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  1. You probably already know you can’t get a passport at a British consulate in the US as was suggested. You will have to mail your current passport and application off to the UK. Typically those come back in just a few weeks...before world pandemic. Just wanted to say I read on the BBC news today that passport office workers have been asked to return to work next week by HMPO officials.
  2. Stimulus payment is based on the 2018 tax return if the 2019 return is not filed and processed by the time payments are issued. From your description, your wife filed Married Filing Separately for 2018 tax year. She can get $1200 based on that. You did not file in 2018, so no $1200 for you based on 2018 filing. If you file a joint 2019 return immediately, then maybe it would make it in time for that return to to trigger $1200 for each of you because you are filing when it is a joint return. But it may be too late. They have not announced a cut-off. If you don’t make the cutoff, then when you file your 2020 joint return next year they will issue your $1200 stimulus then. So yes you will get a stimulus by filing a tax return but it may not be in the early payouts.
  3. Waiting on a SSN is an uncertain option because the timelines for EAD may be pushed back considerably given that offices are closed due to the Coronavirus. Filing with an ITIN for 2019 and a SSN for 2020 won’t confuse things. The process for ITIN is print the tax return leaving the SSN area blank. Both sign. Send the 1) tax return and 2) ITIN application W7 with proof of identity to: Internal Revenue Service ITIN Operation PO Box 149342 Austin, TX 78714-9342 That center will process the ITIN first, add the number to the tax return, then process the return. You would be considered filing on time when sending both together, even if processing is slow. The actual foreign passport is the one standalone documentation to go with the W7 (or a certified photocopy of it.) That certification can be done in person at an IRS Taxpayer Assistance Center when they open back up. They will certify your passport and send everything to Austin for you. You likely have a better chance of a TAC opening before your EAD and SSN are issued. Or you can mail your passport off to Austin with the W7 and tax return and they will return it to you promptly. The IRS is not bothered that you have not filed for AOS. You are a resident alien for taxes because of the length of time you have been in the US. You do not have to submit a declaration choosing to be treated as a resident alien. You are one and can file jointly with your spouse. The IRS issues ITIN to actual illegals who entered the US without a visa or inspection so they will pay taxes on their income earned without work authorization. They do not reveal such to USCIS or ICE. There is a veil of separation between IRS and Homeland Security (USCIS, Border Patrol, ICE) when it comes to filing taxes. If the reason you are keen to get the SSN to file is the stimulus payment which is not issued to either party if one on the tax return has an ITIN— Wait a bit on filing 2019 until your spouse has received the $1200 based on 2018 filing separately return. We haven’t heard that the money is going out yet. Even if you subsequently file 2019 with an ITIN, she won’t have to pay back her $1200 once issued. Then next year when you file your 2020 tax return with your SSN, you will get your $1200 applied as a credit, meaning $1200 more tacked on to your refund. You have until July 15 to file on time or file an extension.
  4. Don’t confuse FBAR with your tax return. The person with the foreign account files FBAR online and not as part of the tax return.
  5. Sunday all day was google,com Monday 4/6 https://perkslily.website/ln/9GKU8Z1wdgtJqFRRMqLKhNl_DyoG0JTBLm8qio2hvwRCIO9kxKG6qedpa.k8WUbIfRjHQzIb5HqujlKk8.36skfoxDnch0G5z8LOeTkW_i7BbVLXvjhzfTOHfXFGYx7vCM4Q4RVfgok1aM9o796ykiMC26TjBUuOmVzEJVoa7kBUMR_bhxIOiqxXnmtEZUrTgeH9d4IPiYtinf4.YmDhM4h1STXg42IDOGjBqagtp63nlIn652bPAp8gg_1zIrEFt8MU7bKkOIawv16cGVrbGikgllhR5hZlp2DdP.DeFqFqAgYcFHa2oowWKmz4OuBL5yb.fXb2I6bCocxLReqcgOxqpmNSp3jBgVdK_P6xISlQuuSH.0r4eBcZystZAzDty5qrD_azCXGyN19.QLRbMsxp9wJPzs72g9t33MwcOcMqq.qq
  6. Ok then, same applies to the other sponsor as well. London won’t need to see much from your fiancé (or any) if she can’t qualify. Many have been approved with only the I-134 from the sponsor with the $$$.
  7. If your fiancé has a job, then an employer letter will be enough for a London interview. A tax transcript as a backup if you want a second proof. You can skip the bank stuff if the salary meets the requirements.
  8. Some in London rescheduled last week. Their process is the original appointment date has to pass (so you can’t move up to an earlier one than NVC scheduled). Once the date has passed, you have to choose “I missed my appointment” and it will open up what is available (if any at this point). Things change daily. They are May appointments.
  9. Same for me. I posted in the site bugs thread but have gotten no reply. Mine are on an iPad. So far a site about shipping or ordering things, google search page, and “your McAfee has expired”, which I don’t have.
  10. Update—- Known cases in the UK March 11 - 456 cases in 17 days March 28 - 19,522 cases in 21 days April 1 - 33,718 cases
  11. You don’t need to contact anybody. Positive about that. See the K1 pages on the embassy website https://uk.usembassy.gov/visas/fiancee-2/applying-for-the-visa/ In the Required Documents you will find Petition Affirmation Letter (if applicable) If your petition expires before the visa interview takes place, you are required to bring to your interview a signed letter from your petitioner confirming that you both remain legally free to marry and that you will marry within 90 days of your arrival in the United States If you start reading through the FAQ pages linked on the right, you will find I am applying for a K-1 visa, I have heard that I need a letter from my fiancé(e) to reaffirm the petition, what is this? If the visa interview is scheduled more than 4 months from the date the petition is approved, the applicant is required to provide an original letter from the petitioner, confirming that they both remain legally free to marry and that they intend to do so within 90 days of the applicant’s entry to the United States. There is no requirement that the letter be notarized.
  12. Concerning above post. Today the VJ pages are redirected to https://www.google.com and supposed McAfee https://appcenter.macworld.space/esqmfcrd204/?utm_source=mdhara1&utm_pubid=ca39aa70-c021-4658-aa46-ab8f96e09a7e&x-context=w9vrulalucnt2k2u1ih0kl4h Sometimes it’s not by bookmark. Typing visajourney.com to get to the website also has had issues. Any ideas?
  13. Congratulations. How are you doing with earthquakes?
  14. There is a whole new forum area for Corvid-19 related topics where people are asking similar questions. Since an event like this has never happened before, nobody knows what might eventually happen, but right now immigration laws still stand. She could have left three weeks ago before bans were so restrictive and airlines grounded most of their planes.
  15. Today (April 1) I started getting pop ups on my iPad. It’s only on VJ. Has been on UK forum, my content, and Uk posts which are all bookmarks. I get the page fine and can read awhile , but then it redirects to a new page. This page https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/bjQLvLlW Edit: Actually the My Content is not a bookmark, but I navigate there from my profile name drop down in the top right corner.
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