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  1. UserName | Expedited | Sent | Cashed | Trackable | PP Received | PPC Received | NC Received | Location ----------------- | Yes/No | mm/dd/yyyy | mm/dd/yyyy | mm/dd/yyyy | mm/dd/yyyy | mm/dd/yyyy | mm/dd/yyyy | City, State cybermax | No | 01/22/2018 | 01/22/2018 | 01/26/2018 | 02/02/2018 | N/A | 02/01/2018 | Woodbridge, VA (USPS) LRP | Yes | 01/22/2018 | MoneyOrder | 01/26/2018 | 02/01/2018 | N/A | 02/06/2018 | Fairfax, VA zoom123 | No | 01/16/2018 | MoneyOrder | 01/24/2018 | 01/29/2018 | N/A | | Tucson, AZ pdx-alemancito | No | 01/11/2018 | 01/19/2018 | 01/18/2018 | 01/26/2018 | 01/27/2018 | 01/29/2018 | Hillsboro, OR (USPS) vizer | No | 01/23/2018 | 01/30/2018 | 01/29/2018 | 02/10/2018 | 02/12/2018 | 02/12/2018 | Columbia, MD (Howard County Lib) lovenil | No | 01/20/2018 | 01/24/2018 | 01/25/2018 | | | | Newark, NJ nanraj | Yes | 02/02/2018 | 02/07/2018 | | 02/12/2018 | 02/15/2018 | 02/16/2018 | Tucson, AZ sevimli | No | 01/22/2018 | 02/01/2018 | 01/29/2018 | 02/07/2018 | N/A | | Chicago, IL (Public Library) JT4/25 | No | 01/29/2018 | 02/01/2018 | 02/07/2018 | 02/09/2018 | N/A | 02/13/2018 | MT. Laurel, NJ SamBillz | Yes | 02/14/2018 | 02/21/2018 | 02/22/2018 | 02/26/2018 | N/A | 03/01/2018 | Houston, TX (USPS) miraW | No | 02/16/2018 | 02/23/2018 | 02/21/2018 | 03/02/2018 | 03/05/2018 | 03/05/2018 | Boston, MA (USPS) jkstark | No | 02/21/2018 | MoneyOrder | 02/27/2018 | | | | Trumansburg, NY (USPS) zion2 | No | 02/23/2018 | MoneyOrder | 02/28/2018 | | | | Austin, TX (USPS) danielp60 | No | 02/23/2018 | MoneyOrder | 03/01/2018 | | | | Miami, FL (Miami City Hall) ruby_7 | No | 03/02/2018 | | | | N/A | | OH (USPS) Summerlady | Yes | 03/05/2018 | | | | N/A | | Charlotte, NC (USPS) Instructions for adding/updating yourself (or assisting others) to this list: DO NOT DELETE THESE INSTRUCTIONS And DO NOT CHANGE THIS FORMAT Please make sure you are using Rich Text Editor as your message setting. Option 1: Copy the most recent/updated posting version of this list. Paste to the Reply Editor Area. Option 2: Click "Quote" on the most recent/updated posting version of this list. Remove the "Quote Coding" at the top and bottom of the list. Always use [Courier New] Font and font size.[12]. Make changes and Add Reply. Expedited - Did you choose the expedited option? Yes or No. Sent - Date you applied. Cashed - Date when your check, money order or any other payment was processed or cleared. Trackable - Date when your case became trackable on State Department website. PP Received - Date you received passport back from State Department. PPC Received - Date you received passport card. NC Received - Date you received your Naturalization Certificate back from State Department. Location - Local office where you applied for US Passport book and or Passport Card. Change color of your timeline to red when your progress is completed Received my NC and PPcard today. Updated my SSN info too. Last thing is drivers license then I'm officially done! Good luck everyone.
  2. In this case, I'd suggest you expedite your service, then you'll definitely get it before your trip.
  3. You're talking about the name change court order right? I got that with my NC, they were stapled together. The court order is a certified copy of what you signed at the interview, it has a seal on it. Someone asked them what would happen if they lost that name change court order, and they said it wont be a big deal. All you need to do is call your district court and they can issue you another copy. I live in MA but I'm guessing it's similar for most states, on MA district court website FAQ section I found the following answer. Q. I became a naturalized citizen last year and changed my name at that time. I have misplaced my name change petition and would like to obtain a new original. Can I get this form your office? A. Yes. The District Court has copies of all name change petitions dating back five years from this date. We can provide a new original.
  4. I just received my passport! Exact 2 weeks from apply to getting passport in the mail with routine service, I'm very impressed! I'd say if your travel is more than 4 weeks away, it's pretty safe to go with routine service. Waiting for my card and NC, will update the chart when I receive everything back. BTW, why is the picture so low quality on the passport lol the color is so orange...
  5. I filed online and personally think it's the better choice. Easy to track status! Also it's recommended by USCIS to file N400 online now, many online filers have faster timelines (at least when I filed in OCT 2017).
  6. No one can really advice you because the time line differs with every district. I'm in Boston, MA and also requested name change, they mailed out my oath letter after about 10 days, from my interview day to my oath letter in hand took about 3 weeks.
  7. Of course it’s not a problem... the oldest person at my oath ceremony was 80. I highly doubt she’s employed. The person sitting next to me was a grad student too. Ps. Filing based on the 3 year rule would mean you need to provide marriage evidence, such as comingling financial records.
  8. I applied based on the 3 year rule. My husband is a citizen by birth so I brought his birth certificate and passport. But the IO never asked to see either of these 2 things.
  9. I attended my oath ceremony 2 weeks ago and one of the new citizens' family brought a 18 month old (my guess) baby to the ceremony. Half way through the judge's speech the baby started cryyyyyyying. To be honest, the touching moment was sort of ruined. The mom was nice enough to take her baby outside of the room to calm him down but the crying could still be heard. I understand it's a moment you wanna share with your child, but the whole ceremony is gonna be longer than you think. A lot of it is just sitting around WAITING. There were a couple older kids (around 3-5 years old) and they started saying they're bored before the judge even showed up lol... I personally did feel somewhat distracted by the baby's crying.
  10. I added it. I just wrote my full name and date of birth above the address part.
  11. It depends on how often your district holds oath ceremonies, but Denver is a big city so I'm guessing you shouldn't have to wait too long. Boston hosts 4-5 ceremonies each month so maybe that's why it was pretty fast for me.
  12. Interview: Jan 08, 2018 Online status changed to oath notice mailed: Jan 17, 2018 Received oath notice in mail: Jan 25, 2018 Oath: Feb 15, 2018
  13. I think your wife misplaced the extension letter. You don’t need the extension letter for biometrics appointment at all, you show them the appointment letter uscis sent you. Therefore there’s no way they took that letter.
  14. Personal opinion, I think waiting 2-3 weeks for the 10 year GC is what I'd do. I personally don't think the 2-3 weeks is gonna be much difference anyway (since the whole process can take up to a year depending on where you are). I didn't file for my N400 right when my window opened, I took my time and filed about 2 months later. PS. I got my 10 year GC about 12 days after the approval, so it shouldn't really take up to 3 weeks.
  15. Hello fellow Bostonian!! I did my interview on Jan 8 and then on Jan 17 the status was updated to "oath ceremony notice was mailed to you". However, the letter was never uploaded to my online account, and I received the letter via snail mail on Jan 25.