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  1. Ohh gotcha that makes sense. Yes, I would keep your appointment. You can get a 221g and send in your medical later, much safer and will give you time to travel and marry also
  2. Is the 90 days specific to your embassy? I thought it was valid for 6 months?
  3. ahh hopefully it goes through soon especially since they requested your passport
  4. Depends on embassy. In Mumbai, it only took 2 days before the recent lockdowns and 1 week after the lockdowns went in.
  5. have you reached out to your embassy to ask for the packet? depending on country, they can ask for the packet at medical or even interview
  6. Does it say that they sent you the interview date or that the embassy will contact you for the interview date? There's really only 3 standard messages shown at that point: At NVC, In Transit, or Ready
  7. I heard that you just send an email to your embassy that you still intend to marry each other and are waiting for the embassy to process the case which has stalled because of covid. Just having that paper trail helps
  8. Agreed with all. You must bring the I-134 to show that USC can financially support the beneficiary. The expired form is okay as it is the latest version
  9. The ID page is all they need. You can also add in your birth certificate for additional support
  10. Wait till you get ready status at your embassy and the packet before doing DS-160. You can start filling out your I-134 though
  11. No, the US citizen's income should be at least $22k on the income section of the affidavit of support (salary, assets, stocks, etc)
  12. Wait till you get Ready status from your embassy. They will send you a packet instructing you on the next steps
  13. When I sent this request, only I received the response to this request even though I cc'd my fiance. He was only notified when NVC sent our app to the embassy
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