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  1. So here's a weird question that my fiance and I are not even sure where to begin answering. He has a full, red beard. He works at a hospital and they are about to switch his ward over to a 'red zone' for Covid-19 patients. He was told that he would have to shave off his beard and has no problem with that what so ever, it's so his mask will seal properly as he will be working in direct contact with corona patients. Our question is this: when we originally took the pictures for his medical (4) and embassy requirement (2) he has that full beard. Our NOA2 is in tansit to the embassy and god willing that will open up interviews again in the next few months, however that won't be enough time for him to grow his beard back out. Do we re-take the photos for the embassy (the medical already has the bushy ones) or do we just explain at the time of interview the circumstances? He looks quite different with and without a beard. any advice or suggestions would be appreciated. Stay safe out there!
  2. The N400 interview letter says to bring the naturalization or birth certificate of my US citizen (USC) spouse. My USC spouse does not have a naturalization certificate... only a US passport. Is the passport sufficient to prove US citizenship? I find it odd that the N400 interview doesn't mention the passport as a form of proof. It has served as proof thus far. My spouse was born outside the US to a US citizen parent (born and raised who passed all the legal requirements) and by law my spouse was a US citizen from birth. Before my spouse turned 18, they went with their US citizen parent to the US consulate and got a passport. They never had a naturalization certificate and I guess since they were a US citizen since birth that a naturalization certificate wouldn't make sense. They can't be naturalized if they were always a US citizen. They also don't have a US birth certificate since they weren't born in the US. Is the US passport sufficient to prove my spouse's US citizenship at the N400 interview?
  3. Hello everyone, I am writing about my issue hoping if someone who has gone through the same issue could help me understand this. I had my interview on 25th feb at Mumbai India US consulate for CR1 visa and was approved the same day the ceac status was updated to 'issued' and the passport was dispatched but for some reason it was recalled on the same day it was dispatched by the consulate and my passport status was changed as 'return to the post' while the visa still remained issued last updated 28th Feb. I had tried contacting the support center but always received same answer your visa is issued it's in final processing. Both on call and in the email replies. Today as I am writing it's been more than 12 day post interview but still haven't received my passport getting worried
  4. Do I need a US Passport as the Petitioner to a K1 Fiance visa as the US Citizen or can I just use my birth certificate?
  5. Hey all, I am in a tricky situation right now and wanted to get some advice from the community if anyone has been in the same situation or would be able to share any advise on this. Long story short, I have to renew my Malaysian Passport soon and in the renewal forms, it asks to disclose my marriage status. I got married in the US and have received my CR-6 conditional green card, however since it is a same-sex marriage, Malaysia would not recognize this. I initially intended to disclose my marriage status as single (since Malaysia would not even recognize my marriage status) however in order to submit an application to renew my passport, they would need to have a copy of my Green card. In the GC, it says CR-6, which is obvious I am married. However, if I disclose that I am married, I have to state my partners name, which is clearly a male name. Im afraid that by disclosing this, the Malaysian consulate may suspend my citizenship or pursue some other severe measures that would affect my malaysian citizenship. I would like to source some advise from this wonderful community and what you think I should do. Thank you so much in advance!
  6. Hello, so I just renewed my passport recently and now it is under my married name which is great!!! But I have a new problem, in my new passport they put my middle name as my maiden name. And my Green card has my actual middle name. So it's likes this in my Green card: ALFE MAY ALONTE ZINGER ( ALONTE is my middle name) PASSPORT: ALFE MAY LEONARDO ZINGER And we're planning on traveling back to the US in a few months, will I have issue entering the country or will it be okay as long as I bring my birth certificate or some kind??
  7. When filing online do you need to write your name on the back of two passport photos and the date? Or can you just set two digital copies.
  8. Hi everyone! I'm a newbie here. I would like to ask, last 2017, I was approved with a Multiple Entry Tourist Visa valid for 10 years. It was stamped under my old passport (expires on 2027). The visa was under my name when I was single and stamped on my old passport which is also under my name when I was single. My husband and I got married at 2018. and I applied for a change of name and status for my new passport. New passport is already under my married name. Since I changed my passport, I already traveled out of the country for 2 times using my new passport with my married name. by 2019, my husband filed for I-130 petition for me, which is still under processing up to this time. My question is, will I be able to enter to USA for my sister in law graduation using my Tourist Visa that was stamped in my old passport under my name when I was single? Even if I have a pending I-130 petition? Please enlighten me. Thank you so much.
  9. Hello all, I have a question about the passport pick up procedure after the interview at Islamabad, Pakistan. My husband will be attending his CR1 interview soon and we are wondering how to select a pick up location for his passport. Do we have to register before the interview or do we select a pick up location at or after the interview? The interview instructions say to choose before, but I am unable to do so. Thank you in advance for your help.
  10. I'm applying for VISA and didn't noticed that there's an ñ on my BC. Never was I questioned about my BC until my PASSPORT appointment. My middle name is Caringal, it says so with all of my documents. There's no issue w/ my mother's BC same w/ my brothers. So my question is, will this ñ show up on my passport if I went through this application?
  11. Hello, quick timeline: 12-18-19: Interview. Approved. Given Pink Slip. Passport was kept. No 221g given or anything. 12-19-19: Immigrant visa changed to non-immigrant visa. 12-23-19: email received by Montreal for request for DS5535 - Sent back same date. 01-06-20: Inquiry email sent to Montreal by my Fiancé for an update 01-06-20: Email received by Montreal on receiving the DS5535 questionnaire 01-06-20: Email received by Montreal on inquiry sent by Fiancé (response in AP - the standard) 01-06-20: Case status updated assuming due to email's sent by Montreal. 01-07-20: case status updated 01-10-20: case status updated 01-15-20: case status updated 01-21-20: case status updated 01-27-20: Inquiry email sent to Montreal to inquire why are we getting asked for passport when it was kept during interview. 01-21-20: Received email from AIS-USvisa- to submit passport. BUT THE PASSPORT WAS KEPT BY US MONTREAL EMBASSY ON 12/18/19. WE DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO. THERE IS NO CONTACT NUMBER. WE HAVE EMAILED MONTREAL NO RESPONSE YET. what should we do at this point. PLEASE ANY HELP OR ADVICE IS APPRECIATED. Our wedding date is February 22-2020. I just feel this mess is going to delay the visa even further. thank you
  12. My dad had his interview for F4 case on 13th jan 2020. Visa was approved and we were asked to create profile on ustravel docs, we made that too. While I check visa status for our case number it says "Issued " on top and says visa printed on details. But while I try to track my passport and input passport number it says no status update for passport number submitted. Is that normal or we should contact embassy for passport as it has already been 2 weeks since our visa approval.
  13. Hello.. I'm so panicking now, so my fiance went to Detroit on 10th January 2020, he paid the fee for expedite the passport process. He have upcoming flight on Wednesday 15th January 2020, the lady that handled all his documents in the Detroit agency told him that he will get the passport on Tuesday 14th January 2020. But when my fiance checked the status on his passport application, it said 2-3 weeks in the status. How accurate the processing times? 😭 because the lady said like 100% it will come on Tuesday, 1 day before his flight.
  14. Hi Guys I wonder if anyone can help me. We are currently in AP for a CR1 visa. I (the beneficiary) have already had my interview but was given a 221G pending the tax transcript which we are about to submit and my medical appointment which I will be booking next week as I couldn’t attend the medical before the interview. Since I attended the interview my passport was washed and had to be replaced. I now have my new passport but with a different passport number. Is this likely to cause a problem at either the medical appointment or for the processing that follows? We would be very grateful for any advice. thank you
  15. I had my interview on 9th January 2020 and status changed to issued next day! but my passport isn't being tracked and the passport tracker says There is no status update available for the passport number submitted! How can I get to know about my passport and how long does it take for embassy to send the passport to AEG Islamabad?
  16. Hello, If I have a minor child adopted from china and I have their certificate of citizenship, when I apply for their passport, do I have to fill out the Form DS-5507?
  17. Hi all.. hoping someone has insight on USC need to change maiden name to married name on their passport.. we are planning a trip to Colombia in March and I haven't changed my name on my passport to my new married name.. considering my husband has his gc because we are married, will it be necessary for me to change my name on my passport before this trip? Also, wondering if expediting is recommended or if these things generally get processed pretty quick? Any help is much appreciated
  18. Hi everyone !! Does anyone have an idea about current/recent US passport application timelines. I applied for mine here in Las Vegas area on November 28,2018. I was wondering has anyone here applied for their passport lately because it bothers me a lot especially the US Government Shutdown started at December 22,2018 until January 25,2019...When I call them and check my status online it is still shows the same since last week. If you applied for both a U.S. Passport Book and a U.S. Passport Card on the same application, the newly issued documents, as well as your returned citizenship evidence, may be mailed to you in separate packages at different times. Therefore, it is possible to receive 3 separate mailings; one with your returned citizenship evidence, one with your newly issued passport book, and one with your newly issued passport card. It is currently being processed. Your passport application locator number is xxxxxxxxx. When you applied, you requested Routine Service. See our website for more information on current Processing Times. We are processing Routine Applications in approximately 4 to 6 weeks from the time of application. If you are traveling within 2 weeks and have not received your passport and have further questions about the status of your application, you may e-mail or contact the National Passport Information Center with the above locator number. It will enable them to update you on the status of your application.
  19. So I'm a non us citizen, and I got married on Sept 12 2018 to a USAF member and I haven't changed my passport name to my married name but in my dependant ID, command sponsorship are all in my married name(husband's last name), my passport doesn't expire till 2020 Dec 27 so I didn't change it yet but since we're PCS-ing to germany, would I run into trouble if my passport name and my command sponsorship/sofa visa name is different?? Or do I need to just bring my marriage certificate and other documents stating I use my maiden name and married name?
  20. Hi everyone, We have our scheduled interview date from NVC (December 5th 2019) 😁, and when we registered on the CGIFederal portal we requested "Premium Delivery" for return of the passport, rather than collection from CITIC bank (this option can be changed at any time prior to the interview). My wife lives in Shanghai so we will be travelling to Guangzhou together. Question: For those of you who didn't encounter any issues like AP or RFEs during or following the interview process (ever the optimist), which option did you select and how long did it take until the passport was in your hands following the interview? (We are trying to figure out which would be faster.) Thanks everyone. We are so close we can taste it. 🙏
  21. I'd like to know if the process may be different in the case of a Judicial Oath Ceremony as far as applying for a US passport is concerned? What other things can I tackle on the same day immediately after the Judicial Oath ceremony? I heard that the application form for the US passport is available at the time of the Oath ceremony, however I was wondering if I can go online and fill and print the digital form so that I don't have to spend extra time at the location of the ceremony.
  22. Hi all I just get my us citizenship one quick question about the children. Can i request my son's passport (through my US citizenship) and my first passport at the same appointment OR I need to do it separately? Not sure if both requests that need the citizenship certificate can be done in parallel. Thanks
  23. Hello! I want to ask about: If my green card and all my documents are with my new name (took my husband's last name) and the only document that I have on my maiden name is my passport. Will I have problems when we travel abroad? thanks so much!
  24. Hi all, does anyone know if you can apply for the US passport right in the USCIS building after you take your oath? I know that there is an office in the same building, but online it says it's only by appointment and appointments are only for emergency cases (it asks for travel dates and such as mandatory fields). Is that different for new citizens and they would do it on the oath day after the ceremony? Thank you!
  25. Hello, My husband had an interview for his IR1 immigrant visa on October 31st 2019 in the U.S. embassy in Guatemalan. He was approved at the time of the interview. It has been 3 business days and CEAC still shows as ready and it does show case updated on November 4, 2019. But the status stayed on ready. Should I be worried?
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