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  1. Hey Nich-Nick!


    I saw your post dated back from 2015 about i-693/DS-3025 with great information!! thanks! But with the new Policy that just took effect last week.  I was  hoping you can shed some light to the confusion. https://www.uscis.gov/news/alerts/uscis-policy-manual-update


    My fiance has a completed vaccination sheet DS-3025, he took his medical September 4.  After this new policy took effect, I am not sure if I can still submit DS-3025 w/application without transcribing it to i-693 form.  Is DS-3025 still valid to submit after this new policy? i dunno if it has an expiration date like the old i-693 form......now that GC are taking over a year to acquire, i'm just trying to avoid any RFEs in the future. thanks!

  2. Wheatley and Nich-Nick have collaborated on this new guide. Because the mods want pinned threads to be for information only, please don't post your individual questions in this thread. Read it carefully and if you don't understand something or have a unique issue then start a new thread with your question. Keep this thread clear of your progress, fears, joys, and frustrations. If anything changes in London, we will add information. The basic guide, once posted, can not be edited by either of us, so read to the end in case there are corrections Pre-NOA2 Preparation US Petitioner Order your IRS Tax Transcript - Tax transcripts are an excellent source of evidence for your I-134 Affidavit of Support. They're certified by the IRS. You only need the most recent one. Start getting the I-134 ready with the supporting documents [e.g. proof of income].London will accept any proof on an I-134 that clearly shows income. Some ways besides a tax return/transcript are employer letter, pay stubs, pension letter, or banks statements showing direct deposits. Pick two. You don’t need to prove income five different ways. If you have a new job or earn more income since your tax return, then an employer letter and recent pay stubs are a better choice than a weak tax return. This one has to be sent the old-fashioned way with a “wet” signature on it. Copies of the form aren't accepted, but your proof of income can be scans or photocopies. London does not typically want to see relationship evidence. In the majority of cases they haven't asked for it. If it gives you peace of mind, get some photos printed but don't panic over it at all. Nor do they want to see your NOA2 or a photocopy of the I-129F packet– what do you think they have in front of them? UK Beneficiary Go get your photos done. You're going to need 2x UK size and 1x US size. The two UK size photos are for your Medical and for your Police Certificate. Your US size one is for the Embassy – no longer do you need 2 of them, only one as they scan them in digitally. US size photos can be done at most photo booths at a cost of around £7 for 4 photos. Go to your NHS doctor and get the immunizations you will need for Adjustment of Status. You can get a K1 visa without having any shots, but you will need them before AOS. It’s extremely wise to take care of it before getting to the US so you can avoid civil surgeon hassles and $$$. Many NHS doctors will do them for free, but they are not obligated to do so for immigration purposes. Get the shots documented by your doctor to take to your visa medical exam. If your doctor should say you don’t need something on this list, remember you have to go by US rules and that differs from UK standards. Here are the shots needed for 19 through 59 years of age: Td or Tdap - Tetanus/diptheria/pertussis or get DT, DTP or DtaP and it will be accepted for AOS also. The latest shot must be no longer than 10 years ago or you need a booster. If you have a record of receiving pertussis, then the Td is okay for the booster. MMR - (if born in 1957 or later)-Mumps/measles/rubella. It's two doses in your life, but if you get the first dose, and 4 weeks haven't passed by your medical, they will waive the second dose for "insufficient time interval". If you only had one dose as a child, get a second one before the medical. Varicella - Not routinely given in the UK . A history of having chickenpox excuses you from the shot. They take your word for it at the visa medical exam. Influenza – Required during flu season only, October 1 through March 31. This was a new recommendation dated November 2010 for all ages over 6 months. Older lists will say flu shots for over age 50. It changed. The list on the London embassy website is out of date since 2009. Don’t follow it. Get all your documents together. Here is a link to London’s list of required documents. Be sure to click any links that say “please follow this link for more information” or you may miss details particular to you. Below are some links on how to get these documents or replacements of them: Police Certificate Birth, Marriage and Divorce Certificates Military Records Finally, make sure your passport is in order – You need to make sure you have at least 8 months until the expiry date on it, preferably more. If you've damaged it or gotten it wet, or the edges are wrinkled, it will need to be renewed. London is fussy about that.
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