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  1. Okay I’m not trying to be rude but I have stated 3 times I’m still in the process of ROC. So I can’t tell you what will happen. We all are expected to get interviews- things have changed a lot over the last few months so just expect to be in this ready for an interview. For me I didn’t add slips just because they don’t have time to be pulling stuff out of slips. I’ve been on this for many years and seen people stuff be rejected. Just keep it simple. Clip things together in the correct order. You can pop it into a slip folder- something you don’t have to individually attach in. I’m not sure if they scan paperwork onto computers?? Who knows!. So try to make their jobs less difficult.
  2. I did a contents page but did not put it in a folder. You can but make sure there is no plastic wallets or anything. I kept it clipped together. Also make a copy of everything in case they lose things. They lost our marriage certificate in our AOS interview. I gave them a new one. Well during April onwards when we applied- there was a huge glitch and no one received their extension letters. It took me 65 days to get a copy!! They believed USPS lost it- this did not happen because all April/May filers did not get one! 🙄 anyways you should now get it within the accurate time frame. I did not get a biometrics appointment due to Covid and have my previous fingerprints applied. However, there are still people from April who have not received this or a letter as of yet. Expect for delays on this! I am in the process of ROC so can’t tell you how long it’ll take. Some people have been approved but that is down to luck!
  3. I put N/A in all blank spots minus “in care of” I included photos but no affidavits. I included those in my AOS. They want to see how you’ve both merged into life together. Try to include joint bank accounts, titles, leases, insurance cards and bills in our names at same address. I also included wedding invitations, birthday party invitations and cards between us both as a little extra. I used this as a guideline but also use USCIS website to cross reference. But this gives you examples of what to include and how to organize your packet.
  4. 1. I would just put the city/state of where you got married. I sent mine in April and did not put my whole address of where I got married. 2. That means if you have a mailing address somewhere different to your living address. You can leave that blank. In my case I have all my mail sent to my mother in laws house and have her name in that spot. 3. unless you have any additional information on there you don’t need to worry about it. If you do then fill it in. 4. I would put N/A, just in the past I’ve heard stories of people applications being rejected because of that. I’d just do it to be on the safe side. 5. you have to pay for the biometrics fee. Typically you’re supposed to go regardless if you have been before. I applied beginning of Covid and my previous biometrics were applied to my case but they still kept the payment. It has to be part of the final total. No way out of it. I hope that helps. Good luck!!
  5. Photos aren’t a big deal for them. They don’t way all the evidence on them. I’d save them ready to be sent if you get a RFE. But if you sent other proof then you should be fine.
  6. Yes I read that somewhere too. I can also apply in April. I may reconnect with you closer to the time and cross reference anything that I may come across and not understand... if that’s okay?! I can’t wait for all this to be done with!
  7. have you started prepping for you Citizenship yet? I was planning on starting in January/Feb to start gathering documents.
  8. Same! I’m planning for the 18 month wait and will be amazed if it comes sooner! 😂 Never quite had any luck of getting it early with any of the visas I’ve had!
  9. My timelines have always ran so close to out of processing. So I’ll be lucky if I get it at 12 months. 😂
  10. Just wait for the letter and see what they want further evidence. Try not to panic. Just do exactly what it says. I’m also doing the ROC, applied April 2020 and definitely have this feeling I will also receive RFE. But all we can do is follow the letter. Good luck.
  11. I feel the same. I now carry mine in a plastic wallet neatly wrapped up. Buts it’s crazy!!
  12. A British teacher at my school was on a field trip with his students, on a school bus. He was going through tolls and the there was police pulling cars over (no idea why, wasn’t there) but they ended up coming onto the bus and asked the teacher for DL and due to the accent, he also asked for his identification for his legal status. Luckily, he had his green card on him and let him go. He always tells me to carry mine because you just never know. He got fed up with the questions so applied for citizenship..: he’s actually going for his oath ceremony today!
  13. You shouldn’t have any problems- you have your card and I would just carry additional evidence to support the reason of your visit home. (Maybe that’s just me being extra cautious). It’s a valid reason to use your AP card. I am sorry for your loss. It can be hard being away from family during these times. I had two family members pass and I opted way beforehand not to get the AP card... regretted that. Good luck with your journey!
  14. YSC- still Fingerprints have been applied to case. No movement as of yet. @manoni fingers crossed for you! Hopefully something positive. Keep us posted!
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