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  1. this site tells you how and yes current duty is waived for the 1 year of duty at this time https://www.uscis.gov/military/naturalization-through-military-service
  2. I did and under travel docs i found a place to schedule interview with the following instructions under schedule appointment and hitting that button and then going to bottom of page and hit schedule again Sorry but many sites are not user friendly To schedule a visa interview or enter your visa delivery address, you will need to register and create a profile online. If you already have a profile, please do not create a new one. You can always modify your existing profile by logging in using your user ID and password. If you have lost your password, please simply retrieve it by clicking Forgot Your Password? If you are a first time user, click New User? to create your profile.
  3. you said he is in a Kansas prison (that's Kansas) and you want to marry there as Kansas allows proxy marriages
  4. Step 1: Register your embassy appointment and submit fingerprints at the bottom of this section it says register / hit that button best to you both
  5. Look at your portal page see the approvals and upcoming interviews and see their timelines
  6. i just quoted the OP as she is at NVC so the evidence is already accepted
  7. unless the overseas income will continue when you live in the US ,, it won't count but you can provide them with copy of the IRS compete transcripts in lieu of a W2 you will need joint sponsor
  8. i say why would he need to come now for a funeral if you say it can be decades later and i am born here we did not bury my dad till spring as ground was frozen but this is summer and not an issue but the norm is 3 days and funeral can be 2 to 3 weeks still not time for him to get a visa to attend has to be done by your wife
  9. your wife can submit the documents proofs for a expedite visa but this still takes time
  10. If you're at the NVC stage, they accepted your evidence Please do a timeline and tell the VJ community what country this is for/that helps answer your questions
  11. There is no way to get a visa and be here (in US ) in time for a funeral as we bury on 3rd day
  12. Was the RFE in email? how do you know you have to respond by next week?
  13. you will find out that you stilll have to gather everything and instead of providing immigration with documents , you gather for the lawyer then you have to read the applicaiton to make sure all is correct as reading on here, many have had errors from attorney office making the process difficult lawyer will fill out petition and make copies of what you bring in and mail it out and $2000 is low / more like 3000 to 5000 for each petition
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