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  1. Hello everyone. We filed our I-130 on December 12th and received our NOA1 on the December 14th. I chose my consulate as Juarez, Mexico but after reading so many forums and searching online, I have decided to change my address to my home country, Turkey. My husband lives in San Diego, so I moved to Tijuana to be able to close to him during this looong process. But if the consulate here in Mexico takes5-6 months to get an appointment date, I can go back to my home country and wait there. How can I change my address and consulate? Can this lengthen the process? I read so many information says that getting an interview date is taking 5-6 months right now in Juarez, Mexico! highly appreciated if anyone can share their information/experience... Thanks and good luck to everyone! Daria
  2. Hey All, Happy Friday! A quick query with an eye on the next couple of months of our process. Background - We are currently awaiting our NOA2 (pending any RFE) from Nebraska - I am an Indian citizen, currently working and staying in Myanmar (Burma) along with my Spouse - the US petitioner Question - My family just sold our house in Mumbai. This address is on my Passport and also on my I130A. We are buying another house, the address of which might only be confirmed by End November - Mid December - I might have to change my Passport to reflect the new address - When we do the next steps - I864 and DS-260, will have the new address and new passport number (We ll put a covering note to explain that) - Will that suffice? Alternately, If I use my current passport with the old address for my the next steps - like interview and eventual submission, and apply for a new passport after, would that be an issue? - If, I get a police certificate, from India and Uganda, on my current passport - would that be OK or should I wait to get the new Passport and then apply for the Police Certificates? . (I am traveling to India next week and wanted to apply for the Police certificate) Thanks and have a great weekend everyone. EmMo
  3. Really confused about address change! My state of residence is Alaska and I need to keep my residency to keep my seasonal government job. However, I am visiting family in California for three months and also about to start temporary work here. I know I need to change an address with USCIS. We received our NOA1 May 16th. My permanent address should remain in Alaska, since that is where we plan to live.. Am I allowed to temporarily work out of state?? Or will that just make me look even more unstable ?
  4. Hello, We have 2 general questions about moving and K1. We put our intended address X on the I-129f, where we think we will live when I come to the US. We assume that if my fiancé moves somewhere else during the K1 process we can just fill out some form with the new address and send it to USCIS. However, what is if he has to move after they granted me the K1 visa but before I go to the US? (In the 6 months period in which the visa is valid.) And a related question: is it allowed to move during the adjustment of status process while waiting for the greencard; maybe even a few times due to a rotational program? Or do we have to stay at X until we receive the green card? Thank you for your help!
  5. Hello, I'm in the process of changing my address on USCIS website. So far, I have only changed Form I-485 (AOS) address, but I was wondering if I should also change it for Form I-765 (Work Authorization) and Form I-131 (Travel Document) since I'm gonna need to renew my EAD-AP combo card in the future while living in the new address. Also, does anybody know what AOS Sub Type K1 Adjustment of Status fits into (see image below)? Also, can anybody tell me what to put under "In the US as a"? (see picture below) PS. Can my thread be moved to the correct AOS forum? Thank you.
  6. I would like to ask a few questions. I am a DV winner and I was granted in New York a GC on November of 2015 valid for 10 years in. 1. Is it true that LPR's have to wait 5 years until they apply for free or subsidized healthcare? I received free madicaid for about two years when my income was very low as I proved by my tax returns and now I withdraw completely from madicaid. Is this going to be a trouble when I apply for GC renewal or citizenship in the future? Because I haven't find a definitive answer yet. 2. In 2016, After I received my GC for the first time in November 2015, my accountant advised me that I don't have to file a tax return for 2015 since I didn't have any income from a job and was a new resident for about a couple of months only. Does this constitute any form of violation of my LPR status? Should I reply yes to the question in N-400 A. "Have YOU ever not filed a Federal, state or local tax return since you became a lawful permanent resident? B. IF you answered "Yes", did you consider yourself to be a "non-U.S. resident"? 3. In January 2018 I had a small claims court which I had initiated against a client who refused to pay for my services for the business I maintain from home and the client won the case. I also got a traffic ticket for cellphone but I plead not guilty and I appointed an attorney to represent me and he successfully dismissed the fine and the points on my driver's license. Should I mention these incidents to my naturalization application and if yes how and in which line exactly I should mention it.  4. I noticed in a UCSIS confirmation email I received when I changed address a couple of years ago that I had mistakenly wrote 83th St. instead of 83th Ave. All the other information is correct and as I checked in the USPS website, if I put 27th St, it comes up a suggestion that the right address is 27th Ave. Also, in google maps wen I put the wrong address, it shows the right place on the map and I see a photo of my apartment. Should I contact UCSIS and let them know of this error or is it something minor since the address still points to the correct location on the map? * I suppose since I received my GC, that I don't have any pending case anymore with the UCSIS so they wouldn't need to send me any document after that point. Am I correct? Thank you
  7. Hi Everyone, I am Arpan and my wife has already moved to United States after the CR1 process. We have recently moved from CA to TX. Therefore, I am required to change my address of communication and residence for further correspondence from USCIS. Can you please let me know the process to change the address so that we don't miss anything for further process in future? Thanks in advance.
  8. My husband filed for adjustment of status and a work permit after marrying/entering on the K-1 visa in May. We moved and changed our address with USCIS in early June, and we've had trouble receiving notices from USCIS ever since. We have USPS informed delivery, so in mid-June, we saw that the biometrics appointment was sent to our old address, but it didn't come to our new address until *one month* later. When we received it, the biometrics appointment date had already passed. The same happened with our NOA1. We thought, okay, this is just a temporary glitch since this was sent out around the same time we changed our address. But just today we received another informed delivery from USPS. It was sent in July from USCIS to our OLD address once again, and then forwarded by USPS. Every time we call USCIS, we confirm with them that they have our new address. We are lucky that we're at least receiving the updates, but I just wanted to let everyone know the issues that USCIS apparently has with their address change system.
  9. Hey there, I have filed ny i 751 waiver based on divorce and abuse (yes, checked both boxes). Since I filed I moved and I have been trying to change address with no success. Filed online but i was told i have to send AR 11 to Vermont Center with a letter stating its me who trying to change. I done it.. 3 times. Infopass said the same, send ar 11 with a letter. I ve been trying to change my address for almost 4 months now and no success. Its scary because its pending so i cant risk any notices going to old address.. They keep putting me on hold to talk to level 2 officer and then schedule a call back but they never call me back..i dont know what to do at this point.. Anybody went thru the same situation? Any advice?:(
  10. My signature below says all about our timeline. During our filing, I had entered our then physical address, but since I anticipated a move within a couple of months - I had provided a very close relative's mailing address. Our NOAs arrived at the relative's address. The date for the 150 day mark since the receipt for NOA (02/16) is coming closer, especially for the EAD/AP combo card. Is it advisable to change the address now, for all the forms? Or we should wait it out until the receipt of the EAD/AP combo card, if it comes? Another peculiar item noticed - we haven't received any courtesy letter for non-filing of the I-693. What could be a reason behind that?
  11. Hi everyone, A couple months ago I filed the I-751 waiver based on divorce and abuse Checked both boxes. Now I moved recently and been trying to update my address but its been giving me a hard time. First, I tried to change it online but it did not work and then sent in an AR 11 to directly the Vermont Center. After like two months im at the point where the customer reps when i call USCIS they say they still have my old address on file. Went to an infopass appointment the lady said she couldn't manually change my address that i should send a letter and another ar 11. I did and no changes yet. I have been trying to get a hold of a tier 2 officer on the phone but they never call me back. Today I called the uscis number again and the tier 1 rep said that he was prohibited from giving me any more i information and that i should send them a letter with another ar 11. Again. Anyone experienced the same??What is going on. It should be a simple thing to change my address.. Also he asked if my case was wava. I told him no I already have my greencard its a I 751 altho includes abuse as I checked both boxes along with divorced waiver.. He gave me the vermont service centers address and as an attn. Wava unit. What should I do? I m just worried that my case is pending and they still have my old address on file.
  12. Hey everyone, I have 2 questions. We are late January K1 filers and I put on the I-129f form that my fiancee and I would be living at my parent's address as we plan to house hunt together when she gets here. We were wondering if this isn't a solid enough address and she would be denied in the interview because a newly married couple living with parents isn't ideal. If that could possibly be a barrier to entry then how does it look if I move out to a new address that doesn't match what is on the I-129f before she has her interview? Basically we don't want to be denied for a stupid thing such as this. If it helps, she is coming to USA from UK. Thanks in advance for all advice.
  13. Hello Everyone! My fianceé (petitioner) and I (beneficiary) filed our I-129f in February and got our NOA1 on March 2nd. We live together in Sweden and filed from here. We have since moved - literally just around the corner, into another apartment in the same building. In our application we entered our old address, since we didn't know at the time exactly when we would get access to the new apartment. The old apartment is being renovated by the landlord and the mail slot is currently taped shut, so no mail would end up in there. Now, we have been trying to find out how (and if it is even necessary) to go about informing USCIS about this address change. The USCIS online address change page seems to only cover address changes within the US... We have received a confirmation email, but we did not yet receive the I-797 physically. If we enter the receipt number in the email, we get a message that we should have received the physical I-797 no later than 27th of March. We have activated forwarding of our mail, and the company that offers the service says international letters should be covered but we don't feel sure. Perhaps it is working and the letter will show up during next week... On the other hand, I have heard that if you get an RFE, and it is sent to an old address and they can't find any forwarding information, the RFE will be returned to the sender and USCIS might interpret that like the case has been abandoned... Is that true? Then I'd really like to remove the risk by informing USCIS of our new address! Has anyone here had a similar situation? What did you do? Thankful for any insights!
  14. Hello everyone, I am currently residing in UAE and completing our I-129F packet. I'm planning to have my interview in my home country (Philippines). I'm just a little confused about the address that I should put on "Physical Address". For the mailing address I put my permanent address in Philippines since that is where I will have my interview and I am about to go back to Philippines by May 1, 2018. I am almost done with I-129F packet and wanted to submit it by next week (April 8, 2018). Should I use my address in UAE or I can use my address in Philippines since I'm going home after a month? Thank you.
  15. On the form it ask where my fiance will be living when he arrives; the address I am living at now will be different in a few months. Should I wait to fill out this form until I move or will I be required to do a change of address withing the process of getting his Visa approved?
  16. Hi! I have my AOS interview on March 26 and my husband and I will be moving to a new place on April 1st. I am not sure when to fill out the address change form.. Should I fill out the form a week before the interview so when I get there they have already processed the change? Should I just wait until the interview, because the officer will have power to change my address in the system then? or should I wait until after the interview and when I actually move? I am trying to avoid losing my Green Card to the amazing USPS limbo... which makes me wonder.. are GCs sent priority just like EADs or via regular snail? Thanks in advance!
  17. Hello Everyone, I filed for my removal of condition in late august 2017 and Got NOA-1 in first week of September 2017 from CSC. After that I did not hear back from USCIS. I recently changed my apartment and wanted to check how I can notify USCIS about my address change as It needs to be done within 10 days of moving. The instructions are not that clear on USCIS site. I found out from USCIS website that I have to fill AR-11 form. However when I tried filling up that form I am getting message that AR-11 Confirmation Number is required. Where can i get this confirmation code. It would be great if someone can suggest the steps of address change for removal of condition before bio-metrics is done. (As I do not have yet Bio-metric scheduled, I can not have a receipt number which shows online status of the application) . Any help, advise or suggestion would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  18. So, like everyone here I'm a little paranoid about anything that might even remotely have the slightest possibility of hurting my application. SO, I was wondering if more than one address change by the petitioner (i.e. - me) can hurt your application? I submitted the I-129f while living at one place, then moved out and into my parents' for a month while I waited for my new place to be ready. Well, the USPS wasn't forwarding my mail (still don't know why), so I submitted an address change to my parents' address. Well, two months ago I moved into my current place and hadn't gotten around to changing it again, but, of course, I got to thinking: if I submit yet another address change request so early, does that make me look unstable or something and hurt my application? Thanks all.
  19. My 21 year old son will be leaving home in September after we file for my visa in April address not yet known how do we address this on the i-129f? Advice needed Amanda
  20. I live with my husband and his parents in the US. I just applied for a I-485 and I-130, and his parents served as household members (I-864A) to fulfill the poverty guidelines. However, my husband and I want to move out in the next few months, probably while my application is still pending. Would that be okay or could that damage my chances in any way? And, would I need to change their status as "household members" to "joint sponsors" or anything like that?
  21. My husband got his GC 12/10/2015. We moved to a new address 10/31/2016 and are currently in ROC process. I mailed the package on 10/23/2017 and it was received at the VSC on 10/25/2017. We have not received NOA1 yet but I am wondering whether I should have submitted a change of address form or it was sufficient that we listed our new address on all the application forms for ROC and all of our evidence? I'm just getting concerned because they haven't cashed the Money Order yet and I see people at VSC with same date of shipping already have their Biometrics appointment.
  22. So, we are working on our i-751 for my husband. (I'm the US citizen, he's the applicant). Question 22 says "Have you resided at any other address since you became a permanent resident?" We have, but we did not submit a change of address because our living situation here has been somewhat volatile and we maintained my parents address (also our first address) for most legal documents. It's in another city, but within the same state, and we go back and forth frequently. I still work for an organization in the original city, though I work from home. All our bills still go to that address, and my drivers license is still there, although my husband's has been changed to the new city. But evidence such as the lease on our apartment here is in both of our names, and would be helpful for proving our married status. We've technically been at the new address for about a year. Are we going to face a lot of questions or negative consequences because of this? We still plan to list my parents' address as our mailing and physical address, but should we maybe put our new address as our physical address? Is that going to get us in trouble because we didn't submit a change of address form to USCIS? Anyone else have any experience like this?