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  1. Try going to an Airbnb or go to Morocco. They are more liberal and won't ask for a marriage certificate for non-Moroccans
  2. Hey everyone! What are all the documents we need in order to apply for removal of conditions on a Green card through marriage ? Will we need to submit a new I-864 ? Thanks for your help
  3. Hi everyone, I would like to travel abroad 2 months before my Conditional green card expires (marriage based). I will file for removal of conditions on my GC a month before the travel date. My question is can I travel while my removal of conditions is pending ? Or do I have to wait for the USCIS to send me anything before I can go ? (When I get back my Conditional GC will still be unexpired) Thanks for your help !
  4. Hello everyone ! I have my conditional (2 years) Green Card (through marriage) and I am planning to travel abroad in few months. Do I need to apply to any travel document or is my Conditional green card alone enough ? Thank you for your help !
  5. I'm currently filling a form and it is asking me if I have filed my taxes as an independent taxpayer, that's why I am asking this question
  6. Hello everyone, So I filed taxes jointly with my husband, I wasn't working at the time but my husband was. My question is am I considered an independent taxpayer or what is my status exactly ? When we filed I was in the AOS process and I got my green card later. Thanks for your help !
  7. I just called and they are closed to the public, they said I'll have to mail my GC to them and it takes around 8 weeks to get it back I don't think I can do that since we must have our GC with us at all times 😬 I will wait a bit until they open to the public
  8. Thank you for your reply, do I have to take an appointment with the SS office or can I do a walk in ?
  9. Hi everyone ! I recently got my conditional Green card, I already have my SSN card (the one that says only valide with a work authorization). My question is do I have to apply for a new SSN card or there is no need and I can continue using this one ? Thanks for your help !
  10. Hey guys, so I actually received my GC ! we still don't know what was that notice returned status all that about but we're relieved we got the GC ! We've got a break from immigration for 2 years now ! 🥳 Best of luck for those still in the process !
  11. There was no tracking number in my account and my case status was still showing notice returned ( we still don't know what was it about). I received my card yesterday later in the day, pheeww big relief ! I guess it was an error on their system but it got us worried !
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