting and unusual question. Does the girl absolutely NEED to be 18 before we can meet, date, and get engaged? ...and submit the I-129F packet? (even with her families full support) Is anything before she is 18 unusable? * She will be 18 (or maybe 19) by the time she gets the Visa to come to the USA. I'm thinking that her age at THAT TIME is all that REALLY matters. Background: I first met the FILIPINA girl when she was 16 through an app. At that time I didn't want to WAIT for her to become 18. So we just remained FB "friends." Recently, she said that she was 17 now. So, I think, why not explore the chemistry at least. We have great chemistry and she's much more HONEST than many others I chat with. I really like her and I think she could potentially be the BEST choice for me. I want to keep things legal and legit and moral. (Honestly, I wish she was 19+) I'm just curious about what can we LEGALLY do without NEEDing to WAIT for her 18th birthday (about 10 months away). Maybe I will go and meet her and spend time with her (with a chaperone) 6 months before she turns 18, and then submit the I-129F right after that. Is that possible?
  12. I filed for a I-129F in July 2021. On September 28 2022, I received NOA2 form I-797 saying it's "Valid From 09/28/2022 to 01/27/2023". On December 20, 2022, I received an email notice from NVC saying they have forwarded the petition to the Canadian US Consulate in Montreal. However my partner is still waiting to receive the packet from the US Consulate via mail. Do I need to file an extension on the I-797, since that date is in less than 3 weeks? If that date passes, does USCIS drop the case? I'm finding conflicting information, some saying that it's automatically extended, some saying that it doesn't matter as soon as the NVC processes the case, and both of us worried that we should try to extend it anyway. And I don't know the best way to do that.
  13. I recently filed the I-129f on Nov 17th, thinking the k1 visa process would take about eight months, but it looks like it will take much longer. I thought of having my sister file an I-134A on behalf of my Haitian national fiancé instead of me since I recently lost my job due to a work injury. I've been getting worker's comp benefits; sadly, that doesn't count as income. Yet, I don't want her I-129f to be denied or not selected for the humanitarian parole program. Can my sister file an i-134a for my Haitian fiancée while she's waiting for her i-129f to be approved?
  14. My husband and I filed I-130 for me and about 40 days later we filed I-129F for K3. The receipt we got for the I-130 said it’s at the Nebraska Service Center. Meanwhile, the receipt we got for the I-129F shows that it’s at the Texas Service Center (SRC are the first letters of the receipt #). My question now is this: does this mean that our filing is transferred from Nebraska to Texas? Are these two filings always processed at the same service center? I ask because according to USCIS website, different service centers have different process timelines and it seems Texas is one of the slowest ones.
  15. So me and my partner have been watching the Jan to Dec 2021 Filers google doc's spreadsheet like hawks this past year. With them coming close to December I just wanted to see if anybody knew of a 2022 Filers list please? The guys which have been keeping on top of the 2021 list have done an outstanding job! *Sorry if I have posted this in the wrong sub-section!*
  16. Me and my partner are looking for the best way to proceed. I'm from Italy, he's USC. Since the waiting time is almost the same, we're leaning to get married and proceed with a CR-1 visa, more than picking the K1 path. Our concern about this is the traveling while the I-130 is pending. What are the chances of a tourist visa getting denied because of this? Would this be a problem only with a pending I-130 or also with a pending I-129F? I know for this purpose there's the K3 visa, but the waiting time is the same so there's no point. We are willing to wait for the whole procedure to go through, but not being able to see each other in the meantime would be crazy. Thank you for the help!
  17. We sent our I-129F via certified mail and we have confirmation that they received our application on the 27th of December. Today is the 4th of January and we still haven't got an e-mail receipt from them and the money has not been cashed yet. (We added the G-1145 and the G-1450 on the top of our packet). We also thoroughly checked the application before sending it to make sure that everything is correct. Is anybody else experiencing a similar delay??
  18. Hello, I am working on filling out the I-134 affidavit of support for my fiance. I needed a co-sponsor so I am trying to collect everything I need for evidence. So far, I have one pay stub, 2021 tax return, and W2 form for 2021. Do I need anything else? The cosponsor's income is enough and I do not need to add assets. I read online somewhere that a letter from the bank is required to include information of how much was deposited within a year and what his current balance is, but he tried getting that and the Bank was not able to provide it, which is why we have monthly summaries of his deposits. I also read we need a letter from his employer, but the thing is he works in a corporate and has no contact with his employers or managers as they are always out of state. Do you guys thing what I have so far is sufficient?
  19. We filed our I-129F application 6 weeks ago and we still haven't received a receipt yet. Unfortunately we paid with a money order so there is no way to know if they cashed in the money. My fiancé is the petitioner and he wants to start the process all over again. Is that a good idea?? Please help 🙏
  20. Hello! Just had a quick question regarding joint/co sponsors. My I-129f petition for a K-1 visa for my fiancee to come to the US has finally been approved after almost 16 months. We submitted it on July 6, 2021 and it was approved on October 19th, 2022. We're now waiting for the NVC letter. We were just wondering what form our joint/co sponsor would need to fill out? Would it be I-864 or I-134? I am currently unemployed so would I still need to fill out form I-134? It's my understanding that the co sponsor would fill out I-864 and I would still need to fill out I-134 but please correct me if I'm wrong. Really appreciate your help!
  21. Hello everyone 2 quick questions. Nov. 2021 filer for I-129f waiting for our approval which I will assume will be sometime in January 2023. I am currently living in Lima with my fiancé as she is 6 months pregnant with our daughter. Actually it’s pretty funny she might be born when we finally get approved fingers crossed. Question 1 : I recently changed my address to my brothers address in San Diego as I will be staying here in Peru until we go back to US as a family, but when I changed it I changed both physical and mailing address to his San Diego address. Should I change the physical address back to my Los Angeles address that is on my license and all my documents? I just don’t want any problems further down the line in this process. Does my physical address really matter? Question 2: I don’t remember what mailing address we put down for her in the application but we are now living in a new apartment and will have this address until we leave. Is there a way to update her address to our new address here in Peru? Does it matter or is it irrelevant because I read that anything after the actual application is sent and done online and through email. I just want to make sure because I do remember filing in her address. Thank you everyone!
  22. Hello! I have been researching the processing and filing process for the fiance visa and I see that the filing location on the form I-129F page on the USCIS site is Dallas, Texas. However, all the K1 visas are currently being processed at the California service center. If this is the case, is it possible to bypass sending it to Texas and instead ship it straight to the California P.O. box? Or do we have to send it to Texas in order for them to send it to California.. I'm not sure if this question has been posed already but if so please link the thread below. Thank you!
  23. My Fiancé passed her K1 interview at the U.S. Embassy and Consulate in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam an hour ago! Here are the questions she was asked: How did we meet? How many times did we meet? What are your fiancé's hobbies? What things does your fiancée dislike about his work? What is his job? How is his day? Describe his job? What is his address? What do we typically argue about? When was the last time we argued, and about what? How did he propose to you? Time and date? Will your parents attend you wedding in the U.S.? Where do you plan to get married? They also asked "after 2 months your fiancée proposed?" She answered "yes, but it was more of a promise to try our best to stay together in long distance relationship." I was not present for her interview. We did not have an engagement party. The first question was in English. There was a female translator who translated the question to Vietnamese. But my Fiancé answered in 100% English . The translator then smiled and stepped away after that. All English thereafter. We used RapidVisa to prepare our I-129F. (before we discovered this forum) No regrets, because their review of our petition and evidence brought us peace of mind. However, RapidVisa was not involved, nor did they really help us after NOA1 and NOA2. If you have any questions, please ask. We want to help others going through this. It's been stressful beyond belief leading up to the interview. Here's a TikTok video she made of everything she prepared, organized and brought to her interview. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1DuWN7wCQLSfG-jtT0f8MLmXCvmMrbcLc/view?usp=sharing
  24. Just a quick question, been trying to find an answer for this but couldn't find any. So let's say they want more proof from you, or you missed something on the application. My question is do they send the RFE notice by mail when they are finally about to process your application which is 10-13months or so? Or I'm misundertanding this? Thank you.
  25. Hi everyone. So on our official papers and required documents for the I-129f there’s no mistakes but we added declaration letters from us both where 2 dates are different from each other. I wrote March 26th, 2021. He wrote May 26th, 2021. And I wrote we went to the usa on November 10th and he did on November 15th. We didn’t notice this small mistake until later on but we have strong proof of bona fide relationship. I also have proof that we actually met on March 26th with train ticket+Airbnb booking. And that we left to the usa on November 15th with flight tickets from both of us and on my I-94 it has the entry date nov16. I’m just very scared it will be denied cuz of this and I don’t want to have wasted over a year if it ends up getting denied. But I also don’t want to wake up a sleeping dog and cause more hassle for us in case they don’t believe it was a typo even with the evidence. I hear people saying you shouldn’t sent in more unless they ask. What should I do? Ps. We have called USCIS before and the lady said this wouldn’t be a problem but we could sent up paperwork to the address about the mistake if we really wanted to. But I’m worried this could push back our petition and we are already quite a bit in the process. I just don’t want to get denied cuz of this, I’m ready to receive a RFE for this since I have enough evidence to back things up but I’d rather avoid that. Should I inter file the documents rn and correct my mistake?
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