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  1. I am on USCIS’ website and it says this. So I am so confused. Can we literally send in a non-certified copy of a naturalization certificate?? ”You do not need to obtain a Certified True Copy if the U.S. government asks for a copy of your certificate for official U.S. government business. For example, if the U.S. Department of State requests your Certificate of Naturalization when you apply for a U.S. passport, you may use a normal photocopy that has not been authenticated. You may use a normal photocopy of your certificate for legitimate U.S. government business.” https://www.uscis.gov/tools/how-do-i-guides/us-citizens/how-do-i-obtain-an-authenticated-copy-of-a-certificate-of-naturalization
  2. I sent it along the application through USPS and got my passport on 20th of May. I haven't received my certificate back. I email NPIC@state.gov but got an automated email with a few useless links. I tried calling them but the menu options don't let you speak to someone. What should I do? Should I assume it's lost? Is there a way to contact them? Thank you.
  3. Hi! I just became a citizen on Monday and I need to travel home to Wales on the 18th if August. It’s not enough time for me to get a US Passport, even expedited. I’m flying from Newark, NJ to Dublin, Ireland then into Bristol, England. Returning the same route in August 24th. I can fly using my British passport but how do I get back in? I plan on taking my Naturalization Certificate. What else can I do?
  4. If your DOB got changed due to Educational certificates, and new passport's DOB don't match the previous passport's DOB, then how to deal this situation and what's the procedure of sounding Bonafide in their eyes ??
  5. Hi all, My husband finally got the citizenship interview scheduled after over 2 years pending, for his N-400 application. It says to bring his MX passport. A couple questions: - The NOA says to bring passport, green card and any other documents used for travel. Does it matter if his MX passport is expired? The USCIS document doesn’t mention validity. (We haven’t left the US since prior COVID started in 2019 and his passport expires this month which is of course the same month as his interview. 🤦🏻‍♀️) - He wants to renew his MX passport but isn’t sure the consulate will have it renewed prior to his interview. Does he need to wait to renew it? Or it needs to be valid so he has to renew it? - Does he need the original passport he traveled with for the interview or can he provide the renewed one if it’s done in time? TIA for your help!
  6. Me and my wife are about to submit our I-130 online and have taken pictures to use as passport style photos. They seem to be fine based on the criteria and on some online website tools, but I am worried about an RFE because I do not wish for our case to take any longer than it has to. I don't know where to ask but I would like some extra confirmation these would be accepted given we took them ourselves individually (currently apart) I'm concerned if my wife's eye is being covered too much by her hair, and as for mine I have some concerns about the lighting. I also have another one that has better lighting but my shoulders are more angled instead of being front facing. I would just like to know if anyone with some type of experience or better knowledge could help us know if these would be accepted or not before we submit, or if we should retake them, and just how strict they would be,
  7. Hello, Our case got DQd on June 29th, 2022 and we are currently waiting for an email regarding next steps. In addition to the DQ notice, we received a review note that stated the following: "This case does not meet the minimum income requirement to sponsor the intending immigrants. To avoid delays, an additional Affidavit of Support Form I-864 from a joint sponsor may be submitted. The consular officer will make a decision regarding this requirement at the time of the interview." My wife had just graduated University and started her first job at the time of this sponsorship process and so her tax documents at the time I guess did not satisfy the minimum income requirements. As we went along the process, she got a new job and has been there for almost a year and we uploaded documents showing her current salary which more than meets the requirements. I didn't think we needed to have a joint sponsor because of this. Now that this note is on our file, we have a joint sponsor and we have completed the AOS form and gathered the financial documents to support it. In terms of uploading this on to CEAC, is there a specific way this must be done? Firstly because this is a joint sponsor and secondly because NVC has already accepted our previous documents and have stated we are documentary qualified. So I'm wondering if we just upload as normal or do something differently. It even says "an additional Affidavit of Support Form I-864 from a joint sponsor may be submitted". I would like to do so anyways to avoid any further conflicts, delays, or issues. Secondly, at the time of me submitting my civil documents, my passport was not expired. It expired throughout the process. I have renewed my passport and have both my old and new ones with me. Should I be uploading the new one on to CEAC or is this not necessary? I'm assuming I should still bring both to the interview? Thank you for the help and feedback!
  8. I'd greatly appreciate your answers to my questions below: 1. Both my wife and I have dual citizenship USA - Vietnam. We both have 2 passports that are current and valid. My assumption is we both do NOT need to purchase any VISA to enter either country in and out, am I correct? I have never traveled with 2 passports before so I just want to make sure I do this correctly. 2. I have 2 kids that are both US Citizen as they were born in the US. I recently applied at Vietnam Embassy in the US to register them into Vietnamese Birth registry and was approved as both parents are Vietnamese nationality. However, I have NOT applied Vietnamese passports for my kids. They only have US passports. Does this mean I must apply for VISA for them in order to enter Vietnam? Thank you for your time!
  9. Hello my husband is renewing his U.S passport book with US passport card and expedited it. passport book : $130 passport card : $ 30 passport book and card : $160 Expedited fee: $60 the only problem that he only paid $190 he made mistakes because he thought passport and card is only $130 + expedited $60 = $190 He used USPS money order. He also emailed his passport renewal application together with the old passport and card. How can he fix it? thank you!
  10. Hi y'all, First post here, just want to share my story. So I changed my name in county court just 2 days before the citizenship interview / Oath ceremony, because my field office is San Francisco office, which holds administrative oath ceremony, which does NOT allow legal name change. I feel lucky getting that court hearing date because the initial court hearing date was way after my citizenship interview date (like 2 months after), but the clerk in the courthouse was so kind that after some call, she told me that my hearing date has been change to Friday (5 weeks after the filing date, merely enough for posting ad on newspaper), just right before my Monday citizenship interview in the city! (I would like to sincerely thank that kind lady) The court hearing and citizenship interview went super smooth. I even got the same day oath ceremony, and the Certificate of Naturalization with my new name on it. That's a big Yay! So the next day, I went to Social Security office to request the update of my status (name change, citizenship), and Post Office to submit expedited passport application. But the nightmare just began. (Probably I should have waited 10 days after the ceremony to do these) Two weeks after the SSA request, I went to DMV to get a new DL. But there the gentleman at the counter told me he could not verify my information thru SSA.He also told me that it usually takes only a few hours or at most 2 days for SSA to update my info. The DMV system and SSA system are connected so DMV can instantly verify one's info thru SSA. (Im not sure if I heard this wrong, maybe he meant SAVE system in USCIS) So there must be something wrong with my case in SSA. I then have been to SSA for couple times for my case updates, every time the SSA officer just told me my case is being reviewed by USCIS, and they can do nothing but just let me wait. Meanwhile, I got a letter from Houston Passport Agency telling me that I "wrote my SSN incorrectly". I'm sure my SSN was correct on the passport application form. So it looks like the passport agency was also trying to verify my info with my SSN thru SSA but failed. EVERYTHING JUST GOT STUCK because USCIS would not confirm my case!! On myE-verify website, I tried to start a case to verify my employment eligibility. The system automatically closed the first 2 cases I started with my old and new name, not sure if that means anything. Then on the 3rd case, the system realized something's wrong and finally gave me a "Tentative Nonconfirmation" to let me choose if I want to solve it by visiting SSA. So I decided to call USCIS, of course their phone system is so notorious that I was never able to speak to a human unless I would make an infopass appointment. So I found the myE-verify phone number under USCIS website, called and explained my situation to the rep. To no surprise, I was told to contact USCIS directly because the myE-verify and USCIS are in different departments. What a bummer! (I mean the USCIS system, not the rep!) I did everything I could to get my SSA case resolved but they all failed. I was expecting my passport before Queen's Jubilee so that I could go to UK with my hubby for the parade. I couldn't even make an emergency passport appointment because then they still could not verify my SSN. Big disappointment. Then I registered the mySocialSecurity on SSA website with my old name, it passed the system check. I logined everyday to check my profile and saw my old name. Sigh. The SSA officer was right, the only thing I can do is wait. One day (like 7 weeks after the status update requested in SSA) I log in to SSA website to check my account as usual. Suddenly I saw my new name reflected in mySS account!! I realized this could mean my case in their system might have cleared. I rushed to DMV next day, you know what? BAM!!!! They just went thru the SSN check, and my name change of drivers license was instantly approved!! Then I went to SSA and handed the myE-verify Tentative Nonconfirmation letter to them. They told me my case to update name and citizenship has been cleared, and they as well cleared the USCIS myE-verify Self Check case with a letter saying "Numident record updated. SSA action complete."(No idea what it exactly means but anyways) Also, on Passport status webpage, it shows the status of my passport application is "Shipped"!! EVERYTHING ALL AT ONCE!! ATM I'm still waiting for my passport and DL to arrive. But no more stress and worries. This is my story. Thank you for your patience for reading it! Timeline: (4/22/2022 Court hearing for name change) 4/25/2022 Naturalization Interview / Oath Ceremony / Certificate of Naturalization 4/26/2022 SSA case submitted / Passport application in USPS 6/14/2022 SSA case cleared 6/18/2022 Passport shipped
  11. Does it include the first two digits or not? My wife's K1 visa which she used to enter the states does not have these two digits in the "passport number" section, and neither does her DS-160. Did our lawyer make a mistake here? If so, would she need to correct it during the adjustment of status? Thank you.
  12. Hello, I’m trying to obtain my Nicaraguan citizenship by obtaining my passport. I’m originally from the U.S born and raised, 25 years old, and I currently have my U.S passport. But the issue is I don’t know what information is needed to obtain my Nicaraguan passport. My father was born and raised in Nicaragua so that qualifies me as his son to get my Nicaraguan citizenship. Do I need my birth certificate, ID, and his birth certificate ? I’ve tried contacting the Nicaraguan embassy but no response. If someone can please help me with what information I need in regards to obtaining my Nicaraguan passport by descent id really appreciate it! Thank you! P.S I have a picture of my fathers birth certificate.
  13. Can anyone clarify whether a Ukrainian domestic ID/passport is acceptable, or is USCIS only approving forms that list an international passport? Like many others in Ukraine, my intended beneficiary has limited physical access to Ukrainian government resources right now and has only traveled to other countries which didn't require an international passport before the war started. Many European countries have since relaxed this requirement, but I can't find anything about US policy on this in general, or specifically relating to U4U. Secondarily, if the domestic ID/passport is sufficient, how did you handle the expiration date? If not, can anyone offer advice on how she should go about obtaining an international passport under the current circumstances?
  14. Hi everyone! I have my K1 interview in June in Bangkok. In instruction it's said that I'll get my passport with visa in 7-14 days after the interview, delays are common. What were the actual terms lately? And can I take my passport from the embassy when it's ready? Thank you so much
  15. QUESTION 1 Province and City: I don't live in the city written on my birth cert. anymore. Should I still write it? Or, should I write the city I live in as of now? (Birth cert.: Metro Manila, Makati ......... Form I-130: Cavite, Dasmarinas). === "If applicant has lacking data in Birth Certificate or Report of Birth: Applicant must present original and submit photocopy of proof of filing of supplemental report from the Local Civil Registrar (LCR)" QUESTION 2. My father's name and other information about him is not written on my birth cert. My parents aren't married. Do I have to get a supplemental report? === " In case of Late Registered Birth Certificate If Birth Certificate was registered at least ten (10) years ago, application will be treated as a regular application, and no additional supporting documents will be required If Birth Certificate was registered less than ten (10) years ago, applicant must submit IDs that pre-date the late registration or current IDs with NBI Clearance" QUESTION 3. I have no idea what a late registered birth cert. means. I was born in the Philippines - how do I check the date when my birth cert. was registered?
  16. I would like to enter the DV lottery based on the country of birth eligibility, but I have two passports with different last names. Which one should I enter in the lottery application? 1) Valid passport from Country of Birth (Country A) but it has my original maiden name. Country A is eligible for DV lottery. 2) Valid passport from Country of 2nd Citizenship (Country B) but it has my current last name (legal name changed through marriage). Country B is not eligible for DV lottery. I got married in Country B but never really got a legal name changed in Country A. I am currently in the US with a non-immigrant visa. I entered the US using passport from Country B. I feel that I should be entering the passport info from Country B because my name would be consistent. But does the DV lottery form look for the passport info that match the Country of Birth?
  17. Following multiple setbacks, my medical is set to expire in August. The Montreal Consulate just requested ANOTHER document which they could have requested at the interview. The window for the actual move to USA is looking pretty tight right now. The process seems to be engineered for foreign spouses sitting overseas twiddling their thumbs, waiting for the golden doors to swing open so they can immediately flock into the USA. Some of us are working people and have complex affairs to settle once we finally get the visa. What is the best way to postpone the process to give us some more breathing space? I imagine I can request another medical? They have my passport, so would I need to request that back? Also, I think someone posted that the consular officer needs to approve another medical. Can someone advise on a suitable course of action?
  18. Hi! I'm 19 who came here through the petition of my dad when I was 17. We tried applying for my passport as soon as I got here, only to find out that my dad lost his naturalization certificate. We waited for a year to apply for another one and get his certificate. A month ago we finally received it and applied for my passport. Just received a letter this morning from the Department of State requesting for my parent's marriage certificate. The issue is, my mom and dad weren't married but I was acknowledged by my dad in my birth certificate. What do I do about this? Can anybody drop the number I should contact?
  19. My name is Parth, My student visa expired on Jan 09, 2022 after I applied for green card. My Biometric is done but no EAD yet, I have only I797C notice that USCIS recived my application. My Indian passport will expire on June 18, 2022. Can I renew my passport from VFSGlobal in NY?
  20. Hi all, My husband applied for naturalization back in February. When we filled out the application we forgot to list a 7 night closed-loop cruise (Fort Lauderdale - Mexico - Jamaica- Fort Lauderdale) on the trips outside of the US. When we listed all the trips we were going off of stamps in his passport. Because the cruise was 4 years ago it completely left our minds and we forgot to list it. There was never passport stamps, as it was a closed loop cruise. Now we are freaking out that we forgot to list it. Has anyone experienced this? Should we upload a document to his online account in the evidence section mentioning this? When he has his interview should he bring it up and tell them or wait for them to ask? Of if they ask if he needs to alter anything with the application. Any advice to help ease our stress would be greatly appreciated.
  21. Which one is the nonimmigrant visa number on the passport? My mom is from Mexico and she has the card, which we refer to as the "visa laser".....
  22. The N400 interview letter says to bring the naturalization or birth certificate of my US citizen (USC) spouse. My USC spouse does not have a naturalization certificate... only a US passport. Is the passport sufficient to prove US citizenship? I find it odd that the N400 interview doesn't mention the passport as a form of proof. It has served as proof thus far. My spouse was born outside the US to a US citizen parent (born and raised who passed all the legal requirements) and by law my spouse was a US citizen from birth. Before my spouse turned 18, they went with their US citizen parent to the US consulate and got a passport. They never had a naturalization certificate and I guess since they were a US citizen since birth that a naturalization certificate wouldn't make sense. They can't be naturalized if they were always a US citizen. They also don't have a US birth certificate since they weren't born in the US. Is the US passport sufficient to prove my spouse's US citizenship at the N400 interview?
  23. Hi guys! So my husband is filing the I-130 for me, he is the US Citizen and I am Canadian. After we got married I changed my last name to my married name. I got my driver's license and health card and debit/credit cards changed. I have yet to change my passport because I am anticipating a trip soon and will need it. I have a few questions regarding this name change: 1. Do I (the beneficiary) need to submit a scan of my passport in the I-130 application? If I do, can we submit the application under my married name but my passport in my maiden name? (The reason I wouldn't want to submit the passport with my new name is because it will put off submitting the application until I get my passport which can take awhile because I will be using it in April and won't be able to change it until May and than will have to wait for it to come in) 2. What would be examples of documents I can submit to prove proof of my legal name change?
  24. My husband (the applicant) had his IR1 interview in Mumbai and received a 221g letter asking for submission of additional documents to prove that I intend to reestablish domicile in the US. (I have been living in India for a few years.) We live in New Delhi and planned to drop the documents and passport, as requested in the 221g letter there. However when we make an appointment with the VAC on US Travel Docs, we have to select a date for the appointment and the location by default is Mumbai. We are confused. Do we drop the documents (and passport?) in Delhi? Do we need to travel with them to Mumbai again? What is a "Follow Up Appointment" and do we need to submit additional documents there or to a drop box anywhere beforehand? I've seen a few queries like this here. Would appreciate any help.
  25. Hello, I really hope someone would be able to share their experience with me. So I'm having my oath ceremony in mid February, and I plan to apply for my passport soon after. I have an upcoming international trip in late April, which leaves about 9-10 weeks from my oath ceremony to my travel date. What confuses me is that, I'm changing my name during naturalization. I'm originally from Taiwan, and my name is Yi-Wen Chang (this is an example not real), sometimes that hyphen in my name gets omitted. Now, I'm changing my name to Jessica Yiwen Chang Brown, the reason being I've been using my English name since a long time ago, and I changed my last name to my married name. My question is here, when I apply for my passport after oath, would it be a problem that my government ID still shows my old name? While the NC shows my new name. On passport application form, it asks you to list out all other names you've used, I listed my old one, is that enough? Thank you.
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