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  1. Appreciate your input, Jorgedig. 1. We're looking at various options that might allow us to be together before deciding what works best for us. 2. I know AP cannot be expedited or waived. 3. All the CO told me was that she's putting the case into AP. No mention of inadmissibility or waivers - not sure if that was just an oversight or if those things don't apply in our case. The lawyers gave us conflicting opinions.
  2. Right. Thank you for the link. This possibility has not escaped us...we're looking into it.
  3. Thank you for your kind words. Yes, the CO's decision is hard for us to digest but makes complete sense. Hopefully they will approve the visa after they review our case thoroughly. If not, we plan to fight it out.
  4. Finally an update, though not a happy one. We had our interview and were put into Administrative Processing. The CO said she needed more time to review the court documents. This is quite a setback as anyone can imagine, since we could be in AP for months, even years. We already talked to a lawyer and she said we have no choice but to wait for the resolution. Any input from fellow VJers? Do we have a chance or is our case bad enough to be denied straightaway? What are our options in case of a denial? I know it's hard to guess the outcome but any answers will be appreciated. My husband is seriously considering moving us to Canada so we can be together (he has to work in US time.)
  5. No one can say for sure. As of now, some people DQ'd in Oct-Nov 2021 have received ILs while many have been skipped. NVC has slowed down the pace of issuing ILs for CR1/IR1s and there are rumors they might soon start focusing on student visas again. This might mean spouse visas will take a backseat. No one can guarantee a date or even the month when you might possibly get your interview. Be prepared to wait a few months at the least.
  6. No one can say for sure right now. Following other people's timelines will give you a better idea of when your IL will come.
  7. Looks like they skipped the rest of October and directly moved on to Nov. Wasn't expecting this for sure.
  8. Yes and I'm hoping I get mine today. October 29 DQ
  9. Yesssssssss!!! Unless (horrible thought) we're among those unfortunate skipped ones. Your IL is round the corner too, I believe.
  10. Okay guys, so here's the plot twist. Turns out, my birth was ACTUALLY registered with the municipal authorities the day after I was born. Apparently, the hospital made it a practice to send off their records to the municipality to make sure everybody got properly registered. My parents had no clue about any of this registration business. TODAY, 42 years later, I got my BC and I'm elated! However, I did upload the wrong document with NVC so I'm going to go prepared with affidavits and other secondary evidence. Hoping this doesn't cause a delay or something worse.
  11. I'm October 29th, do you think I'll get IL tomorrow or have to wait until Monday? Don't think I'm gonna get much sleep tonight lol
  12. Yep they've taken a break apparently. September and October folks, including me, are waiting with bated breath but nothing so far.
  13. I'm VERY glad to know there won't be too much scrutiny. We're gathering as much secondary evidence as possible, hoping it will be enough. I couldn't get the NABC or a similar doc though. Hope that won't be a problem since the relevant municipal authority refuses to issue it now. Very grateful to you and @Mike E for making me aware of the pitfalls of delayed registration of birth. Didn't know it was such a big deal.
  14. Prepare to wait another 3 months then. All for the sake of a blank page.
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