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  1. There we go, August filers congratulations on your decision to pursue this amazing relationship with your fiancee. This will be a fun journey so like @missileman say buckle your seat belt and prepare for the ride. Feel free to post your questions and share experiences during your K1 application process.
  2. Hey all I’m starting this thread for any South African couples waiting for their visa to be processed, petition approved, or couples who have already been approved. If you have any stories or advice please do share. I sent my petition in on 02/12/2018 it was delivered 02/15/2018 I received my NOA1 02/20/2018. I’m currently waiting for my NOA2
  3. Hello Berries!! I thought I'd start the new September 2018 129f thread. Best of luck to all new filers Currently it takes at least 6 months to receive the NOA2 for I-129F. One of the useful tools that the US petitioner should sign up for is the USPS Informed Delivery: https://informeddelivery.usps.com/box/pages/intro/start.action. Update your VJ timeline so that others could answer your queries more appropriately. New site:https://myaccount.uscis.dhs.gov/ Once you have your WAC you can create an account in the webpage! Good luck and welcome to your new virtual Family! Feel free to ask !
  4. Hello! I was just wondering of what exactly to do after our K1 visa is approved? 🙂 what forms to work on, what processes to follow, my fiancé’s work visa, maybe if there is a master list on visajourney I could refer to, to start from? I just don’t want to miss a thing and I want to do this entire process properly for the both of us. I just want to stay with my love. I know there are a bunch of tiny little details and stipulations, and I really want to make sure everything goes smoothly. He lives in Ireland if that helps any. Thank you so much!
  5. After reading numerous things on money orders and where/how to send in your I-129f packet, I would really like clarification or guidance toward what I should do. I am a PC volunteer in Mozambique, and I am trying to submit my paperwork now, so that the packet can process while I am still in country. My concerns are if a money order from Mozambique would work, and my fiance has suggested using DHL to send the packet which I know is an option. I have read so many different things, so I don't know what the protocol is on these types of things. Anyone have experience filling out the K-1 visa from another country?
  6. kex80148

    Omegle an IMB?

    Hello, My fiancé and I are currently going through the process of putting together the I-129F petition. We met on Omegle.com and since it is not considered an IMB to our knowledge, we wanted to make that as clear as possible to prevent an RFE. Since we could not find any Terms of Service, we just wanted to include the Privacy Policy and the Wikipedia article in addition to our explanation in the letter as follows: << I first met my fiancé online, on ‘omegle.com', which is a free online chat website that allows users to socialize with others without the need to register. (Please Note: omegle.com is not considered an International Marriage Broker. It is used free of charge and without the need to register. The service of Omegle randomly pairs users regardless of their location, origin, gender, or country of citizenship in one-on-one anonymous chat sessions. Omegle does not match U.S. citizens/residents with aliens as their principal business.) On this site, we chatted via webcam/audio and realized we shared many common interests and hobbies. On ‘omegle.com', We exchanged phone numbers in order to communicate via iMessage and FaceTime, which we still do today. >> Should that be enough of an explanation with the attached documents to prevent getting an RFE? Thank you so much in advance! Best, Kristen & Martin
  7. Hi everyone! So, my fiancé and I sent off our I-129f around December 10th, 2018. And unfortunately I am just about to get my passport for the first time in my life (my fiancé visited me from Ireland so he has his passport) I’m about to get mine on February 4th, 2019. My fiancé’s passport expires around summer, but he’s just about to get his renewed as well about the same time (February 4th, 2019). My question would be, would they be able to see this about our passports when they look up our info on us? Or does it even matter? Could it even be grounds for denial? I sent in my birth certificate as proof of citizenship, and along with his just for extra proof for him, along with absolutely everything else necessary, checking definitely 10+ times. Thank you so much for your help! >~< 🙂
  8. Hello guys, about 10 years ago I met an amazing guy in Mexico. Despite being so far away and young, we’ve always shared a connection. we both just recently turned 19 and wanna start a life together in the US. We are not married. We have no criminal background and no kids. Im a US citizen. I also have a ton of photos/evidence of us together these past 10 years. My question is this, would it be better to get married in mexico and then file? To be honest im not sure what that form is called? OR file the I-129f and then get married here in the US? I also know Im going to need a co-sponsor ($$) because I alone dont meet the poverty line..another question is does the co-sponsor have to be part of my household?for example my mom? My parents are divorced and I really dont get along with my mom nor her husband that well and dont think she would sign the affidavit...
  9. I just got my NOA2 in the mail! Took 5 months, filed on July 21st and the form was dated December 26th. What's weird is that it's not showing up online or on my iPhone app. Has anybody else experienced this? I would check your mail since they seem not to be working on the online stuff! What do you think?
  10. Hi! I am a newcomer here. We chose with my fiance (petiotioner) K1 visa and going to fill out I-129f form and file all the docs needed ourselves. I read a lot on official pages and here and have some questions concerning the petition. Thank you for everyone who help with confusing questions. Your comments and experiance really help! So my questions are: 1. My fiance is a US citizen but many years ago he was a Green card holder so had A number. Should I put his A number on the form? 2. I have a maiden name which I put on the form in the relevant part. Do I have to file a copy of my certificate of name change with the petition? 3. We met online on tinder and I read that sometimes people get RFE for not filing evidence the online dating service is not IMB. So I am going to print tinder Terms&conditions and also got an e-mail from tinder customer support saying the following "Hello Valentina, Tinder is not an international marriage broker as defined by the International Marriage Brokers Act. Best, Pamela" I am going to print it but will it be enough? 4. In part "Address in the US where your beneficiary intends to stay" I am putting my fiance's current address as for the moment this is the plan. But what about daytime phone number? I don’t have any for the moment. Do I have to put my fiance's cell number or leave it blank? 5. I've been to US several times but there is discrepancy in the form and instruction concerning last visit. Form says "If your beneficiary is CURRENTLY in the US complete item numbers 38.a-38.h". And instruction says " Provide the date of your beneficiary"s MOST RECENT entry in the US..." I am not in the US now and I am confused whether to fiil out the items or not. I left the country on January 6th but my authorized stay date will expire only in June 2019. 6. In part 4 (Biographic information) we have to choose ethnicity: either my fiance(petitioner)is Hispanic or not. And he is. So in item 2 I cannot choose anything as it doesn't apply to him and I live it blank. Is it right? I also wonder if it influences processing time or result as Hispanic ethnicity is in a separate paragraph? 7. Some items require dates. For example, the fiance's present emloyer. He is still working there so there is no " end of employment date" Do I have to leave it blank or put " peresent"? 8. The instruction says when item doesn't apply to you put N/A but I read some recommended to leave blank. Which is better? Thank you!
  11. Good afternoon, all! We are about to finally finish our I-129F and I have attached our 57 or so pictures with double sided tape to white paper, then labeled the pictures clearly with names of all in the pictures, what is happening in the picture and where the picture was taken. I also put a heading at the top of the page and wrote my (petiitoner's) name and that it is I-129F. This way it's easier to see which ones go together; ie "Family retreat" etc. I did this because I read it on visajourney somewhere, but I've now read that others have submitted the pictures in a clear plastic bag. Can I leave my pictures as they are or should I change the format? Thoughts? Thanks in advance!
  12. So my fiancé and I just noticed that on the section where we write his home address in native characters, one of the Japanese characters misconverted when I was typing it (same sound, different character) and we didn't notice it before we sent the form in Aug/Sept 2018. I saw some older posts on typos on the I-129f not seeming to be a very big deal, and that you can also request typo changes to USCIS here: https://egov.uscis.gov/e-request/displayTypoForm.do?entryPoint=init&amp;sroPageType=typoError Would it be best to fill out the form and request the correction, or just not bring it up unless they do?
  13. Hi all, wanted to know if anyone here was able to share there experiences about requesting a waiver when filing for a I-129f for the second time. we are both considering it ourselves (doing the K1 for the second time). it would be the same petitioner filing for me though, because we still wish to marry. I do have some worries though. i abandoned my K-1 visa before the 90 days were up (went to America, but we didn't marry), and even though i do have a legitimate reason (which I don't want to share on here... it's quite personal) i'm concerned that our waiver/explanation/I-129f will not be accepted. it has nothing to do with a death or any health reasons so we don't know what our chances are at succeeding with this and being accepted. i am willing to explain why i left though as i'm sure they'll ask. does anyone here have any experiences, good or bad? about filing for a 2nd K-1, in less then 2 years? but with the same person? we both have clean records too. Will a lawyer be needed? Thanx!
  14. I am a U.S. citizen and have been living with my fiancee here in Thailand for the past 2 years. We and her family celebrated our courtship with the traditional Thai religious ceremony, recognized as a wedding of sorts in this country. We did not, however, register the marriage. As such we are not legally married and eligible to file for a K-1 Visa. Normally, the U.S. citizen petitioner resides in his or her home country during the entire filing and processing period for the visa itself. Since we have been living together here in Thailand, I would like to remain here until my fiancee's visa is granted, and then we would travel to the U.S. together. She speaks only basic English and is not well traveled. I would be concerned about her traveling alone. Does anyone know if it is allowed (by U.S Immigration) for me to file the I-129f while I am residing here in Thailand? Thanks in advance for any replies.
  15. Hello, We've started to get all the paperwork to file the petition for the K1 visa. At this point we've gathered all airline inventory (14 tickets in total), all photos we look cute together (10 photos) and some other stuff. The instructions clearly say that we should provide evidence that we've met in the last two years which I have plenty of. In fact, we lived together for almost 14 months of the last two years. We also have flight tickets and photos of us that are older than 2 years. My question is: should I be careful and not submit any evidence before 2 years and if so is the 2-year mark when we mail the petition or some time later? Thanks, Art.
  16. Hi everyone! So, my fiancé and I sent off our i129f around December 10, 2018. We are now looking to update our passports this week as my fiance’s is older and well, I honestly don’t have one yet, but of course I sent in my birth certificate. I checked the i129f about 10 times before sending it in and that is truly no exaggeration. We are looking to update any needed vaccinations too of course for my fiancé before the NOA2, hopefully to god an approval. I know that I must do thorough research on the embassy we will have our interview at, amongst other things. Well. While my fiancé was here with me, he actually lived with me for 2 months, he lived with me and my family, which I know is unconventional, but I and my family have never been happier than that time actually. They could see how in love we are and he instantly became part of the family. In our i129f, I included pictures of just him and I and also some with us and the family, and letters from my parents stating how they love him as well, and how they’re more than willing for him to live with us until we get steady financially. I basically let the USCIS know we have a plan already financially as well, and included an affidavit of support from both of my parents and all the requirements too (even though I know it’s not necessary yet) and we’re already saving money up as I write this. And my parents meet the financial requirements as well thankfully, very well. My question is, with this info I provided which was even more thorough in the i129f than I just stated, what do you think the chances are of getting approved with the NOA2? Because sometimes I’m crawling up the wall with nerves, and other days I’m fine. Thank you so much for your feedback if you choose to and for reading this 🙂 you are helping me so much more than you know ;~;
  17. Hi all! So, we sent off our I-129f earlier this December of 2018. We are now just waiting and doing a bit of further research. But as we wait, I can’t help but have a nagging feeling and question; if we were to get the godforsaken denial, or very welcome approval, would we get either answer in 6+ months time? Or if it were a denial, would it come sooner? I know my fiancé and I built an extremely strong case for the both of us, but I can’t help but follow the philosophy of hope for the best but expect the worst. If I may ask, others who have been approved recently, how long did your NOA2 take? We’ve already gotten our NOA1 🙂 thankfully. Thank you all so much for your help!
  18. Hi, all! I have a pet cat that I wish to bring to America. We just finished with his vaccinations for the year and his next dose/s wouldn't be until next year. Aside from the <10 day-old health certificate from the vet, what else do I need to prepare in order for him to safely travel with me? Here's what I found online. Please share what you know. 1. Vaccination records 2. Airline-approved pet carrier - my cat is 5.15 kg, how big should the carrier be? Know where I could buy this? I'm from the Philippines. 3. Microchipping - Is this a requirement in the U.S.? Any other documents? Thak you for your time.
  19. Del A.

    Packet Assembly Questions

    Hi, my name is Del and I am a beneficiary from the Philippines. I am quite meticulous as a person and very hands-on with processing this K-1 visa with my fiance, and so I have some questions. I thought I could start a new thread for packet assembly concerns (if there is another thread I could join in, please let me know); not that I'm an expert but rather to give newbies like myself a chance to gain answers from those who know more and would be kind enough to respond. Now, my primary reasons for posting on here: For all the Filipinos out there who've filled out their I-129F forms: (Kindly refer to the attachment) 1. Where did you indicate the "Brgy. (Name)" and/or "(Name) Subd." for the physical address? I ask because I live in a private subdivision and my IDs all indicate my Barangay, and it seems the form isn't well-suited for a Philippine address format. Should I just squeeze that all into the space provided for "Apt." "Ste." "Flr."? 2. Did you fill out the ZIP code space with the Postal Code (double entry) or is my (N/A label + blank "State" box) entry correct? 3. When asked for the address in the Native Alphabet, it's going to be identical to the Physical and Mailing Address, right? For everyone: (Unrelated to the attachment) 4. I was employed from August 2012 - November 2014 under a different company from where I am now. Since the 2014 period is within the last 5 years, am I correct in including this job in my Employment History? I would appreciate any help. 😊
  20. My fiancee and I are just starting the visa process and in the process of filling out form I-129f. She is currently living in her home country of Ecuador Question 45 and 46 in part 2 deal with where my fiancee intends to live when she gets here. We do not know exactly where we will be living, because we will likely be renting a different apartment from the one I am living in now. We're trying to figure out if we should use my current address/daytime phone number or perhaps those of a friend who would be willing to put her up if we needed them to do so. Any ideas on how we should fill these out? We're very excited to get this process underway, and we would really appreciate any advice from anyone who is a little farther along in the process. Thanks so much!
  21. I checked https://ceac.state.gov/ceacstattracker/status.aspx, and it shows "Ready". Does that mean my local embassy has received my I-129F petition from NVC? I'm a bit concerned.
  22. So we sent off our i129f, and got back our entire packet (original docs, intent forms, travel docs, everything etc.) with the notice that we must resubmit our forms with the correct fee. I sent in 540$, just in case anything went wrong with the payment. “I don’t know, extra money couldn’t hurt” was what was going through my mind, but it seems they want EXACTLY $535. It says in the notice to send the correct fee, everything else seems to be perfectly fine with the forms thankfully, except they wrote on the bottom of every single document of what I sent in, even our supporting documentation. My question: Am I supposed to redo this entire i129f, with original signatures (i.e., signatures from my fiancé across the world for the letter of intent), or just redo and resubmit the i129f forms since they wrote on them with the correct payment? Thank you for reading this far if you did! I’m so sorry, could never be too safe. Thank you again everyone.
  23. Hello All, Brand new to this and in the beginning stages of the process. I have been reading on this site for months now, well before my fiance' even proposed because we already knew it was going to be the process we would need to take for our future. My mind just wanted all the knowledge I could get on it. I have tried to search the internet and on here for a few of these questions without any success or the person inquiring about things on here didn't really fit my personal situation. With that said I hope someone reads this and is able to help. Sorry in advance if the questions seem dumb or simple, I just want to get everything right and not leave anything blank/left out that shouldn't be. Question 1. My fiance's mother is deceased, sadly she passed 6 months before i knew him. When filling out the information of his parents and where they currently reside, should i put ' deceased' somewhere in the box, like next to country of residency? Technically she is in Wales. I don't know if it really matters but you never know. ( 33.a & 33.b) Question 2. Beneficiary's physical address abroad: would that be considered where he lives currently even though i had already filled that out in a different section? (47a.) Question 3. For my job and his it will not let me enter 'PRESENT' in the "-Employment end date" box, Do I just leave it blank then? Question 4. G-325A- I saw on some Youtube videos and online people had added this to their packet- are these forms still required? Is it a good idea to just include them anyways if not? Question 5. We have both been previously married, i am including both are divorce decrees in packet, i was wondering if on our' Letter of Intent' do I need to included the we are both legally divorced and our decrees are following pages after letters, or just add the divorce decees are included only in the' Table of contents". Also do the letters of intent have to be different or can i just email him what I typed up to sign and send back to me. Questions 6. Does anything from him need a wet signature, one that is not a copy or printed out? Questions 7. MY BIGGEST ONE- I've looked all over this site for help with this and no one had my situation. In regards to Part 3. 4.a So back in 2013 i was pulled over cause half the word Missouri was blocked by a back up cam i didn't even know was on the car and in Missouri there is a license plan on the front and back, pretty sure i was profiled cause i was on cruise control for the speed limit as well and he was just bored i assume. Anyways he played a cops trick of "you're free to go", hands back the license, wait 10 seconds, " but do you mind if i keep talking to you", i messed up and said sure when i should of got back in my car and left. Long story short i had 2 grams of weed and a pipe in the car. So i was booked and release 2 hrs later. I was charged with possession and paraphernalia. It was a misdemeanor and i got diversion for a year and completed everything. Now in reading what the section says i would assume its a "yes" for the question and a brief description? Do i also need to include a police report of some kind? I actually have the original arrest report, does that work, so if i need to submit it do i just include it? or will the description work? Only reason I'm concerned is because of the whole " No more RFE" ####### that came about this year. It's making me much more paranoid. 2nd thing is in 2007 i got a MIP ( minor in possession) of alcohol, thanks to the city doing "party patrols" and someone who got pulled over after they left narc'd and with that I did a fine and release. Therefore I paid and that was it. I've looked multiple time online on our county site and it never comes up when i enter my name. Do i need to include that has well? And i figure since i don't have 3 or ore conviction to the question 2.c. the answer would be a "No' which is the only time they request you send them documents and reports. I also paid for a KSBI criminal back ground check on myself and nothing at all came up. Thank you for reading all this and any help would be greatly appreciated! I keep hope this process will go smoothly, cause as well all know hope is all we have for this whole process.
  24. Hello Everyone, I'd really appreciate any advice or experiences here, as I'm driving myself crazy researching and gathering information. During the interview stage of my K-1, I'd like to know what the chances are of not being approved due to "Affidavit of Support" not being satisfactory enough? Situation - Petitioner is a student, his part-time job does not meet the poverty line. - Petitioner's father is applying as co-sponsor (and makes way above the 125%). - Interview will be held at Bangkok Embassy (where I haven't heard them nit-picking about this, but I'm still concerned). *And please don't redirect this post to regional, the thread is relatively quiet! Would it be a good idea for myself (the beneficiary) to also bring evidence? - Letter of full-time employment. - Letter of savings in bank. - Letter of assets (I have a house which my parents reside in). - Letter of parents savings. *Are any of these applicable? Thank you!
  25. So yes, I just sent off our I-129f forms, and I’m actually feeling pretty confident about it. I’m actually feeling extremely excited to finally be able to start the process of marrying my incredible Sean, and to be done with this stressful and tedious portion. I was so careful. We were so careful. Now, is there anything else between now and awaiting the NOA 1 and 2 and interview process that I should know about or do? Perhaps gather? Or my fiancé? Thank you so much for the help! I can’t explain how grateful I am for this visajourney community, thank you all so much for your help.