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  1. Sorry I have been scarce lately as so many things have been going on with me. I found out I'm pregnant and my "morning sickness" has been terrible so sitting behind a laptop was not on my to-do list FYI - I also unlocked the spreadsheet so happy editing!!! I attended my interview yesterday and was approved! I arrived at 8:55am as my appointment was at 9:10am. There was a small line with social distancing outside the main entrance of the building. The officer looked through the door and motioned at each person to step up when the doorway was cleared. I was finally checked in at 9:11am and then had to sit in the main waiting area which had limited seating based on them blocking off 4 chairs with caution tape in each row. There were only 8 of us waiting. After sitting for 2-3 mins, an officer came and called numbers. A lady who arrived after I did ended up getting called before me. It was a short wait as I was called after 5 mins. I was led down a hallway by a very friendly official where we then got to his office and I was sworn in before sitting down, then the civics portion began. He asked: 1. What are 2 parts of Congress? 2. What is the supreme law of the land? 3. What was Benjamin Franklin famous for? 4. Why does the flag have 13 stripes? 5. Why does the flag have 50 stars? 6. What did Martin Luther King Jr. do? Question to read off tablet - WHEN IS FLAG DAY? Answer to write on the tablet - Flag Day is on June 14. We then talked about my application, went through the yes and no portion, then he asked about my life in Trinidad, places I've lived, worked, etc. He really made the entire process feel so at ease and he eats Trini food so he started talking about that and I was very surprised that he knew about a lot of our dishes At the end of the interview he checked off items on a paper, told me that I passed and he was recommending my approval and then said that they are no longer scheduling persons for future oath ceremonies (which made me nervous) but then he followed up by explaining that oath ceremonies are being done on the same day as the interview once the candidate passes! He thanked me for swapping recipes lol and then he led me to the main ceremony room to await another officer who would be bringing out the certs. In that room was the same 8 persons from earlier and then a young woman came in with our certs and explained to review it carefully for any errors that could be fixed then and there because once we step outside of the building and see an error, then we would have to pay the same fee to get the cert replaced. She said once everything was accurate we could leave or stay and have pictures taken in the room. Only 3 of us stayed back to take pics because that was a memorable day to NOT take at least 1 photo! πŸ“Έ I left at 10:40am so not bad for the time spent there.
  2. Congrats to all who got interviews scheduled!!!! I attended mine today and passed....did same day oath as well. πŸ˜πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡²
  3. Hey all, I have updated the sheet. Please let me know if I missed out on adding anyone! Congrats to those with upcoming interviews!!!!
  4. I am curious as to how she answered this question given that one passed away on 9/18/2020. Did they still accept 9 as being the answer? My honest answer, should I be asked this (and if they have not appointed any new members yet!), would be "9 members should be assigned but the unfortunate passing of 1 has currently brought the count to 8."
  5. Everyone's case is different and you may or may not get a reply back from them on it.
  6. You can call their Contact Center at (800) 375-5283....please bear in mind that you will have a long wait time before you connect to an agent....sometimes the wait can be up to an hour! My advice is to try calling as soon as it gets to 8am EST....when I did that, my hold time for an agent was 7 minutes
  7. 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
  8. Still no letter in my Documents tab but I called USCIS and was told that my interview is scheduled for October 26
  9. In my case, I was the immigrant with my 2 kids moving to the US to live with my US citizen spouse. When my ex and I divorced, because kids were involved, we had to settle thru Family Court. This court allowed us to chance to discuss financial well-being of the kids on both sides. However, between my ex and I, he had trouble keeping up with the payments and I made a deal with him - Allow the kids to migrate with me and we live our life freely in the US and he will be free from financial obligations. (he signed and swore an affidavit to this effect). All I had to do was include his sworn decree of Termination of Parental Rights with my CR1 visa paperwork....no questions asked. In your case, as long as the biological parent is still alive, then proof has to be shown that the biological parent gave permission for the underaged kid to leave the country. He can report to the authorities that the child was kidnapped and I don't think you or the kid's mom would want that to bite you in the butt. So YES, there must be some legal document showing that the underaged kid can leave even though the biological parents are divorced.
  10. Yes, it's this one: https://egov.uscis.gov/casestatus/landing.do
  11. It's a random civic question they ask you and then ask you to repeat it. Then, they tell you the answer and ask you to write it. Don't sweat over it
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