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  1. Can you provide more details about what type of case this was?
  2. No. I had to go in person to the RMV to update my lawful presence. Gave them my NC and applied for real ID...all set now.
  3. Well my case was different I had same day oath but in my timeline it was approved and submitted for quality check.
  4. I'm confused it says your oath will be scheduled...and says it's recommended for approval. My case was also submitted for quality review and I think that's standard.
  5. My opinion: If you immigrate here and have the opportunity to become a citizen you might as well go all the way. It's absolutely worth it with all the examples listed In this post, especially not having to deal with immigration anymore.
  6. Hey all, just out of curiosity filling out paperwork and I'm looking for the Naturalization certificate #...that's the numbers in red correct? It said it contained alpha-numeric number but it didn't contain any letters just numbers...Is there a reason my certificate # has only numbers?
  7. I saw that...so I guess my next question is with SAVE check...if it the case returned to the rmv agency based on what I entered (my naturalization number) I am in the system correct? Probably overthinking but I'm a worrier.
  8. Hi guys, I was trying to complete a REAL ID application online through the RMV and i completed the application but it says "The online lawful presence authorization system has encountered an issue while verifying your lawful status." I don't understand what is wrong...i entered my information correctly from my naturalization certificate and i even checked SAVE case check and it already says the case was returned to the agency. Can anyone help me out please?
  9. Hi everyone, in need of some guidance/clarification. Since becoming a citizen I have yet to update my SSN. They are not allowing in-person appointments for that reason and me being me, I do not want to send my Certificate through mail. That being said, a SSA agent told be I really don't need to update the records right away unless I need benefits, however, here is my issue, if I apply for a new job and file the I-9 Form for Employment eligibility will that cause any issues? I have my Certificate as proof of US Citizenship but Social security records are not updated. I appreciate any assistance.
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