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  1. My husband had his interview at the consulate in Tirana, Albania in December 2019. They told him that all he needed to do was the i 601 waiver because he overstayed for more than a year in the US. I have been reading a lot online about people having to schedule a NEW interview after their i 601 is approved but when I asked my lawyer about scheduling a new interview after the approval she says my husband will NOT have to go back to do another interview because he already had one & they said all he needed now is the i 601 approval. Is this true? Does he have to go back to the consulate for another interview after the i 601 approval?? My lawyer keeps assuring me that he does NOT since he already went back in December. I'm just very confused. PLEASE HELP.
  2. Hey guys, I'm Italian and my fiancé filed the I-129F form and we received NOA1 on the 25th March We both agree on a PRE-NUP 👰 but since that has to be done before getting married I'd like to know what's the procedure as a foreigner: - do i need to go to a lawyer in my country (where i own a house and a bank account) - or seen that i'll move to the US it has to be done there?? - how long does the process last? - do we both need to be physically present before the lawyer? Thankssssss
  3. Hi all - this is going to be a lengthy post. I thank you in advance if you can get through it! My husband and I are Canadian and he is a greencard holder. We got married 2 years ago and I have been on H1B. We filed the I-130 January 2019 (it has been approved). We have been patiently waiting for my time to file my adjustment of status. My husband works for a top global brand and we thought we were fortunate enough to use "one of America's best immigration lawyers" for our cases. This lawyer did my husband's greencard application about 4 years ago. Back in September I checked in with them on the status of my application (they charge $300 an hour just an FYI) They told me the process would be another 2-3 years and I was devastated to hear this. But they said to reach out to them around mid October as they would have a better idea of when my turn might be to file. I did just that and emailed them mid October. They responded October 31, 2019 saying there was no update and they would continue to monitor my case. I gave birth to our first child in October and I was really struggling with going back to work (but I had no choice as I had to maintain my H1-B status in order to legally stay in the US and keep my family together). I reached out to our lawyer again January 2020 as I was getting even more unhappy with my job and wanted to explore all options. It was at this time she tells us that her firm made "clerical error" and my time to file was OCTOBER 2019. I nearly lost my mind. I had to push her further and she corrected herself, my time to apply was JUNE 2019. I can't express how absolutely furious I was. Not only did they miss my chance to file in June but when I reached out to them in October they never even looked and noticed the error? And then lied? I demanded they file ASAP. I wanted the receipt so I could quit my job that was making me unhappy. They filed, i got the receipt. She tells me they filed it WRONG! We had to file AGAIN. She told me to not attend my biometrics appointment for my first application. I gave my work notice and then COVID hit a few weeks later. My case isn't even with USCIS because I haven't done biometrics. At this point I just really really want my advanced parole as I recently lost a family member to the shooting massacre in Canada. I can't leave the country without the advanced parole because I don't have my job anymore. I am almost a year behind due to this lawyer's negligence. Has this happened to anyone else before? Is there anything that can be done?? It just feels like there are no repercussions for this lawyer. I know we are going through a national crisis so no one is going to care about immigration right now but it's just the worst feeling and I'm desperate as I want to be able to go be with my family ASAP. I'm like a crazy person drafting letters and reaching out to senators! I'm at my whit's end and any advice would be appreciated.
  4. My Thai girlfriend and I are seeking an honest and good working immigration attorney so we can get started on the paperwork. I'm in the United States Air Force and will be deploying to Iraq in January. My girlfriend and I are planning on getting married after deployment, but her visa will expire the month I get back. She'll expire at the beginning of July, I'll return towards the end. I was told by an attorney that as soon as I get back, we can marry, turn the paperwork in and put a hold on her illegal status. They weren't that bad in price, but the reviews made me reach out on here. Does anybody know of any good immigration attorneys that are trustworthy and not expensive?
  5. I have been married to my Nigerian husband for 2 months and we are now trying to get documents together to have him join me. I have seen many people submit the documents to immigration on their own and I have also seen people use an immigration lawyer to file. Is it better to do the immigration process on my own or get a lawyer? P.s...this travel ban sucks. Hopefully it's over soon. My timeline will be updated soon.
  6. My DACA expired October 2018 and a lawyer is telling me that I am able to renew it. He wants $1500 and the $495 for the application fee. My husband and I dont want to lose that money and we've been reading online that it is not possible to renew your DACA after it expired.
  7. Just wondering how many of us used a lawyer to file and if that usually makes any difference in the outcome of the visa being issued or not? We used a lawyer, had our interview last day of August and was told to submit a few more documents(tax return), so AP. We submitted them all the next day and now we’re waiting.
  8. Good day, we originally hired a lawyer to make our visa application relatively smoother but instead he already caused us almost 3 months of unnecessary delay from filing the wrong documents. We are already in NVC level. I just don't want anything to do with him anymore and the emotional and financial pain he caused us is just too much to bear. Me and my husband would like to remove him from our case and afterwards were planning on suing him for negligence. Please advise. thanks
  9. My wife entered the US on a K-1 visa late November 2018. We filed AoS in December after our wedding. Her EAD came over the summer after we had to put in a request to expedite it. She has now started a teaching job, and her EAD is only valid until the end of May 2020. She could get a one-time extension through November 2020, but that would not last her through next school year and could put her job in jeopardy. Our case is at the Orlando field office because we live in Central Florida now. We are moving to our house near (but not in) Orlando by the end of the year. With the house, we need both of our incomes. The Orlando field office has a long backlog with an estimated time range of 13.5-33 months. Their “Receipt date for a case inquiry” was recently backdated from 2018 to November 26, 2016, as of today. While Jacksonville, Florida’s, processing time is not great, it is at least better: 11-25 months. The Orlando field office is actually closer, but our neighbor was assigned to the Jacksonville field office. His wife got her green card within a few months of their wedding. This was several years before we got married. On my wife’s first week of work last week, her school put us in touch with an immigration lawyer who wants to have a $250, 1-hour consultation with us. We just need to ask that lawyer if we can transfer my wife’s case to Jacksonville. After a lot of effort this summer contacting USCIS, our Congressman, and others in the government, we’re not happy about the government stringing us along regarding her continued work authorization. I’m apprehensive at spending thousands or tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees, especially while we have a house under construction. I've used JustAnswer several times before to help us fill out forms, but there's more at stake here. So before I continue down a path with this lawyer, I just wanted to check here: has anyone else engaged an immigration lawyer from a similar situation (planning ahead for EAD renewal after K-1 AoS)? Did it help? Any other thoughts or advice?
  10. Facts The last time I was on here was regarding the denial of two tourist visas for my wife to visit my Country the good ol' USA. My wife is Indonesian , we are both in our mid 40's , we married July 1st 2018. Our original intent for applying for the tourist visa was for my wife to accompany me during work, see my family , see the statue of liberty, shop, and site see for 4 to 6 months before we both returned to USA. On my last post this community determined that I had more ties in America than In Indonesia, the consulate automatically assumes every tourist visa applicant has intent to overstay their visa and never return to their home. No need to discuss tourist visas anymore because we recently decided that moving o the USA would be ..... A. a better choice for our future. B. a better chance of having her visa approved if we applied for cr1. C. we are tired of getting denied by reapplying for tourist visa. so we are moving on. Originally I stated I had a job in Colorado , A place to live which is partially true but only temporary. A friend lets me keep a room in his house indefinitely but my wife can not stay there , only me. I no longer have a current job, I am a seasonal salesman, a roofing salesman, which means I only make money if it hails which it didn't this year. Due to a hip injury I am currently seeking work outside the USA closer to Indonesia but could have my job back at any time in USA> I have a mother and father in the USA who are both 80 yrs old, one has Parkinson's the other has dementia. My wife would like to meet both asap. Neither of us want my wife to lose her rights in Indonesia so she will try her hardest to keep her residency in Indonesia, but for now we are saying " we just want to move to the USA''. If for some reason she needs to fly back and forth in the future , we will but neither of us want her to lose her rights as a Indonesian, especially for owning land or buying a house which is our 2 year goal. Facts about Wife : She is the owner of a event organizing business She has a daughter who is 26 years old and helps manage the company she has had the same place of residence in Bali for 15 years She does not own any properties as of yet. owns a car has her whole family in Indonesia I am just trying to state everythig down here so i can get the most accurate help. I believe every situation is different so I really don't want to read a old thread. So today marks the official new date of our new CR1 visa journey, Aug 13th 2019. Questions I Have 1. Is trump really passing or has already passed new immigrant visa regulations that will come into effect this October of 2019 making it even harder for my wife to come to America? 2. Is the cr1 the best route to getting into the USA for Visit or to live for my wife. 3. Does it really take a year to get approved? 4. Would it be faster if I apply for her from the USA. 5. Should I and where do I register our marriage online for the USA, we are already registered in Indonesia and I filled out and paid the intent to marry thing at the US embassy prior to marriage. 6. Should I fill out the I-30 form asap ? 7. Since I am not earning money at the moment will we have problems with getting her approved? Is there a minimum income I have to have? Or is it joint now that we are married? 8. Am I missing any other important questions? 9. Can we hire someone for this process to help with paperwork? or is it easy to do? 10. should we get a lawyer and what is normal price ? should we hire in Indonesia or USA? Any help will be much appreciated and I will keep posting and updating here until this process is finished. Gerry
  11. Has anyone used a lawyer or an online service to help them with the K1 visa application? Looking for a recommendation.
  12. May I know if anyone of you knows if temporary restraining order that already expired will affect K1 application? My fiance said he went to the court and asked and they said he doesn't have any record anymore. Any papers needed to submit together with the application? Please we need your help and advice. Thank you in advance.
  13. Hello all, I'm hoping someone will be able to offer some advice, I've see a few posts on various forums about this particular matter but have yet to see an answer or definitive outcome to this situation. Some context about my case - For nearly two years I have been working on my O1 visa case with my lawyers; Kate Raynor & Associates. I have two job offers in Los Angeles waiting for me as a musician; one to join a band and the other to be an on call session guitarist to one of LA's top song writer/producers. We submitted my case with USCIS in June 2017 to which I was asked for more evidence. I was annoyed but did as requested and gathered more evidence then re-submitted at the end of October 2017. I then received a positive outcome mid December 2017 stating my O1 visa had been approved. I booked an appointment for my interview and to send off my passport to get stamped at the US embassy in London on January 3rd 2018. The interview didn't go as expected as I was told they would need to review my case further, the next day I received an email from the embassy with a 'notification of revocation'. The decision will now go back to USCIS who will either agree with the London embassy's recommendation to revoke my visa, or they might still think I deserve the O1 (I would think they would side with the embassy though). The average response time from USCIS seems to be about 6-12 months, possibly longer. As anyone can understand this is pretty ridiculous as no job offer will realistically wait indefinitely for an answer, even if it is positive, especially in the music industry. I have been given no specific reason as to why they are trying to revoke my visa other than one short line in the email saying 'The request for revocation is based on further administrative review of the applicant’s qualifications conducted subsequent to your visa interview at Embassy London.' This seems incredibly unreasonable as the interview only lasted about 5 minutes, I was asked about 5--10 questions which were somewhat vague, so I was unable to talk about 90% of the evidence that granted me the initial approval. It also appeared the consular officer who interviewed me had no previous knowledge of my case, so was basing the entirety of his decision on my answers in that moment. Does anyone have any knowledge/experience on how to resolve this matter quickly, ideally with the visa ultimately being approved? (as it has been approved in principal in the US). This decision will have massive long term ramifications on my life as, from now on, if I travel to any other country and they ask if I have ever been denied a visa, I will have to say yes and explain why. This will obviously count against me and will potentially impact my ability to work as, being a musician, I'm often required to travel all over the world for gigs. So the embassy's decision to refuse a visa to work in the US will now risk my ability to work anywhere else. It will also affect the band and producer who have offered me jobs as they will now have to start looking for other guitarists to fill my spot until this matter can be resolved, which again will affect their ability to work and progress. Thanks for reading, I can give more info if needed, I didn't want to post too much straight away as that'll probably scare people off! Jake
  14. Hello Everyone! I recently just found out about this website and I'm actually really excited to peruse the site and see what kind of information I can find that will help me process my case. I did have a quick question that I couldn't see that's been asked (and if it has I'm SO sorry for double posting), but I'm looking for some help and, honestly, just a raw opinion of what you all think. So I am a 28 year old male residing in the United States of America who is currently engaged to his partner of nearly three years. He lives in in the UK and we are looking to be married sometime next year and have him immigrate to the states to be with me. So there's some background, as for my question I just can't seem to find a clear answer. I live in a place where we have a high volume of international people and he wouldn't be my first marriage. I have gone through the immigration process before and married back in 2014. We were together for a total of five years (dating and married) but in 2017, we couldn't keep it going on any longer and we filed for divorce. Our friends supplied affidavits and we processed it in accordance to the law. My question is will I experience a lot of trouble going through this again? Am I flagged to never be able to do something like this again? We are very much in love and both relationships have been true with zero intention of fraud or money; just both parties wanting to desperately be together. Since this is my second time going through with this should I be looking at an actual lawyer? I did it all myself, along with my ex, last time to get it processed and it seemed to go pretty smoothly. Basically I'm just asking if I'm allowed to marry a foreigner again and be able to have them immigrate to America with me. I realize I'll be looked at under a magnifying glass (as I should be), but I have nothing to hide and both of my relationships were as true as they could be, the previous one just didn't last like most millenial, young marriages. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  15. I used option Ask a Lawyer Now. I had a question about expedite. I had full . grounds for expedite that I got. However, thanks to the Ask a Lawyer option I got delayed by at least two weeks: 1) My main question was what is the best and quickest route to request expedite. I already had full I-129F package and expedite package ready. I was not sure: should I submit I-129F package and wait for reference # or call and request expedite immediately or any other quicker option. 2) To get an answer I registered and paid registration fee to Ask a Lawyer on this website. After this I asked my question above. 3) I got response pretty quick, which was general, and for more advice asking for additional $70 (I think. Or something close) to speak with an attorney. 4) I decided to proceed to make sure. Shortly, I got a call back. I don't think this was really attorney. The lady recommended me to submit expedite request together with I-129F package. Essentially, including in actual package, which I did. 5) 2 weeks after receiving WAC number I called USCIS asking about the status. I was surprised to learn that this is not the way to submit expedite request and that there is no way for the USCIS to know that I am asking for expedite if you submit together with the package. Thus, I lost 2 weeks. Do not use this option! This is scam. They will take your money and you will NOT speak with real attorney. What is worse, you will get wrong advice. Just call USCIS if you have questions or hire real attorney. Consultation with immigration attorney in San Diego, for example, is only $100 but you can meet with real person.
  16. I'm hoping to get some second opinions here. I have a green card since 2006 and want to start my N400 process (5 year basis) and have it done by the end of 2019. My main concern is processing time since my parents are not well and my grandma is 93 years old (they are all in my home country). I really want to get this done as soon as possible so I don't have to deal with immigration if I have to be by my parents side for extended period of time if something were to happen. I also have a really good job opportunity (global firm) in my home country. I'm filing from Cleveland, Ohio so it should be relatively fast compared to other field offices. I have around 850 full days outside of US in total in the past 5 years. I'm currently outside of the US right now so there are 11 trips in total including this current trip. This trip will be 175 days outside of the US (I'm returning to US on April 15) and one other trip was exactly 6 month (183 days exactly). All the other trips are less than 6 months. I have not filed any tax return before due to being a college student til 2016 and self study/no employment afterwards. I started helping out at my dad's firm in my home country beginning of 2019 for couple months (til now) so I don't need to file yet. The lawyer wants me to file taxes for all previous years to show record and that I'm a good resident. She says having foreign employment is not a big deal as long as I have a job. She also says I should wait 6-7 months (she told me the earliest I should file is Nov) before I file N400 because it's too risky to file too soon after I return to the US. She told me that she doesn't want me to come off as an entitled person living off of my parents (but I've been preparing to become a CPA after graduation). All these statements contradicts with what I have read online and on this forum. I can do as instructed and file all past 5 years return but I really don't want to wait till November to start N400 process. Should I get second opinions from another lawyer? Thanks in advance. I'm just really stressed and confused.
  17. Hello. I have an upcoming interview for I-485 and I-485A on 2/25/19. Approved I-130 (USC Mother). Family preference FB1, unmarried, son 21+. Mother will also be with me at the interview as well as my Lawyer. Do I bring all originals and 1 color photo copy of each document? List: (They were already submitted to USCIS). I received 1 RFIE for BC with EC (USCIS accepted the document). I-94 Card. Updated I-693. Mother’s Passport (My entry stamp is on it as my own passport did not exist then). My 3 Passports (First 2 are expired). My Birth Certificate with English Translation. I-864 - Joint Sponsor is my USC Brother 100%, 2017 all tax returns and W2 with December and January pay stubs. RD is 10/4/17. Employment letter? My mother had no financial info but we still had to submit it. Brother’s Certificate of Naturalization? His BC? ETA-750 Part A & B with CA DOL receiving my Labor Certification on or before 4/30/01. Biggest issue is that I never received any acknowledgment receipt. It just has the date (on or before 4/30/01) and their staff initials listed on it with job code. Also it states EWI (no idea why). Proof of physical presence on 12/21/00. Initial EAD (C09). Parents Marriage Certificate. Mother’s BC? Her Certificate of Naturalization? Anything else I should bring?
  18. Hello all, we applied for IR1/CR1 visa and we have been on administrative processing for 20 months without given reason or update since the interview when no papers or additional info was required from us. so we are thinking about takin some legal action at least to know what is going on and where we are standing and shake things a little bit. so please tell us what you think and recommend good immigration lawyers that handle similar cases successfully. thank you.
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