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  1. Hi! I remember we filed around the same time for K1. I recall your fiance/husband is from Russia. I hope all is well with the current news...

  2. If he's coming to Wisconsin: US purchase: 1. Parka 2. Warm boots/snow boots 3. Warm clothing 4. I would say to just switch to a US based phone number. Maybe add another line to yours 5. I agree, find the local worship place 6. Nearest Indian restaurant 7. Netflix - good enough imo. Sling/willow is a good way to get cricket 8. Cuddles hehe India purchases: 1. Spices - harder to find specific or rare ones in midwestern states 2. Some home cooked sweets 3. All important docs 4. Traditional indian clothes - always useful in the US LOL 5. Any specialized pots/pans he needs for cooking food 6. India charger - but will need a convertor
  3. The k3 is a dead visa. I've heard that others apply for a i129 k3 once they get the 130 approval, it causes something to speed up. Not sure of the details, you will have to use the search button to try to find this solution
  4. It really depends on your embassy. In India, they have been asking most people for 3 years
  5. NandV

    PCC at interview

    See if you can reach out for the PCC again and tell them it's urgent. I think the worst that can happen is the 221 g, but something to avoid after all this time
  6. Depends on the office. I'm not familiar with the 539, but for the 485, many people did not get their biometrics status updated until the background checks were completed. Even then, some didn't see an update
  7. Not an issue, you can just explain it in the interview. It would have required more work if the non-US citizen changed their name
  8. You don't need to bring a copy, but for your records, you can make a copy of your bank record that shows the fee was paid
  9. They will move the app to your local CA processing center. CA is notoriously slow, unless you have LA
  10. Would you be able to practice in the US with you degree? There's a limit to when your application is valid. If it expires, it can be difficult to get approval again
  11. All of us over the past 2 years haha Don't worry about it, as long as you've been actively taking action on it and the interview is scheduled, you're good to go. Just print out the email that said it's autoextended for your records
  12. The copy would be for you, not to turn it in! You would just use a scanner and keep it for your records
  13. Just remember that the emergency visa is only for 30 days and he will have to submit proof of relationship to his father and his father's medical history to try to get it. As a bit of a warning, someone traveled to India with the emergency visa, caught covid, and didn't return back in time. The wife is now stuck in India. I hope his father gets better really soon. This is such a tough time...
  14. Mumbai's heading back towards a lockdown basically. They've been scheduling the F2A to IR1 conversions and there were a lot over the past 2 years. If you're married to a US citizen, I believe they're still on Nov 2020 cases
  15. This isn't a tricky situation at all. Pretty straightforward K1 - just requires one meeting in person within 2 years of filing date (prior to filing). Once he gets it, he needs to quit his job in India -> move to the US (there is a 6 month expiration date from when the medical is done) -> get married -> file AOS -> and wait for his EAD before working. EAD is taking roughly 6-8 months post filing at the moment. He will NOT be able to work during this time. Once he gets his EAD, he can rejoin with the same employer. It may set him back a bit in his career, but not that much if he's been with the same company for awhile. This is what my husband was planning on doing before he found a better opportunity. CR1 - Married in India (some challenges around with the special marriage act), but can continue to work until the CR1 is approved. Once approved, he will enter the US with a greencard. He would easily be able to transfer (immigration wise) to the US company and there will be no delays in waiting. That being said, the CR1 is taking awhile in India especially since Mumbai is heading back towards lockdowns. I don't know the entire CR1 process, but I do know that they haven't given out any interviews past a DQ date of Nov 10, 2020. It will probably be a few years before he is back in the US To avoid the special marriage act and go down the CR1 route, you could probably meet in a 3rd country. I heard many people are getting married in Mexico
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