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  1. Hey Nich-Nick!


    I was wondering if you could possibly answer a question I had after reading your post here: 

     I have the DS-3025 completed overseas with blanket waiver and all the necessary vaccines/checks etc like you listed...

    BUT, the medical was performed February 2017, and I filed for AOS on June 2017, and my AOS interview is August 2018. Does this change anything? I mean, my medical was more than a year ago and also more than a year (barely) after filing for AOS... Is it expired by now?


    Thanks a lot!

  2. Hi I came across one of your comments regarding expedite in London. Our I-130 was expedited at the NVC level and sent directly to London Embassy, the CEAC says "ready" as of 5/23. We haven't received any instructions yet on how to schedule interview. I have emailed them but I got a blanket response saying that NVC handles all approved petitions including scheduling of interview. Obviously that isn't the case if it is expedited, I responded back to the email and have even sent a subsequent one explaining again that it was expedited. I am wondering if you have any knowledge on how London handles the expedited cases and how to get an interview scheduled? I appreciate your help. Thanks!

  3. Just about to finish my I-751, regarding question 5 (information about your children) , it is only me the conditional green card holder applying to remove conditions, we both have children ( grown up) mine living in London and my wife's (US Citizen) don't live with us, do I need to include them. They are not part of the process in any way.

  4. Hey Nich-Nick,


    Would you be able to offer some advice on the I-134 and possibly the later I-864? I have done lots of research but there is some technicality I would like to clarify before proceeding.





  5. hello nick nick,


    I hope you can answer my questions. My wife completed her ds 3025 with complete examinations, vaccines and the required immunization that was require by the immigration. Do we still need to include I-693 in filing AOS for her papers? she came from k1 visa.


    thank you in advance


    1. mamichula34


      Did she bring her vaccinations with her?

    2. Keemdenice


      yesss... the ds 3025 and the cd that the doctor gave her. she took her vaccination in the philippines completely