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  1. Good morning, everyone! Created this group for all (Naturalization) N-400 JULY 2019 FILERS! Please join and provide your information. Below is the link for the shared spreadsheet. Thank you and happy 4th of JULY!!! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19rv0w-Ls_-225a0AqzhsTObXb2DcT07oACpdIHhn9dE/edit?usp=sharing VJ Username Filing date NOA1 Biometrics Appt RFE? Interview Oath Ceremony Field Office Filed online / paper AI135 07/01/2019 Online
  2. Hello Guys, I wanted to take a lead in creating this group for all (Naturalization) N-400 September 2019 FILERS! Please use below table to provide your case details. (Thanks to AI135 for creating the table for July 2019 filers) I will be filing my case online in the first week of September 2019 and would like all September 2019 filers to share their Citizenship journey on this thread!! It is going to be exciting. Once I file my application, I will fill out my details. VJ Username Filing date NOA1 Biometrics Appt RFE? Interview Oath Ceremony Field Office Filed online / paper  
  3. Hi, I will be filing N-400 in mid-July using the 3 year rule of being married to U.S. citizen while being a permanent resident. I still have pending the removal of conditions (I-751) but since it may take a while I will go ahead to start gathering documents and apply. Please feel free to start the discussion of what documents to gather, tips, etc. Thanks!
  4. Hi, I am creating this group for filers within the jurisdictions of the three field offices: NYC, Queens and Long Island, to share their N-400 application progress and experiences along the process. I am a September filer at New York City Field Office. I filed my application online on 9/6/2017. I received notification that USCIS has scheduled me for biometrics appointment. I am still waiting for the letter to arrive in the mail to find out the date and time of my appointment.
  5. I found this document that explains what you can expect at your oath ceremony. I think it's well-written and easy to read, so I hope some of you will find it helpful. I haven't found any information on it that is currently out-of-date, but note that it is old and check it for yourselves. https://cliniclegal.org/sites/default/files/231718_clinic_09.pdf Please note that this is not an official USCIS document. It covers several topics including: - receiving the oath letter - maintaining eligibility before the oath - completing the questionnaire - dressing for the ceremony - what to bring to the ceremony - checking in at the ceremony - ceremony agenda - what to do after the ceremony - possible de-naturalization - sample oath letter - sample naturalization certificate
  6. My I-751 has been deemed abandoned and denied because I failed to submit the requested additional evidence (I had already sent these requested documents for my N-400, and mistakenly disregarded what I thought was a duplicate request for the I-751). There even have been two naturalization interviews that USCIS de-scheduled onsite due to this matter. Following this, I submitted my I-290B (within the requested timeline), as a request for a motion to reopen and a motion to reconsider. As of today it has been over four months since USCIS received my application and cashed the check. Would you reapply with a new I-751 application because USCIS cannot provide a timeframe for the processing of the I-290B we previously sent? My green card extension stamp, which is in my passport, expires May 2020.
  7. Hi all! I’m new to VJ. I appreciate everyone’s help here I obtained my GC based on asylum. I submited my N400 in March 2018 and had my biometrics done soon after that. In September 2018, I received a letter from USCIS that my IV is scheduled in November 2018. Upon arrival to the field office, I was told that my IV was canceled because my file was not there. I was surprised that I had not been informed about the cancellation. I received another notice that my IV was rescheduled 6 weeks later. However, it got canceled again the day before the IV because of the same reason: they didn’t have my file. After taking to level 2 immigration office over the phone, I was told that my file is at (asylum center) in an X state (not my state) where my asylum lawyer is based. No updates since then. It’s been almost 6 weeks. I checked with the lawyer and he told me that nothing is wrong and this can happen. Any similar experiences? I appreciate your feedback and help!
  8. Hello! We are in the process of applying for citizenship for my husband. He is from South Korea and had served his mandatory two years of military service back in 2009 (before we were even married). We marked the necessary boxes on the N-400 regarding him having military and weapons training and also wrote an explanation. Does this explanation sound good enough or is it too short? "In South Korea, it is mandatory by law for all adult men to serve two years of military service (excluding those with health or religious limitations). I completed my two years of service in April 2009 to February 2011 and was assigned as a medic two months into my service until the end of my service. As a medic, I worked alongside a doctor and helped treat any minor injuries on soldiers and helped the doctor make medicine for soldiers. I completed volunteer service in the local town to help seniors as well. I was also trained on first aid and CPR. In reference to part 12, question 19, I received two months of weapons training with a K2 at the beginning of my service and then received training on the M-16, which was what I trained with for the rest of my time in the military. All soldiers are required to train with these weapons." We are also planning on including a copy of his Military Discharge card, but it is all in Korean. We were planning on just translating it on the same document that he used to explain his military service. Would that be okay? Do we need to find someone to "officially" translate the card? Do we even need to provide a copy of the discharge card? Thank you!
  9. I thought this might help those of us considering a legal name change. The N400 application is (in most cases) a great time to legally change your name. It's fast and it's free. Outside of the N400 process, a name change requires a visit to your local courthouse, may require a public announcement in a newspaper (depending on your state and local laws) and will cost you money. In New York City, the cost is about $65 while on Houston it is over $400, so cost varies from city to city. You can change your name to anything you want within certain limitations. You can't change your name to impersonate someone or in an attempt to hide your identity for illegal purposes. Other than that, it's up to you. If you are Arthur Robert Wilkinson, you can become Geraldo Mohamed Leibowitz. It's important to note that if you are just changing your last name to take your spouse's last name or to revert to your maiden name, then a legal name change is not required. This is because a marriage certificate or a divorce certificate acts as proof of legal name change. This is true EVEN IF your certificate does not show the new name that you want to take. For example, if Anita Mary Harrolds marries Geraldo Mohamed Leibowitz, she can legally be known as Anita Mary Leibowitz even though that name does not appear anywhere on the certificate. In fact, she can also hyphenate both last names without a legal name change. However, if she wanted to change her middle name from Mary to Margaret, she would need a legal name change. To request a legal name change through the naturalization process, fill out the name change section of the N400. The interviewer may ask you to confirm that you still want to change your name because some people change their minds between the application and the interview. The interviewer may ask for proof of your current legal name. In case of a discrepancy between your green card and your passport, a birth, marriage, divorce, or name change certificate determines your current name, so make sure you have these with you (if they apply in your case...it's always a good idea to have your translated birth certificate with you at the interview). The interviewer will print out some forms (three I think) for you to check and sign. These should have your old and new names on them. You will have to be scheduled for a judicial oath ceremony. This is because USCIS does not have the legal authority to change your name and must ask a judge to do so. If your city has regular judicial ceremonies then there shouldn't be any delays. If your city holds regular administrative ceremonies, but not many judicial ceremonies, then the name change may cause a delay. Some cities (including San Francisco and San Jose) have stopped scheduling judicial ceremonies altogether. Applicants in these cities cannot legally change their names through the N400 application. Your interviewer will inform you of this and will cross out the name change section during the interview. You will have to request a regular name change before or after naturalization if you live in these cities (see above). At your oath ceremony you will be given your naturalization certificate as well as a name change certificate signed by a judge. This second certificate will show your old and new names and you'll need it to update your name with your banks, on your drivers license, credit cards, etc. In addition to doing all the paperwork to make these changes, you'll also have to consider the effect of the name change if you have dual citizenship; your name on your two passports may not match and your other country may require you to go through different name change procedures or may not allow name changes at all. People do travel using passports with different names, but you have to be careful when booking tickets and you may want to travel with your name change certificate (and translations). If you want to check whether or not (and how often) judicial ceremonies are held in your location, find your office here and look under naturalization ceremonies: http://www.uscis.gov/about-us/find-uscis-office/field-offices
  10. Hi Friends, Consider this scenario: Parents applied for Naturalization, expected completion date is April 2020. Green Card (GC) for parents and child (age 12 yrs.) expires on January, 2020. Given that parents applied for naturalization, should we apply for renewal of GC for the child now? If we do apply for renewal of GC now, once parents become naturalized in April 2020, the child automatically becomes citizen. Would the GC renewal application would be still valid at that point and renewed GC get issued to the child anyways? If we do not apply for renewal of GC now and let the GC expire in January, 2020. Once parents get naturalized in April 2020, assuming the child automatically becomes citizen, would expired green card pose any problem in terms of applying for US passport for the child etc.? (is it even a good idea to let GC expire and not apply for renewal in this scenario?). Please provide if you have any thoughts/insights around this scenario.
  11. Hi, I'm looking for advice on when I can apply for naturalization to convert from my current status of Permanent Resident ('IR1'). Summary: I came to the US as a CR1 on 5th May 2016 as my wife (a US Citizen) and I had been married less than 3 years The Adjustment of Status was accepted on 04/03/2019, this converted the CR1 to IR1 The date on my permanent resident card says 'Resident Since': 05/09/2016 The 'Guide to Naturalization' (M-476) pdf states the following (page 21): If you are at least 18 years old and: Are currently married to and living with a U.S. citizen; and Have been married to and living with that same U.S. citizen for the past 3 years; and Your spouse has been a U.S. citizen for the past 3 years. "Time as a permanent Resident: 3 years" In addition page 10, "5. When does my time as a Permanent Resident begin?" Your time as a Permanent Resident begins on the date you were granted permanent resident status. This date is on your Permanent Resident Card (formerly known as an Alien Registration Card or “Green Card”). The sample cards on this page show where you can find important information such as the date your Permanent Residence began. The above paragraph is contradictory: "Your time as a Permanent Resident begins on the date you were granted permanent resident status." and "This date is on your Permanent Resident Card (formerly known as an Alien Registration Card or “Green Card”)." The dates for the above points in my case are not the same. To restate, my permanent resident card says 'Resident Since': 05/09/2016. This is the date the above statement says to reference for the "When does my time as a Permanent Resident begin". There is no mention of CR1 in the 'Guide to Naturalization' hence I am completely confused when I should apply for naturalization. Thanks for any help, please feel free to ask anything that will help clarify when I can apply for naturalization and apologies, the guide to naturalization is confusing. Rob
  12. Hi all, I came to the United States 3 years ago and received my first Green Card in 02/2017. It shows I have been a resident since 08/2016 (the date I filed). I applied for removal of conditions about a year ago and received my renewed Green Card recently. It shows I have been a resident since 02/17 instead of 08/2016. I am getting ready to put the paperwork for form N-400 together and apply. Before I do though, I need to know if I am eligible. According to the USCIS eligibilty requirements, you have to have been a resident for 3 years (you can apply up to 90 days earlier). My question is: did USCIS make a mistake on one of the green cards? Can I file now or do I need to wait until it's been 3 years in 02/2020? Thanks, Tufail Muhammad
  13. Hello everyone! I decided to start this thread because I couldn’t find any information regarding my situation here. So long story short, I became a conditional resident in Feb 2016, got my Permanent resident card in June 2019 (Yayyy!). I’m planning to apply for Naturalization and my problem is that I don’t know if I am eligible: I have taken 3 trips outside the US since becoming a resident (Since Feb 2016). 1. Lasted 325 days - My first trip after becoming a conditional resident. I visited my family. My mom had died at that time and i spent time with my dad because he was ill and i had to renew my passport which took about 4 months. 2. Lasted 64 days - second trip to 3rd country where I travelled with my dad and sister to get them a medical treatment. 3. Lasted about a month - Had job interview in a country i travelled the second time and wanted to become their US representative. My question is : AM I ELIGIBLE TO APPLY FOR NATURALIZATION? I have been trying to find an answer to my question in forums but no luck. Please if anyone is familiar or has any information regarding my situation, let me know! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!
  14. Starting this thread for N-400 Filers whose case jurisdiction is in Atlanta, GA. This chat group welcomes anyone who have experiences with Atlanta Office. Its a June 2019 Filer but its not exclusive. 😁 This group is here to help and give updates.
  15. Hello All, Does anyone know why some ceremonies are performed at the field offices and others at other locations (libraries, historical buildings, etc) ? Is there a way to find out if the ceremony one has been scheduled for is administrative or judicial? my notice does not say any details other that the time what to bring and the questionnaire on the back. My oath ceremony is coming up in a couple of weeks at the Denver field office and I am kind of worried because I have been reading conflicting information about name changes during oath ceremony. I am taking my husband last name (dropping both of mine) and keeping my first and middle name. My marriage certificate is from abroad and some posts (older posts) say that because of that I would need a judicial ceremony to be able to receive a court order for my name change, some other posts say an administrative ceremony would do since I am only taking my husband name and not changing anything else. which one is it? The DMV in Colorado says it does not recognize foreign marriage certificates for name changes. I wonder if when I go to change my name I will have trouble if I only have the naturalization certificate with new name and do not have a court order for name change. is that why people go to update their social security number first? Also some post say that some people had to sign their old names in the naturalization certificate because that is the name that they make you sign at biometric appointment. does that make any sense? can anyone shed some light on that? at the time of my interview the officer told me to sign my new name on an iPad but did not said if it was for oath or name change? I was so excited I was in shock and did not ask I just remember signing the iPad twice and clearly remember one of the times the officer said do the new name but can't remember the other one... I will call uscis next week to see if they can tell me on the phone what type of ceremony I was scheduled for. I would hope that when reviewing files and scheduling oaths the officers take name changes into consideration and scheduled accordingly right? since I have not see many new post or experiences older ones are making me nervous. thank you in advance for reading and sharing your opinions/ experiences in Denver or anywhere
  16. Hello All! I was hoping somebody can answer my question. My naturalization interview is next Thursday and I have all my documentation ready. The only thing I’m missing is my original birth certificate. I have a copy of it and a certified translation of this certificate. I actually submitted my original document with my i-485 application few years ago. Is it going to be a problem if I have the copy of my birth certificate? Thank you so much!!!
  17. I don’t think it will be denied if you go back and fix it since that is what they asked for. It sounds like a supervisor reviewed it and saw the missing information possibly. Good Luck!
  18. Hi everyone, just wanted to group all N-400 filers from Louisville, KY and share the experience.
  19. Hey everyone, I want to ask something really important, please share your experiences and opinions. My husband is LPR (eligible for citizenship) my cas got filed in June'17. Its already more than 6 months now! And we're thinking to apply for citizenship. But it'll take him 1,2 months. I need to know after getting citizenship do we really need to upgrade our case? Cuz according to timelines it says 8-12 months takes for naturalization after that we'll upgrade our case it'll take around 2-3 months and they'll process our case from the start right? So its gonna be more than 2 years! I need to get my visa asap. I'm already fed up and frustrated by this waiting and all. Should we stay on PR status? Or what. I just want to be with my husband
  20. "Recently, you contacted us about the status of your Form I-751, Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence, filed on October 02, 2017. On October 01, 2018, you also filed a Form N-400, Application for Naturalization. Our records indicate that your Form I-751 and Form N-400 are currently pending and will be adjudicated at the same time." Above is the e-Inquiry result from USCIS. I got my marriage-based green card on 12/29/2015 and it expired on 12/29/2017. My 18-month extension letter is due to expire in June 2019. I made the e-Inquiry when my case became "out of normal processing range" according to the date they listed. My N-400's estimated completion time is this November/December. However based on the stats from Seattle, I doubt if it will get completed this Nov/Dec. Today's reply from USCIS sounds like they are putting my I-751 together with my N-400 application. That would potentially be delaying the I-751. Because of the ever-growing backlog at Seattle office, the N-400 is going to take quite some time. And if they don't touch my I-751 until N-400 is ready to be scheduled for interview, I feel like my I-751 is delayed due to this. Does this make sense? I mean a few years ago people were saying that if you apply for N400 that could speed up the I-751 process. Now I've been waiting for I-751 for 18 months now and it only looks to me like I'd be waiting even longer due to the bundling up of 751 & 400. In the meantime I have to do the stamp on my password. BTW if you have the extension letter, arrive at the airport early! Many airlines will not give it a go and they can either refuse you or call the US side to verify your PR status which could cause you miss your flight.
  21. I have an appointment next week in Juarez, my twelve-year-old stepdaughter will be getting a green card I hope. I'm unsure of what the process will be like and what I am supposed to bring with me. I have the vaccination report and proof of the 3 appointments for the medical finger prints and the main interview what else am I missing? any help will be greatly appreciated!
  22. Hi, I have already passed my naturalization interview on April 6th, 2019 and was given a letter or form stating that my n400 application is recommended for approval. On April 11, 2019 5 days after passing my naturalization interview, I received a letter saying that I need to go back to the local USCIS office and the reason is "to complete the questions on n400 application form". I reviewed my n400 application form and I overlooked the part wherein the question is about what name I have been used since birth, and I forgot to put an answer to it. My question is, is my n400 application going to be denied because I forgot to answer some questions or my application will continue the process after going back to the office to answer them? Please I need an accurate answer. Thank you and more power!
  23. Hello, 😊 I will be soon applying for citizenship, I began gathering and filing all documents required for N-400 as well as interview. I am applying with the minimun 5yrs green card. This requires submission of 5yrs past tax return transcript during the interview process and I am not sure if i have to send this along with N-400 too. However, my main issue is that I went online to get my transcript and also called IRS and they are only able to issue 2015, 2016, 2017 & 2018 basically not '2014' and I'm clueless how to get the 2014 tax return transcript. Can someone please advise? i've really tried researching online and not finding a solution. also to clarify I do have my tax return documents but not the 2014 tax return transcript as required for the interview and application. after doing much research it sounds like they want to see the transcript over docs. please advise. Thanks!
  24. Hi all, Currently I am working on my STEM OPT extension which is ending on June 22nd 2019. Now, me and my fiance (a US citizen) are planning to marry by the end of April'19 month and start the process for AOS. Please help me understand what will happen to my status after June 22nd while my AOS filling is still under progress. Till what date i should be working ? what are the other measures and precautions I should be taking even before getting married. We both know each other for 4 years now and currently living together for 4+ months now. Thanks & Regards, Kumar
  25. Hi all! I just received my N-445 Notice of Naturalization Oath Ceremony and I'm so excited! I'm scheduled for an oath next Tuesday. I noticed that the name written on the N-445 has an error. I have two first names, but only one of them is in the letter. Does this mean that my naturalization certificate will only include one of my two first names? Will I still be given a chance to correct it? And if so, does that mean I will not be given the naturalization certificate on the day itself? Thank you in advance for the help!
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