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  1. There’s thread going in the UK forum on here you might find useful. Drop in and read the last several pages where people are speculating on London time lines (which change btw). UK forum https://www.visajourney.com/forums/forum/99-united-kingdom/
  2. $10k is not reported on the tax return. I have done that reporting since 2008 or so. But TurboTax asks me that question every year as a courtesy reminder that I may need to do the separate FBAR report. On this page, https://www.irs.gov/businesses/small-businesses-self-employed/report-of-foreign-bank-and-financial-accounts-fbar the IRS says: How to File You must file the FBAR electronically through FinCEN’s BSA E-Filing System. You don’t file the FBAR with your federal tax return.
  3. A foreign bank account or multiple accounts totaling $10k require an online report made to the US Treasury or FinCEN. It is not on the tax return but is due at the same time. It is also known as FBAR. If the foreign accounts exceed $100k (for a married couple), there is a form on the tax return for reporting. Form 8938. The higher threshold report is also known as FATCA. Here’s a good comparison of the two reports from the IRS. https://www.irs.gov/businesses/comparison-of-form-8938-and-fbar-requirements
  4. I also use Wise (formerly Transferwise). Wise .com The report is to the US Treasury. It is an informational report only, not an IRS taxable situation. The receiving bank is required by the Patriot Act to make the report of anything over $10k, so nothing for the individual to do in such a transfer to the US.
  5. Yes you can claim them if they are minors. Presumably you provided over half their support (which the IRS won’t be asking you to prove). And more importantly, there will not be another US tax return filed where another parent will claim the same two kids with the same SSNs. Your return will sail past computer checks. If they are older or married, then other rules may apply.
  6. In IRS terms, there is EARNED INCOME (from a job, a salary, wages for working) and UNEARNED INCOME (interest, dividends, investment income). She is gathering some unearned income that has no effect on her immigration process. You don’t need to fix this at all. At this point, your spouse has nothing on paper that makes her a “US person”. It’s a limbo K1s find themselves in while they wait on the immigration process to move forward. So the bank is following the rules to get a W8BEN from her as a foreign person. She can fill it out skipping the treaty section. Once she gets EAD or AOS, then it can be changed at the bank. The bank has to hold out 30% of the interest that would normally go straight into the account of a “US person”. It’s probably not that much money How much interest has she earned from the bank.. $5 maybe? which would be $1.50, not stolen from her, but held back toward taxes that might be owed. It will all come back when you file a 2022 joint tax return if you are getting a refund. i don’t think a W8BEN is a crisis at all while a K1 is is the limbo period. The bank doesn’t understand the nuances of K1 immigration so if it is easier to have one on file for the time being, then do it.
  7. Not an I-130, but for removing conditions to prove marriage so same purpose. I sent four—earliest, middle-ish, most recent. My common sense told me if it has the same two names, same bank, and the same account number then that account existed continuously for the whole time. Statements from every month seemed redundant to me and would just clutter up the application.
  8. The embassy does not assign your interview, so does not send notifications via Royal Mail. NVC picks your date/time and notifies by email.
  9. Here’s something to read concerning denial under 212(a)(2)(A)(i)(1) Crimes of Moral Turpitude https://visarefusal.com/inadmissibility/crimes-of-moral-turpitude/
  10. @Pat2021 Hopefully you get your interview for early November. The second part of your post is a medical question, not an update on an interview date. It needs to be a new thread.
  11. @DanElst The difference between you as a K1 and @Laud an (IR1/CR1) is he/she required all shot before the visa could be issued. A K1 doesn’t have to clear vaccinations to get a visa. But it is IMPORTANT that you understand that if you get signed off on all jabs at your medical, then you are done with immigration doctors forever. The clinic in the past has often told K1s to just go get their shots on NHS and take that proof to the US for their adjustment of status. If you do that, you will have to pay a new immigration doctor (called civil surgeon) several hundred dollars to sign off the shots and give you a new medical exam that you don’t even need. At your visa medical exam, insist that you want to receive all shots needed that day. Don’t let them talk you into getting shots later. It is true that you could, but it will cost you money and be a hassle. You can get shots anywhere like clinics in grocery stores, Boots, travel clinics, etc and take proof to your medical exam. Or ask that they be given on the day. Visa Medicals in London has their prices on their website. Here are the shots needed for 19 through 59 years of age: Td or Tdap - Tetanus/diptheria/pertussis or get DT, DTP or DtaP and it will be accepted. The latest shot must be no longer than 10 years ago or you need a booster. In the UK they will give Revaxis which is Tetanus/diphtheria +polio. Adults don’t need polio for immigration but that’s the combo available in the UK. They don’t have a Tetanus and diphtheria only jab like Adacel given in the US. MMR - (if born in 1957 or later)-Mumps/measles/rubella. It's two doses in your life, but if you get the first dose, and 4 weeks haven't passed by your medical, they will waive the second dose for "insufficient time interval". If you only had one dose as a child, get a second one before the medical. Varicella - Not routinely given in the UK. A history of having chickenpox excuses you from the shot. They take your word for it at the visa medical exam. They will also waive the shot in the UK for "not routinely available". Influenza - Required during flu season only, October 1 through March 31. If your medical is not during flu season, you don't need it. Hepatitis B - required for all applicants up to 59 years old. COVID-19 vaccine - Completely vaccinated with dose 1&2. (New starting 1-Oct-2021).
  12. Presumably you uploaded the marriage certificate to the NVC. That takes care of the “photocopy” for the file because they already have a digital copy for the file. No paper copy needed in London. The entire IR1/CR1 file (excluding DCF cases) is now digital and you won’t get a big white ‘Do Not Open’’ envelope of papers with your passport/visa delivery like years ago. The original is brought to the interview so they can verify it in person compared to what you uploaded. They want originals of your other civil documents as well (birth certificate, police certificate, divorce decree if applicable) to verify with things you scanned and uploaded. They hand originals back to you before you leave. I’ve never heard of petitioners living in the US needing to show domicile at London interviews. That usually applies to DCF filers when the American spouse lives in the UK.
  13. I guess maybe it varies by country or currency. I transferred about 3 times that much from the UK. Don’t know if there is a limit or not. Sounds like you have worked out a plan that fits your situation. 👍
  14. I believe that comment you quoted was speaking of fees charged by the sending bank or transfer service, not the US bank which should be pleased to get a big incoming deposit already converted to USD. Also the exchange rates offered when sending need to be compared because that is not a standard rate.
  15. I have used Wise, formerly Transferwise, to transfer money. Wise. com When comparing rates, look at the service fees and the exchange rate offered. Income tax is based on income earned in a tax year. Your entire savings balance was not “earned” in one tax year just because you change the bank that holds it. If you were paid $10 interest into that savings account in the tax year, then you “earned” $10 which is reported on the tax return, no matter if earned in the US or abroad.
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