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  1. If NVC assigned you an interview date, then you register that appointment you already have (choice #1) and it will take you on to courier arrangements. This one won’t take you to a calendar of open appointment dates to pick your choice of dates because you already have been assigned a date by NVC. If you are DCF that never went to NVC and the embassy provided you a case number so you could go online and pick your own appointment it’s #2. If you got expedited out of NVC before they assigned your interview and you have no appointment date, then you have to schedule an appointment, meaning pick a date yourself online. #2
  2. They are starting to trickle in. Pick up on the last couple of pages of that thread over in DCF forum.
  3. There’s a form to request your spouse. She should bring her passport for ID. On the embassy website FAQs I would like my U.S. citizen spouse/fiancee/child accompany me to my interview Please provide the date of the appointment and the name of your U.S. citizen spouse or fiance(e) and arrangements will be made for them to be admitted to the Embassy. They will be required to bring with them photo-id for presentation to Embassy personnel. Children not applying for visas may accompany you also. If 12 or over, we will require their name and they will require photo-id. Please provide the required information through our contact form. When completing the form, please include your case number (e.g. LND2013XXXXXX). Failure to do so will delay our response HOWEVER, with social distancing and all, they may not be letting extras in at this time. I’ve also known spouses to talk their way in on the day. My fiancé did. EDIT—- And the link to the form is no longer valid. Try this one https://uk.usembassy.gov/visas/iv-contact_form/
  4. You don’t need the letter at the interview. You will have an automated appointment verification email to show. But how will you get that far (to schedule an interview) if you don’t receive the letter with your case number?
  5. There’s obviously a disconnect with whomever is supposed to assign those case numbers at the embassy. I guess they have a slightly disrupted workplace with new protocols like everywhere else. They’ve had a week and a half, so maybe they are getting settled in and it will come together. Things slowed down and were a little uncertain when the embassy moved into the new building a few years back. An abundance of interviewees in this forum got to their interview and there was no medical file, even though enough time had been allowed. It got better with time but the first weeks/month were not smooth.
  6. LONDON always sets the visa to expire 6 months from the medical date, so plan on that. Don’t believe everything the BBC says about the US being such a Covid mess. The U.K. is the world leader in mortality from Covid 19. So if you catch it, the US will keep you alive. 😳
  7. Bring original documents that got submitted as photocopies like the marriage license, etc. Bring anything that you have joint as a married couple like bank account, auto insurance, photocopy driver licenses showing same address, maybe you added him to your health insurance or as a beneficiary of something, anything that has both names like a bill, the tax return, etc. Just think what you have that indicates you are a married couple sharing a life and home. The new house deed or mortgage is a good one. People in a scammer marriage don’t buy houses together. You’ll do fine. You don’t need your K1 file. That’s done and over.
  8. Mate, they are just doing their job and knocking out interviews. I don’t think they have a plan of attack as you suggest other than working on spouse visas two days a week because they are allowed to travel. Both NVC and DCF interviews are about the same...quick and easy. They still have to look through the documents and approve. The NVC collecting and dragging it out is such a bottleneck. NVC doesn’t approve because that is the consulate officer’s job. So they are just an overblown checkpoint to see if all the documents are turned in, which is accomplished at the embassy in about two minutes at the first window for all the K1s and DCF filers. Those NVC folks are going to keep rolling in, so there’s no clearing out going to be accomplished. Assigning a LND number is not the typical task done at the embassy because most are assigned at NVC. Maybe that person went home to quarantine. Maybe nobody wants to bother with that task. Why guess? What does that accomplish? I know it’s hard to wait but Covid messed up a somewhat loosely predictable process. Keep emailing and asking them to get on it. Eventually it will happen.
  9. Give it a day. It happens often that the info isn’t synced up instantly.
  10. It was many years ago, but the Dept of State could see what was happening at NVC or embassy because all are under the same DOS umbrella. They quit answering questions after it became the hot number to call. And we have lost the number we actually called. But maybe somebody sympathetic will be able to search for the case in embassy records if it has been registered. Then again, it may not have been pick up by anybody since arrival from USCIS London.
  11. Here’s a long shot idea for you. Back when I did this, my wife discovered calling the Department of State was a way to get all kinds of info. We had no case status CEAC and such back then. Everything was by mail and paper forms. They (DOS) can access your case online. She found out interview date, when visa issued, and things like that with no wait time for somebody to answer. That eventually spread on VJ and everybody was calling them so they quit answering visa questions. Maybe if your USC calls, you will get lucky and get a sympathetic person who will not hang up on you. I found the old cracked iPad with her list of immigration phone numbers In the notepad, but it had been wiped clean. There is a current number for emergency services for American citizens 202-502-4444. Perhaps the USC could call and say you seem to be stuck in no man’s land and need help because...insert any hardships like mom illness, house sale and being homeless. You want to find out if a State Department case number has been issued so you can finish. Your Spouse visa petition was approved on [date] by the USCIS office in London. The case has been with the consulate in London for some time but you can’t continue with the automated procedures without a case number. The embassy will not respond even though they are open and conducting interviews. Can they please help you find out if a case number has been assigned or give you more information on how to get one.
  12. Read this https://www.uscis.gov/tools/how-do-i-guides/pay-the-uscis-immigrant-fee After getting your visa, there is a $220 fee to pay online. Do you remember paying the fee after you got your passport back? They would have handed you information about it at your London interview. They won’t mail your greencard until you pay.
  13. I have lived in Texas just shy of 12 years so this comes from experience and local knowledge. Like I said before, when you move to Texas you have 90 days to get a TX license. So you could just drive on your own legally with a U.K. license. If you haven’t done that before, then you may want your spouse with you helping you learn and getting used to driving on the left hand side of the car. For me, my brain just flipped and it was an easy transition. I had driven in the US when visiting for years so felt very accomplished when I moved here. Should you get stopped, you pull out the UK license and proof of insurance*. (More on that later). They write you up on your UK license. The conversation may go something like this: Cop: (Looking at U.K. license) Are you visiting? You: I moved here at the end of July. Cop: Well you know you only have 90 days to get a license? You: Yes sir, I am waiting on my Social Security card, but the offices are [closed] [backlogged] [slow] Pick one. I hope to have it soon. Cop: Ok, I am issuing you a ticket for speeding. Have a nice day. Don’t forget to get your TX license. You go pay the ticket and keep the receipt for when you have your citizenship interview. Not an issue but good to have the record of paying. That is basically an account of what happened to me, except the additional charge of “failure to have a valid license” was originally added because I was past the 30 days one was allowed back then.( It changed to 90 days to get your license.) My wife talked him into scratching out that charge because I was a K1 and couldn’t get a license until I received EAD so impossible within the time frame. I continued to drive until I got EAD. *Proof of insurance. It is different in Texas than what you are used to. The car is insured, not the driver. Your name is not required on the auto insurance policy for the car to be covered. If your spouse has insurance on the vehicle and gives you permission to drive, then the car is covered if you have a wreck. (Yes experienced with that too.) My wife’s daughter let her boyfriend drive her car. Wreck. No problem having insurance fix it. So if stopped by a cop, just show that the car has auto insurance. It does not require your name on the policy. Once you get a license and are a regular driver, then get added to the policy. That is what our State Farm agent advised....add name when you get your license. It won’t be long before you get a TX license. So you have several options— Drive/practice 90 days on UK license Get a learners permit with one of those SSN waivers and practice until ready for driving test. I took my learners permit test and driving test back to back same day because I didn’t need practice first. Wait on SSN before getting a learners permit and license. You will need to show the actual card. (That’s about the only place I have ever had to show the card.) And just curious, what town are you in?
  14. Your UK license is of no real use in the process of getting a TX license. However, I did drive on my UK license prior to getting my TX license. You have 90 days to drive on it after moving to TX. Practice that way. In Texas you will need a SSN to start your driver license process. There seems to be an exception as noted here https://www.dps.texas.gov/DriverLicense/ssn.htm I would say good luck on getting through that hurdle, but perhaps printing that page will help a worker not familiar. You first take a written test (on computer) at a DPS office, so study the yellow handbook. Passing gets you a learners permit that allows you to drive with a licensed driver in the front seat..so you can practice driving. You would have to have a learners permit before you could drive a car at a driving school. When you are confident that you drive well enough, you schedule a driving test at a DPS office. Many offer online appointment scheduling now. A highway patrol officer does the test. It’s not nearly as hard as a U.K. driving test. Pass that and you get a TX license. Here’s an interactive thing to help you know what documents you need https://www.dps.texas.gov/DriverLicense/RealID
  15. I think that sounds like it meets all the criteria set forth by law and will be acceptable. London is pretty easy going and won’t be trying to cook up some obscure reason to fail you on this. If I was in the same situation, I would go with your transfer information. It is very thorough.
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