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  1. Like the USCIS, they spend most of the time playing Candy Crush.
  2. It will be a letter detailing why you were transferred. If you are transferred to a local office then you'll likely be having an interview in the future. If the letter states you were transferred to a different office then it is likely your case will be there for a few weeks before approval without an interview, or at the very least asking for more info. Cases are transferred to non-local offices to help speed things up. Our case was transferred back in April, we received an approval without interview within a few weeks. We did not file for N-400.
  3. yuna628

    Six months, we hired a lawyer

    OP: Everyone here has attempted to offer help and advise as best they can. You have felt the need to utilize a lawyer (again, have you contacted the ombudsman and what was the result?) and so now you must rely upon them to serve your best interests. You are paying for this, so I sincerely hope they are - however as some have cautioned, and rightly so, the concept or ability for them as a lawyer could possibly speak to a so-called lawyer at the embassy is something many would find hard to believe. We are not saying that you are lying or wrong for believing them, but I think some are encouraging caution in trusting such a claim outright. We have seen too many times before individuals get burned. Does the lawyer intend to file a WoM? There is nothing that someone can do to escape AP. There's reasons why a person is placed there for months, or even years. There is little recourse for a person, and the lawyer surely knows this. It's another aspect of the immigration system that has little sense. For an individual that has no obvious signs or reasons as to why - there are other reasons, such as the foreign spouse not being honest about something (and I am NOT claiming this is the case), or a flag on a matching name. Wrong name matches happen all the time, it's the reason why people get put on no-fly lists by mistake, and there is little recourse to escape that either. The other possibility in your case could be a potential clerical error either at the embassy or somewhere else along the way. I don't think it's frequent to happen in London, but this is certainly a good possibility. And even in this, I'm not sure what the lawyer could do. The government makes stuff like this difficult, intentionally. They have made it harder for representatives to assist citizens in investigating too.
  4. I'm not sure what you mean by that. Technically the K1 visa is a one-time use visa that is 'used' the moment you enter the USA. By marrying you fulfill the terms required. Your I94 gives you 90 days to remain in the US, after that you are 'unauthorized'. This is why you should apply for AOS sooner, rather than later. By applying for AOS, you will then be put in a sort of 'limbo status' - a period of temporary 'authorized stay' granted by the government while you wait for the documents to process.
  5. yuna628

    The Glass MenageRant

    An update on dad: surgery went well, and they were able to remove everything and stop the bleeding. Even better they did it in the least invasive way possible. Now comes the weeks of recovery, OT, evaluations, and medications. He wants to get out of the ICU so badly, but it's at least going to be another week. The dog is going bananas without his 'couch buddy', gets into moods where he won't get out of his basket or even eat. Husband was given a shirt to wear for graduation day for all employees. Too big and no logos on the front makes him look like he's wearing a giant blueberry-colored undershirt. Tried to shrink it in the wash.. still looks stupid. Lame cuts to budget and poor design decision.
  6. yuna628

    The Glass MenageRant

    Thanks TB, and thanks everyone else too. Don't mean to be a buzz-kill with this vent. Met the surgeon today.. he is a lovely man from South Africa with some *serious* street cred in the world of brains and stuff. I know he'll do his very best.
  7. yuna628

    The Glass MenageRant

    Offering my tiny rant here: Two Sundays ago, my dad starts acting bonkers. It was scary. Thought he was having a stroke, and we rushed him to a good hospital. They tell us he's having a brain bleed because of the blood thinner he was just put on. It's a new line of drug, one that apparently has no known reversal drug provided on the market. Imagine that.. the FDA approving a drug that while is helpful, can kill you without a counteracting drug, and they just can't be bothered to approve it. So dad still continues to bleed. His eye swells shut and they have to sedate him. The doctor is freaked out by the scans and they say they need to airlift him 2hrs away to the best trauma hospital. Four hours later they still haven't flown him because of bad weather, so they decide to just ambo him there. They rush him into ICU and have him on heavy meds. The neuro team take a look at his scans and tell us not only does he have a brain bleed, but he's having Pituitary Apoplexy, a serious condition where a macroadenoma (very large tumor) swells up, dies, and starts bleeding. It's compressing the optic nerve and carotid. They work for many days to get dad's vitals stable because it wouldn't be safe to operate yet. Surgery slated for tomorrow. My husband is our only transport now, so he's been doing 2hrs over and 2hrs hours back and then to work almost every day, but this week is graduation week and he handles all the night shifts - impossible to get my Mom to the hospital. I've bought her a hotel room down there to stay for a few days. There are some other options to get her driven down there (my other sister is a pain), but my mom has been so upset by her, I'm worried about her health too. She started yelling at Mom, that Dad was going to die (in front of him.. made his vitals go crazy again from the stress) and demanded his car... so Mom wants not much to do with her. There's risks with this surgery yes, but without it, he would die certainly. The doctors say if they can save his eyesight, and there are no complications, his prognosis would be good after a long recovery. Meanwhile, the USCIS screwed up my husband's 10yr card. He's listed as a F instead of an M. We laughed a lot, then got pretty mad. We were supposed to be taking care of that, and then this happened. There's just been no time. And I assume we can't even file for citizenship now with a messed up card they will want back. Also it won't stop raining. Plants need sunshine ya know.
  8. Shh, don't tell anyone but the officer at the POE mentioned getting married and adjusting status to the husband too... and this was during the Obama admin. I mean he could have just been having a good day and was really happy to mention that sort of thing.
  9. Would it make much of a difference? Sometimes I wonder if all embassies need to make the foreign spouse go to a training course ''new life in America'' and tell them what's required... it's clear some USCs certainly aren't taking responsibility to inform or help their new spouses, either out of ignorance themselves or neglect. I mean my husband with years of driving under his belt had to sit for a 3hr 'lecture' of some guy in a room showing slides telling him not to 'drink and drive' just to get his license. $30 for the pleasure of that boredom. The guy was practically falling asleep too. But common sense is common sense. Maybe the US just needs to make immigration matters blatently obvious.
  10. It's a state's rights thing. Feds have no control over who can drive and what documentation is needed to drive. Every state is different, and in some cases, every DMV you walk into will be different depending on the person behind the desk interpreting rules. That's why demanding a supervisor is best, if given a hard time. The rules I quoted as an example is for MD and a generalized interpretation for many states. You can get a license/ID on just the I94 alone here, but it's literally only good until the I-94 expires - so it's quite useless for most people. CA is quite different. Having a state ID or even a driver's license will NOT do a thing if the person hasn't applied for AOS. Like I said, you can get a temporary license/ID on just the I94 alone here (or some stupid DMV employee could misinterpret and give a license with a longer expiry period). So a person could drive around with that, and still not apply for their AOS. They will still be out of status. Even handing over a non-expired license or state ID, and having a perfectly good NOA1 may not get an immigrant out of trouble if the officer doesn't understand the meaning of such a document that grants 'authorized stay'.
  11. Why wouldn't it be legal? Try getting stopped in the UK and see what they do with your stuff. An SSN doesn't prove legal status, nor does it prove 'authorized status'. It is generally unwise for anyone, including USCs to carry around SSNs. It's a valuable document that is critical to not lose or be stolen. Most people commit the number to their memory. Not leave the house? Suppose that's a possibility. The problem really is, that many do not understand that entry on the K1 is for 90 days. After that, you are 'unauthorized'. You haven't 'entered illegally', but you certainly no longer have legal presence. Filing for AOS gives you 'authorized stay' while the petition is handled. In some states I'd assume the risk of being hauled off to jail is lower. Certainly not in a border town I'd guess. The proper way to go about this is: apply for SSN sooner rather than later (this will assist the spouse to obtain services such as insurance or banking without harassment even if it is not expressly required). marry within 90 days to honor the requirement. (during that period carry passport + I94) ensure to get the certified copy of marriage certificate as quickly as possible. file for AOS immediately with EAD/AP. (carry passport + NOA1 for AOS) with an NOA1 + passport + I-94 some DMVs will allow driving license temporarily, however a lot of them will not allow an immigrant to have a license until presenting an EAD. That's what my spouse did. A 1yr license is issued on presentation of an EAD in this state and then is upgraded to a full license upon presenting a GC. There are situations where an NOA1 or even an EAD can take longer to arrive than desired, the foreign citizen should be cautious until they do. There are of course plenty of people who roll the dice and don't file AOS promptly. I've seen numerous 'reasons' and excuses. I assume most immigrants make it through without harassment, but there is real and significant risk to their future by not doing so. In the OP's case it's unfortunate. It's my opinion that the USC bears responsibility in maintaining the safety and well being of their foreign spouse while in the US, and part of that is ensuring their status is safe from harassment, and their healthcare and freedom to travel is taken care of. It is my personal opinion, even if you do everything right, such as file an AOS before the 90 days are up - if stopped by an officer and presenting the correct documentation, it is up to that officer to determine the meaning of those documents. There is still theoretically the chance an officer could attempt to misunderstand the meaning of the documents and still move to arrest - but in this case, the immigrant is the one following the law, and is in a lot better place legally to argue an illegal detention or error in judgment before the court. Statistically it's likely low anything happens to the average immigrant following the law, so it shouldn't be meant as something to fear. That does not mean in the OP's case, they got unlucky. The truth is, without documents proving authorized status, they are right to jail them and this administration is surely going to crack down on that. To be safest: mail the AOS application as soon as possible. Why wait until the 80th day? Give yourself a bigger gap.
  12. yuna628

    W8 BEN what on earth?

    Unsure why this form would be need to be filled out, it shouldn't quite apply to you. My husband was never required to fill out anything like that. They are conflating the issue that you are technically a non-resident in limbo status before you are given LPR status. None of that really matters though as you can be claimed as a resident for tax purposes on jointly filed taxes for instance. The bank needs to clearly explain to you why they are requesting it to be filled out, and they need to clearly understand your status. This link sort of explains about the form in context https://www.windhambrannon.com/news/why-is-your-financial-institution-requesting-a-form-w-8ben-from-you Not sure how the bank contacted you, but be also advised the IRS itself warns about scam mail soliciting such a form to be filled out. https://www.irs.gov/newsroom/irs-warns-of-variation-of-form-w-8ben-scam-crooks-impersonate-irs-to-get-banking-and-other-information
  13. yuna628

    K-1 proof of meeting?

    Yep. When you love someone you make it work. You do what you have to do. We made our LDR work for.. like 10ish years, and a couple of those years we couldn't visit each other, just to save up. My god, it drove us insane sometimes, but we never gave up.
  14. OP: Medicare will be off-limits to you for quite a long while. There are typical ways to access health insurance though: buy it out of pocket privately through any insurer that offers in the state you will live. sign up to Obamacare (federal exchange). open enrollment is in November, but you can get on it early if you have a special qualifier. find a job and obtain insurance through an employer if the spouse does not have insurance through an employer. The first option will likely be the fastest option for you, especially for something as needed as insulin.
  15. I don't see how cancer findings would turn up unless a mass is seen on the x-ray. Even then, it's a mass with no confirmation diagnosis. Don't rightly know what they'd be testing blood for except for drug use and STDs, but none of that would show up anything remotely involving cancer. My mother's cancer for instance was never picked up on during routine blood tests by a primary care even. A specialist that ran intensive tests involving the immune system and other markers discovered she had a high probability of cancer based on those tests, but even still that only gave her a possible indication as to where it could be located. Still required a whole team of other doctors and tests for a definitive diagnosis. I think the better statement involving cancer and a medical would be: ''if I have cancer, I must disclose it on the health form''.