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    My husband and I met for the first time on NYE '03, though we had known each other for longer than that. In 2009 he popped the question, but we waited until 2014 to file for our K1 visa. We were finally approved in 2015, and married on Sept 30th, 2015. He became a US citizen October 19th, 2023.

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  1. A person can self sponsor via London if they certainly are employed and make enough or have enough assets. However if the boyfriend is sponsoring you then they are the person to meet that percentage threshold provided they can. If they can't a co-sponsor can also be used.
  2. It's good that you've got her upcoming coverage. Typically what you'd need to investigate is a sort of temporary insurance for new immigrants. Since she has moved to the US instead of visiting, she will not qualify for travelers health insurance. Fair warning though, temporary insurance which is marketing to new immigrants is non-ACA compliant, and their coverage is dubious at best if at all. Some people choose to go without until their new coverage kicks in, but of course there's risks to that. The question is though is if having this type of insurance is really worth it to begin with if the coverage is so poor.
  3. Your boyfriend will need a completed I-134, his most recent tax transcript from the IRS which will show his earnings and that he's paid taxes. This is mentioned in the instructions for the I-134. https://www.uscis.gov/sites/default/files/document/forms/i-134instr.pdf London will also want to see an employer letter, stating position, how long worked, and salary. These items you need to take with you to your interview.
  4. I don't see anything really suspicious that stands out about those visits. There was a period of time when my husband would visit twice a year usually on his university breaks. Besides his first visit he was never questioned. It might be good to take some sort of employer letter as proof. I'd say we certainly would leave larger gaps in-between visits (if he came in spring he wouldn't return until winter). Perhaps the officer thought a visit in Nov and then again in Feb was too soon.
  5. I went to NJ once. After two hours I was done and safely retreated. The husband says we should go back and I have yet for him to give me a good reason why we should. Delaware is 11th on that list too, and while there are nice things to see there and in general friendly people these days those people are also generally miserable. I probably shouldn't knock so hard on MD though. There's tons of cool to find here but I don't think we are a genuinely happy people.
  6. I can only attest to what worked for us. If you are missing tax return transcripts that should be there, you're going to have to go into the office to get them or at the very least they can offer some suggestion by directly speaking to an agent. If you have the full tax forms and w2s that may be fine - but I cannot attest to what the USCIS officer will ask of you during interview. I felt we were very proactive on the subject of letting our officer know the IRS rules and providing them what we had ahead of time. The officer wasn't concerned, but I can't say what yours will request. It is not uncommon for years to be missing on the IRS since they implemented this new rule. If you have years missing under the three year period (what the IRS is supposed to collect and save online) there are reasons why they may be missing as the IRS states: If you are concerned perhaps make a visit? https://www.irs.gov/help/contact-your-local-irs-office
  7. What we did for naturalization when the following things did not work: 1) Making an account and looking for them. They won't have all the older transcripts you're looking for. Ironically I needed 2018, and I had 2017 because I had printed it out back then. Could have kicked myself for missing out on that transcript. They will not have them on the website past three years. If you are missing some before that date then you'll certainly need to contact the IRS about it, likely by going into the office. 2) sending in a form to the IRS to request they go looking for it. didn't work, they sent it back denied. 3) calling them, also got the runaround. In lieu of going to an office directly and not wanting to keep doing this song and dance. I simply got the entire copy of 2018 tax return with w2 and uploaded it onto our N400 along with the tax transcripts for the other years we did have. We also uploaded a letter explaining why we chose a tax return instead of a transcript and explained the IRS rules. There was absolutely no problem. The officer did not ask or care about it.
  8. This individual was also previously arrested in September in NY and released. There are many similarities in this case to the homicide of Rachel Morin in August of last year in Maryland. Some have even pointed out that he looks very similar to a recently released sketch of a suspect in the murder. That suspect in the MD case was traced via DNA to the rape of a minor that took place in California earlier in the year. Police have always stated that they feared would kill again and may be linked to other crimes. I am praying that this may be the suspect and can be brought to justice. For more background on the MD case see here:
  9. Yes! This is one of my favorite stories from last year, and like an old friend it's back! I hope they do another spectacle thing where we pew pew it and watch it pop.
  10. Just imagine a giant dumpster. Then imagine them tossing all the files of cases into that dumpster. No system, no sorting, no organization, all mixed around. A couple officers will pick whatever is on the top for the week and the rest of the time is playing candy crush, zoom meetings, and napping. In other words they'll get to your case eventually, but it won't make much sense how long it will take getting to it.
  11. How a K1 process usually works: get K1 and arrive to US. Marry as soon as possible. You can go to the SSA before marriage and get an SSN this is very helpful. The SSN will have restrictions on it. Start planning to do other things such as adding new spouse to health insurance or bank. When you file for AOS you will also file for an EAD (work authorization) and advanced parole (travel). The question always becomes though how long will it take the EAD to arrive before the green card and will prospective employers understand one to begin with? That is the problem we ran into ultimately and this problem will increase with longer wait times to receive it. With the long wait time growing it can certainly increase the burdens of needing to rely on savings if the spouse cannot work and that problem is compounded since you cannot get proper ID/DL without the card. With the SSN and an EAD will make it much easier for the new spouse to obtain things like a state ID or DL. When you receive the green card you will need to head back to the DMV to update license/ID and the SSA to remove restrictions off the card.
  12. Well I guess changing her identity was one of the reasons she got hired. Previously she'd been in trouble for welfare fraud because she said no one would hire her under her old identity. But I would agree, certainly a person with severe mental problems, a lack of education, and convicted of a crime shouldn't be teaching kids.
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