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  1. This forum is to start early discussion around N-400 for June 2021 filers and to be in touch with other filers to learn about progress and any new updates.
  2. Raleigh, NC filer here. I didn’t see a June 2021 Forum so started one! N400 will be sent off by my Immigration lawyer on 6/14. I am extremely excited. Wishing everyone a speedy and smooth naturalization process. 🇺🇸
  3. Hello, I am writing for a friend and I'm not sure where to place this topic or if there's any other topic that talks about this specific issue so please feel free to transfer this to somewhere else. My friend really needs help right now. She applied for naturalization in 2020 and had her interview last June 1 2021. However the officer did not approve nor deny her application. Please see attached detailed file. Is she in danger of deportation? She is now married to another person but according to her, when she got interviewed for the removal of conditions in 2013, she was already pregnant with her first child to her 2nd husband, who she only married 2 years ago. She came here through K1 visa, got her conditional GC in 2010, applied for removal of conditions in 2012, got interviewed for removal of conditions in 2013. I dont know when they got divorced but i think she mentioned after 3 years of marriage so i think in 2013 also? Im not sure. So, will she get deported guys? What can she do on her end if she is unable to give what uscis has asked of her (evidence of marital union from 2010-2013)? Thank you for your time.
  4. Hi, I am creating this group for filers within the jurisdictions of the three field offices: NYC, Queens and Long Island, to share their N-400 application progress and experiences along the process. I am a September filer at New York City Field Office. I filed my application online on 9/6/2017. I received notification that USCIS has scheduled me for biometrics appointment. I am still waiting for the letter to arrive in the mail to find out the date and time of my appointment.
  5. Happy new year and good luck everybody 🙏. I can't wait to become an American so I'm filing my N-400 this month anybody else? 👍
  6. I was arrested back in the mid 2000s. It was mistaken identity and quickly resolved as such. I declared it on all my forms and have a police certificate showing no convictions and police computer print out showing no charges etc. Is that enough for an N400 interview? It’s hard to get any more documentation because there wasn’t any!
  7. Hi!! This may be a stretch but I wanted to get all the West Palm Beach FL members who are filing or have filed, and are still waiting, to join this forum. It's a great way to keep updated on the West Palm Beach office and how fast they are processing our applications. WELCOME 😁🤗
  8. Hi guys, I have questions related N-400 proof documents. I'm filing N-400 based on the marriage. 1. For submitting the proof of required and volunteer documents for N-400, which is better to submit between one big files gathering all the proof or individual files? 2. Which files are good to submit to proof of my marriage besides required documents(like copy of green card, tax return etc.) for N-400? Should I prepare the document of proof as much as preparing for the green card? 3. For bank statement, should I submit during all 3 years of marriage? or just recent ones? Also, my marriage is sincere, but we got married while I came to the US with ESTA (we met and had a relationship outside of the U.S), would this be a problem to interview for N-400? Thank you!
  9. Hi we're going to apply an n600 for my daughter who got here in the US through an IR-2 visa, qualifying for the derivative and automatic acquisition of the US citizenship. During the process of this can my daughter travel outside of the country to study there? Would she be able to come back with no hassle?
  10. Hello everyone, me and my brother both got our citizenship through naturalization from our mom who became an American citizen before we were 18. So we both went through the process of proofing it through passport which we both got them. We both get a letter saying we got to go to social security place to change the status. My brother told me we have to fill out form I-539A and pay an additional fee ? I read what the form was for but it seems like it doesn’t apply to us. Any advice of what we have to do next ?
  11. After staying overseas for about 8 months as a greencard holder during Covid19, should one still apply for a Citizenship? Add any foreseeable issues with that? Asking for a close friend. After questioning her upon return, they allowed her back in. I told her I would help her apply for her citizenship. She's been a permanent resident since 2016 via marriage. Your thoughts and tips/insight please....
  12. UPDATING DRIVERS LICENSE RECORDS at the DEPARTMENT OF MOTOR VEHICLES AFTER NATURALIZATION NB: This might be state-dependent. (I am in Florida.) Updated SSA Via US Mail - No Issues! Updated SSA via mail earlier this year. Was quick & easy. Mailed the passport (not naturalization certificate) with the required form, and within 3 days got the passport back, and within a few weeks got the new and updated Social Security Card (same SSN, of course, but with an updated issue date on it.) DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) Have heard that updating the drivers license was also a step to do after citizenship. Spoke with several DMV agents over the subsequent months, and heard conflicting stories, including - 1) "Yes, you should come in and update your record at DMV once SSA has updated their database." and 2) "No, there is no real need to come in to update your DMV record if there is no name or address change." Spoke with a Sheriff while waiting on the COVID Vaccine Shot line, today, and - 1) He looked at my drivers license and said that there was nothing on the physical license indicating that I was NOT a citizen. 2) He said, "Their electronic database system would normally have a notation indicating if a person is NOT a citizen." 3) He typed my drivers license into his console and said, "The Florida DMV database does NOT have a notation indicating that I was a non-citizen". 4) He said, "Since there is no notation on my DMV record that I am NOT a citizen, there is no need to go to DMV to update my record on their system." This occurred today, April 9th, 2021.
  13. I got my 10 yr green card a few months ago through marriage. I met my spouse almost 8 years ago, and after being in a relationship for 4 yesrs or so, we got married. I got a conditional green card, but I got the condition removed and got my 10 year green card. My marriage has been rough since a few months before I got my condition removed, and now I really can't stand it anymore. 1) I now have the 10yr green card, but does a divorce afffect my immigration status in any way? My attorney told me that if the divorce has to happen, make sure it is not due to mu fault, but should be my spouse's. For example, even though I have the 10 yr GC, if I am the one who got violent, or even cheated on my spouse, and that was the cause of the divorce, it would look bad. My attorney said the divorce should be due to my spouse's, but I dont even think this is true. Can anyone clarify? No one in our marriage has cheated, but I want a divorce asap. 2) It has only been a few months since I got my 10yr green card. Would it be bad if I divorce too soon? 3) If one day I want a citizenship after 5 years from now, would my divorce become an issue?
  14. I have the flexibility of working remotely and was wondering whether I could move to a city/state that has the shortest wait times for N-400 approvals? I can apply for naturalization end of July 2021. Is this something possible to do? Thanks.
  15. I didn't see any thread but I am wondering if there are Cleveland 2020 filers here? I just submitted my application on June 1st!
  16. My Immigration is officially done!!! My N400 experience was both exciting and nerve wracking! The goal to ensure that your paperwork is sufficient down to the studying the citizenship material was taxing but was ALL worth it! I had my citizenship interview today at the Milwaukee, WI field office. My application was under the 3 yr rule. I arrived 1:15pm per instruction from the appointment letter. Check in procedure was smooth and organize. I was called exactly 130pm. The IO asked for my DL,GC and Passport. He started with the Civics test and answered all of the questions. Reading and Writing tests were completed without any issue. He went over my form and just asked me a few questions. He asked if I was working and replied that I work as a CSA at a utility company. He said it must be a tough job. He asked if I get yelled a lot? We ended up chatting about the nature of my job coz I told him that we respond to emergencies and outages too. I informed him that I need to change my response for group membership coz I said no yet Im a member of a labor union, he said not to worry about it and then handed me the results form after having me sign a few documents! I was out after 10 minutes! He didn’t even ask for any of my documents! Later on, my case was updated to advising me of my oath of ceremony scheduled! I WOULD HAVE NOT MADE IT WITHOUT THE HELP OF EVERYONE HERE IN VJ! Thank you for your generosity and for sharing your experiences and knowledge! God bless you all and more power!
  17. Hello, my wife has her naturalization/citizen interview this week, but wanted to make we do not miss anything. She has practiced, understood, and memorized the 100 questions for the civil test. She has also remembered all her answers on her N400 Application. Her appointment is at the Indianapolis location. Main: 1. Appointment Letter 2. Green Card (LPR Card) 3. State ID (Drivers License) 4. Her Foreign Passport (India) Applying through marriage (Evidence). 1. Marriage Certificate 2. Our Son's birth certificate 3. My US Passport 4. Tax Return Transcripts 1.) Is there anything else she needs to bring or is this ok? 2.) For evidence we submitted on her N400 application for marriage proof, does she need bring everything we submitted online or is that not required? 3.) She should bring original documents right? Thank you. - GuruSikh
  18. Hi Everyone, Below is the timeline for the N-400 (Citizenship) timeline for the Long Island, NY service center. February 20, 2020 We received your Form N-400, Application for Naturalization, and mailed you a receipt notice. It is being processed at our E-Filed February 22, 2020 We scheduled you for a biometrics appointment March 9, 2020 We are actively reviewing your Form N-400, Application for Naturalization. Our records showed nothing is outstanding at this time. February 19, 2021 We scheduled an interview for your Form N-400, Application for Naturalization. March 22, 2021 Your Form N-400, Application for Naturalization, was placed in line for oath ceremony scheduling. March 22, 2021 We recommended that your Form N-400, Application for Naturalization, be approved. Your case was submitted for quality review. April 6, 2021 Oath Ceremony Notice Was Mailed May 14, 2021 Oath Ceremony Scheduled Took super long but looks like its almost over. Hope this helps. Thanks, Rudraksh
  19. Hello Guys, I wanted to take a lead in creating this group for all (Naturalization) N-400 September 2019 FILERS! Please use below table to provide your case details. (Thanks to AI135 for creating the table for July 2019 filers) I will be filing my case online in the first week of September 2019 and would like all September 2019 filers to share their Citizenship journey on this thread!! It is going to be exciting. Once I file my application, I will fill out my details. VJ Username Filing date NOA1 Biometrics Appt RFE? Interview Oath Ceremony Field Office Filed online / paper  
  20. Hi everyone, we can apply for my N-400 in late September/Early October, our I-751 has been pending since October. We will file at our local office in SLC, UT. Has anyone seen the timelines shifting for N-400 at all? I am BEYOND homesick and really need to go home to Australia for a year or so once we get my dual citizenship. I am seeing 13-18 months from filing on the current tracker. Obviously this is SUCH a first world problem, but it would be so great to see everyone's experiences of late with their citizenship timelines, so I can have a 'home time' date to look forward to. Thanks in advance for sharing your experiences!
  21. Hey Folks, I applied for N-400 on Jan, 2020 and still waiting on interview in Houston, Texas. I applied based on 5 years, so I only submitted copy of my green card and divorce certificate. I did my biometrics on Feb, 2020. Was I supposed to submit more documents? I thought tax transcripts were only required for based on 3 years. Would it make sense to upload tax transcripts? Any recommendations would be helpful.
  22. Updating SSA Record after Naturalization - By Mail Just spoke with someone at the Social Security Administration in our area outside Tampa, FL. The SSA Representative confirmed that they are NOT having any face-to-face meetings with customers at this time (are not booking any appointments and are not accepting any walk-ins; only online services are possible). Updating your SSA record after naturalization is, however, NOT one of the online services available at this time The Representative said that we CAN update our record by mail by sending in the SS-5 Form directly to his office, along with the original naturalization certificate OR passport, and they will process it for us. He said to send it with USPS tracking, give it a week or so to arrive, and then call in to verify that they had received it. He said they will then verify the information over the phone with us, update the record, and then return the original documents we sent. He said we could expect to get it back in a few weeks. So, at least that might be a way to proceed. Since we have no idea when this covid-driven lockdown will end.
  23. Applying for N400 after 3 years of GC and married to USC. Arrived on fiance visa, had no interviews neither for conditional GK nor for ROC, all was approved based on tons of evidence: joint bank statements, credit card, trips together, bills, insurances and etc. There was nowhere a question about employment and employer's addresses until N400. I'm a flight attendant for a major US airline. My company headqurters and my base from where I start and end my work trips is 260 miles away from where me and my spouse live together. I was on a paid leave of absence for almost 1 year due to pandemic and was staying home. Is the officer gonna ask me how come my job is so far from where I live. I used to drive to my base once a week for a 3-4 day work trip then stayed home for 3-5 days after work trip. In many cases I was flying back and forth. But flight attendants can fly for free on a standby and if flight is completely full on a crew jumpsest just using our crew ID. So that is why I don't have any tickets or reservations to prove how I managed to commute to work so far. In 2018 I was based in Florida, definitely always flying to commute there and back to my residence in Texas. It was so long ago, I obviously don't have any evidence for that either. Should I be worried about such questions from officer or his request to provide evidence how I commuted back in 2019 and 2018 (when I got my conditional GK) or I should not worry especially because for this past year I was not flying at all. Can USCIS track our domestic flights within the US? Thank you for your feedback.
  24. I was outside of the country for 6 months and 1 week during covid-19 (my flight was cancelled 4x). How can I overcome this disrupted Continuous Residency?
  25. Filed N400 on Oct 1st in Chicago, received biometric reuse on 30th Dec 2020, when do I expect interview date, any idea folks as I want to plan for a out of country trip?
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