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Found 105 results

  1. Hey everyone, I want to ask something really important, please share your experiences and opinions. My husband is LPR (eligible for citizenship) my cas got filed in June'17. Its already more than 6 months now! And we're thinking to apply for citizenship. But it'll take him 1,2 months. I need to know after getting citizenship do we really need to upgrade our case? Cuz according to timelines it says 8-12 months takes for naturalization after that we'll upgrade our case it'll take around 2-3 months and they'll process our case from the start right? So its gonna be more than 2 years! I need to get my visa asap. I'm already fed up and frustrated by this waiting and all. Should we stay on PR status? Or what. I just want to be with my husband
  2. Hi, I’m getting ready to file the I-129f but have hit a roadblock on question 41 of part 1. I became a US citizen through naturalization many years ago and I can’t find my certificate. The form asks for the certificate of naturalization’s certificate number along with the place ansndate of issuance. I don’t mind paying for a replacement but I don’t want to wait up to a year for the certificate number. I have my A number, a valid passport book , passport card, know the city where and date when I became a citizen. Would it be any issue filing the application without the certificate number? Has anybody here done this? Thank you in advance
  3. My interview was today. Great to spend Valentines day.The process was fast and easy. Immigration Officer just asked me questions in regards to everything i have filled in the N-400 form. Asked the Civic test and did some writing and reading. Passed it but unfortunately a decision could not be made. She realized that my Permanent resident card still has the code of CR1 which is Condition Resident. It should no longer be a condition resident since I have been a resident of the United States since 2005. I asked her what that means and she said that she has to fix it before she can proceed with a decision and it is on their side that made a mistake when my card was renewed. Then she also gave me a date and time of Ceremony and mentioned that just to wait for the letter when everything has been taken care of. She said she will fix the mistake later in the day. I was pretty bummed about not getting approved. That means more waiting and more of not knowing... Has anyone ever experience this problem? My journey: 08/07/17 - sent N-400 application 8/11/17 - Received the applicaton 09/15/2017 - Bio metrics taken 01/10/2018 - receive letter of interview date 02/14/2018 - Interview date. Now waiting for decision. This is at the Fresno, CA field Office
  4. I had my interview today at the Atlanta Field Office. I got there at 8 for my 8:35 interview, traffic in Atlanta in the morning is a killer so strongly recommend leaving out early. There was an oath ceremony in the morning so lots of people which made for a long line before security. I got through security and was processed at the 1st floor reception at 8:15. Around 15 persons waiting for interviews. Called back at around 8:50. total interview took around 20 minutes. I had to provide evidence as I am filing by the three year rule. I provided our IRS Tax Transcripts for the last four years, a property deed for our home in Georgia, and our mortgage statements. The evidence that we submitted before she said wasn't needed, so she didn't need to see my marriage certificate or my previous divorce decree. She had me verify my name, birth date, address, workplace, citizenship and provide my drivers license. She took a picture, had me use the fingerprint reader. She had me read a statement. The Statement was "How many Senators do we have", then she asked me to write: "We have 100 Senators". Then she started reviewing my application and in parallel asking me the civics question, that kind of th me off as she asked one civic question then went ahead with asking me to confirm things on my application. The Questions asked were: What is the name of the national anthem How old do citizens have to be to vote for President What is the “rule of law” What major event happened on September 11, 2001, in the United States What ocean is on the West Coast of the United States Why does the flag have 13 stripes After we finished reviewing the application she had me sign and made copies of my ID and evidence. Then she said that a decision cannot yet be made about my application, that she would have to review my evidence and if all goes well then i'll get an oath letter. So the wait continues but at least now i don't have to study for anymore tests :-)
  5. Hi all, I have my naturalization interview coming up, USICS sent a letter confirming the date/time and list of documents that i need to bring with me on the day. One of the required document is Certificate of Naturalization of my spouse, now my wife do not have the certificate as she was minor when her mum got the naturalized and based on her naturalization they applied for her passport and never got for the certificate. Has anyone have had the similar situation and if so what other document can we bring other than her passport. Were you asked to provide the copy of naturalization during the interview. Thanks in advance.
  6. Good Luck everyone I just applied for N-400 online. ================================== Dallas/Lewisville, Texas Lockbox ================================== UserName.........|GC-Date.|Sent.|Cashd|NOA.....|Fprints.|In Line.|Int ltr.|Intrvw..|Oath....|Field Office.....|NBC/IOE ================================ USCIS Phoenix, Arizona Lockbox ================================ UserName.........|GC-Date.|Sent.|Cashd|NOA.....|Fprints.|In Line.|Int ltr.|Intrvw..|Oath....|Field Office.....|NBC/IOE ================================== USCIS Chicago, Illinois Lockbox ================================== UserName.........|GC-Date.|Sent.|Cashd|NOA.....|Fprints.|In Line.|Int ltr.|Intrvw..|Oath....|Field Office.....|NBC/IOE ================================== USCIS Online Filing ================================== UserName.........|GC-Date.|Sent.|Cashd|NOA.....|Fprints.|In Line.|Int ltr.|Intrvw..|Oath....|Field Office.....|NBC/IOE d3si.h3art.......|05\08\15|02\07|--\--|--\--\--|--\--\--|--\--\--|--\--\--|--\--\--|--\--\--|Newark, NJ.......|IOE
  7. Hi All, I am asking for a friend; This is what the USCIS site says: "On October 31, 2017, we started the interview scheduling process for your Form N-400, Application for Naturalization........" And that he will receive an interview date soon. He has yet to hear anything. Is this normal? or should he call? Thanks
  8. Hello, I really hope someone would be able to share their experience with me. So I'm having my oath ceremony in mid February, and I plan to apply for my passport soon after. I have an upcoming international trip in late April, which leaves about 9-10 weeks from my oath ceremony to my travel date. What confuses me is that, I'm changing my name during naturalization. I'm originally from Taiwan, and my name is Yi-Wen Chang (this is an example not real), sometimes that hyphen in my name gets omitted. Now, I'm changing my name to Jessica Yiwen Chang Brown, the reason being I've been using my English name since a long time ago, and I changed my last name to my married name. My question is here, when I apply for my passport after oath, would it be a problem that my government ID still shows my old name? While the NC shows my new name. On passport application form, it asks you to list out all other names you've used, I listed my old one, is that enough? Thank you.
  9. Hello, my husband entered US 5 yrs ago and obtained his green card immediately in F43 category. We got married last year and he applied i130 for me so I can join him in US. When he completed his 5 years of residence he applied N400 and planned to upgrade my application as soon as he gets his citizenship. Yesterday in his naturalization interview he was told that he cannot be approved because he is a derivative to his mother (sponsor F41) and he entered US one month before her, and by that he violated the accompanying or following to join condition. He had activated his green card immediately when he arrived and no one pointed this issue for him before, until now when he applied for citizenship. So what happens now? Is his green card in risk of deactivation? What happens to my i130 application? How should we proceed? Please advise!
  10. Does anyone know what to expect at a citizenship interview? How does that work? Is the test written or oral? Is it right then and there at the interview? What other questions do they ask?
  11. Good afternoon, i have applied for naturalization based on 5 years in the middle of February 2017. i have made an interview in july, immediately the officer gave me a RFE for my birth certificate and I have submitted immediately. Short after they have sent me an another rfe, asking: how i have gotten my H1b and taxes. i have submitted it a week later. sice then (late july) i haven't heaard anything. i had: been to 4 infopass sent them 2 letters asked for a service request. After almost 1 year they have replied just to my service request (middle of january) telling me They have assigned my case to an officer. what do you think? thanks
  12. Good morning everyone, I would like to share my story with you and get some experiences from you guys. I came to the US in 2012 in a fiance visa, we follow all the process, had a wonderful marriage until it started falling apart for several reasons. We provided USCIS lots and lots of proof of our bonafide marriage during our process, we bought a house together, had joint accounts, etc. We are now in good terms and it was a very painful divorce with lots of conflicts. It's been 5 years now since I got my green card through him, got married again and sadly my late husband was abusive and a cheater, got divorced again but had a wonderful child with him , she is my life. I have no criminal records, pay all my taxes, I am a great mom and I'm employed. I am very afraid of judgement, of USCIS officers to judge me for failing at 2 marriages in 5 years, or to even think the first one was fake somehow. Attorneys tell me this happens often and I should not be afraid but with the current administration I can not NOT be afraid. Please share your experiences.
  13. I had given my Citizenship interview on Oct 13th 2017 at Holtsville, Long Island NY field office and had passed the interview, the officer told me to expect the oath ceremony letter in 6 weeks but its now 12 weeks and I've still not received the oath ceremony letter. When I call USCIS they say we have 120 days to make a decision. My wife who gave her interview on Oct 19th (1 week after me) received her oath ceremony letter in December 2017 and got her passport in Jan 1st week 2018. Wondering why the delay? Any suggestions what are my options?
  14. Hi, I became Permanent resident on 11/23/2010. However, I had a one travel outside of 6 months and 7 days once in 2013 thus losing the continuous residence (I didn't know the rule then otherwise I would have taken care). All other travels during the last 7 years I have been a green card holder are short ones. I held a job in a foreign country for about 3 months during the long visit I mentioned above I checked eligibility calculator on one site and it showed my I am eligible. However, I am not sure if I should go ahead apply for citizenship now or wait another 7 months when I wouldn't have any travel outside of US for more than 6 months in last 5 years from that date.. Any advise would be helpful.
  15. Off topic here but my dad was naturalized here in the US. On his immigration paper, he wrote out last name, first name and then middle. Everything else such as SSN and driver license, it has been first, middle, and then last name. Yesterday, my dad tried getting his driver license renewed and the lady refused to renew his driver license because his immigration paper does not match his other paper work due to the order of his name. My parents are in search of a solution. They found a lawyer willing to help for $2000. Is this the only way for them to get this fixed? My dad has been a US citizen for over 20 years now and this has never been a problem until now.
  16. Hello, I hope you will be able to advise with your comments and answers to my questions below: I became permanent resident more than 1 year and less than 2 years ago, and have 1+ year(s) of uninterrupted physical presence in the US. I may have job opportunity with US Company that has a contract with US Government overseas and I would like to accept it. However my goal is to pursue US Citizenship/Naturalization and thought to ask some clarification questions. 1. N-470 will/may approve me to be outside of the US for up to two years, right? Can it be approved for absence of more than 2 years? 2. Some research pointed me I need to apply for re-entry permit before leaving US (or within one year of absence from the US). I have no idea how does re-permit and N470 relate? Can you please shed some light about this requirement? (I would preferably be outside of the US for more than 2 years) If answer is no, can I apply for re-entry permit extension while outside of the US? 3. Most importantly: Since US company is under the US Government contract I understand I may be exempt from both: the residence AND physical presence requirement. I did not meet 30 months of physical presence yet. Do you happen to know any details what forms (if any) are needed for application for physical presence waiver since I may be working with a contract under US Government? 4. I understand I need to be physically present in the US for at least 3 months before I can apply for naturalization. Is there a way to apply for naturalization while I (and my wife + kids) are outside of the US? 5. I would highly appreciate if you share any other important steps that I am missing to be able to be away from the US and still pursue the naturalization objective. Thank you all for your comments
  17. How important are the field office for making the decision? Have filed the 751 but they are so backlogged that I will have to file the N-400 before the 751 is finished processing. Am concerned: as part of a same-sex couple, one of the places I could move has a field office in Montgomery, which has had a very very bad reputation for anti-gay legislation/attitudes OR we could spend a little bit more money and go to a place that is in a solid blue state, and be seen in San Bernardino (At the moment, I work online, so we are not totally chained to location, it just has to be affordable. Blue states are, in general, not. If the decision is largely independent of the local culture, made at some central location either way, with the local instances just doing the formalities and ferreting out possible red flags for fraud, it does not matter. However, if the decision is really left up to the local office, I am uncomfortable with having somebody from Montgomery making a decision.
  18. Hi everyone! I got here on a k1 visa and applied for the removal of my "conditional status" on my green card last year December 2016. They received my application on January 4, 2017, and sent me a schedule for my biometrics. I did it on March 3, 2017, and until now I am waiting for my green card. My husband and I are hoping that I could submit my application to be a citizen this month since I will be a resident here in the US for 3 years next year in February 2018. One of the requirements to apply for a citizenship is the copy of the green card. Since I am still waiting for my new green card to arrive, I am wondering if I could use my old one? I read some posts that some people use their expired or old green card to apply for a citizenship. I am not sure if I could use mine since it's the conditional green card. I called USCIS but of course, their answers are pretty general and was not helpful at all. She told me that they are only processing October 2016 applications.
  19. I have submitted the I-751, and just checked the timelines - the CSC is servicing people from July 2016--that's seventeen months ago! We will become eligible to apply for naturalization after January 11, 2019, which is three years from the conditional green card. However, at this rate, it is possible that in January 2019, there will be no decision on the 751 at all--it might easily be May of 2019 before we get the final verdict. So then, what do we do? Can we apply for naturalization after January 11, 2019, even though the I-751 decision might still be unknown? Or must we wait until they decide? Let's say they send us a message in May saying, okay, we allow this. Do we then immediately apply, or must we wait for a year after the permanent green card? Thank you!
  20. Hello everyone, So shortly I got stopped and charged with DUI mid October 2014 ( I will regret it forever and know it will never happen again). Case has been going on till April 2015 with conviction date of April 30th 2015 and my 3 year probation started which should end in April 2018 if no action taken. On April 30th 2017 time to send paperwork for n-400 came and I sent my package being uninformed that I can not be naturalized while being on probation. On October 27th I got email stating that my interview was scheduled (guessing it will happen by the end of November). Since I got an information that I can't be on probation I have started working with my dui lawyer to terminate probation earlier and now I will have some news about that on November 17th (so slight chance that it will be done right before interview if I have good luck with timing) but my lawyer is saying that it is low chance because it is very conservative court and Judge will not grant early termination. So here comes a question, if still on probation on a time of interview should I just give a try and maybe interviewing officer will accept my case? (heard situations like this that people were passing interview while still on probation and everything was good, I am guessing it is a discretion of officer and probably probation must be almost over and everything must be ok but this is exackly how it looks like with my case!) Or should I just try to reschedule? Problem is that I heard if I reschedule it only gives me 1 or 1,5 month time and I need 5 months of this being postponed to have interview being end of April or May (which is exackly 1 year after sending my n400 package) What happens in a case when I appear on interview while on probation and will be denied? Do I have to start all over again with new documents or can use old ones, any parts which I pass during interview will be accepted and I just need to send paperwork that I am done with probation? Or it is just completely start from blank page, new docs, fingerprints, months of waiting and interview like nothing happened before? Please let me know if there is somebody out there who had similar experience and could give me some advice or just somebody who has some good verified info In advance Thank You All for you time and help! Best Wishes!
  21. My brother inlaw came to America with DV lottory (visa free lottory) in 2009 and he apply for citizenship in the year 2014 and he was denied. Reason for the denial was that he listed his children's name on the n400 form but he didn't list the names of his children on the DV lottery form while in Africa to the Africa consular embassy and form n336 also denied.
  22. I have a naturalization interview scheduled this week in San Francisco, and I see that an Oath Ceremony is scheduled for Nov 9, 2017 in Oakland, and then the next one on Dec 7, 2017. I was wondering if I can request the Officer at the interview to schedule me for the Nov 9, as I need to travel during December timeframe.
  23. I was hoping someone could please give me a +/- time frame or expectancy and please help with one or two questions below. I came over on a K1 visa and have received my Permanent resident card 04/12/17 and it expires on the 04/12/19. I plan to remove conditions and then apply for naturalization with the intend of sponsoring my mom as soon as I can. 1) Once I have the conditions removed, how soon could I apply for naturalization? 2) How long does is take to become a citizen from the time you apply? 3) At what point could I start the process of sponsoring my Mother? Basically bottom line is I am hoping for someone here to advise when I could expect to have my mom living here? Thank you!!
  24. Hi everyone! I’m about to file N400 3rd week of this month but I’m really confused with the forms. I got multiple question to ask to make sure I’m not making any mistake: 1.) Every “Alien” box in the N400 forms, do I have to put my 9 digits number per page as long as there is an alien box even if it’s not applicable to me? Like questions regarding parents , children and it has A box on the right, should I fill it up? 2.) Every box thats not being filled. Do I really have to put “ N/A “ there? Like dates and the rest of empty boxes not applicable to me. 3.) Physical addresses, I don’t remember all of my entire address, exact dates I moved in/out to a new address for the last 5 years. If I put there wrong date that i moved in/ out, will this gona cause me some issue/problems towards my application? 4.) Work History , same question with the physical addresses. I’ve had plenty of temp jobs the last few years before I landed the job that I’ve been working for about 3 years now. Do I need to list it all eventhough It was just temp jobs? I also wasn’t sure about the dates I got hired/left. All I remember was the month & year. 5.) Do I need to include or submit a photo to my package if I will file online? 6.) Part 17 Renunciation of Foreign titles - I don’t know what to put here. Can anyone explain what is this part all about? 7.) Can I travel overseas in the middle of my N400 before the Oath Taking? 8.) USCIS Online Account Number , How can I obtain that number? Do I need to submit my N400 before they gona assign me a USCIS number?Or I can just register then have the number on my profile? Coz its being asked in Part 2 , number 6 box. 9.) I’m planning to file online that way it’d be more easier to track since I go out of town everyday coz of my job. So, is it necessary to have a scanned/pdf file with a hand written signature? Or a regular pdf file form with computerized based signature is acceptable? A response is highly appreciat! Thank you so much!!
  25. Hello, I am a 22 year old student who is outside of the US with only a legal permanent resident status. I left the US August 16th, 2017 and I intend on returning to the US between Feb. 5th and Feb 10th, 2018 a little under 180 days, to avoid abandonment (should I come back sooner? or will that be fine? That is when my second academic quarter ends.). Prior to leaving August 16th I had been a LPR for 10+ years continuously, I was just unaware of the entire citizenship process... I am leaving my Masters program from early February until the start of the next academic school year in September (~6 months) to deal with my LPR status. My question is: Should I apply for a reentry permit, or should I just apply for naturalization? Will the past 6 months i've been out of the US delay the processes? Will 6 months be enough to get a reentry permit/citizenship? Also: do I have to be in the US to begin the naturalization process? (Edit) Any advice is greatly appreciated, Thank you, Tim