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Found 10 results

  1. Good afternoon, I just wanted to fill you guys in on my experience renewing my MO drivers license today. I filed for EAD/AP/AOS early November and it's still pending. I took my US MO Drivers test in November using my I-94, Passport and K-1 Visa page but my license was only valid for the length of the I-94 document. Of course this expired a little while ago, and I have been unable to drive. So my wife emailed the DMV requesting information as to whether or not we'd be able to renew my license for the time being. There is very little information out there in this. I have included the e-mail below. I walked into the DMV today, and brought the following documents with me: Marriage Certificate Passport AOS Receipt (With stamped biometrics) EAD Receipt (The DMV scanned this document) Utility Bill (Something with my name on it tying me to the address I live) It took her a few tries of various numbers on the EAD receipt but it was approved for renewal of my DL. The process took about 10 minutes once I was at the desk. So those of you wondering about drivers licenses, e-mail the DMV and ask about your state's laws regarding it. Remember: Not all DMV staff are competent. I hope this helps someone out there!
  2. Hey all, Just wanted to post this in the hope it helps someone else not waste as much time at the DMV as i have. I entered the US on a K1 visa back in April. I've had nothing but frustration with the local DMV (Santa Ana). After going down twice (without appointment) and giving up twice because of the monstrous lines. I finally made an appointment which I attended last week. I had heard I would have to wait until I got my EAD to be able to apply for a full Californian DL. I had however, discovered I could apply for a lesser DL in the meantime called an AB 60. So at my appointment I asked if I could apply for the AB 60 and was told my UK passport and SSN wouldn't be enough and it would need to be sent away for 3 months to a year for a 'secondary review'. I thought that cant be right!? After arguing my case and the employee calling 'an expert on this type of case' I got no where and gave up. So, today on the DMV CA website, I found the list of requirements for the AB 60. More in intriguingly, a list of acceptable Passports that DON'T need a secondary review. Low and behold! The UK Passport and nearly every other country in the world is on the list!!! So annoyed I wasted so much time. Rest assured I will be returning to said DMV with my print out in hand!!! Anyways, long story short... ALL YOU NEED TO APPLY FOR AN AB 60 licence in CA Your Passport Your SSN (temporary is fine too) Proof of address (I'm using my SSN letter attached to my card with address on) Here is the full list of requirements on the DMV California website: https://www.dmv.org/ca-california/ab-60-drivers-license.php Also, I'm sure this information is nothing new to some people and there are already posts similar to this BUT, I looked and I couldn't find anything giving me a definite answer. Thanks and hope this helps some of you!
  3. Hey all, I arrived in NJ from the UK back in September 2018 on a K1 visa and have since got married and sent off the relivent paperwork to the USCIS. I have got a NOA for the green card and for the work permit advising that all has been received and is currently being worked on. Back in November 2018 I went to Philadelphia to get my biometrics done. I am trying to obtain a driver's licence. I have been driving for 12 years on a full UK licence. The NJ policy is that when applying for a licence the individual has to provide 6 points of ID. I believed that I had them. Infact the documents that I presented equated to 9 points. But when I was going through the process the individual checking my ID said that my I-94 has expired. Which it had back in December 2018. I explained that it shows my last entry into the US and that I am currently applying to be a green card holder. I showed my NOA's for my work permit and Adjustment of Status and Biometrics. But apparently that wasn't adequate. She said that I need to get another document from the USCIS. I couldn't understand what document she was after. Can someone please advise? Thank you in advance for your help.
  4. Hello, My husband got his AoS approved and we got his conditional green card in the mail since December 11, 2018. We went to go get his driver's license today and he took and passed the tests but they denied him the license because they said he wasn't in the system!? He already has his EAD, his passport is fine, he has his green card, social security number (they won't send is the dang physical card which maybe this is a part of?) And the woman told is Homeland Security says his status is not updated. I was so pissed because they told us that we need to go back to USCIS which for us is 3 hrs away and we have to rent a car and its a big hassle. I don't understand what us going to an infopass is going to accomplish because it seems like something internal on THEIR end needs to be fixed. Is there someone else we can contact? I tried looking into the SAVE thing, but I don't quite understand it. They won't even tell us what we need to bring to the infopass, we have a giant folder of documents, but I'm just so confused. We are in Florida. 😡🤬 Thank you!
  5. Does anyone knows if there is any value in having a Drivers Licence from the country of origin (Philippines) when moving to USA (Florida) on a K1 visa, I read some post where some frustration regarding time to get a Florida Drivers Licence is expressed. Is there a International Drivers Licence that can mediate the problem with waiting and getting short expiration dates on US Drivers Licence? Thanks Van Der
  6. Hello Is anyone here, who came to VA on a K1 and got a drivers license after receiving the EAD/AP combocard? Which documents did you bring as supporting documents immigration wise? I got rejected yesterday, they said they do not accept the combocard. Thank you!
  7. It's been two weeks since my oath ceremony. I just received my passport last week and got my naturalization certificate back in mail this week. So I decided to go to SSA to update my account today. The lady at the window asked for my certificate, and she checked it on her computer. Apparently the information was not updated yet after two weeks, and she couldn't make the change online. So she said my application has to be sent in and it will take about a week. She was very nice and congratulated me for becoming the citizen After that I went to update my driver's license. I didn't change my name and my license is still good for another few years, but my state allows U.S. citizens to renew license online. Plus I knew I could register to vote at the driver license office. I went to the office and submitted my certificate, but the info was not updated in their database, either. Then I remembered that I brought my passport, too and showed it to them. They were able to update my status with it, and they registered me to vote. The lady who helped me had a very stern facial expression the whole time, but at the end she smiled and congratulated me I've read arguments for both but I would recommend getting your passport first then go to SSA and DMV etc., so that you can use your passport as a proof of citizenship. I wish I showed my passport at SSA but didn't think about it because she specifically asked for the certificate. Oh, well. But I'm glad I'm pretty much done with the process. It was long, but it was worth it!
  8. Here are a few thoughts about moving to Vermont on a K1 visa. When I was doing my research, I did not find a lot of information specific to Vermont, so maybe this will help someone. Social Security Administration - this was very painless both when I first applied and when I went in to change my name after we got married. I had all my paperwork prepared according to their website and the VJ guide, and I did not encounter any issue at all. I used the Burlington, VT SSA office, and it was quite easy. I went in, got a number, waited for my turn for about 10 minutes the first time and about 20 minutes the second time. A very nice lady took my application and paperwork, asked some question about it and then informed me that I would get my social security card in the mail in two weeks. I got it within the week both times. DMV - I first scheduled my written test using their General Information Phone Number and was able to get an appointment relatively quickly (within two business days). I went into the South Burlington office, and I got an application form at the check-in desk and proceeded the Exams office. After filling in my application and having my required paperwork with me, I took my exam on paper (their online system was out of order for the day). I passed the test, and he was sent back to the check-in desk along with my application and the paperwork. I got a number and waited to be called. I waited for maximum 5 minutes, and I was then invited to one of the counters where a lovely lady took my application. She informed me that I could not get a drivers license with an expiration date extending over the expiration date of my I-94 which was the proof of my lawful status at the time. She then proceeded with my application, and I got a learner's permit, expiring on the same date as my I-94. She also let me know that I could schedule the road test as soon as I felt ready to take it. I was able to make an appointment for the road test using their online scheduling form, and a week later I went in, together with my husband. For the road test, you must be accompanied by another person, over 25, with a valid drivers license. The guy I took the road test with informed me once again that the expiration date on my drivers will have to match the I-94. The road test consisted of verifying that the emergency brake works, driving around a bit, a hill start, turning around according to the VT drivers manual and parallel parking. I passed, and I went back to the check-in desk. I got a number, and I barely got to sit down and was called to one of the counters. Now, this is where it gets very interesting. The guy processing my paperwork was, it seemed to me at least, familiar with the K1 visa and the process of adjusting status. He asked me if I had applied and if I got my EAD already. I said that I had applied but did not have the EAD yet, though I had my I-797C forms. He checked his manual, verified with his supervisor and then let me know it was good that I had the I-797C on me because based on it I can get the two years permit. This saved me from being stuck at home not being able to drive for a while until I got my EAD, an extra trip to the DMV and surely some money for a new permit. Getting Married - This was the easiest of all. You don't need a social security number, and it is as easy as going to the city hall and getting the license. Changing my last name was pretty easy too. There's nothing on the marriage certificate that indicates the name change. Based on the marriage certificate I was able to change it with the SSA and get the drivers license in my married name. All my AOS/EAD/AP paperwork was filed in my married name as well. Until I get to change my passport to the new name, I will need to carry the marriage certificate with me whenever I need to prove identity. Keeping busy - this is not related to the visa process at all but has contributed to my sanity during the first few weeks after I moved. Being stuck and home in freezing weather I was very excited to get a library pass and have access to many, many free resources. The Green Mountain Library Consortium has a rich collection of online resources. All I had to do for my library pass is to go into my local library with my ID and some mail proving I'm a resident. It was very heartwarming to discover how friendly Vermont people are, and how they mostly want to help you. I just got the appointment for the biometrics, and once I learn more about the process, I will post updates. If anyone else has tips or thoughts about this, please reply to this thread.
  9. Ok folks, I hope someone can help me here. So, I have 4 kids under 21 who are naturally defined as K2's by USCIS. My eldest is now raring to get his DL as he is now 18. It has been 5 months today since our AOS Biometrics were received by VSC. I know that the processing-time is anywhere between 6 to 12 months. Less than a month after our AOS Biometrics, I received the i797 indicating that my expired GC has been extended a year. I am having a hard time with the DMV here in NC that does not understand (I might as well say "refuses" to understand) the fact that it is only the parent who receives the i797. DMV does not understand that whatever conditions/benefits extended to the petitioner will naturally apply to all K2's. When I got routed to the Verification Department on the local DMV hotline, the lady insists that "DMV does not cross-ref aliens". She insisted that my 18 year-old is going to have to produce a current USCIS document in his name to reflect the extension date of his GC. When I rang VSC after that, they said that it was odd DMV should have such a ridiculous request as only petitioners receive the aforementioned extension-letter. Long story short.......I actually made a special request with USCIS online AND on the phone to send us some form of letter to satiate DMV's annoying demand. It being USCIS, I know that it is going to take at LEAST a month to receive that letter. Has anyone gotten around this situation better and speedier? Do you think the local ASC can help produce a document on-the-spot if I were to go in-person? If not, how can I do things differently in the meantime?
  10. Dear VJ Users -- As of 1 Nov 2017 my EAD has been approved (New Card Is Being Produced), what a relieve. So I have a few questions regarding my next step: 1. I submitted the USCIS Form I-765 (OMB No. 1615-0040 Expires: 02/28/2018) version in August 2017. I just realize now that my form is different than the current Form I-765 available in the USCIS form. My form does not have the #11. "CONSENT FOR DISCLOSURE" (I authorize disclosure of this information to the SSA.... __YES __NO). QUESTION: for my particular situation once I received my EAD Card, do I need to go to SSA office to obtain a new SSN Card that will allow me to legally work? Does anyone know how long will this process take? And what document(s) do I need to submit along with my EAD? 2. I asked this question here before but I just want to make sure (again. Sorry I just can't help it). Can I use my EAD as a form of ID in applying for my California DL and ID? Has anyone done this before? 3. Just out of curiosity, will my EAD also be my AP?? Or I have to wait (again) for my AP application status to be updated? I have no plan to travel outside the country so I have no need for AP, really. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!!! Best, J/G.