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  1. it is very dependent on the USC and you / the USC has to pay 2 fees and send fill out the I 864 and you fill out the ds260 (after CEAC says payment is paid) then the USC has to send in supporting documents (income verification like copies of IRS transcripts and your criminal report )/ you will take originals to the interview if that is next question When you receive notice from NVC with your new case number, you can see updates on this site: https://ceac.state.gov/CEACStatTracker/Status.aspx and yes Nebraska is slow because they are bombarded with applications but you are close now for CR1 NVC schedules the interview so you will not wait like K1 to schedule your own
  2. when there is no way to add another cosponsor online , you need to first put your case number, both names, and both dates of birth in the upper right hand corner of each and every page (to make sure they put these with your case and they are not lost in a pile of other applications) then you send them thru Aramex to the embassy /this is how morocco does additional documents. I can not answer how much he needs if living alone as i did not need cosponsor but he has to have enough for u and himself (but it may be difference of your wife's income and his/ this is the part i am not familiar with ) Ask missleman/ he does know answers like this and i do know how hard this is and how heartbreaking the process is wishing you the best allah yekbel
  3. I will be blunt so, very sorry as i know you have been married and lived long together but your issue is not with the embassy your issue is income of you and wife your wife was living in Morocco with you and jobs are scarce / even if she was able to work there, she would not have been making the needed level of income she would have needed to make 202085.00 Moroccan dh and that's a lot of money in Morocco (for last 3 years as she is your main sponsor) Casa will consider the main sponsor first plus she would have had to make out US tax returns and pay into Social Security and medicaid out of this income the embassy has also looked at your level of education to understand what type of job you could get in the USA this all is what is meant by totality of circumstances for the interview Now, looking at cosponsor, we do not know who (family of hers or yours or a friend) we do not know the age of this person if he/she is of an age where they will soon retire, that is what the embassy may see as a problem knowing soon the person will retire (this is just one of the things that could concern the embassy with your cosponsor). of course i do not know this but i do know many choose an older relative because the income is high. all your wife can do is get a new cosponsor with good steady income as that is what the embassy has requested / your case will go nowhere till she does this this requirement to show income is for your protection / you do not want to be in the US and have to live from pay check to pay check or end up needing government benefits to survive is is not cruel of the embassy to do this /is is a requirement we have all had to meet
  4. You may include evidence supporting your claim about your expected income for the current year if you believe that submitting this evidence will help you establish ability to maintain sufficient income. You are not required to submit this evidence, however, unless specifically instructed to do so by a U.S. Government official per I 864 instructions NVC instructed me that even though my income is steady as it comes from a paid up annunity that they wanted figure for current income to be the last tax year filed / i know it says current but they want the most current tax transcripts it says further down in instructions: For purposes of this affidavit, the line for Total Income on IRS Forms 1040 and 1040A will be considered when determining income. For persons filing IRS Form 1040 EZ, the line for adjusted gross income will be considered. The lady i spoke to said many make the mistake to think they are talking about THIS YEAR if you are not sure , call and speak to Tier 2 at NVC
  5. go to google and just put the full name in if he applied for citizenship or bought any property, it should pop up 18 years here???? he would have worked over 40 quarters and the daughter would be 23
  6. we are always told to bring the lastest tax transcripts to interview
  7. sounds like that is business tax returns they would need to see personal tax transcripts
  8. Banks do have to follow Federal laws as i gave the site unless they think the person is doing money laundering or another federal crime associated with the account, they have to abide by the laws (these are not banking rules ,/they are federal banking laws) and i printed them out and took them to the banking associate to prove i could add him as some are poorly trained Foreigners who have a work visa here also can open an account (with no SS number) If a banking associate gives anyone a hard time, go to a manager or VP or President or try another bank i added Adil after filing our 2010 taxes and getting ITIN and he didn't get his visa till 2015 i pay everything on time so all this gave him a good credit score when he got here and he was able to buy a new car
  9. May need a POA from her to pick it up also, why doesn't she return to establish her US residency for the process
  10. she is in Pakistan he is in US he will receive the NOID If i were him i would file 1040x to amend tax returns and add you He can do form W7 to get the ITIN but you have a short time to answer the NOID and will not have this number in time Anyway, he can add you to returns and WHEN he gets that ITIN , he can take it with a POA from u that allows him to do business in your name in the USA Federal tax rules allow a person to be added to banking account although they will not issue any debit card till arrival in the states the statement below is from Federal Banking laws site: https://www.fdic.gov/regulations/safety/manual/section8-1.pdf For non-U.S. persons, the bank must obtain one or more of the following identification numbers: • Customer’s TIN, • Passport number and country of issuance, • Alien identification card number, and • Number and country of issuance of any other (foreign) government-issued document evidencing nationality or residence and bearing a photograph or similar safeguard. if i were to advise, i would say need more time together and file a new I 130 answering all the issues in the NOID with the new application getting together all this needed joint finances 1. joint tax return 2. addition of you with ITIN to account 3. POA (power of attorney) from you allowing him to proceed with any business needed to show real relaitonship 4. Each of you make out a will with spouse as beneficary 5. He may also be able with the POA to add you to small utility bill / i added Adil to water bill/ electric would not allow this But more face time is so important for your country as well as many others Good luck to you but he has a lot of work to do to get you here you, the Pakistan person, can't do what needs to be done
  11. you got some good advice above from so many as alcohol problems and violence can cause so much heartache and Money Are you prepared to pay attorney fees when he has trouble here? It was pointed out he will not be able to work for some time/ this causes boredom are you prepared to pay the high cost of auto insurance for someone with drinking problems? So many issues here Think really hard with your head and not the heart and thank God you found all this out now I probably overstepped too and i apologize but i was once married to a man who drank way too much and i loved him way too much i had to finally move out for the sake of my sons
  12. What paper said this? you may know you have no criminal record but how does the embassy know this? you have to prove all things in the interview If that is all they asked for and told you to come back , you'll probably be ok if they didn't say come back and you're doing it on your own, then no
  13. Will it affect him at the ROC level for using medicaid now?
  14. sorry but not good news the embassy did not keep your passport or ask for any additional info, so expect the USC to hear the case is denied Get ready to marry in Morocco and apply for a CR1 the CR1 will take 12 to 14 months from application date to interview the USC will need to spend quality time with you to prove a real relationship to the Casa embassy i wish i am wrong and they send to you an email saying to send passport and register with Aramex but casa is a very difficult embassy to get any visa from especially a K1 only 6 were approved in June If i am wrong, please forgive this email as it sounds non sympathetic but i am sympathetic as we tried K1 in June 2009 and had to go thru a long process to marry and do CR1 getting the visa in 2015 this is not easy this is not fast this is not cheap you need patience and a very loving fiancee
  15. no, i filed paperwork here in the states but all is the same when IRS gets the tax returns
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