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Found 7 results

  1. The big day is coming up and I've been given conflicting advice about whether or not I should bring lawyer to my Naturalization interview. My case: • I'm a Canadian who entered on K1 visa, married promptly, and received my 2yr GC without issue. • My USC spouse became abusive/unfaithful/an addict. We divorced: I applied for ROC with a divorce waiver and was granted my 10yr GC without an interview. • I applied for naturalization under the 5yr rule. Many people on this site have been vocal that USCIS will go through your "entire immigration history" to make a decision on Naturalization, and given the way my USC marriage went I'm dreading the idea of having the IO dredge up/pick apart the details of my failed relationship. With this in mind, some have suggested I bring a lawyer so that the IO won't ask any off-color questions, etc. Others have said that since I applied under the 5yr rule that the details of my former marriage aren't necessarily relevant -- and that especially since I was given a 10yr GC without an interview, I already gave USCIS enough evidence to prove without a doubt in their mind that what happened-happened and won't need to get into it again. The details of my failed marriage are heavy - it was exceptionally traumatic, and needing to make a decision about this is causing me a lot of grief - so I may as well open it up to public discourse. ^^^ All of that said (and to benefit others considering legal assistance) what are good reasons to hire a lawyer to accompany you to the interview? Weigh in!
  2. Hello, Hoping for guidance. I submitted my n400 application in March 2021. I was invited to show up for my interview scheduled for Feb 2022. When I showed up, the officer mentioned my a-file was not at field office so a reschedule letter will be sent to me once a-file shows up. I have called USCIS customer service line and they show a-file has been at office since Aug 2022. My case is now outside processing time and I have filed online request but it's not been successful. I contacted my senator Aug 2022 and they told my senator that my interview is in queue to be scheduled. It has been over two years since I submitted my n400 application, over one year since I was told my interview could not proceed because a-file was not at the office at the time, over 9 months since they told my senator the interview was in queue. What do I do next to get my n400 interview scheduled? I have filed multiple online request since my case is now outside processing time but nothing has been helpful. I feel stuck
  3. What should i expect after a rough n400 interview with a junior officer & got decision cannot be made? did my N400 interview with my wife present in the waiting area & had a rude & condescending jr officer. Interview took around 45 minutes, I passed the civics and english test & the officer accused me of being in the military, i explained i worked as a TCN( 3rd country national) civilian contractor in Afghanistan as a logistics clerk prior to me ever coming to the states), the officer being a military vet himself did not understand how i was in Afghanistan and not be in the military and accused me of being in the same military base he was in Afghanistan i explained to him the base i was while employed in Afghanistan as he argued that on my A file i have a photo of myself wearing US military uniform(which was a screenshot of a message with my ex) i explained to him that on that instance i was casted as an extra for a film production locally here in my state playing a military guard, which he denied that answer and asked me if i would like to change my answer and admit i was in the military and i promptly said no as i have never been in the military. My attorney interjected several times for the badgering and the interview was stopped and handed decision cant be made. Online status still shows interview scheduled and it’s now 35 days…any thoughts on what to expect, are they doing additional background checks ??
  4. Hello all! I have my citizenship interview coming up shortly- it will be in late fall. Where I live I am on the opposite side of the continent from my family in Canada. I am wanting to go home for Christmas and usually would be looking at flights soon because they are very expensive. A lot of people report the interviews being mostly a formality and pretty straightforward if your case is pretty straight forward, which mine is. I am thinking most likely I will get recommended for approval, which I am told they tell you if you are recommended for approval in the interview itself. My question is, if I am approved, but wouldn't be able to secure an american passport in time for christmas, can I now travel into canada AND BACK IN with just my Canadian passport without nullifying any part of the citizenship process? I know with the greencard you were never allowed to enter the USA without it unless you wanted to nullify it (to my understanding). Does anyone know if I need my USA passport to enter once I am recommended for citizenship or should I wait until all formalities are done and I have USA passport in hand? Another question, I am canadian. Will they ask me to give up my Canadian passport? I know if you are from the USA trying to get lets say a canadian passport, that the USA wants you to give up your American passport because they don't want you to pledge allegiance to any other country. And lastly: This is what I have heard about the interview process, can anyone else verify this: go in, take an oath answer 6 civics test questions go over basic info from forms specifically be able to answer questions about recent travel answer questions about if I;ve done this or that crime where the answer is OBVIOUSLY NO answer questions about the constitution and such where the answer is obviously YES they usually tell you in the interview if they are recommending you for approval I know there is a standard list of things they tell you to bring but I am also wondering if it's helpful for you to bring a copy of the n-400 form you filled out so that you can reference it for travel specifically? I travel often enough that I don't remember specific dates.
  5. Hello everyone, My interview was scheduled today at 9:30 am at Holtsville NY, I got there at 8:30am the wait was around an hour the interview was okay the interviewer was really nice. First thing he asked me if your spouse is here with me today I said no, I didn’t knew he was allowed to be here (nowhere in the interview schedule notice saids to bring your spouse and more with covid restriction) I asked is it a requirement to he to be here? and he didn’t gave me a yes but he said just because your conditional status was not removed them I said my spouse is in the parking lot I can call him so he can get in, he said no is fine let’s get the citizenship process done first. We started the English and US history and government test, the officer asked me to write a sentence, and read out loud another sentence, asked me 6 questions I answered correctly he said good job and he proceed, unfortunately the server was down in his computer and he couldn’t have access to my documents, he asked me if I upload my taxes I said yes and he asked me if I have them with me and I didn’t so he gave me the Naturalization Interview Results I passed the exam but B) A DECISION CANNOT YET BE MADE ABOUT YOUR APPLICATION Because he needs to see my taxes… I feel so annoyed I took off a day off from work and drove 1 hour and because their server was down a decision cannot yet be made… The officer said that everything was fine and there’s nothing to worry about but I will get a notification by mail about an update but all know how long that takes… I will appreciate any guidance on this situation, thank you and good luck.
  6. Hello, My citizenship interview is scheduled at the Newark, NJ office and it's coming up end of this month. The interview is scheduled for 10:30AM. Does Newark office also offer same day oath ceremony? If so, what time is the oath ceremony? I'm trying to figure our how long I would potentially be there. Thank you!
  7. I have my interview this end of January and I'm flying back to the US from Germany. It says in their restriction during covid that I have to quarantine 2 weeks prior to the interview, but I can't do it as I only have 10days vacation. My question is does the USCIS really strict about it? Or I can just show up there as long as I don't have any signs and symptoms of COVID and didn't have contact to the person who has COVID? My interview will be held in Nevada. Does anybody know about what's happening in Nevada airport? Do I have to take a COVID test upon arrival?
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