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  1. Green Card holders will get it? I got my GC on 2/26/19 and had my EAD from 8/8/18. Am I qualified to get $1,200? Will it hinder my chances of obtaining USC in the future?
  2. Can he apply for DACA now? Thousands of Dreamers applied for DACA so what is the worst that can happen? DACA ends and he would be in the same status he was before. At least, with DACA you get a EAD and be able to work and drive. I believe he needs to file the I-601A Waiver and prove Extreme Hardship to waive the 3/10 ban if he were to depart USA and do CP. I have seen many get approved. Hire a lawyer if you have to.
  3. Yes. Approved on 2/26/19 but they had my DOB year wrong on it so I submitted a I-90 with PD of 5/3/19. Still waiting...
  4. They did not know what Advance Parole was? Awesome that you got back in. Not even sure if they know about MoA? Your unlawful presence continues until you are granted Permanent Residence?
  5. Did anyone in the inspection knew about MoA? Or, all they care about is that you have the AP document? Would it be apply to someone under 245i doing AOS? How was your experience?
  6. So it looks like I will probably get a decision sometime in October to December this year.
  7. Lot of Dreamers who had DACA with AP also were able to return using AP even though they had the 3/10 years overstay ban upon leaving USA? So the Matter of Arabally would apply there? So their AOS was denied because they used AP? So they did do a petition and got approved based on Matter of Arabally? Why would a CBP deny? Because they did not know about the Matter of Arabally? They would then have to wait at their home country making the already process even longer. In my opinion it was a no brainer to not apply for AP even if I would be qualified. It is not worth the risk of 3/10 years ban. I mean you can always exit USA when and if you get approved for Green Card in few more months.
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