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  1. File was missing 3 times in a row... what can I say, it's USCIS, baby...
  2. Welp, just got scheduled for my 4th N-400 interview... let's see if I can create a new record here...
  3. You're not alone, brother. Well, at least you didn't have to go in for 3 interviews and waiting for 3 4 hours each time then only to be told you got canceled and bye bye see you next time....
  4. 01/04/2024, CARD IS BEING PRODUCED... sobbed for half an hour when I received the notification, after 3 years of waiting, so glad at least this chapter has been successfully completed. Really weird journey since I had 3 interviews, all showed up but got canceled after at least 3-hour wait each time. Yesterday was the "not actually an interview but kinda interview" experience?! The officer was such a good egg, super gentle and sweet, kept apologizing for not having my case file, only checked my ID and passport, then my attorney and I were given a continuation notice then got sent out. We were there like only for 5 min, and 4 min were for him taking photocopies of my ID and passport, lol. I was told by the officer that I should receive another notice for another interview no later than the first week of March...super upset at first, because it was the 3rd time I got de-scheduled and I couldn't quite understand what happened, it all happened too fast, tho I almost fell asleep after 3-hour wait (the appointment time was at 7am). But I guess the officer might found my case file later and liked what he saw. In my experience, proactive efforts like repeated expedite requests, contacting my congressperson, utilizing Infopass appointments, and having a dedicated and caring attorney can be game changers for navigating a challenging and complicated immigration path.
  5. Let's pray that we only need to go into that federal building just one last time for good then!
  6. I just got mine today as well! a week ahead of you 5/9 in DTLA. wish both of us best of the LUCK! I heard that they are also doing the same day oath. are you also expecting a combo interview?
  7. WAC. I know it sounds quite ridiculous, face palm, but I have a quite complicated waiver combo which includes a painful DV 💩show. It hasn't been any easy on my entire USCIS journey since day one, so I kinda get used to the whole waiting game. No, I didn't submit any inquiry, which according to my attorney, it's won't make any difference besides filing N-400. For any VAWA case, you can't even get through the phone due to the special nature of the case, the USCIS is super protective, the agent on the phone would directly tell you that you don't have any case in their system, the case number is invalid (since everything is redacted), no further comment, and they would hang up the phone super quickly. Mailing would be the only option, since VAWA has a completely different system/ bureau address. Fingers crossed that all the positive energy from this December thread can pass onto me, so that sooner or later I can share some good news to y'all as well. ❤️
  8. Here. LA FO filed on 12/02 by mail, I-751 pending since 02/16/2021.
  9. The latter, face palm. Yup, I hear you bro, super duper annoying. Divorce + VAWA, so I guess the USCIS just toss my package towards the bottom of the I-751 ocean. Radio silence is my fate I bet lol, nothing much I can do here besides had my N-400 filed.
  10. Automatically. Feb 2021 WAC filler, 3/10 received my 48 months extension letter, which was issued on 03/01.
  11. Received my 48 months extension letter on 3/10, which was issued on 03/01.
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