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  1. As we approach October 2022, creating a thread for those planning to file N-400 in October 2022
  2. Just wanted to share my experience here as I found this forum helpful while applying for citizenship for my children via N-600K form. I was first turned on to this N-600k form after emailing the US Consulate in Calgary, AB (where I reside) - I emailed them and they responded to my email same day. I am dual US/Canadian citizen (wife Canadian citizen), I did not meet the residency requirements to fill birth abroad applications for my children because I moved to Canada before I turned 14 (residency requirement 2 years of consecutive residency after you are 14 years old). I have 4 children to fill N-600K applications for, using my father's (children's paternal grandfather's) residency as he was born in the USA and lived in US for more than 2 years after age 14. I had to create 4 different USCIS accounts with 4 different emails, and pay the fee 4 times. about $1,140/ea I filled the applications in online, paid online etc. I reside in Canada (abroad) and this wasn't an issue. I had to provide proof of my father's residency in the US ie mortgage, utility, social security documents, as well as high school diploma etc etc all helped. I uploaded these scans online. I sent the application online on February 13th 2023, and chose the Helena, MT office as it is a days drive from where we live in Canada and had an estimated processing time of 8mo for this application (we were then anticipating a trip in fall 2023, some USCIS offices had 50+ month processing times, while one or two had 2-3mo processing times. I think 4 or 5 had the 8-13mo processing times) I used this link: https://egov.uscis.gov/processing-times/ I didn't hear anything until March 21st 2023, when I got an email from the Helena, MT USCIS office saying the applications we're approved and requesting to set an interview time at the office. In the email they requested I bring all original documents that I submitted via scan and upload AND that when we enter the USA for the appointment that I request at the port of entry from the boarder agent to stamp our passports to show legal entry - they don't normally stamp Canadian passports from my experience unless requested. Also sent me pdf acceptance letters for use at the boarder if they questioned our entry and requested that we bring the printed acceptance docs to the interview (ended up showing it to the security agent at the USCIS office in Helena) The mailed versions arrived the week before we left on the trip, so I guess they sent the pdf version incase the mailed version didn't arrive in time. The acceptance letter was addressed to my children, with 'C/O' then child's name - it was mailed to my address though (same address the kids reside at) The earliest date they had was April 10th 2023, we chose the April 17th 2023 appointment date (they had appointments available every Monday from April 10th - mid June to choose from), they scheduled all 4 kids for appointments 1h apart (9am, 10am, 11am and 12pm) for the same day. I had to ask via email if my father needed to attend (it wasn't clear in any instructions) and the answer was YES - as he was the one we were using residency for for the applications. We planned the trip to Montana and attending the interviews on Monday, April 17th 2023 at 9am. When we crossed the boarder I requested the passports be stamped - no issue took a couple mins, I think he talked to his supervisor. Asked 'so you're trying to escape Canada?' in a cheeky way with a smile, I said 'eventually'. Let us in no problem (we have travelled frequently to the US - by land and air - with the kids over the last year, spending about 5mo+ in the US just travelling as 'tourists') So I'm sure they can see that in their system. On Monday, April 17th 2023 at 9am we showed up to the office about 10mins early, one person in line in front of us. At security we asked the very friendly officers if we could bring all 4 kids in at once, he called up to the adjudicating officer and allowed all 4 kids, myself and my father into his office for the interviews. The interview was my father and I taking an oath to tell the truth (raise your right hand and repeat after me), we were in his office for about 20mins (with all 4 children 7 and younger), officer was just looking over my passport, my fathers (US Passports for both) and my Children's 4 Canadian passports and verifying the stamp we received at the land boarder (stamp said B1/B2 visa, with B2 circled) Officer was friendly and patient with all 4 of my wild children in his office. I had to do 4 digital signatures, didn't read what I was signing. He kept saying 'this is an easy one, cause they're young - just need a few signatures'. Didn't look at any original documents or ask us any questions. After we were done in his office my dad took the kids to the van, I waited in the waiting area for 15mins and he came out with the 4 printed citizenship documents and 4 mini American flags, asked if I had any questions, said congrats and shook my hand and I was on my way. So I started gathering the documents for this application January 15th 2023, eventually sent in the application on February 13th 2023, and received first response on March 21st 2023, and kids got their citizenship on April 17th 2023 Now, I have scheduled the US passport application 'interviews' at the US Embassy in Calgary, AB in late May for all 4 kids. So all in all it seems like the process for us from first gathering documents to kids having passports will be less than 6 months. Seems like this experience is abnormal on the speed side of things, but might also be because I chose a 'quiet' office and had all my ducks in a row? To summarize the requirements we met: 1. Paternal Grandfather (grandmother is not US Citizen) met residency requirements to pass citizenship to grandchildren a. Father US citizen, did not meet residency requirements to pass citizenship to children. (mother non-us citizen, children born outside of US) 2. Created separate online logins with 4 different emails, paid fee 4 times. (I created 4 different emails, and setup autoforwarding to my primary email address so I would get the notifications still) 3. Found a USCIS office with quick processing times: https://egov.uscis.gov/processing-times/ 4. As part of the application got my I-94 form to show lawful entry would occur from this website: https://i94.cbp.dhs.gov/I94/#/history-search (arrival/departure records) 5. Submitted online application and paid $1,140 fee for each separate application: https://myaccount.uscis.gov/ 6. Waited for response from the local office I selected in the application (see #3) 7. Got a personal email from the field office, once interview was scheduled I got automatic email notification from USCIS account saying interview scheduled. 8. Brought all original documents AND my father to scheduled interview AND got land border agent to stamp kids passports to show lawful entry. 9. Interview for children (7y/o and younger), no questions asked, signed some paperwork, confirmed lawful entry to USA and printed citizenship certificates. 10. Fill out passport application and schedule appointments with local US Embassy in my home country for children to receive US passports Happy to answer any questions, but that's the summary! Good Luck! Eric Peterson Black Kettle Consulting Canada
  3. Hi Eric, I have an interview for my daughter. similar situation as yours where my wife is American however never lived in the USA so used the Grandfather Law. Does the Grandfather have to come to the actual interview? got mixed messages from different people.
  4. Hey folks! Just got approved today! So excited so I'm just waiting for the Notice to come in the mail and let me know where my Oath Ceremony will be and when. Had a quick question. I know the dress code recommended is "dress befitting of the Oath". With ceremonies (especially good ones like Marriages/Ceremonies etc) I usually wear my family kilt and dress shirt (obviously I will not bring decorative knives). But I was wondering if they would let me do that for the Oath ceremony or if they just want me to wear a suit. I saw in some Oath ceremony videos that folks from Ghana and Nigeria would wear their traditional clothing to their ceremonies but I have no idea what the expectations are (other than no flip flops and t-shirts etc). Any guidance on this?
  5. I am in a similar situation, my kids arrived last month on IR2 and I have received a letter from DHS asking to pay $220 for their Green Card. Reading this thread it sounds like I can skip paying $220 towards the green card and apply for their passport directly? I am US Citizen and my wife has a green card. I don't have to file N-600? Any guidance on this will be much appreciated. Thanks
  6. Hi, I am eligible to file for citizenship under the 3 year rule with a pending 1-751 (since August 2022) and I wanted to check with others if my evidence list would be sufficient or if there would be anything else I should include in N400 application. I have recently filed 1040X with IRS to amend my status on the past 2 tax returns and I scanned a copy of the signed 1040X’s so I can include that in the evidence also. I was advised it could potentially take up to 20 weeks for IRS to complete amendments, so I was hoping I can send the proof of amendment in my application. Current list of evidence: -Marriage certificate -Copy of front and back of green card -Husband’s birth certificate -2022 tax transcript -Tax returns and 1040X amended forms for both 2021 and 2020 -Lease agreements for past 3 years -Renters insurance -Health insurance (for me and my husband through employer) -PDF document comprised of photos of us over the past 3 years, including with friends and family (with dates and locations) I have bank statements, internet bills, phone bills and utility statements that I can send if extra evidence is recommended, although I have them printed so I can bring them to the interview. Lastly, I worked remotely for most of the past 3 years and I was confused on the application question that requires the location we worked at for each employer. From my understanding, would it be best to include the employer address listed on my W2’s and specify in my job role that I was a remote worker?
  7. @Mike E mentioned that it's best to use the Employer address on the W-2. I'm also a remote worker and my working location is my home address. On the W-2, my company uses a PO box, but on the Form 1095-C, they use the street address of my company. Can I use the street address instead?
  8. Hi all, Didn't see a topic for N400 February 2022 filers so though will open one. Not sure if it will help or not since I would say the processing times will depend a lot on the local office.
  9. Hello All, I applied N400 in July 2022 and still waiting for an interview. I'm seeing people filed in March/April this year have interviews scheduled already and I'm here still waiting. I know every case is different but with the current speed cases are handled and with my Field Office, Providence with 9.5 months, I'm concerned there is something wrong with my case. A friend of me suggested to file FOIA or to contact Congressman for help, how effective are these? FYI, I have I-751 pending from July 2021 but I have seen thousands of applicants, filed after me with pending 751 got approved and already citizens. Thanks in Advance.
  10. Hi, I have my combo interview in 15 days (i751/N-400) and I am wondering if they are doing same day ceremony in Centennial CO - USCIS office? My interview will be right at noon.
  11. Hey all! I have a few questions about documenting my employment history: In listing past employers, some of mine have different incorporated names on their W2's than the name of the business where I actually physically worked. Which one should I use for my N-400 -- the name/address I gave to the IRS or the name/address of the physical location? Some business I previously worked for have changed their name -- should I put down their old name (matching my previous tax filings) or their new name? There was a period in 2020 where I was transitioning from being fully unemployed to working for myself and continued filing for partial unemployment benefits -- I'm wondering if anyone else has accounted for time "partially unemployed" on their N-400? Currently my application says that my period of "unemployment" ended when I began working for myself -- should I extend my record of unemployment until whenever I actually got off unemployment benefits? Thank you! 😊
  12. Hello guys, i would like to share my N400 Hoping someone can give me an advice. I submitted my n400 at the end of January 2020, biometrics in February, uscis closed because of the pandemic, September 2020 did my interview : Officer handed me a paper saying Recommended for approval , he told me I shall receive the oath letter within 3 weeks... months have passed , I tried calling , going to the Jacksonville office... and they always said to keep waiting... my case is outside the processing time , and I submitted an inquiry, the response was : USCIS has reviewed your Service Request. According to USCIS records, we are unable to move forward with your application until the required background checks have been completed. At this time, we are unable to determine when the adjudication of your case will be completed and no further action is required from you. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by delays in processing. I also contacted the Us representative and senator in January but haven’t heard any feedback yet.... yesterday I submitted an inquiry to CIS ombudsman. thank you in advance for your replies
  13. Hello, Wondering if I could get some advice about this. My mother is 77 years old. She's been a US legal resident for almost 50 years, with a green card. She's never been in trouble with the law in ANY way. Her wish now is to become a US Citizen. My father is a US Citizen and has been for a long time. I believe the reason she never attempted is due to her lack of education and therefore, lack of confidence to take and pass the test. She is in mental decline now. We cannot find her a psychiatric doctor in our area due to insurance. The reason I mention this is that I know that if I could get a psychiatrist to fill out some USCIS paperwork, she would get a waiver on having to take the test. But I cannot. She does have a regular doctor, though. In this situation, how can I apply for my mother's US Citizenship and somehow get a test waiver for her? Could I write a letter with the application stating her situation? Or, is she at an age where they might just waive the test anyway? Any advice appreciated. Thank you
  14. Hello All, I would like to know the status of my case(I know I can see that in case status page, which has been showing as REVIEWING for more than 6 months). I tried like to ASK EMMA and typed "info pass", it showed me this "Please select the link below to schedule or manage an InfoPass appointment with a USCIS Immigration Officer.". My question is, if I schedule an appointment, would that effect my case anyway? Without going through EMMA, if I call USCIS and say "INFOPASS" and ask about my case status, would that have negative effect on my case? Thanks in Advance for your responses.
  15. Hello! I received my naturalization certificate yesterday! I am now a dual Canadian/American citizen!!! I feel like I keep reading and hearing some conflicting information on passport etiquette. Since I am residing in the USA- do I leave and enter the states (when I am going to visit Canada) on my USA passport? Could I use my Canadian one? I feel like they would wonder why I am living in the USA and using my Canadian passport with no greencard? My other question is that I really want to be able to go home for Christmas. I’ve heard that if you have travel within 14 days you can get an emergency passport appointment and sometimes get a same day passport… But how do I book my flight when I don’t have an American passport yet? I’ve heard that you must leave with the same passport you enter with? I’ve heard I cannot leave the country until I have my new passport even though I have my Canadian one? When I am flying do I need to bring both passports?
  16. Hello, I am a foreign national who has had a baby with an American citizen out of wedlock. He is not on the child's birth certificate due to my home country being quite unflexible on out of wedlock couples, but we would like to instead apply for a CRBA since my kid would want to see their father soon. I was wondering if it was possible to apply for a CRBA without the US citizen father's name on it? As I am willing to go through all the DNA testing etc if necessary. Thank you
  17. Hi All! I'm currently preparing to file N400 form, do I need to provide evidences like joint bank account, etc... I've been waiting for our tax transcript and that's the only thing that holding me up to file for this. Is Form 1040 good enough?
  18. Hi All, I recently joined this community and many of you guys here are very helpful and responsive, thanks for your time. Question: Any one here filed their N400 in Providence Field Office? How long is it taking from applying to interview? Can you please share your timelines? TIA.
  19. Hello, I'm eligible to apply for my N400 and I qualify for the 5 year Green card category. I understand that I need to have last 5 years worth of Tax return transcripts. I recently got married and my wife is Non resident alien i.e she lives outside the united stated and she is going through immigration process. Last year I.e 2021, I filed a the return return through paper filing instead of e-filing and the tax return was accepted by IRS. I have a copy of the paper returns from turbo tax which I used to prepare. Unfortunately, When I try to access the transcript for 2021 on IRS.gov, It says it does not have any record for 2021. But when I checked the IRS's "where is my refund?" tool, I can see that the "return was received" by IRS. My question is if I cannot get the tax return in time, Can I take the returns from turbo tax instead and my W2s? I can also show that I send in the check that I owed extra which IRS cashed in. is there anything I can request from IRS that helps? also do I need to submit the tax return when I submit the N400 application or can I just carry it for the interview. Thanks for your answers.
  20. Hi everyone, I have a question and I appreciate anyone who could give me enlightenment and resolution to my problem. I have just applied for my N400. Without further consideration, I answered NO under question 23. Back story: I was cited for a civil traffic due to speeding. The officer suggested that I go to a traffic school to remove the ticket in my records. So I did. I submitted the ticket and payment to the traffic school and so I have not one single proof with me. I am very concerned because I just had my biometrics last week. I am very anxious that it will be the reason for my application to get denied. Please enlighten me.
  21. My father petition my immigration file in December 2016 (i.e F2B). He became US citizen in July 2022. I’ve submitted DS260 & All my Documents in September 2022 to NVC. I got reply from NVC in November stated that “The citizenship status for the petitioner was changed but the visa class was not converted to an F11 because the case would have received a less favorable cutoff date”. plz help me what should I do
  22. Hi, Newbie here who needs some advice. My petitioner was LPR then became a citizen. After submitting docs to NVC sent a message opting out of automatic visa class change due to the new circumstance. My case has been in review this week, so NVC sent a message to say that they will retain my application under F24 since it wouldn’t be beneficial for me to change. A day later and now my application has moved from being processed and is showing the message ‘due to numerical limitations case cannot be processed’ and the visa class has changed to F11. Feeling very frustrated as I was waiting for DQ and contacting NVC takes months even though I’ve made a public inquiry already.… I cannot even see any documents we submitted just my name, paid and completed. Is this a glitch, does anyone have the same experience, what next for me?
  23. Hey all, I'm about to file my N-400 application but I'm curious to know how other people counted their travel days. The instructions say to count how many days you were outside of the US for over 24 hours -- so, does that mean we don't include "travel days?" (ex. If I took a flight at Noon from New York to Canada, does that "day" count toward my total?) I've made ~10 trips out of the US in the last 5 years, so whether or not I include my travel days will change my total count by 20 days. Thank you!
  24. Hello all! I have my citizenship interview coming up shortly- it will be in late fall. Where I live I am on the opposite side of the continent from my family in Canada. I am wanting to go home for Christmas and usually would be looking at flights soon because they are very expensive. A lot of people report the interviews being mostly a formality and pretty straightforward if your case is pretty straight forward, which mine is. I am thinking most likely I will get recommended for approval, which I am told they tell you if you are recommended for approval in the interview itself. My question is, if I am approved, but wouldn't be able to secure an american passport in time for christmas, can I now travel into canada AND BACK IN with just my Canadian passport without nullifying any part of the citizenship process? I know with the greencard you were never allowed to enter the USA without it unless you wanted to nullify it (to my understanding). Does anyone know if I need my USA passport to enter once I am recommended for citizenship or should I wait until all formalities are done and I have USA passport in hand? Another question, I am canadian. Will they ask me to give up my Canadian passport? I know if you are from the USA trying to get lets say a canadian passport, that the USA wants you to give up your American passport because they don't want you to pledge allegiance to any other country. And lastly: This is what I have heard about the interview process, can anyone else verify this: go in, take an oath answer 6 civics test questions go over basic info from forms specifically be able to answer questions about recent travel answer questions about if I;ve done this or that crime where the answer is OBVIOUSLY NO answer questions about the constitution and such where the answer is obviously YES they usually tell you in the interview if they are recommending you for approval I know there is a standard list of things they tell you to bring but I am also wondering if it's helpful for you to bring a copy of the n-400 form you filled out so that you can reference it for travel specifically? I travel often enough that I don't remember specific dates.
  25. Hi Everyone! I booked a trip to the UK 3 months ago and just got my N-400 interview date…… it’s the morning of the day I fly! Do they take your passport? Am I still safe to fly or should I reschedule for the week after I return? Thank you for any insight!
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