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  1. I had a similar experience as @Jorgedig , except our county didn't even require witnesses. It was me, my husband and the officiant. We focused on documentary evidence of our marriage: proof of travel to see each other, living together in my home country and merged finances.
  2. ***Moved to the Philippines regional forum for country-specific answers*** Skyscanner is a legitimate site. I personally use Google Flights ( https://www.google.com/flights ) because it's completely free and I can set up email alerts to track flight prices. It also lets me look at price graphs so I get a better idea of what prices look like over time. However, I will use the info I get from Google Flights then go directly to the airline's website to actually purchase the tickets. That way, if my flight gets cancelled or rescheduled, I will deal directly with the airline and eliminate any third party complications. I've heard people have more issues getting refunds if they book flights through third party websites.
  3. Don't petition someone who isn't even sure if they want to live in the US. It is 10x more expensive and requires much more paperwork than the tourist visa application.
  4. Are some posters on this thread checking the forums only on their phones? Because I agree that the various regional and subforums aren't obvious at all on mobile. But on desktop, like in @Crazy Cat's example, it's much easier to find all the different categories. Clicking on this link and scrolling down, and you'll see much better how the website is organized: https://www.visajourney.com/forums/ Same for the Search function - it's very good at finding specific info, but works much better on desktop.
  5. To add, a 15 minute browse of the Philippines regional forum would have quickly yielded very recent posts from US citizens who have successfully travelled to/from the Philippines. Nevertheless, here are some short answers: - US citizens who travel with their Filipino spouses do not need visas. They can use the balikbayan privilege. - US citizens who are travelling alone to the Philippines, but who have a spouse or child in the Philippines, need to apply for a 9a visa. Each Philippine consulate in the US has its own requirements. Check the website of the consulate that covers your US state. - There are other exemptions, but your case doesn't seem to qualify as an exemption. See: https://www.iatatravelcentre.com/world.php
  6. I wanted to update this thread. A week after Credit Karma "found" one of my credit cards and generated my credit score for the first time, it found the rest of my cards. Meaning it linked my identity with the other credit cards for which I am an authorized user. So now I have a US credit history of 7+ years, despite having lived in the US less than a year, thanks to being an authorized user on my husband's old cards. Result: a pretty good credit score!
  7. You seem to be set on your current course, despite never having met this woman in person in 2 years, and already she is asking if you would be willing to financially support her. Good luck to you but I personally am not optimistic that her intentions are genuine. If you haven't already, browse the Philippines subforum for examples of relationships gone sour because of money. That's all the feedback I'll have for this thread. I'm out.
  8. I'm a Filipina. For all the reasons already mentioned above, you need to run from this relationship.
  9. Congratulations! Glad to hear the good news.
  10. I remember puzzling over the exact same question when I filed for a tourist visa. In those fields, I only entered my First Name and Last Name. But when I got my passport back with the US tourist visa, I saw that they printed my middle name on the visa anyway, exactly how you described your wife's old US tourist visa. In short, I don't think it's a big deal. They'll print your wife's name according to their internal naming convention.
  11. Hindsight is 20/20 but you should have escalated to an HR supervisor who knew what they were doing. Until very recently, I was on my husband's health insurance without any SSN. He only had to enter my name as his spouse on his employer's online HR portal. When my SSN arrived recently, we added it to the HR portal ourselves. It was funny seeing the placeholder SSN number as 999-99-9999.
  12. Yes, I think Credit Karma matched up my name, DOB, and address from my early 2021 credit history, with the info that I entered when I created an account with them.
  13. No problem, I also edited my post a bit to clarify that I was building a US credit history even BEFORE I moved to the States Glad it helps.
  14. It is possible to have US credit cards AND build credit history even BEFORE you get an SSN and even BEFORE you move to the US. This is what happened to me: 1. Before I got an SSN My husband added me as an authorized user to his Citibank cards in early 2021. I wasn't living in the US and I didn't have an SSN yet, so I was "invisible" to sites like Credit Karma. I couldn't even finish signing up. However, I knew I had some sort of credit history and was building some kind of credit score because I started getting credit card offers in the mail. I just didn't have a way to quantify what it was without an SSN. 2. After I got an SSN I got my SSN last month. This month, I was finally able to create a Credit Karma account, and it immediately showed my credit history from early 2021, and was finally able to generate a credit score for me.
  15. Maybe I spoke too soon. Here it is again. Seems to happen more often on desktop compared to mobile:
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