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  1. Hi all, just wondering if anyone else here has sent off their response to an RFIE recently, and if so how you formatted/what you included on the cover letter? I received an RFIE for the I-944 and have completed the form and compiled all of the supporting documentation, but before I send it off I would like some confirmation on how to word the cover letter. Bellow is my cover letter, any advice is welcome!
  2. Hi everyone, just looking for a little guidance on what to include as evidence regarding my credit report (Part 3, Item 11 of the I-944). The instructions for the I-944 say: "If you do not have a credit report or credit score, provide documentation that demonstrates that you do not have a credit report or score with a credit bureau. You may provide evidence of continued payment of bills if there is no credit report or credit score." I received a letter from a credit company stating that I do not have a credit score/record to include as evidence, as per the instructions. Is it also a requirement for me to include past bills etc. to 'support my claim of creditworthiness'? It says in the instructions 'you may provide evidence..' which implies to me that it is not a requirement, especially since I am able to include documentation that demonstrates that I do not have a credit report. Would I be correct in assuming this? I do not have much to show as evidence of payment of bills since I live with my wife and brother in law who pay the rent, bills and other expenses. Any advice?
  3. I have no problem with getting my fingerprints taken, I’m just trying to limit my time in public because of COVID-19.
  4. 2 appointments? Since when is that a thing? And how likely is it? If it’s likely that I will have to go to an additional appointment for the I-131 then it would be beneficial not to file it, right?
  5. I was just looking over the instructions on forms I-485, I-765 and I-131 before I send everything off (filing concurrently) and noticed that on both the I-485 and the I-765 it says that you may have to go in for a biometrics appointment, whereas on the I-131 it says you will have to. I’m very anxious about going in for biometrics because of COVID-19 and would like to avoid it if possible, and I’m not eager to travel soon anyway so the I-131 isn’t that important to me. So, how likely is it that I will need to go in for biometrics if I don’t file the I-131?
  6. Thank you! Should I have a seperate E-notification form for each of these as well?
  7. Also will I need a seperate G-1145 E-notification form for each form being filed?
  8. When filing concurrently do I still need to include 'supporting evidence' for the I-765 and I-131 such as marriage certificate, I-94, photocopies of passport etc, or will having that evidence included with the I-485 in the same application suffice? If not, will photocopies of my marrige certificate suffice as I only have 2 certified copies of it? Thank you in advance!
  9. Hi all, I moved to the US recently on a K1 visa and am now in the midst of AOS paperwork. In part 3 of the I-944 it asks: 11. Do you have a U.S. credit report? 12. Do you have a U.S. credit score? Obviously I have neither of these things. I have attempted to use TransUnion and Equifax to obtain proof that I have not got a credit score or report, however they require either a US card number which I do not have (my wife and I share her debit card) or a US address. The problem is that I am not on the lease for our apartment as the landlords told me to wait until it is renued to be added, so when I fill out my adress on the credit report forms they cannot find a record of me living here and thus cannot show proof that I have no credit report. I have seen other people run into a similar problem as me, though there's is that they don't have an SSN. I fortunately have an SSN but because of the address information I cannot get the information I need to attach to my I-944. Has anybody else experienced this issue? Any advice on what I should do?
  10. I will be submitting forms I-485, I-131 (travel document), I-765 (employment authorization), two I-864s (affadavit of support), and new form I-944 (declaration of self-sufficiency). How many photos do I need in total?
  11. Out of curiosity, if my wife (petitioner) has no income, but her brother (joint sponsor) qualifies on his own, would we be best off making him fill out his own i-864 or having him fill out an i-864a instead? (we all live in the same house, but my wife is not claimed by her brother on his tax returns)
  12. Hi all, this is probably a ridiculous question but I just wan't to be sure before I finalise my AOS paperwork: are joint sponsors still allowed when applying for a green card on a K1 visa? Or is this replaced with my own/my households funds as listed on the i-944? My spouse and I were relying on her brother as a co-sponsor and now we are a little worried! Thanks for any help!
  13. My spouse doesn't file taxes and is applying manually for economic impact payment on the IRS website; there are two options available for filing status, 1. single, 2. married filing jointly. We're in the midst of AOS paperwork (delayed because of COVID-19) and we were married before the 31st of December 2019. Should we be filing jointly since we are married, or not since I don't have a work eligible social security number? Would filing as 'single' hurt our case since we are married now? It says on the IRS website that you are ineligible if you are a 'nonresident alien'. Thank you in advance for any help!
  15. Hi all, I recently got married on a K1 fiancee visa and am currently filling out the forms for Adjustment of Status, but I'm a bit puzzled as to what documents are needed for the medical. I had my medical examination in the UK on October 10th 2019, a little over 5 months ago. It is to my understanding that I don't need to file the I-693 since my medical was less than a year ago, is this correct? I was given a sealed medical packet along with my K1 visa, is this to be submitted here? I have a sheet from my medical in the UK listing my vaccinatons and whatnot, should this be included as proof of vaccinations? I have a disc with my chest X-ray on it from my medical that was given to me at my K1 interview in London, is this to be included too? Any and all help will be greatly appreciated! Thank you
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