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Found 29 results

  1. Hi my quick question is is it gonna affect My citizenship if my US spouse owes back taxes to irs ? Any answer ll be highly appreciated .thqnk you guys
  2. Hi my employer dropped our health insurance a few years ago and i have not been able to afford new care through the marketplace. My question is that as im including my wife on my 2018 return (married June 2018) is she required to have health insurance during the AOS process? I obviously owe nothing for the time she wasnt here but what about the last 6 months of the year? She essentially is in limbo. No work permit or green card yet. We just finally had the green card interview last week.
  3. Hello all! Bit of an unusual question, and I hope you can shed some light or at least ease some of our anxiety. In November of 2017, myself (permanent resident) and my USC husband left the US to go back to my home country for a few months. I had a job in the US which I kept, working from home. In June of 2018 we decided not to go back to the US, so I filed an I-407 to relinquish my GC, I quit my US job and all that was confirmed and done. Now that we filed our US taxes for 2018 (from my home country, we did not go back) the state is asking us for extra photo ID and I'm just worried that we did something wrong with our filing... Since all the income was earned while I was still a permanent resident, we thought we'd do a regular married-filing jointly tax return but I'm worried that we messed up. 😕 One of my husband's family members is an accountant and always does our taxes... But maybe there should have been more proof provided? Just wondering if anyone has had similar experiences and can clarify anything for us. Family member/accountant said there's nothing to worry about... But I'm not so sure. 😥 Am I worrying ahead of time? Thank you all!!
  4. I was told my wife and I should file our tax return jointly. She has temporary greencard until December 2021 when she is to receive her permanent green card. We have a tax credit for our kid that we want to collect on thats apart of my federal tax return. Im concerned it will be taken by the government as my student loans are in default if we file jointly so of course I lose any federal tax return im owed. Can we file separately so that we can collect on that earned child credit or is that a really bad idea when immigration sees separate tax returns ? And is that a useless futile thing that the government will clearly see through and tax our earned child tax credit some other way ? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I dont mean to sound greedy, but my kid has Crohns disease and I spend a ton keeping her alive and she doesnt qualify for Medicaid or Allkids.
  5. I got married to my husband in Dominican Republic, May 1st 2018. We filed for Petition I-130 on July 19th 2018, and we have yet to receive any notice apart from the receipt. I am now filing my taxes for 2018 and I'm not sure what to file, Married- filing separately or Married filing jointly? My accountant suggested for me to get a Passport certificate to obtain an identification number to file for my husband and I under Married filing jointly. Is this the best option? He currently is not working so he would not report any income.
  6. Filing an I-864a in addition to the the i-864 as my wife doesn't make enough money to sponsor me by herself. We have her dad's most recent tax return documents which show that he earned way above the threshold required to joint-sponsor me, but we can't easily procure the returns for the previous 3 years' that the form also asks for. Are the 'most recent three years' as important as the most recent year, or will they only be required if we get an RFE? I think to get the past 3 years' tax return info we'd need to go through all the usual bureaucracy associated with the IRS and take even more time and we're really trying to expedite what will undoubtedly already be a lengthy process waiting for an EAD etc....
  7. My fiancé (K1 visa) has over 10k in account. She will move some of the money into our account in the USA. At the day of her entry into the USA her foreign account will have less than 10k. Is she required to file at FBAR for that year regardless of when the account exceeded the 10k threshold?
  8. Hi, So, we applied for our K-1 Visa back in October and we're hopefully due approval March/April time where I will then go to the consulate here in London. My question is... My fiancée owes $20k to the IRS (not her own doing, this is due to her ex husband.. long story). She's currently working with a lawyer now who is trying to agree a settlement or hopefully make her not liable. We have the current W-2s, and tax transcript for 2017, and it says on there that she owes this amount. However, she earns well over $75k a year (not going to disclose actual figures), so she could pay it if absolutely necessary through a payment plan. I'm not sure what impact this will have on my approval rates as she's reluctant to set up a payment plan right now because $20k is a lot when she's not totally responsible for this. I will do my best to answer any further questions. Thank you!
  9. Greetings from Texas, Y'all-- I need higher levels of wisdom than I am experiencing locally. If I've done something wrong, it wasn't intentional. Please be kind with your responses. :-) I have a tax filing extension (until October 15) for my 2017 taxes. I filed my taxes on May 21, 2018. My/our status was Married Filing Jointly. I put all 9s in the ID box, submitted a completed W-7, and attached a certified copy of her passport. 1. My wife is a domestic worker in the Philippines, and she led me to believe all she could give was a letter of employment with her wage rate. I included a photograph/copy of the letter with my return. 2. The NVC sent us a "soft checklist," saying that I was missing, "A copy of every W-2 form that relates to your 2017 tax returns." I only had one W-2, so they must mean her wage documentation. 3. Come to find out that after HARD work, she got hold of four pages that show all of her wages in 2017. 4. My 1040EZ is somewhere in the system. The IRS tool tells me it is being processed and that "Your tax return is still being processed. A refund date will be provided when available." It's been 7 weeks as of today. 6. Our appointment in Manila is August 7, complete with booked tickets & all. Is this a real issue? I've overpaid, even if Married FIling Single. I've got 29 days, and I'm completely open and willing to try suggestions. What should I do next? Appreciate Y'all, LG
  10. Hi, I have a quick question, I will be eligible for my N400 application in march and been reading about the question they ask. I didn't do my tax return for the past three years because I haven't been working and didn't think I needed to do it. My spouse did his tax return as married filling seperately Will it be a big issue for my application ? I will be doing it this year though. Can anyone give me some advice on that matter ? Thank you
  11. Hi there! I moved to the US in mid October 2018 and got married to my (now spouse) fiance a week later. We were away on honeymoon and then stuff got crazy over holidays, and we realised just before Christmas that the govt shutdown meant he couldn't access/ download his IRS tax transcripts... Which are required to submit the financial part of the AOS process. I'm now worried that the Govt shutdown may last months and I need to file soon! Any ideas on what we should do? Will they recognise that the shutdown affected people and be lenient? Shall we submit anyway with an explanation, and they'll just RFI us? Is there another way to get that information? Thanks for help in advance!
  12. Hey, Is there any other way to retrieve irs transcripts at this moment? The website has been ''unavailable due to system maintenance.''? Thanks!
  13. I had my citizenship interview today and I could not take the oath because my ex-husband owes money to the IRS. I applied for the n400 in March, weeks later I received a letter from the IRS saying that I owed 2500. My current husband said that he wasn’t going to pay and my ex should be the one paying for that because in 2015 I didn’t work and all expenses were to be paid by him . So we decided to apply for the innocent spouse relief in August. my accountant said that would take 4-6 months to get a response. I didn’t expect my interview was going to be scheduled before we had an outcome from the IRS . when I was asked if I owed money to the IRS I had to say yes and I explained that this debt only came to my attention after I applied for citizenship and I didn’t get an answer from them yet . The officer took my fingerprints, updated my travels, changed my name, but in the end she said that She needed to submit my innocent spouse relief to her supervisor and should expected a letter from her in thirty days . my question is. Is this a difficult problem to solve? What should I expect in this letter? Are they going to deny my citizenship ? If not how long do I to wait to finally have my oath ceremony ? Thanks in advance
  14. Hey everyone, I have reached the part in the affidavit of support where I need to send photocopies of my tax returns, w2s, and form 1099s. Since I am currently in Japan and unable to locate my 2016 and 2015 tax returns, I figured I would use the irs website to gain tax return transcripts. However, I do not have a usa cell phone number so I cannot register online to get the information quickly. Using the information from the I-864EZ instructions, it informed me to use form 4506-T to get my tax transcripts (https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/f4506t.pdf). However, I do not know what to put for item 6 (transcript requested). The examples provided are 1040, 1065, 1120, etc. Beneath this item, it has listed return transcript, account transcript, and record of account. I am not sure what to list for the transcript type requested and which transcript i need. Has anyone else chosen to do the irs tax transcripts? Any information would be appreciated. Also for the year or period requested, it says to list the ending date for the period requested by the month, day, year. What would be the 2017, 2016, and 2015 tax returns be listed as by this category? I was thinking 1/1/2018, 1/1/2017, and 1/1/2016. Thanks in advance for any help.
  15. Hi VJ'ers, So we got an RFE for our I-864, apparently my wife (USC) did not meet the poverty guideline blah blah blah standard message. The problem really is, I think, she did not file for tax in the 2017 tax year because we were living together in South Africa and she was earning no income whatsoever. We moved back to the US in April and she took a job as an RN, her salary is way more than the required figure. I think the IO probably didn't examine our letter explaining why she didn't file that year and just saw the 2017 box as blank and immediately sent out the RFE. We also provided a letter of employment and 6 of the most recent pay stubs to substantiate our annual household income for 2018. Further we submitted her 2016 and 2015 income tax copies along with W-2s etc, which were all comfortably over the guideline requirement. Anyway, I don't think it worth trying to fight USCIS we would rather just add her mother as a joint sponsor and avoid our application potentially being denied as suggested in the RFE. So I have a few questions on how to go about this: Her mother (a nurse) earns roughly 64k, she files jointly with her husband (my wife's father) but he is retired and only earns about 6K in taxable SS benefits and another 3k in dividends and interest as stated on his schedule B. So should I do a I-864A form for him just because they are married and file together, or would you only do I-864 for the joint sponsor since her income is sufficient and she has W2's for 2017,16,15 to prove it? Bear in mind her household income will show less than the 1040 line 22 figure since her husband files some income too. Also do you suggest my wife sends in her I-864 again along with the joint sponsor I-864 and potential household member I-864A. Since originally filing we have moved to the West coast and she has taken on new employment with even better pay, we have already updated our new address with USCIS, but since we just moved she hasn't received any pay stubs as of yet. I am sure she could get HR to write something up for her, but wondering if its necessary to send anything at all concerning her because we are relying on her mother, the joint sponsor? Thank you for reading, appreciate any insights on how to proceed.
  16. Hello everyone, My case is CR1, from Pakistan, my interview was on 6th August 2018, while it went good though and kept my passport but gave me 221g to submit my wife's and sponsors tax returns as they didn't get it, however it was already submitted and approved by NVC. However as is it was written on 221g only to upload on CEAC, so i did the same, but also sent through AEG. Now my CEAC status shows Administrative processing and last case update: 7th Sep 2018. its been a month , can anyone suggest how much more i have to wait? and how can i know if i submitted correct documents or not ? Regards, Ovais
  17. Hello, I can't seem to find direct response t my question so I'll just drop it here (hopefully the right place). Can someone help, please? My and my husband are during I-130 process. We got approved in USCIS lately and now gathering documents for NVC stage. His tax person said that since I do not have ITIN nor SSN he can't file married, filing separately and did it as Head of the household. I found this information (not on the official US Government site though!😞 "The petitioning spouse is required to provide the tax return with the visa application or the application for adjustment of status. The adjudicator deciding the case will review the tax return for the filing status. When the immigration officer sees the filing status of Head of Household is selected by a petitioning spouse, it informs the immigration officer that the spouses did not actually live together during the last 6 months of the tax year. This may be understandable when the immigrating spouse is still waiting in the home country for a consulate interview. However, it is not allowed for married couples who were living together in the U.S. during that time." So does that mean we are OK? Because obviously, I am not living with my husband since I am in my home country Thanks in advance for all your help!
  18. I am in the process of gathering documents for NVC. When I go to the IRS Website to order Tax transcripts it gives me the option for a paper copy in the mail or a second option of having them e-mail. Of course by e-mail would be quicker and easier, I could just print and submit. I just want to make sure that theres no difference and NVC will still accept the printed e-mail versions. Thanks guys!
  19. Hello i am filling i-864 for financial support as spouse for US american citizen and we attach form 1040 and W2 form 2016 for joint sponsor and when we get interview letter , the letter says we have to get updated IRS transactions in the interview _______________________________ the text copy and paste from letter "If a sponsor filed an I-864 (Affidavit of Support) AND provided NVC with proof of an IRS Federal Income Tax Extension in lieu of a Federal Income Tax Return, you must bring the sponsor's most recent Federal Income Tax Return to the visa interview." _______ i now have form 1040 (2016) , W2 form (2016) , IRS transactions (2017) do i have ask my joint sponsor to send me more documents
  20. I was recommended for citizenship after my N-400 interview. However, a week later I received a letter stating I needed to submit a signed agreement from the IRS showing that I have arranged to pay the federal taxes I owe for 2014, 2015 and 2016 as well as documentation from the IRS showing the current status and compliance with a repayment program. But I paid my taxes, in full and on time, for those years and have the bank statements to prove it. I have no need to enter into an IRS repayment program, because I owe no money to the IRS. Has anyone else encountered this problem?
  21. I filed 1040 3 months ago. My name and everything was correct on it. Just checked online account and transcript. They printed wrong name on it and rest of the information is correct. Waiting for f2a approval for my wife and will need irs transcript in next step? What should I do?
  22. Okay, I'm hoping someone on here has solved this riddle. It appears the IRS wants to make our lives miserable and literally makes "0" effort to help resolve this. For those of us that file US taxes while living overseas, we put our NON US address on the tax return. Now, in order to login to the IRS online transcript request portal (https://www.irs.gov/individuals/get-transcript), you need to provide your name, birthdate, SSN, filing status, and address as it matches to the most recent tax return. The issue, which can be found all over the internet (with no solution, as far as I have found), appears to be how the IRS inputs your address into their system. They don't store it in the same way you provide it. From my research, it appears they use USPS's tool or something similar to "cleanse" the address and store, which is why even people in the US have trouble accessing, even though they input the address as it appears on their tax return. For international addresses, I have no idea what they are doing. And after speaking with multiple IRS agents through their international desk, they also admit that most people can't appear to authenticate, and they give no help other than telling you that they dont have access to the system where the address is stored, so they cannot verify for you. They can give you your address which is the one on your most recent tax return, but can't tell you how it's formatted for you to properly enter into the form. This entire process is completely ridiculous. And the fact that the IRS agents in the customer service center, cannot help, says it all. So, how does one go about gaining access to the online portal. And before you advise me to just call and request paper copies. I did that as well. They told me it would arrive in 5-7 working days, it's been weeks. My guess is, if they can't manage a simple address verification login system, I highly doubt they will know how to send out properly address international mail. Outside of the US, is probably like a different planet to them. So I'm hoping to find someone on here that has in fact had luck to add their address and have it authenticated, so that they could download their tax transcripts. I figure this forum would be the best chances of finding that answer. I have an address which is an apartment, so that may also make things more difficult to figure out the correct format. However, I have literally tired more than 25 combinations of city, state, etc. Even in the formats the IRS agent said she can see the address stored as. Nothing works, and after 6 or so attempts, you are logged out for 24 hrs and then you get the pleasure of trying all over again. And the IRS wonders why people hate them. This is extremely stressful, and you can see college students (in addition to people trying to get visas), all over the internet unable to log in and need these transcripts for critical things like visa, college entrance approvals, etc. This is awful.
  23. Hi, I've just filed my first taxes as a partial-year resident working in the U.S. in 2017. I filed the FBAR disclosure about my foreign-held accounts, as they exceeded $10,000 when combined. My accounts with one brokerage were also listed USD so I filed them correctly, but I have other accounts that were not listed in USD and I forgot to convert them. The end result is that I've overreported the amount in my accounts (i.e. it would be lower if converted in to USD.) It's not a huge amount total, so the difference would be relatively small, probably a few thousand dollars less. Should I file an amendment to correct for the currency conversion, or will that invite more problems than it's worth? I'm planning to file for AOS later this year and so want to make sure all my tax filings are in order. Thanks!
  24. In the event that someone has an interview a few weeks after the April 15th tax filing deadline, what would be the best way to demonstrate it at the interview? I have tax return transcripts for previous years, but am curious about what to do if the interview date ends up being within a month of the tax filing deadline.
  25. Tax Question My husband filed his taxes late, he had requested an extension, he is self-employed. However, after filing his taxes, we used the tax return and transcript of that filing. IRS responded that there was something wrong with the filing and that they need to be adjusted. I already used that tax return for NVC. So my question is, if he adjusts the tax return, let's say the value is less than what it was before but over the poverty guideline non the less, whats your opinion on how the embassy will view this? Should I take the adjusted copy or used the documents that they already have to not complicate things? Should we take the IRS letter with us to show that they requested the adjustment? Is it gonna be seen as fraudulent? I read this somewhere that fraudulent documents are grounds for dismissal. Please advise.
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