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  1. Did u claim her on your returns? if not , amend your taxes and claim her 1040x Or file form 4506-T to show there are no returns in her name if u ever bought a house , you can see a copy of this form in your mortgage package as this is the form they do for income for a title search
  2. no hay otra visa / su familia podría venir a México para conocerlo y visitarlo
  3. when you sent 2020 returns it was 4 of 21 of 2021 2020 returns were needed up till the 18th of April 2022 as after that date 2021 are the most recent if u do not produce 2021, the case will go into AP (seeming a never ending wait for embassy to get and approve) 1040 plus W2, any 1099 or 1099R can be accepted if IRS has not yet processed your taxes like so many who wait and now, it seems embassies are asking for the W2 even if u provide the offical IRS transcripts (this means all pages even blank ones)
  4. Make a copy of all documents From marriage to divorce and AOS petition and take them to attorney make a timeline of events to take to a lawyer keep a copy of any paperwork he /she gives you be completely honest with the lawyer or he can not help u
  5. if it is spouse visa , they can leave after arrival with the I 551 stamp on the visa if K1, they need to wait for AP (advanced parole ) to be granted to reenter the US after leaving coming in on K1 is a one time entry into the US, after which u need to do work for AOS and that takes many many months leaving the US after marrying on k1 would mean u would then have to apply for spouse visa
  6. forget the letters from parents and coworkers/ they are not what immigration asks for affadivts have little to no value you need to spend quality time with the person to show you have gotten to know each other spend time together save your boarding passes for proof of the trip (not the itinerary as that can be cancelled at any time) and u need to know if the ex withdrew his petition / if not, u still have a problem Adding to bank account and 401 K???? need to do the following and this will take time you will need to marry, do the tax returns for that year (if married in 2022, then returns for next spring) this allows u to add her to taxes and apply for ITIN and then u can use that to add her to bank account and 401 K / its not the same as it would be if the person was here in the US with a SS #
  7. it only implies the system is flawed it will change to issued (or denied ) that's what u look for
  8. K1 priority date is on the I 791 form received by USC for petition it helps to know visa type and see a timeline i had to read thru posts to see u are at NVC stage with case going or has one to embassy for K1 u have not travel document / u have not arrived in US please fill in a timeline please ID the country as Nigeria read posts from others going thru Lagos embassy and their posts and embassy reviews by hitting the word portal above to take u to Nigeria PLEASE PLEASE DO A TIMELINE
  9. you can apply K1 but changes will it will be denied for same reason
  10. How can I get tourist visa for USA? How to Apply Complete the Nonimmigrant Visa Electronic Application (DS-160) form. Pay the visa application fee. Schedule your appointment on this web page. ... Visit the U.S. Embassy or Consulate on the date and time of your visa interview. ...
  11. Tell the USC (your fiancee) to join as USC would need to know what to do and learn the advantages of marrying and doing spouse visa
  12. marriage and filing CR1 for spouse is always stronger case when u spend quality time together and not just a short 10 day or 2 week vacation but u need to know the ex cancelled the other petition
  13. but u were allowed $108,700 income exclusion with form 2555 for foreign so it no catch 22 u got a big break and only needed to pay into medicare and SS
  14. To enter Texas and be in accordance with its state law, all dogs and cats 12 weeks of age or older must be vaccinated against rabies and be accompanied by a rabies vaccination certificate (or pet passport containing required information u need to check with airlines to know if dog needs to be in animal container and their rules
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