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  1. Happy new year and good luck everybody 🙏. I can't wait to become an American so I'm filing my N-400 this month anybody else? 👍
  2. Good morning, everyone! Created this group for all (Naturalization) N-400 JULY 2019 FILERS! Please join and provide your information. Below is the link for the shared spreadsheet. Thank you and happy 4th of JULY!!! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19rv0w-Ls_-225a0AqzhsTObXb2DcT07oACpdIHhn9dE/edit?usp=sharing VJ Username Filing date NOA1 Biometrics Appt RFE? Interview Oath Ceremony Field Office Filed online / paper AI135 07/01/2019 Online
  3. Hello Guys, I wanted to take a lead in creating this group for all (Naturalization) N-400 September 2019 FILERS! Please use below table to provide your case details. (Thanks to AI135 for creating the table for July 2019 filers) I will be filing my case online in the first week of September 2019 and would like all September 2019 filers to share their Citizenship journey on this thread!! It is going to be exciting. Once I file my application, I will fill out my details. VJ Username Filing date NOA1 Biometrics Appt RFE? Interview Oath Ceremony Field Office Filed online / paper  
  4. Hi, I am creating this group for filers within the jurisdictions of the three field offices: NYC, Queens and Long Island, to share their N-400 application progress and experiences along the process. I am a September filer at New York City Field Office. I filed my application online on 9/6/2017. I received notification that USCIS has scheduled me for biometrics appointment. I am still waiting for the letter to arrive in the mail to find out the date and time of my appointment.
  5. I didn't see any thread but I am wondering if there are Cleveland 2020 filers here? I just submitted my application on June 1st!
  6. I am a student studying abroad, and an LPR, who is financially supported by my mom. I am looking to apply for N400 and I have come across an issue in my application. There was an original break in continued residence of more than one year from June 2014-November 2015(I traveled with a re-entry permit). From November 2015 to now, I have many trips but one trip that lasted 6 months and 21 days outside of the US. I understand that I have to submit evidence against this ‘rebuttable presumption’ of a break in continued residence. From my limited understanding of the information from USCIS, this consists of but not limited to: A) Show employment in US or that I was not looking for employment abroad (I was studying and financially supported by my mom) - She filed me as a dependent in her tax returns - Would this be acceptable? B) Show that immediate family members remained in the US - My mom remained at our residence in the US and continued to work - I’m not sure what documentation to prove her residence. C) Show mortgage or rental payments - My mom purchased a home during this time and my name is on the house deed Other evidence: 1) I was on my mom’s US health insurance as a dependent 2) I have bank accounts and credit card with my mom as well as my own 3) I have a driver’s license Absence 6/1/2014-11/4/2015 Original break in continued residence 11/28/2015-1/25/2016 2/26/2016-4/28/2016 5/15/2016-9/9/2016 1/26/2017-8/15/2017 6 months, 21 days 9/28/2017-3/8/2018 7/9/2018-12/8/2018 3/2/2019-3/5/2019 9/2/2019-9/29/2019 12/6/2019-1/17/2020
  7. Hey Visa Journey! I'm currently in Canada for an extended visit. I just wanted to know, will my time out of the U.S. currently affect my pending N-400 application? I applied last month under the 3 year spousal category but as of May, 2020, marked our 5 year anniversary. I'll be back in the U.S well before the 6 month mark required for Green Card holders but was just curious to know how and when USCIS gauges the time period to be eligible for citizenship. From the in information I've provided is there anything else I should be aware about? Answers are much appreciated, Thanks!!
  8. Hi!! This may be a stretch but I wanted to get all the West Palm Beach FL members who are filing or have filed, and are still waiting, to join this forum. It's a great way to keep updated on the West Palm Beach office and how fast they are processing our applications. WELCOME 😁🤗
  9. Hi ladies and gentlemen! My husband dropped the divorce word last week again. This pandemic took a big toll on us unfortunately. I am not sure where our marriage is gonna go from now on. I have 10 year residency card (resident since February 2017) and applied for citizenship (based on 3-year marriage to a US citizen) in March 2020. I have the notice of action and nothing else (no bio-metrics appointment) as of now. My question is if I can change my application to "based on 5-year residency" during the interview if the whole process takes so long that it would be more than 5 years by the time I get to be interviewed in the future? Among all the financial things I have to consider, I just don't want to pay the naturalization fee again if possible. Thanks for the help.
  10. Hello to all VJ's! It has been a long time since I last posted here. I hope you guys are all safe and healthy amidst this crazy pandemic that's still going on. I just need some valuable piece of advice especially from the pros and experienced people in here but everyoneis welcome! 🙂 Here's a little background about my story. I married a USC in 2012 in the Philippines. We went over the IR1 process and in Oct 2015, I arrived here in the US soil with the husband on a 10 yr GC. We were happily married and no kids until 2016, I caught him cheating.. not just once or twice or thrice but 4x! I fought and stayed married until the marriage became overly unhealthy and toxic. I asked the ex for divorce but he continously refused to give it to me. I didn't want to file first because the Philippines doesn't recognize divorce and me being still a Filipino citizen. As to my understanding, if I file here first, I would still be legally married in PH and didn't want that to be the case. Fast forward Dec 2019, I moved out and went on vacation to be with my family back home in the Philippines while trying to process what happened to my marriage and what the future holds for me when I get back to the states. Moving forward, we are separated since last December. And just last week he finally agreed and we filed for divorce, him being the petitioner. My question is first - While the divorce is in process, should I change my last name back to my maiden name NOW or just retain the ex's last name? (If I do now, I know it's a lot of work and will have to change all my documents and identifications.) But in the future if ever I remarry, would that be easier to change it later? Which is better or beneficial perhaps? Second - I will be applying for a US citizenship 🇺🇲 by end of this year as me being a permanent resident of 5 yrs. (Also btw, ex didn't want to file for my citizenship during our 3 yrs of marriage so I'll be filing for mine.) If I decide to change my last name back to my maiden name now, would that have any effect in my citizenship application later? Or if I retain the ex's last name then apply for citizenship, do I have to file for a petition to change it which might be bloodier? I'm not really sure! Is there any consequence or draw back to that? Or is there anything else I'm missing or need to know that might be helpful in my current situation? I'm just a bit confused about this whole new thing going on in my life right now. Please enlighten me. I'd rather do the right or best thing now and not look back and say "I could have done better." I'd highly appreciate any advice or input regarding this matter. Thank you all in advance! ✌
  11. Updating SSA Record after Naturalization - By Mail Just spoke with someone at the Social Security Administration in our area outside Tampa, FL. The SSA Representative confirmed that they are NOT having any face-to-face meetings with customers at this time (are not booking any appointments and are not accepting any walk-ins; only online services are possible). Updating your SSA record after naturalization is, however, NOT one of the online services available at this time The Representative said that we CAN update our record by mail by sending in the SS-5 Form directly to his office, along with the original naturalization certificate OR passport, and they will process it for us. He said to send it with USPS tracking, give it a week or so to arrive, and then call in to verify that they had received it. He said they will then verify the information over the phone with us, update the record, and then return the original documents we sent. He said we could expect to get it back in a few weeks. So, at least that might be a way to proceed. Since we have no idea when this covid-driven lockdown will end.
  12. I am within window of N400 filing in Philadelphia. However, I am moving out of state by Aug 6 (lease expired). I will be traveling + working remotely in middle America for a couple of months. During this period, I can use my family address in Georgia. Ultimately, I will move to NYC for work by October or whenever my opens back up (we are remote for now). My dilemma is because of the long ambiguous wait time that filers are waiting, I want to start my process now to get on queue. Given my travel plans and 3 months residence requirement, I will not be eligible for filing in Georgia until Nov 2020 or in NYC until Jan 2021. I am hoping that I can file for N400 now, the ASC office in Philadelphia opens on July 27 according to USCIS website, get biometrics appt, then I walk in for biometrics on July 28 - Aug 6. Then, move out of Philadelphia and file the AR-11 (change of address to Georgia first and NYC next, when needed). Does this make sense? Should I just wait till Jan 2021 to file in NYC? Bottom line, I want to get the U.S. passport as soon as possible because my current one is useless (no visa-free travel privilege).
  13. Hey Visa Journey! I made sure to submit form N-400 for my citizenship last month before taking an extended trip to Canada to see family. I'm just curious to know, what is the next course of action due to all of the disruptions at local application centers? Before I left I got a confirmation letter from USCIS stating they're processing my case. Has there been any updates on local application centers or field offices being opened to take biometrics etc. in NYC or surrounding borough's? I just want to be prepared just in case if things are being done differently due to COVID-19. Answers would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
  14. Hi, my husband had his fingerprints appointment in March, which got cancelled due to lockdown. Can we expedite it? Or can we directly have an interview appointment somehow? If we make a request? To compensate the time. He recently gave fingerprints for another green card too. Can we do something? My case is under F2A that’s why I’m under ban. We need to get his status switched to citizen ASAP. Thanks so much!!
  15. Hello everyone. I applied for naturalization in MA, and still waiting for some information from USCIS. Can you share your COVID naturalization situation, please? My timeline: Boston, MA - January 2020 applied - February 2020 got biometrics And now is still waiting for interview. I hope everyone is healthy and safe! I know, that in some states waiting time a year or so, but in general in New England it took about 5 months before COVID.
  16. Is there anyone here who experienced the same thing when filing n-400 online? I chose "single, never married" on my marital status but the case snapshot after submission shows an answer on the citizenship of spouse. But I did not click anything spouse-related on the automatically generated form. Please see attached photo. Could this be a bug on their system?
  17. Has anyone else gotten this message? Just curious as to what may come next.
  18. I recently graduated from college and started working. I moved out of my parents' house, and as soon as I had some money saved up, I submitted my application for naturalization. I have been in this country for 8 years now, and every day has been a blessing. I passed my interview in February, but a month later I got my denial notice. The reason is as follows: In order to qualify for naturalization under INA 316, you must reside in a State or USCIS Service District having jurisdiction over your application for at least 3 months before you may file Form N-400. You resided only one month and 30 days at your address in Arlington, VA at the time you filed your application for naturalization. Since you did not reside in the jurisdiction of the Washington, DC Field Office for at least 3 months prior to filing your application, you are, unfortunately, ineligible for naturalization at this time. Therefore, USCIS denies your application for naturalization. See INA 316(a)(1). Of course it is my fault for not seeing the 90-day requirement when submitting my application, but this feels like a really petty reason to deny someone their citizenship. I love this country with all my soul, and I think my love for it should not be defined by whether I have been living 90 days in the same place at the time of my application or not. It's heartbreaking to say the least. What do I do next? Do I reapply? Do I appeal their decision? I would much appreciate your advice. Thanks, CCJango
  19. Hi. I’m a permanent resident holding a ten year greencard. I recently got divorced and I petitioned for my name change which was approved and mentioned on the divorce decree. I already had my ssn, driver’s license, bank accounts, etc changed back to my maiden name except my greencard. I am eligible for citizenship on February 2019 since I will meet the 5year rule by May 2019. Should I change my greencard name now using form I-90 and pay almost $500 or should I just wait until I apply fof citizenship next year? Would there be any issues if I wait until I apply for naturalization? Please help.
  20. Hi, I am on work visa working in Us for last 5 year. spouse recently filed for N400. should we wait for her to become citizen to file for my GC or should we file based on current GC. read that date for F2A are current. apart from its stopped for covid . not sure what category we need to file and should we wait for citizenship or just file right now. Thank you for help.
  21. I submitted my N-400 today just to figure out that I have mistakenly put my last name as first name and my first name as last name on the form on Part 2 Item No. 1 - Current Legal Name. However, my application has an attached birth certificate and copy of my green card which states the correct order of my name. I already submitted an e-request for a typographical error to be able to correct it right away. Will that cause a problem? Can I ammend it on my interview day if in case they were not able to correct it?
  22. Hi all hope everyone is safe and well during this difficult times. I have a pending case for n400 . I did my biometric March 2nd and waiting to hear from them. I have a question regarding what the background check produce and if I have a misdemeanor from a civil tick I got for a building I own that wasn't kept and ended up in court to pay $400 and a misdmeanor for owning an unsafe building. Can any one tell me if this will effect my chances to become a citizen or what should I do if do show up?
  23. Background: My PARENTS are the naturalized American citizens. They have certificates. I was 7 years old when they became citizens and as far as I have always understood, I automatically became a citizen through them. I have a US passport and have used that as my main proof of US citizenship my whole life (I’m 26 now) without an issue. I have a Ghanaian birth certificate. I have no other official document that proves my US citizenship besides my passport. Will this be a problem? I’m terrified of getting an RFE because of this reason. Side note: My parents have since divorced. if I needed to send a copy of a parent’s naturalization certificate is it okay for it to just be from one parent?
  24. I'm going to be applying for my citizenship online next month, I was wondering how much covid-19 would affect my case, like if USCIS won't send me a receipt until the whole thing is gone. or if bio appointments won't be scheduled, ...etc Should I apply anyways or should I wait for the virus to be gone? I'm a little confused.
  25. Hello vjers, this is going to be a long one and a little bit tricky situation but i hope someone can enlighten me, I am a legal permanent resident for 3 yrs now (well going to be this sept 12,2017) i acquired the GC sept 12, 2014 thru marriage to my US citizen husband. I am in the process of removing the conditions of my Green card since i was only granted with a conditional 2 yr one. I know that i can file for N-400 (naturalization) since I am under a 3 year rule even though the ROC is still pending. Here is the thing MAY 15, 2015 i was convicted with a petty theft/ misdemeanor, (biggest mistake in my life and until now i've been regretting),. first offense, I paid a fine and in a 3 year unsupervised probation, NO arrest, No imprisonment, NO community service/counseling (ending OCTOBER 2018) and case was dismissed. Never messed with the law since then NO OTHER RECORD up to date not even a traffic violation. I also found out that I qualifies under petty offense exception. My question now is how long should i wait or hold before I can file for citizenship? Is it even possible for me to become a US Citizen? Please if anyone know or can help thank you. I am not perfect I made a mistake but trying to move on and live well specially for my son. THANK YOU!
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