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  1. Hello all, I'm hoping someone will be able to offer some advice, I've see a few posts on various forums about this particular matter but have yet to see an answer or definitive outcome to this situation. Some context about my case - For nearly two years I have been working on my O1 visa case with my lawyers; Kate Raynor & Associates. I have two job offers in Los Angeles waiting for me as a musician; one to join a band and the other to be an on call session guitarist to one of LA's top song writer/producers. We submitted my case with USCIS in June 2017 to which I was asked for more evidence. I was annoyed but did as requested and gathered more evidence then re-submitted at the end of October 2017. I then received a positive outcome mid December 2017 stating my O1 visa had been approved. I booked an appointment for my interview and to send off my passport to get stamped at the US embassy in London on January 3rd 2018. The interview didn't go as expected as I was told they would need to review my case further, the next day I received an email from the embassy with a 'notification of revocation'. The decision will now go back to USCIS who will either agree with the London embassy's recommendation to revoke my visa, or they might still think I deserve the O1 (I would think they would side with the embassy though). The average response time from USCIS seems to be about 6-12 months, possibly longer. As anyone can understand this is pretty ridiculous as no job offer will realistically wait indefinitely for an answer, even if it is positive, especially in the music industry. I have been given no specific reason as to why they are trying to revoke my visa other than one short line in the email saying 'The request for revocation is based on further administrative review of the applicant’s qualifications conducted subsequent to your visa interview at Embassy London.' This seems incredibly unreasonable as the interview only lasted about 5 minutes, I was asked about 5--10 questions which were somewhat vague, so I was unable to talk about 90% of the evidence that granted me the initial approval. It also appeared the consular officer who interviewed me had no previous knowledge of my case, so was basing the entirety of his decision on my answers in that moment. Does anyone have any knowledge/experience on how to resolve this matter quickly, ideally with the visa ultimately being approved? (as it has been approved in principal in the US). This decision will have massive long term ramifications on my life as, from now on, if I travel to any other country and they ask if I have ever been denied a visa, I will have to say yes and explain why. This will obviously count against me and will potentially impact my ability to work as, being a musician, I'm often required to travel all over the world for gigs. So the embassy's decision to refuse a visa to work in the US will now risk my ability to work anywhere else. It will also affect the band and producer who have offered me jobs as they will now have to start looking for other guitarists to fill my spot until this matter can be resolved, which again will affect their ability to work and progress. Thanks for reading, I can give more info if needed, I didn't want to post too much straight away as that'll probably scare people off! Jake
  2. Hello. I have an upcoming interview for I-485 and I-485A on 2/25/19. Approved I-130 (USC Mother). Family preference FB1, unmarried, son 21+. Mother will also be with me at the interview as well as my Lawyer. Do I bring all originals and 1 color photo copy of each document? List: (They were already submitted to USCIS). I received 1 RFIE for BC with EC (USCIS accepted the document). I-94 Card. Updated I-693. Mother’s Passport (My entry stamp is on it as my own passport did not exist then). My 3 Passports (First 2 are expired). My Birth Certificate with English Translation. I-864 - Joint Sponsor is my USC Brother 100%, 2017 all tax returns and W2 with December and January pay stubs. RD is 10/4/17. Employment letter? My mother had no financial info but we still had to submit it. Brother’s Certificate of Naturalization? His BC? ETA-750 Part A & B with CA DOL receiving my Labor Certification on or before 4/30/01. Biggest issue is that I never received any acknowledgment receipt. It just has the date (on or before 4/30/01) and their staff initials listed on it with job code. Also it states EWI (no idea why). Proof of physical presence on 12/21/00. Initial EAD (C09). Parents Marriage Certificate. Mother’s BC? Her Certificate of Naturalization? Anything else I should bring?
  3. Hello all, we applied for IR1/CR1 visa and we have been on administrative processing for 20 months without given reason or update since the interview when no papers or additional info was required from us. so we are thinking about takin some legal action at least to know what is going on and where we are standing and shake things a little bit. so please tell us what you think and recommend good immigration lawyers that handle similar cases successfully. thank you.
  4. My DACA expired October 2018 and a lawyer is telling me that I am able to renew it. He wants $1500 and the $495 for the application fee. My husband and I dont want to lose that money and we've been reading online that it is not possible to renew your DACA after it expired.
  5. Evening everyone and thanks for your time, my girlfriend at the time got her b1/b2 tourist visa back 2016. She got to that states November 2016 went back home to her country middle of December 2016. She found out she she was pregnant 2nd week of January. So at the time we was excited about having a baby. So I told her to have the baby here After planning things out got approval from her doctors she was allowed to fly. I went back to the Philippines and met her there. So my girlfriend and I can fly together. April 2017 We arrive at Detroit for a connecting flight. Having all proper documentation she was denied of entry. Later that day she flew back home and I followed to make sure she was ok. Because she was shock, hurt and sametime all I can think about is her being ok and our baby as well. Cbp told her it won’t be hard for her to be allowed back to the states because we have a baby together. That means me putting a petition out. Application for admission withdrawn 212(a)(7)(A)(i)(I) My have an appt with a lawyer to see what’s my move? But won’t see me till 2 weeks lol🤦🏻‍♂️ But I been reading and most cases that I might not need a waiver?? Is that true? also will this matter affect my cr1 visa that I wanna apply soon?? Can I jus filed my cr1 visa ?? While reading the cr1 visa applicaiton on question 53 ever in Immigration proceedings?? What do I put ? No?? Because she was never removed, rescission, exclusion/deportation or judicial proceedings. Also the application of admission withdrawn doesn’t even fall in those categories right or wrong?? please help we have a baby together and we’re recently married, us being apart as a family hurts😢
  6. We have decided to use a lawyer for this step, given the political climate. Can anyone recommend a good attorney with experience in ROC? We have been fooled in the past because our lawyer had experience in asylum cases but not what we were doing. It made everything worse....So it would be best if the lawyer has lots of experience with ROC. I fully realize this is pretty straightforward, and we don't have to have a lawyer, and can do this ourselves. We are choosing not to do that.
  7. If the lawyer fails us and my spouse is denied what negative impact will that have on the lawyer?? I found a different lawyer and he initially said he'd include some of the correspondence (chats, skype screenshots, etc) NOW he's saying he's only going to include pictures. He even said we can show chats during the interview. (That's up to the discretion of the CO, no guarantee they'll look at it) My spouse, who does not know details of this process, insists to let the lawyer do his job. Because It looks good on paper to the embassy. Or so he thinks.
  8. Hi everyone Me and my partner are looking at starting our K1 visa journey in October this year. As some background, I live in the UK and he is in Nevada. We've known each other almost 4 years, met twice and will be twice again this year, Skype everyday. Neither have ever had children, been married or immigrants of other countries. After a lot of research we both have quite a good idea as to what is required and the process etc. However, we are a little stuck as to whether to do this with a lawyer or alone (with the research we have and posts on here etc). Neither of us have anything that sticks out to ever be an issue with our application, it should be quite straight forward. I just wondered if anyone had any experience regarding doing it either way and if it's worth the extra money? If you want any extra info let me know! Thanks Emily
  9. Had a brief consultation with a Ghanaian lawyer here in the US and he is giving me the idea that he wants to send in the bare minimum with the I130. He said "All I need is the marriage certificate" I am freaking out! He wouldn't go into detail past that point (because he hasn't been paid yet) but the vibe I get of "do what USCIS requires and nothing more" made my head spin. (I know that frontloading is to show the CO the evidence not USCIS but still... ) It is the polar opposite of what I've been hearing on VJ and other sites. I have so many chats, skype screenshots, etc available! The family is paying for him but it still makes me uncomfortable. He's been practicing immigration law for over 20 years. Has helped two people I know personally with immigration. (Not k1 or cr1) He is a lawyer to the family and they trust him so they've talked me into becoming a client. Should I trust his process?? 😓 Have you heard of such a process for a Ghanaian spouse being successful?
  10. My lawyer is little bit busy and do some mistakes, but he is the best one in town, he is so negative too most of time even when I give him eveyrthing is asked for. Anyone has the same experience with that! anyone has any advice! Please
  11. Hello, I'm an American citizen, I married my UK husband in London. We want to move back to the States and was wondering if anyone could recommend a good immigration lawyer to help with the I-130 process. Many thanks!
  12. Hi, How long does it take before the lawyer finishes checking the petition before sending it off? Or do you send it off? I went to one and he said 4 weeks after I gather all documents! I'm thought to myself "What is taking 4 weeks!? You're killing me Smalls!"
  13. Hi All, My husband and I received an RFE requesting our marriage certificate. Our attorney notified us that the request was submitted to the USCIS on February 18, 2018. I was wondering if anyone has an idea of how long it will take before we receive a response? What have your experiences been with receiving an RFE? We are currently in our 10th month since filing for the marriage visa. Thank you!
  14. I received this Rfe, I filed the I-864EZ for the affadavit of support. Currently I make 27k for the current year of 2018. When I file in December 2017 I filed with employment letter, 2 paystubs from December 2017 (when I applied) , and 3 years w2 and 2 year (2016,2015) federal return 2014 I did not need to file. A letter was attached explaining why. In these last 3 years I did not meet the poverty line at 125%, however, I currently make well over the poverty guideline for 2 in a household. My lawyer is telling me they made a mistake and they look at my current Annual income to determine if I can support my husband financially. And he's not sure why I received this. He has requested I submit my 2017 tax return (which is still under ther 125%) and most recent paystubs. I was wondering if anyone had something similar happen to them? And if I resubmit what my lawyer says will they deny my case?
  15. I've heard that a lawyer can't help if denied a K1 visa. When I asked a few local lawyers what they could do for me if we are denied at embassy they beat around the bush so I take their lack of an answer as "no, they cant help." 1.Have any of you used a lawyer? 2. If not, do you regret not hiring one? 3. If you did hire one, do you regret doing so?
  16. So, I am facing a dilemma and would like your input. I am planning to file for the CR1. Fiance`s family is footing the bill and we will repay after his arrival in US. They want me to go with the family lawyer but when I met up with the lawyer he wasn't very nice. He wouldn't answer basic questions such as 'After I give you the paperwork for you to organize, will you send the petition off or will I send it off?" He replies "Who will I send it off to?" I replied 'I don't know. Not sure." (Because I genuinely do not know who sends it off, I ask as a potential client) I ask again a few minutes later and he responds "Why do you need a lawyer?" I take a breath because I am irritated at this entire situation, I don't like lawyers and do not feel like I need one. I'm only here because the family is paying for him. I look at the aunt(who recommended him) and say "You were recommended to me." He then says "You don't have to follow through with any recommendation." I nod in agreement. Out of fairness to him, it was a free 15 minute consultation when he normally charges $300 / hour but since I am now a 'friend of the family' he met up with me. He has not been hired as my attorney as of yet. Not only did he not answer my questions but he was condescending. I do not like this man. But the fact is he has helped two family members with immigration. I'm also positive that when I explain my thoughts to the family they aren't going to listen and be loyal to the lawyer particularly because they share nationality and he has helped two family members, the earliest being this past fall. What can this lawyer do for me? No idea since he didn't sell himself to me nor answer my questions.
  17. New to this website! i find it quite confusing not going to lie ANYWAYS! Here's my "story" So i met my husband overseas, i tried to get a tourist visa but got it denied We're married now and im an italian/colombian citizen and came to Colombia to be closer to him since he got transferred to San Diego ..my husband is in the US navy and currently deployed since October '17..he filed a I-130 a couple of days before leaving and we have a lawyer helping us with the process and asked to expedite our case, with many months apart the least we would like is me being in port waiting for my husband. Now i obviously got the receipt 2 weeks after the forms were sent and my husband being so impatient constantly messages our lawyer if theres anything we can do to speed up the process. I'm a big traveller and know visas take a long time and work .. On the USICS processing time page i find it so confusing to understand whats going on..Our lawyer sent our application to Texas Service Center but the receipt is from Nebraska Service Center OCTOBER FILERS...do you have any idea when we could be hearing from immigration? also is there really any different treatment for military? This process is a roller coaster i just can't wait to get off
  18. Hi... My wife is divorcing me. I did everything to change her mind, but since her parents are heavily involved, I can do anything to stop it. They threaten me to sign the divorce paper or they said they can cause me a huge trouble regard to my immigration status. I got scared and signed it which I regret so much. She filed the papers...now it is in the process. I was depressed for a long time, but I know I have to survive. I did research and started gathering evidences. I will hire the lawyer, but I am not sure who is good or not. I've talk to the one in local, and he said we should start right away. He seemed nice and he asked $3500 fee. At this point, more than money, I want to find someone is really good for sure. My life is depends on this... 1. Can you guys recommend any good lawyers? I tried avvo ratings, and I am not sure how reliable it is. 2. if I can prove that our marriage is bona fide, will it be approved 100%? because we loved each other so much. I still miss her a lot. I have evidences, but not a lot. Thanks for reading this. Please help me.
  19. Hello, I am in the middle of the process of IR-1 / CR-1 visa and i have a relative is applying for the same case it was hard and time consuming to prepare and read all the required docs so he is looking for some lawyer to prepare and fill the docs I-130 & I-864 and related docs I know a couple in the US do it but he is looking for someone in Egypt (expecting it to be lower in cost) do you know any one with experience in this type of work ?
  20. Hi! I'm new here, i'm very sorry if this is not in the correct topic location. I am in desperate need of advise relating to my current position. I am currently in Ohio, visiting my boyfriend & have been here for nearly two weeks, this is my second visit. I am here via the Visa Waiver Program(VWP) from the United Kingdom. I had no intention of staying past my planned trip, i have a car on finance, credit cards & a job all back home, however my boyfriend proposed to me two days ago & at the spur of the moment we got married the next day. I am now married to a USC and i do not want to leave my husband! Am i able to AOS to a cr1? Will this be denied & i get deported? I have some money with me to last until i get an EAD & my partner works a well paid job. My mother in law is willing to help us with any references or money should this become an issue. I'm very new, and am not sure what rights i have, if any?! I can comfortably pay for my car and credit cards whilst here & pay my way here. I haven't much clothing however my partner says he will take me shopping & my parents back home told me they can send all my belongings including my dog should i be staying. I know i can return home & save money whilst waiting for a CR1 visa to be processed over the next year however i don't want to spend the first year married but apart, as i can only have a certain amount of time off work & the flights amount to a lot of money over a year! I also do not want to be restricted as to how long i can stay for each visit & having to prove i'm purely visiting whilst a cr1 visa is currently being processed. Can someone help me? I am very scared and do not know what to do! We both know we should of just processed a k1 visa, however we was not aware of the visa processes & never researched them as we have only been dating for 6 months. I hope someone can help us! Thank you!! x
  21. I'm putting together the I 129f packet. I went to the court house and was only able to get 4 case numbers my record has been expunged. Then I did a file scan of my finger prints to the department of justice and received those 4 cases and other charges and arrests. These are all very old and I've cleaned up my act and not been in any trouble in years . But I have possession,a dui, and a domestic violence charge that was dropped to community service and my ex girlfriend and her mother went in front of the judge and said her and I were drunk and I wasn't a threat to her . I'm so in love with my Japanese sweetheart and love her son he in now 7 years old and really want them to live with me in California. Can I just turn in the 4 case numbers and not go into details. One top lawyer her in San Francisco told me "they" don't care about the sponsor it's the bene they care about and she is squeaky clean with no record. Can anyone advise me what to do or recommend a Bay Area lawyer. I need advice I don't want to pay 3,500$ to be represented but will pay for advise. Thanks in advance for any advice guys .
  22. Let me explain to you my history. I am Japanese and have a Japanese passport. I was born and raised in Japan, went to high school in Canada and attended college in the US. During my time in college, I had to take a leave of absence but my then boyfriend (USC) wanted me to stay til the holidays in the US. Since I didn't want to violate anything by taking a leave of absence we decided to spend a weekend in Canada and then come back into the US using my visa waiver. Everything was going well, I went through no problem but then my then boyfriend was called into a room because they found something in his luggage. Since I was travelling with him, they also called me back into the room. The agents took a look at my passport, visa etc. After numerous questions, my student visa and visa waiver were revoked due to little to no ties to home (Japan). After the help from a lawyer, I currently have a B2, tourists visa and travel through the US no problem. I get the occasional "Why do you have a visa?" but other than that no issues. I am currently thinking about starting the process for the K1 visa with my boyfriend (USC). I've been reading through forums and most of them say that you only need a lawyer if you have a complicated case. My question is, would my past experience getting my visa revoked be considered a "complicated case"?
  23. Hello! I'm currently a U.S. Citizen that is married to a U.K citizen. I was wanting to see about applying for a CR-1 visa for my husband, but today I had a consultation with a lawyer and well, she said a CR-1 visa does not exist, and not to look online at fourms. She is pushing us to apply for a K3 visa instead which seems like it costs more? takes more time? and my husband will not be able to work here for 2 months + upon arrival. Is there really no such thing as a cr-1 visa? or is this lawyer bsing me?