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  1. Wanted to also note a few other things I read in other articles: the girl's oxygen was too low so this is why they gave her the grandfather's oxygen. The oxygen level had fallen below anything simple oxygen could handle and no doubt she would have already been suffering extreme damage to her body by that point. Still they kept on doing this for days. I have to tell you, when I rushed my dad to the ER he was also hypoxic to the point he was barely conscious and when he was 'awake' there was nothing but gibberish happening. He was like this for just a few hours... this girl was like this for days. By the time they took her somewhere, she had to be transferred to a children's special hospital. Once there, her state was so critical the parents continued to deny the doctor's trying to save her life with a ventilator and also tried to interfere with other methods of treatment. Once they agreed to the ventilator she was now a vegetable and had to be transported via helicopter to another location. The parents decided to take her off life support because she was pretty much dead by then. COVID causes great and unimaginable suffering to those who are severely afflicted. Can't imagine the suffering this child endured.
  2. I'm assuming that some overly tired, stressed out, and overworked parents could theoretically briefly forget a child in some realm of possibility. It's incomprehensible to me too. From experience though my parents left us kids unattended in cars for hours (window slightly cracked but still boiling in our 100+ days) and at home too. I'm sure if they had ever been caught they would have said 'they forgot'. I can recall one time it was so hot, I unlocked the car and sat in the lot under a tree.. maybe about 8 years old? My sister remembers being left out in a car for hours in the winter. The youngest at the time needed the bathroom badly, so they got out of the car and started wandering where they were finally found by a stranger. Mom likes to insist she only left for five minutes... not the case at all.
  3. Well it is your opinion that it is 'racist words'. Which is what art is all about. What one person sees as art and making a statement is another person's trash and vulgarity. That doesn't mean we should go about defacing them, does it?
  4. These days I'm cynical.. and that person in me says that they aren't actually aware and think it was all 'god's plan'. They might even get some go fund me dollars in the process.
  5. I would think some sort of court order and social services need to be involved, and by that time the child was dead anyway. https://journalofethics.ama-assn.org/article/overriding-parental-decision-withhold-treatment/2003-08 https://www.healthline.com/health-news/parents-beliefs-about-medicine-child-abuse#1 Cases like this, which result in the death of children happen all the time.. https://www.nbcphiladelphia.com/news/national-international/ella-foster-faith-healing-death/29977/ https://thehill.com/changing-america/well-being/prevention-cures/482050-a-mother-turned-to-facebook-for-natural-flu
  6. And giving the child that medication in her compromised state is very dangerous. If she has any medical training, she would not do what she did to her child. It's so upsetting to me...
  7. Gave child medication without the care of a doctor, combined with her health condition is very dangerous. Refused lifesaving treatment at the hospital until it was too late. Wait til' the last minute and you'll be dead under these circumstances. God gives us a brain for a reason.. Also.. a year or so ago, my husband was in terrible pain for two weeks, and I kept telling him to get to a hospital or I'd kick his butt. No no no he said, I'm fine (cue agonizing groan as his wife grew more concerned). Waited until the very last minute, doubled over finally to get to the hospital. He received quite a lecture from the doctor at the ER, of how he waited almost so long he could have gotten sepsis and needed surgery. Oh he thought he wasn't that ill, but he was. What would have been a few hundred dollars turned into a few thousand. I have no patience for people that their own stupidity and negligence results in the death of their children. I had enough stupidity from my own parents 'praying it out' and not seeking care for me as a child, and I'm fiercely protective when I see junk like this. You are a grown adult and if you want to let yourself get to that point fine. But when it comes to your kids? Some people don't belong having them clearly.
  8. People defacing murals is acceptable? Or are we only going to get mad at the people defacing statues?
  9. All in a days work of projecting for the Federalist.
  10. I don't know what 'nurse' she is, but she's not qualified because she contributed to the death of her child. I've read numerous articles on this story. Woman is crazy and should be in jail.
  11. Sorry I know you're going one way with it... but the fact this mother contributed to the death of her child and I guess got away with it makes my blood boil so badly I don't care about the rest. 😠 Hope they don't have more kids... need to be removed from the home.
  12. NB... she treated her without the care of a doctor, using a Zpack and HCQ (who knows where she obtained this and without knowing if it was safe to use them on her with her condition). She also used 'herbs' and oxygen formulated for the grandfather, meanwhile her daughter became sicker and sicker. When finally brought the hospital the mother refused to put the daughter on a vent until it was too late. You should never do what this family did to this child, especially with such a condition. I am horrified. Child abuse. The girl needed actual real lifesaving care.
  13. Yeah I was wondering how a lot of the mainstream headlines were choosing to frame this article in such a misleading manner. Why would you give the non-HCQ group no steroids if the HCQ group got them? If it were me, it certainly looks like the dex might be the thing that was saving lives here.. MD still continues with a downward ICU trend, but still has a steady stream of new cases every day. Those that are going into the hospital very sick are under age 35. We'll see if this trend holds a few weeks after the most recent holiday. DE on the other hand hasn't been faring so well. Several states have put those residents under quarantine orders again. The beach people are nuts. I kept my sister well away from everyone and quarantine for the allotted timeframe and she still shows no symptoms. Meanwhile the coworker has managed to infect at least 15 people - four of which are in the hospital and two are critical. Testing is becoming a problem again with major labs so backlogged, there is in many cases no longer a rapid turnaround. I'm assuming that's due to the crush of new cases + the requirement for those having outpatient electives needing a test. Mom's oncologist wants her to have a procedure, and she is kicking up a fuss because Dad told her how horrible the test was. Daycamps started at the college again. No one is happy about it and the directors think the higher-ups are crazy. The workers are only supposed to come in to support distance learning, but they're ordering them to handle support for this.. and that can be a pain because those kids are crazy as hell and intentionally hit the tech support buttons, rip cables out of walls, and break stuff.
  14. 18 year old Linda Stoltzfoos was walking home from church and heading home to retrieve items for another meeting later that afternoon along a quiet stretch of road in Lancaster, PA. As a young Amish woman, she worked at a local market, she had already joined the church, was reportedly very shy and would never be one to approach or talk to strangers. Three weeks ago she vanished without any trace. This has began a multi-state search to find out what has happened to her - and this has been fruitless so far; the only thing the dogs could determine is that her scent vanishes at a fork in the road not far from her house. Local police were soon joined by the FBI that have been very quiet about the investigation. Nothing is being ruled out - from running away to kidnapping and murder... but they believe she is in danger. For those that speculate she may have just decided to run away, there is generally a protocol for doing this and it is highly unusual for the FBI to get involved.. The FBI has put up billboards and released composite photos of what she could potentially look like wearing 'street clothing'. Police have received thousands of tips, but mostly nothing of value. Her family that consists of Amish, close English friends nearby, coworkers, and those that previously left the group say she was not the type of person to run away, that she was always a happy girl and content with choosing the church, and there was no indication of something amiss. They believe she was taken by someone, and there have been numerous sightings of strange out-of-state vehicles 'prowling' the area since the pandemic lockdowns. This is a quiet area I know well, typically there would be many tourists on the main hubs but not so much on these back roads. There has not been a disappearance like this that people can recall and her family is desperately trying to get the word out to people in other states, not just locally. https://www.ydr.com/story/news/2020/07/03/missing-amish-girl-lancaster-pa-what-we-know-linda-stoltzfoos-update/5371311002/
  15. Indeed... and that's why I get troubled when people try to utilize his varying 'opinions' on subjects as if it's his true thoughts and that they should hold some important weight in a political spectrum. One day he says something on one 'side' and the next he's on the other. Whether it's intentional due to his 'performance artist' stuff, or the mental illness, we can never be sure. I know people with mental illness myself, and it can be a painful battle to see them struggle, stay supportive, and also not let the.. at times, unstable and hurtful things they say get to you - especially when you are aware they aren't taking the medication. To the topic: a lot of local news around here are doing investigations as to whom managed to wrestle money while the little guy got nothing. I'm sure each state will be featuring something.
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