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  1. within 6 months of medical / those who fell under the covid and had done medicals got a month extension USCIS and this site always say DO not quit a job or sell property till you have that visa in hand
  2. My original posts was in response to the "CR1 said K1 was not important and we do like i said "many of us went to K1 and were denied so had to marry and do CR1 (not our choice) no one's journey is dimished /all mean money and time spent away from loved one but in 2009 applied in July and had November interview actually less than 5 months from application to interview so K1 was actually the best and fastest now, it has slowed down to a crawl (even before covid) if calling congressman or writing helps, all should do it ( newspapers and several organizations are) join one that supports your cause write to congressman write to newspapers comment on TV news on their facebook sites and most of all support our members here and continue to post experiences and complete timelines and VOTE
  3. so sorry you do not get to see this as ours was impressive with several organizations present with speakers and you did the work and spent the money but congratulations to her and you and the best to you both
  4. I think many don't understand it when i read all the posts here saying someone needs a joint sponsor
  5. Look them up on google will give a local # and DC # write to them about your concerns if they are up for re election, it may really concern them
  6. And i had to make 5 trips to satisify immigration so i know the cost 1 month of june 2009 2 months march and april to marry 2010 1 month of November for honeymoon as noted in USCIS i had to prove 3 months in 2011 3 more months in 2014/15 but all of us have had to do this and the cost can be outrageous i just feel for all going thru it now all this hurts all of us even those of us who have finished the original visa and just want families to visit i am just glad we got thru it all before all the fee increases and really glad my great grandparents came here long before all this visa #######
  7. I was afraid to say this but i do think the plan is to phase it out thus hurting a lot of people who can't take tons of time off work to marry in a foreign country (Morocco took us almost 2 months of traveling to 4 different cities and doing all the documents) But if i was to do it now, i would definitely go CR1 as the new AOS fees are really going to hurt the pocketbook
  8. A lot of us here that are CR1/IR1 have spent the money and gone thru the K1 and denied and had to go CR1 i personally don't think K1 visa doesn't matter and I closely followed the USCIS guidelines and spent a month with fiancee family before applying (when it said all i had to do was meet in person) All of us have spent a lot of money and regard our relationships as real and want to have the same consideration so, sorry for all going thru this at this very hard time please know that if any need positive reinforcement , you have it from me (and others here) don't give up and be happy and on serious side, congressmen do not control what is done by immigration/ they are only suppose to make the laws and rules (i was told this by my Senator who did BTW write a letter to embassy for our 3rd interview)
  9. not sure which form you are looking at but you are applying as married and will not be doing AOS here and this says response has to be provided so you are on the wrong form
  10. and it very much depends on your country as some embassies are hard and do not approve K1 and the people end up getting married and doing CR1 so, letting this VJ community know your country and embassy is important the best advice here is from the people going thru the same embassy as you will go thru
  11. Yes, when you are a new citizen you take the certificate to SS office and update your status TO Op if the SS office is closed there is a form online to fill out and mail in (read instructions for address) before you send anything in, make a copy for your safety if you don't want the certificate folded over , send it in a large manila envelope with a stamped manila envelope inside for the return
  12. Never said she needs permission from government but the following site says she does need permission from local to travel to airport https://ma.usembassy.gov/25161/ wonder how anyone can travel to one of the international airports with the closings of these cities and transportation (buses and trains ) not running if you want to fly Air Maroc u need to leave from Casa, Marackek or Tangers and these cities are closed and the order for closing is until September 10th. Royal Air Moroc and Air Arbria are the only 2 airlines offering services at this time. On July 27, the Government of Morocco announced that domestic travel is prohibited until further notice to/from the following cities: Berrechid, Casablanca, Fes, Marrakech, Meknes, Settat, Tangier, and Tetouan. Those needing to travel to an airport for a special operation flight, or to/from one of these cities for medical or work reasons, must receive a travel authorization letter from the local authorities.
  13. JeanneAdil

    K1 in Hand

    with Royal Air as expedia itinerary may take you to an country for transit where she needs a visa problem now is (new one) how does she travel in Morocco with buses and trains down (from new sanctions) and the close of cities Morocco is under a state of emergency to limit the spread of COVID-19. You can't enter or leave the following eight cities in Morocco: Tanger, Tétouan, Fès, Meknès, Casablanca, Berrechid, Settat, and Marrakech.Jul 28, 2020 another site i just found says no one can travel outside Morocco / only moroccan citizens are allowed back in things are changing daily in Morocco because covid is spreading
  14. Not sure how you can leave Morocco at all / what we see on news out of Morocco only incoming Moroccans can enter and outgoing is now closed plus all transportation (bus and train not running at this time) Morocco is under a state of emergency to limit the spread of COVID-19. You can't enter or leave the following eight cities in Morocco: Tanger, Tétouan, Fès, Meknès, Casablanca, Berrechid, Settat, and Marrakech. July 2020 and those are the cities with the international airports but if you can leave, you need valid passport with visa page , a face mask and I believe Morocco still is requiring the Covid test papers within 48 hours of departure
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