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  1. @Sweety sweety sister did you get the visa

    thank you 

  2. It’s been 3 years of my marriage with US citizen at New York and it’s been 1year for the case with USA embassy in Qatar ..and it’s still refused for no reason …what will happen now ..and is there any thing I can do about it ..I heard people say about informing the Senator .. can any 1tell me the procedure !
  3. After refusing my RI1 visa 3 months ago from US embassy ..now they started calling and asking for additional proofs of relationships and asked me to fill out this form to supply them my all 15 ago history data which includes my all phone numbers , email accounts , social media accounts ,,all previous passport numbers and travel history and siblings names and their date of birth ....etc ...can any 1 explains is that normal or there is something to worry about !! And can any 1 explains what I marked in red circle ! ..thanx
  4. I had my IR1 visa Interview at Doha ...and at the end of interview she gave me this paper and said they will email me after 1 week without saying anything else ..and when I asked her do I need to submit any extra doc , she said no and I asked her is there any issue , she said no ! Can any one explain to me abt this refusal paper ! What it means !
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