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Found 15 results

  1. Hi Everyone, I'm hoping someone can help me answer a few questions. I am the USC petitioning my stepson to become a permanent resident. Biological Dad is a PR while Biological Mom can no longer take care of child. I have read many different things about the parental consent letter we need to obtain from biological mother. We made an appointment at the US embassy in Mexico City where Mom will have a letter of consent notarized. Any idea or template of what the form should include??? Please help, appointment for letter to be notarized is in 2 days. Thank you.
  2. I wanted to share our experience in case anyone was interested. My spouse was born an American citizen but never spent the 2 years over the age of 14 in order for my son to qualify for Consular Report of Birth Abroad (CRBA). We went through the IR-2 process without any hassle. In fact in contrast to my own IR-1 application it was a breeze. We were given a letter by the Montreal Consulate to apply for a US passport to prove citizenship. I made an appointment with the local post office as they process passport applications. The woman was not familiar with IR-2's and warned me I may be required to send more information. I sent my son's original birth certificate along with notarized copies of what was required. This included my spouse's birth certificate, spouse's US passport, my Canadian birth certificate, my US green card and son's IR-2 entry stamp. I got a letter back from the Department of State asking for certified copies or originals including our marriage certificate. I sent more certified copies as my Canadian passport was lost for over a week after the Montreal consulate sent it back. I waited over 2 months for a response. I continued to get the same letter and then wrote a letter back asking what the status was. You only have a certain amount of time to get a US passport application completed. A nice fellow from the Department of State called to clarify what happened. He said he wanted ALL documentation to be original. That means I have to send my son's Canadian passport with the IR-2 stamp and original marriage certificate. I had a certified copy from LA county for my spouse's birth certificate. However, the official said this would not be good enough (despite this being good enough for the green card process). So I had to order another official copy of my spouse's birth certificate. He told me they are apprehensive of any type of identity fraud and want to know for an absolute fact the birth certificate is legit. I asked whether my son IS a US citizen upon the IR-2 stamp. The US Department of State official said this was a common misconception. My son is NOT a US citizen with a IR-2 stamp, he is only a Permanent Resident. He stated only someone from the Department of State or if we had applied for a Certificate of Citizenship, those who process those can make that determination. There is a process in which they review information and make sure the person is eligible. I wanted to clarify this as it is repeated on VJ that a child under the citizenship Act of 2000 is a citizen once they enter on a IR-2. Apparently that is totally false. You have to finalize the process by either applying for a passport or certificate of citizenship. I have to wait for this certified birth certificate to come and courier all originals back to the Department of State. He gave us a 90 day extension to sort all of it out. Upon inspection of the documents it is then determined whether my son becomes a US citizen. The official said once the process is complete you don't have to go through the process again.
  3. Hi, hope you are all good. I called NVC and they received my case on 24th of September. People have said to call them once or twice a week, has anyone had any success with that? Does that actually expedite it or am I wasting my time? Should I just wait or call them once or twice a week until i get a case number? Us citizen mom filing for minor under 21 IR2 Visa I've noticed some people are rude on here so if you're going to be rude then do not comment. Thank you for those who are taking their time to answer my question, I appreciate your time. Have a nice day!
  4. My interview was on 1 Aug 2018 and I was given a 221g white slip. They asked me to submit few documents including tax transcription papers. I submitted all the required documents on 2 Aug on the website of nvc. Background information: my father is a us citizen and he is my sponsor. My sister's interview was on 16 July 2018 she didn't face any problems at all. Her visa was issued on 18 July and we received it on 21 july. So we were expecting the same for my brother and I. But the man who interviewed us took our passports and gave 221g slip. My father called nvc they told us that the islamabad embassy has received our documents on 13 Aug and now they will review it. So can anybody tell me how much time will it take? I am really worried. Will they issue my visa ?
  5. Hello My fiance is waiting for the K1 visa process, we are discussing how is the best option to bring her son (my stepson after we marry), here after 1 or more year, someone mention IR-2 visa. Not being the biological father, can I file a petition for IR2 for him ? and what is the thing of living together for 2 years as a requirement, that I read in some places, USCIS site is not clear? Thanks
  6. I used to be adopted by other person. then I had a cancellation of adoption. with the USCIS process I've sent a paper of official records showing that I had registration and cancellation. my petition was approved. here's my inquiry Is one paper of official records showing that I had registration and cancellation enough for NVC process? or do I have to show all of my adoption including registration paper and cancellation paper? my visa application is IR-2, my mom is petitioner .
  7. I am currently waiting for approval of my step-daughters I-130 which was submitted in March. In the last month some things have happened where she lived which has made her feel her life is in danger. The financial situation in Mozambique has been on a steady decline after years of growth. This is causing more and more people to leave business and enter crime. In her neighborhood signs started appearing with the names of young women from the town stating they were going to be targeted. Everyone passed it off as neighborhood boys being boys and didnt think much of it. One of the girls whos names had been posted, who lives across the street from my step daughter, had her house broken into during the night a few weeks back and was raped by multiple men till the point she expired. The signs kept appearing and last week a young girl who lives further down the street had her house broken into at night and she was also raped by multiple men. The police are doing nothing and the town is itching to lynch / give a tire necklace to whoever they decide is responsible. She is staying with my sister in law on the weekends but it is too far for her to go to school from there during the week. We have video from the local news station discussing the attacks and locating them in the neighborhood. My question is would these events warrant an expedite request on the I-130?
  8. Hello All - I entered U.S. at 15 years old in 2003 from Guatemala, assuming it was with IR-2 visa because that is what my permanent resident card says today. My father adopted me, a naturalized U.S. Citizen. My father (naturalized U.S. citizen) and mother (legal permanent residence) never received or applied to receive a certificate of citizenship. I am now 30 and want to get a U.S. passport. I've been given differing guidance from various lawyers, but my understanding after reading here and on state department & USCIS sites I became a US Citizen the day I entered the U.S. because I was under 18 and entered in as child of U.S. Citizen. (I also lived with my parents until I turned 18). I also infer that a certificate of citizenship is unnecessary. Am I correct? I do not have my original passport with my stamp of entry from when I was a child. I don't have a copy of the adoption decree as my parent's didn't do a good job of keeping records, but my dad is going to attempt to get a copy from the court here in the U.S. (The records are sealed, so I can not get it myself). Can I just apply for my U.S. Passport? Will an adoption decree, a copy of my birth certificate from Guatemala, a copy of my father's proof of citizenship and a copy of my permanent resident card work for documentation? If not, what other info may I need. I've traveled back and forth to Guatemala to visit my family that lives there, but used a Guatemalan passport and permanent residence card. I honestly only came across this information when I was going to apply for citizenship and was told I shouldn't apply for naturalization, as I should already have my citizenship. I began doing research and just want my U.S. Passport if that is true as I feel safer traveling abroad with U.S. documents and as a US citizen should anything happen during my travels. Also concerned under the current administration about having proof of citizenship. I really appreciate any guidance and know this is unusual as an adult to get clarification.
  9. Hi, Is there any approval for stepchild PD August 2017, Potomac? Please share your case here.
  10. Is the variation in processing time normal? My process is the I-130 (IR-2 visa)
  11. my case updated on the site of the USCIS, and has the following message "case was sent to the Department of state" what does this mean?
  12. Is this site processing time correct? my lawsuit is in Nebraska
  13. Hi, first post here, thanks for reading. I married a Filipina April 9, 2016 in the US here on a Fiancee visa (about two years ago as of this writing). At the time her two daughters stayed in the Philippines with relatives while we went through The Process; Wifey is now awaiting her 2 year notice for AoS on her green card, and is desperate to have her children here now. I have met the two kids on my visits to the PI prior to out marriage here in the states. The eldest now is 18. Since my wife is temp green card, we plan on using my citizenship as the means of granting visa for both children via a IR-2 filing for both of them. Is this proper, or does somebody know a better way? Talked to a several lawyers with differing impressions of the path to take and am quite skeptical that I would be served by them rather than serving them. Really appreciate your input.
  14. Hello, I am petitioning for my Filipina Wife and Stepchild daugther (4yrs old). I have few questions concerning the assembliage and the correct documents needed to file IR-1/IR-2 visas. 1. Assembling the I-130 Package checklist provided in the guide, is this up to date and in the order of how I am to assemble my document copies to be mailed and filed? 2. My Wife's NBI. What NBI document is acceptable, I have read the document must be "green" bearing the title on it: NO CRIMINAL RECORD. if not, what must it read on this document to be accepted by U.S. NVC? 3. My Wife registered her firstborn daughter's birth certificate kinda late and no Biological Father or marriage on the document, my Wife has her Baptismal certificate also with no parent of the Father, due to the child being born illegitimate. I am her Stepfather. Our daughter has her mothers maiden name on the birth certificate. Will this affect the evidence of proof in the relationship on me the Petitioner and stepfather to this child or the child's mother? If so, what must we obtain to further prove the child-parent relationship of Stepfather to daughter and/or mother to daughter? Perhaps show proof of shot records or baptismal cert, pictures of the mother with child and Stepfather? 4. I have viewed and read the HHS Poverty Guideline for I864 Affidavit of Support. My income from my w-2 shows three years of a gross income of 24,000 - 28,000usd. the guide pdf for 2017 says the petitioner (sponsor) must meet the requirement of support for three beneficiaries at 25,000 (above the poverty rate of 125%). My question is, Are they saying that the 125% must be higher than 25,000? ( I've attached the 2017 poverty guideline.jpeg.,) meaning 1.25 X (25,525)= 31,906.25, this is the 125% above the poverty line for my gross income or not? Confused. For the last three years, I've made 24,000-28,000 showing on my w-2 (gross income). 5. Could someone present to me what an I130 cover letter sample should be written like? and a contents table? 6 My wife and I have over four years of Facebook chat logs, does somebody know of a more convenient way to print and show these chat logs as proof of our bonified marriage? 7. I (the Petitioner) use XOOM as a way to send income to my Wife in the Philippines, we have transactions spanning back to 2013. Would these transactions if printed be a good evidence of our co-mingling of spousal support? Other than these transactions, we have only ATM receipts. What other proof could we provide of our relationship ? 8. Lastly, could someone give me good assembly instructions for mailing this I130 to the USCIS? (organization, fasteners, folders needed etc) Thank you all so much for your help and support!
  15. Hi guys I am 20 years old, I will be 21 in January 2018, I am the son of an American citizen, he filed the green card process for me in May 2017, we received the I-130 NOA 1 in June approximately 1 month after filing the process. you can tell me how long this process is taking, the time only increases on the USCIS website, my case is being processed at the Nebraska Service Center and my father lives in Orlando - FL, if you can help me I will be grateful, thank you !!