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  1. Hello, anyone else had their medical done after the interview and still waiting for embassy to contact them? If yes please share your timeline 🙂
  2. Hi all, I've received the interview letter, and my interview at the Dublin US Consulate is scheduled for the 19th of October 2023. In preparation for the interview, I've been trying to schedule the required medical test at Mater Hospital. Unfortunately, after reaching out via email, I was informed that the earliest available date for the medical test is the 23rd of October. This timing has left me a bit concerned considering the proximity to my interview date. I kindly request your advice and assistance on this matter. Is there any possibility of expediting the medical test process? I find myself in a bit of a dilemma and would greatly appreciate your insights and suggestions on how best to approach and resolve this situation.
  3. Good day to everyone I have a question that I couldn't find an answer to anywhere. And I really appreciate if someone from the community can help with advice or opinion. This year I got naturalization and applied for passports for me and my child (11 years old). She was born in Ukraine and is a citizen of this country and always lives with me. Her biological father, whose whereabouts I have not known for many years, therefore cannot sign his consent to a passport. He is a citizen of another country and has never been to the States. I filled out form ds-5525 and a cover letter explaining the details. After 3 months, I received a response from the passport agency that I should send documents such as: Court order specifically permitting the applying parent/guardian to apply for the child's U. S. passport; or Court order granting sole legal custody to the applying parent/guardian ;or A court order authorizing the minor to travel outside the US with the applying parent. But this is not logical, because, being a citizen of another state, my daughter can leave the States without any permission on her Ukrainian passport. What could be the solution? Submit form ds-5525 again with explanation? Submit a request to the court for permission to issue a passport ( where to start, where to go? How is this possible if all the documents - birth certificate, divorce, etc. are in the passport agency? )? You can wait until she turns 16 and apply without the permission of the other parent. But my husband is active duty in our army and we may soon leave for another country in his service. And I'm worried that then my daughter will have a problem returning to the states, because, being a permanent resident, you can be absent from the country for no more than 6 months. Thank you in advance
  4. Can anyone who went to the USA Embassy and got there interview can you please post below when you actually received your passport back (days wise) How long did it took you?
  5. Hi guys, just a quick question. Tried searching to save asking what is probably a simple question but they keywords bring far too many threads to find what I need. I am the beneficiary, we submitted our I-130 petition in March, I have had just had to replace my passport as it was expiring. Would it be best to send the USCIS an update with my new passport number now or wait until the I-130 is reviewed. If it was being reviewed anytime soon I’d just leave leave it but it’s not likely to be looked at this year so wondered if it was better to update them now. Thanks
  6. I figure this is a long shot but my husband is a USA permanent resident but is an Iranian citizen. He needs to renew his Iranian passport. Does anyone have suggestions for resources? Lawyers? Etc? Thanks!
  7. Hey all. Wish I'd been able to make it here sooner and on better terms, but I'm in a bit of a pickle. My name is Friedrich and I'm applying for a K1 on behalf of my fiancee and two K2 visas for her daughters, age 16 and 11. NOA1 November/04/2021 NOA2 January/19/2023 The NVC submitted everything to the embassy in Warsaw and I received an e-mail today saying to fill out form DS-160s for everyone within 48 hours to continue our case. We had planned to submit our DS-160s and then try transferring her case to Jerusalem, El Salvador, Bishkek, or anywhere plausible that would take her case as it would be cheaper than getting them Schengen visas and bouncing around Europe to pass illegally into Poland. The problem we're facing is that since August, the Russian Foreign Ministry has suspended the issuance of biometric travel passports indefinitely and her youngest doesn't have one. Since February, my fiancee's inquiries have only been answered that they may open services again at the end of March, but as of yet nothing. The 48-hour window the Warsaw embassy gave to file is not happening. Non-biometric passports are still being issued but from what I understand this is not good enough. What are our options? What do I even say to the embassy? Really feels like the whole world is against you sometimes. I really congratulate each and every one of you who's stayed the course through all of this.
  8. Hello, I lost my US Passport. I applied for a new one, but forgot to file a lost report with the passport agency. They sent me a letter saying to resend an application with the lost passport report. I found my passport. What I want to see if anyone here knows is; once you apply for a new passport(having lost the one you had), does the prior one get discontinued, even if the full process isn't complete yet? Or do you think I can just go about using the found passport, which is not expired. I know I can write a letter to the passport agency, but they take over a month to answer, and when I call the "help" line at NPIC they NEVER EVER pick up. And the NPIC email is just responding with unhelpful canned info. I thought there might have been a place online where once could validate one's passport number. But I haven't found such place in USCIS/Dept of States sites. But I'll probably end up writing a letter to them if no info here. Thanks in advance!
  9. Hi, I am worried that I have a big problem now. I should update my SSA card and drive license before mailing natraulization certificate to apply for passport. I changed name through natraulization. My new name have 4 parts which is first-middle-middle-last. Middle name is my maiden name, I create first and last name for myself and didnt take my husband's last. I have international trip soon and not receiving my passport yet. After 6 weeks passed then the passport offier requests me to provide identification for new name use in all purposes. I submit name change certified by court order because I dont have any ID with new name on. I am panic now because review process may cause delay to get passport even I paid extra for expedited service. I still need to update SSA and driver license before departure. What will happen if I can not update those information before I go trip? Will my passport be denied because I didnt fill out middle name on the passport application form? Then why fill online it said optional for middle name? It will be appreciated if there is someone can answer or share experience like mine because change flight will be another huge expenses too. Quote EditI
  10. Hi everyone. I have a question regarding a CR-1 visa. I am a US citizen petitioning my wife which lives in the Philippines. She has never had a passport but is currently perusing one. My question is does she need to have it in hand before we can file or do we need to wait until she has it in hand? The i-130 ask for the spouse's passport and travel document numbers. Is it ok to leave blank for now?
  11. Hi everyone! Anyone here has any idea if I can travel back to the Philippines using my passport in my maiden name and my vaccination card in my married name. I know there is no problem with using the maiden name passport as long as I bring with me my married certificate and such. However, I have a friend who was recently divorced and she scrambled to get her vaccination card changed to her maiden name to match her new passport (back to her maiden name) few days before her travel because she got info that both documents must match. I think it's ridiculous, but how true is this??? I travelled to the US under K1 visa by the way, and is currently waiting for the removal of conditions adjudication. Thanks and I hope someone can help me clear this up.
  12. Help please. I am going to apply for my first Canadian passport from US. I need a guarantor but I moved here less than 2 years ago and I have no Canadian friends who know me at least for 2 years... So I am thinking I am going to use a notary public. Does the person also need to know me at least for 2 years?
  13. Hello all. I entered the U.S. with my IR1 visa at the beginning of this month. Since then, I've received my SSN in the mail, but I haven't yet received my PRC, which I understand can take a few months to arrive. I recently tried to get a state driver's license but ran into trouble because I don't have a stamp in my passport showing my date of entry. My visa says, "Upon endorsement serves as temporary I-551 evidencing permanent residence for 1 year". Since, therefore, I don't have a stamp, I don't think I can prove that it has been endorsed. On the other hand, I wouldn't have received a social security card if the CBP agent admitted me without going through the first time admission process... right? At the airport, I was pulled aside and had to wait in a room for a couple of hours. I was asked a few questions while an agent did some work on the computer and then I was sent on my way. What can I do to prove my date of entry? I understand that LPRs don't get I-94s. I also cannot find any travel history on the I-94 website.
  14. Hi all, Had my FB4 immigrant visa interview at montreal on Jan 10, 2023. I was approved on the spot in 2 minutes and was told that my passport should return in 2 weeks. On CEAC it shows "refused" the day of the interview.. I understand that it's probably administrative processing. I was never given a 221g or a refusal only a "I intend to approve". Our passports are still at the consulate. Is anyone in a familiar situation?
  15. Hello! I received my naturalization certificate yesterday! I am now a dual Canadian/American citizen!!! I feel like I keep reading and hearing some conflicting information on passport etiquette. Since I am residing in the USA- do I leave and enter the states (when I am going to visit Canada) on my USA passport? Could I use my Canadian one? I feel like they would wonder why I am living in the USA and using my Canadian passport with no greencard? My other question is that I really want to be able to go home for Christmas. I’ve heard that if you have travel within 14 days you can get an emergency passport appointment and sometimes get a same day passport… But how do I book my flight when I don’t have an American passport yet? I’ve heard that you must leave with the same passport you enter with? I’ve heard I cannot leave the country until I have my new passport even though I have my Canadian one? When I am flying do I need to bring both passports?
  16. Hamza0510


    Hey guys, my fiancée and I have been engaged for a year, she is in Afghanistan and she can’t get a passport what do I do , the taliban said they won’t give women passports.
  17. Hi, my fiancé has got her Indian passport renewed after her K1 visa has been approved so now the visa is on her old passport and I’m curious if that can be a issue at the immigration when she arrives in the US ?
  18. Hi all, I am a K-2 expired visa holder applying for AOS (see my other posts for more information), I have gotten legal help to sort through most issues, but have a few remaining questions that hopefully the community can help answer. I currently don't have any unexpired photo identification documents. From my understanding, I shouldn't have any issue renewing my foreign passport, and after receiving it, submitting my AOS documents. Does this make sense? Timeline wise, is there any possibility of submitting the AOS while waiting for the new passport to arrive in the mail as it is said to take 4-6 weeks, and just use the old passports/receipt from the new passport(?). I will be submitting photocopies of my expired passports with expired visa (one passport is already invalidated with holes punched, and I would expect them to do the same when I renew to my other passport). I understand this is unlikely, as I do not have any other valid forms of photo identification. My ideal plan would be to renew my passport in the next week, and submit my AOS after my medical exam in the next 2 weeks. Thanks for the help, and I look forward to hearing back.
  19. Hi there, I'm in the midst of getting my Canadian citizenship while I live in the US as a LPR. Once I'm granted my citizenship and hold a Canadian passport while living in the US - (i) Can I renounce my Indian citizenship from the US considering that I now live in US as a LPR? Alternatively, do I need to initiate the process to renounce my Indian citizenship in Canada? (ii) Can I apply for the OCI booklet from the US? Many thanks! NK
  20. My mom is the petitioner her last name on her green card is ********y ends with Y where her last name on my passport my country wrote it ending with i like that ********i. Knowing that English is not my country language it’s written in another language too. Is that going to cause me any problems? Because I can’t change it and I can’t make a new one it’s impossible here.
  21. Hello everybody! The beneficiary's passport expires by the end of february 2023. NVC already DQ'd the case and according to the statistics of Chile's interview times, we are estimating an interview before this year ends. The webiste ( https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/immigrate/the-immigrant-visa-process/step-10-prepare-for-the-interview/step-11-applicant-interview.html ) says: "Passport – For each applicant, an unexpired passport valid for six months beyond the intended date of entry into the United States". According to this, we decided that it's better to get a new passport, but, is bringing both passports (the old one registered in the visa process and the new one) okay? Has anyone had issues with this? Thank you all! ❤️
  22. Hello all! I have my citizenship interview coming up shortly- it will be in late fall. Where I live I am on the opposite side of the continent from my family in Canada. I am wanting to go home for Christmas and usually would be looking at flights soon because they are very expensive. A lot of people report the interviews being mostly a formality and pretty straightforward if your case is pretty straight forward, which mine is. I am thinking most likely I will get recommended for approval, which I am told they tell you if you are recommended for approval in the interview itself. My question is, if I am approved, but wouldn't be able to secure an american passport in time for christmas, can I now travel into canada AND BACK IN with just my Canadian passport without nullifying any part of the citizenship process? I know with the greencard you were never allowed to enter the USA without it unless you wanted to nullify it (to my understanding). Does anyone know if I need my USA passport to enter once I am recommended for citizenship or should I wait until all formalities are done and I have USA passport in hand? Another question, I am canadian. Will they ask me to give up my Canadian passport? I know if you are from the USA trying to get lets say a canadian passport, that the USA wants you to give up your American passport because they don't want you to pledge allegiance to any other country. And lastly: This is what I have heard about the interview process, can anyone else verify this: go in, take an oath answer 6 civics test questions go over basic info from forms specifically be able to answer questions about recent travel answer questions about if I;ve done this or that crime where the answer is OBVIOUSLY NO answer questions about the constitution and such where the answer is obviously YES they usually tell you in the interview if they are recommending you for approval I know there is a standard list of things they tell you to bring but I am also wondering if it's helpful for you to bring a copy of the n-400 form you filled out so that you can reference it for travel specifically? I travel often enough that I don't remember specific dates.
  23. Hi Folks, Visa interview scheduled for THIS THURSDAY! Getting a bit paranoid about a few things and hoping someone here can help: 1. On its checklist for visa interviews, NVC says to bring "Your original marriage certificate, English translation, and a photocopy. A certified copy from the issuing authority is acceptable." The wording here is confusing. We have the original marriage certificate and were planning on bringing a scanned photocopy of that original. Will that suffice or do we need to get a certified copy? 2. For proof of domicile, I plan on bringing a scan of my spouse's passport to my visa interview. Do I need to bring a scan of each page of her passport or will the biometric page suffice?
  24. Hi: My wife applied for her US passport and passport card with expedited service on July 26th. She received both her US passport and passport card, no problem. First was the passport through Fedex and later regular mail for passport card, just few days ago (3 maybe). At what point do we have to consider the certificate of Naturalization to be lost? It's been almost 4 weeks now. Any current passport filers did not get their certificate back still? Thanks
  25. My husband came to America on the k3 spouse visa 3 years ago from Dominican Republic. My husband received his permanent green card a month after he arrived. We plan to travel outside the country back to the DR, since he’s been here. My husband don’t have an American passport, but he has the Dominican passport he arrived to America with. I’m not sure if his Dominican passport will allow him back into America. What does my husband need to travel out the country and back into America besides his I.D. and green card.
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