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  1. Hi all, as you know I had some issues at Knightsbridge regarding my letter from my gp in relation to my mental health history, as the letter failed to mention my previous self harm and state that I have not self harmed in 2 years. I will embed the original post about this at the end of this post for anyone who wants to read it for reference. So, I wrote to my GP on October 11th to request an edit to the original letter. I provided all of the relevant information to the receptionist and was told they would have to review my mental health history to write the letter. On October 22nd I called my GP to inquire about the letter as it had been over a week. I was told that they had finished sorting through my mental health history and were now able to begin composing the letter. Today (October 23rd) I received a call from my GP stating that they had gathered the relevant documents together for me to collect. I went to the GP to collect my revised letter which turned out to be an envelope full of old letters from CAMHS about my treatment there, as well as an updated medical history stating that I have not self harmed in two years. I told the receptionist that it was great that my history had been updated to say this but it was not what I requested as my letter clearly stated that they should edit the original letter to state that I have not self harmed in two years, not just put it in my medical records. They told me that the secretary will not write a letter stating that as she is not a doctor and can not confirm that I have not self harmed since 2017. I explained that that’s ridiculous since it now clearly states in my medical records that I haven’t done so, so she would simply be rewording that to put into the letter. I was told that I would need an appointment with my GP to go over this letter if I needed that included in it, but I wouldn’t be able to get an appointment with any doctor at the surgery until the following week. I asked for them to have the head doctor call me tomorrow so I can discuss this with someone who is actually somewhat competent. While I was there I also wrote down for them simply what the letter should detail and handed it to the receptionist again, hoping that maybe this time they’d actually understand that the letter simply has to say that TO THEIR KNOWLEDGE I have not self harmed in two years. So, this situation is very tricky. I’m quickly learning that almost everyone in the world is incredibly incompetent and my patience is wearing thin. Any advice on what to do or how to proceed? Is there any chance Knightsbridge will simply accept the updated medical history? Our petition expires in early December and my fiancee is worried that the letter won’t be completed until then. How would I go about getting an extension on the petition and how long would that take?
  2. Hi all, I'm trying to gather all of the documents I need for the K1 interview at the London Embassy. I read somewhere at the start of this process that you should gather more recent evidence of your relationship to take with you as proof, though I can't seem to find anything in UK specific forums or on the official embassy website. Should I be looking through our chat logs again and printing evidence or is it not necessary?
  3. I had my medical two days ago, it's £350! Vaccinations cost extra though
  4. I've seen a lot of 'Kightsbridge experience' posts lately, as well as many questions about what to expect and what to bring when you've had past mental health issues, so I thought I'd provide some insight as I had my medical this week. Also, if anyone has any advice they're willing to share that would be hugely beneficial for me and I'm sure many others. I have experienced depression and anxiety in the past and struggled with self harm prior to getting help in the form of medication and therapy, so per VisaJourney's advice I requested a letter from my doctor. I asked for the letter to detail my mental health history and include the dates that my treatment including medication began and ended. After constantly calling for weeks and asking for the letter ASAP, I finally received it on October 9th. The letter said: "I can confirm that (my name) is a patient of mine and since July 2018 she has not had any treatment/medication for symptoms of anxiety or depression. She feels that she does not at present represent any ongoing risk to herself or others. I enclose a brief summary of her notes including past medication prescribed." (THIS WAS NOT ENOUGH) So, after weeks of waiting I am now eager to book the medical. I call up Knightsbridge and ask for the soonest appointment they have which turned out to be the next day (October 10th). Brilliant, I book my train tickes to London, print the remaining documents and pack everything in my backpack for the big day. There are so many posts detailing the journey, the local coffee shops, the best route from Euston (I was early so opted to walk), and what happens at the medical itself, so I will try to only provide the information I haven't seen posted (at least not much). The part applicable to mental health is the meeting/medical examination with the Panel Physician. As soon as I walked into the room she told me she would have to ask me some further questions about my past mental health issues. She asked me to explain it all (symptoms, self harm, treatment) in my own words, then asked me if I am or ever have been suicidal, am harming or have harmed myself, am harming or have harmed other etc. She then looked over my letter from my doctor and explained that while I was on the right track by asking for the letter prior to the medical, the letter needed to include more detail about my past with self harm. At this point she gave me a letter to give to my doctor (or pass on the information in my own letter). The said that my doctor should provide a 'brief medial report' outlining my diagnosis, treatment, duration of illness, other mental illnesses, incidents of self harm, harm to others or suicide attempts, prognosis and opinion of current mental state. (I will upload a copy of the letter for those interested in seeing the whole thing) I was told that I should scan and email the letter from my Doctor once it is completed, and once that is done they will send my medical files to the Embassy. So, I finished the medical, paid the £350 fee and caught the train home. I went straight to my GP the following morning (October 11th) to request an EDIT to my inital letter (very clever way to word it, they didn't charge me this time - I have the Panel Physician to that amazing advice!) Now I'm waiting for the new letter.. God knows how long it will take this time. At least I haven't booked my interview at the Embassy yet! Any advice? Similar stories? Feel free to share as not only do I need some reassurance and tips right now but I'm sure other people would fins it beneficial.
  5. Anyone know anything about this?
  6. Hi all, The NVC my fiancee (the petitioner) today to inform us that the packet is now in transit to the London Embassy. In the email was an attatched letter adressed to me (the beneficiary) giving me my 'next steps' and including details like our case number, USCIS receipt number, interview location etc. - is this the 'proof' I need to take to my medical? I would like to book the medical ASAP, I'm just waiting on the written letter from my doctor. Am I correct in thinking I am technically able to book it now? Or should I be waiting for the Embassy to receive the petetion or to mail out packet 3? Any advice would be much appreciated x
  7. Hi, just wondering if anyone knows approximatey how long it takes to receive packet 3 once the NVC have mailed the petition to the London Embassy. I read online that it takes 3-5 days for the approved petition to arrive in the UK and then an additional few days (5-7 total I believe) for the Embassy to recieve it. How son after the Embassy receiving it chould I be expecting Packet 3? Is it a physical packet/letter or an email? Also am I allowed to apply for the medical now or should I wait until I receive packet 3? I know I need proof of the case number to take to the medical - will this proof be in packet 3? Thanks x
  8. Hi all, quick question about the ACRO certificate. It was to my knowledge that the police certificate should be taken to the medical at Knightsbridge, however on the Embassy website it also lists the ACRO Police Certificate in the required documents for the visa interview. Should I have ordered two copies of my police certificate so that I have a copy to take to interview? Or do Knightsbridge forward the document to the Embassy/give the certificate back to me to take to the interview? I assumed I took it to the medical and then it was forwarded to the Embassy but now I'm doubting myself and freaking out a bit! Any help would be much appreciated!
  9. You're best off posting this in the UK Forum! The people there are usually super helpful when it comes to London Embassy specific questions. https://www.visajourney.com/forums/forum/99-united-kingdom/
  10. That’s great to hear, thank you!
  11. Hi, just a quick question for anyone who's had to get letter written and signed by their GP for the medical at Knightsbridge as I'm not sure how the letter should be formatted and addressed. Does my Doctor need to address the letter to the Knightsbridge medical centre or is the letter just a standard doctor's note with a wet signature? If anyone could share some examples of theirs that would be very much appreciated - I'm stressing over everything!
  12. Thank you! I’m going to discuss the signed letter with my GP tomorrow, I hope all goes well!
  13. Thank you! I'll try to schedule my flu shot asap then! Out of curiosity do you know if the medical summary and vaccination records need to be signed by my doctor? I need a written letter with a signature detailing my past mental health issues, but I assume the medical summary and vaccinations do not need to be signed as they are simply printed documents.
  14. Thanks! Not sure why I forgot to mention MMR in my original post. I got 4 MMR vaccinations, the latest being in 2004. So that's definitely okay and I don't need a booster? Also I'm not sure what you mean by '4 shots for adults'. Would that be the ones you listed minus the MMR? In answer to your question I am currently 19.
  15. Hi, sorry if similar posts have already been made here, I just have some questions regarding my vaccination records. According the the UK Embassy website the vaccinations I should have are: DTP (diptheria, tetanus and pertussis) (which I received as a child but have not received a booster for since age 4 in 2004 (however diptheria and tetanus were included in the Tdap vaccination I received in 2015)) Tdap (tetanus, diptheria and polio) (which I received age 15 in 2015) IPV (inactivated polio vaccine) (which I received as a child but have not received a booster for since age 4 in 2004 (however polio was incuded in the Tdap vaccination I receieved in 2015)) Rotavirus (which I have not received, however only appears to be necessary for 6 week to 8 month olds) Hib (which I have received but have not received a booster of since age 4 in 2004) Hepatitis A (which I received age 14 in 2014) Hepatitis B (which I have not received, however only appears to be necessary for under 18s) Meningococcal (MCV4) (which I received as child and given a 'Meningitis ACW & Y' vaccination age 16 (does that qualify as a booster?)) Varicella (which I have not received but I have had chickenpox as a child (if I recall correctly this means that the vaccination is not necessary?)) Pneumococcal (which I have not received, however only appears to be necessary for 2 to 59 month olds and 65+ year olds) Influenza (which I have not received) I have an appointment with my doctor tomorrow morning to discuss my medical history including my vaccination records, and I would like to know exactly which vaccinations I need to schedule before my medical at Knightsbridge (not yet booked). I know I will need the flu vaccination but am unsure on others, mainly Rotavirus, Hep B, Varicella and Pneumococcal as they seem to be age/circumstance dependant. I also don't know if I need a Hib booster since my last one was in 2004, and a Meningococcal booster as I had a Meningitis vaccination just 3 years ago. I will of course consult my doctor tomorrow, I would just like to have an idea of what will be necessary prior to my appointment so that I can explain to her and schedule the vaccinations that I'll need. Any guidance and advice on which ones I should be thinking about scheduling? Thanks vaccine_chart.pdf
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