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  1. USC or immigrant USC can not make color copy of our passport / found this out from UPS Don't know if other passports can be color copied but with scanning them, they would all be in black and white at the other end
  2. I should have added NVC and the embassy is looking for the embossed stamp to show it is legal government document
  3. If you copied and sent it that is the problem Morocco paper is a different size than the US paper not sure why they don't accept with the way they want things scanned now but yes, you need both police reports and NVC is very familiar with the paper size
  4. https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/airline-news/2020/03/14/coronavirus-travel-president-trump-adds-united-kingdom-ireland-flight-restrictions/5050097002/ Uk was added the 14th 3 days after the European ban
  5. if this money that we are all to get counted as a pubic charge, we all would fall under that catergory so, no, this is a stimulus bill to help USA get back on its feet during and following a series crisis
  6. checks are to go directly into checking account if you chose that on tax returns / otherwise a check mailed out that i did read
  7. they will be looking at the IRS tax returns for the required year which in 2018 at this point for the income needed a k1 in Morocco can and often is denied but this virus interference will not be the cause I would do the 2019 tax returns ASAP in case you need them for the interview/ i know the date for filing is extended but get it ready
  8. so someone on SS or retired gets nothing? to all of you i wouldn't count my chickens till they hatched personally what we have seen in the past is the government stimulus package goes to big business (to employ us and invest for our own good)
  9. You should have traveled (at the latest last Saturday the 21st) as the embassy announced they were scheduling flights to the US (saturday was Marackeh) for USC"s and green card holders. since you opted to not take advantage of the embassy and US government trying to come to the aid of all stuck in Morocco, you will go thru issues when you do try to return. you were issued a green card to live and work here and should take this seriously
  10. Are you traveling back to the US as a USC or green card holder Our understanding as announced in French news was that only green card holders and USC"s would be allowed to fly in (no matter where you are flying from) a paper had to be filled out and handed in at POE to federal officals with all countries that we had been to in the last 3 months (we flew in March 17th from Paris) several things can happen 1. ban can be extended timewise or other 2. ban could be lifted in 14 days or a month 3. government can allow some countries to fly in but not others you are really asking a question that can not be answered but if you are not a USC or green card holder at this time, i would not buy a ticket For instance 1 week ago when we left France Air France had cancelled 30% of their flights / now they have cancelled 90% and people with a ticket have been put on hold
  11. the interview was in December so even without the virus, your AP will be long/ and expect to retake the medical as they expire in 6 months and i would think all would have to retake it anyway with the virus. The last american sponsored planes for USC only flew out from Marrackeh Saturday the 21st and now Morocco has closed the airspace .and the site i came up with says "do not know when it will open" Morocco government closed all government offices and i would imagine (only a guess) that the US embassies in Casa and Rabat are operating on a skeleton crew and not able to work from home because of the sensitive nature or the application / all your personal information is with the embassy and must be seen to work on it/ obviously you would not want a CO to take it home and expose your ss # , fiances, and everything else about you and your spouse your age difference is not big you are of the same religion and all the other you posted so you are in good shape do not fret allah yessir so very sorry this has happened to you and all the others here
  12. with the virus outbreak no one can answer this at this time and you should tell the VJ community the type of visa as they are scheduled differently for instance a CR1/IR1 visa application is scheduled by NVC with info from Casa before it leaves NVC A K1 is scheduled after the case goes to Casa and they have varied between the immigrant scheduling one and the embassy doing it (over the years) Help yourself on here by doing a timeline for the VJ community to best help you
  13. Then relax and stop your stress as your case is stronger than most
  14. One English copy (6 in Arabic by certified translator and there are several in Casa-not cheap)
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