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  1. I'm not sure if it's needed, but I just recently wrote in the description that I will leave 1 to 14 blank in my 1040X because there are no net changes.
  2. I updated my description to make it a better read. I added in the description that I'm adding a dependent to increase Recovery Rebate Credit. Thank you for the reply and your time. I look forward to your reply. 🙂
  3. I updated Page 1 of my 1040X. I added numbers for line 17, 18, 19, 21, and 22. I attached the image below.
  4. Yes, I claimed it when I filled my 2020 tax returns. Here is an updated version of my 1040x page 1. I updated Page 2 for my 1040X I called the IRS a couple of days ago and they mentioned about the Path Act. They said with the Path Act, there is a chance that my son might not be able to get EIP 1 and 2 because I didn't have his SSN before April 2020 deadline or something related to that. But when I read about the Path Act in the IRS website, I'm not sure how that can affect me from getting EIP 1 and 2. Do you know anything about it? Thank you again, @Wuozopo for answering my questions.
  5. I filed my 2020 taxes about two months ago. The reason why I want to amended my taxes is so I can get my child's Economic Impact Payment. The reason why he didn't get his payment is because I didn't get his SSN till a few weeks later after I filled my 2020 taxes. He was also born in 2017. I received my payment of $1,800 ($600 was after I filed my 2020 taxes). Before I send these documents to the IRS, can anyone take a look at it if I did it correctly or if I'm missing any information? 1040X 1040 Thank you to anyone who can take a look if what I did is correct or I'm missing some information.
  6. I just checked it now and thank you. I just tried it out for myself. I'll use it for my 2021 taxes.
  7. Put the dollar amount in line 30 and below is what I did in my 1040 form. I thought I had to give the IRS proof I did the worksheet or something. If you don't mind me asking another question. My son (3 years old) still hasn't got his SSN, so as of now, I can't get his EIP 1 and 2. While I'm waiting for his SSN, I'm planning to submit my 2020 taxes this week and do a 1040X once I get my son's SSN. From my guess, It could take a few more months before I can get his SSN. After I get his SSN, can I use 1040X to get my son's EIP 1 and 2?
  8. I didn't do Schedule B for the previous years. Will that be an issue? Previous years was under $2 dollars. I read it and looked at the worksheet. Some things I don't understand is: 1) Do I need to attach the worksheet with my taxes? 2) I don't understand what Recovery Rebate Credit fully means. Even if I don't owe/receive money to/from the IRS, does the Recovery Rebate Credit mean that the IRS owes me $600? Or does the Recovery Rebate Credit only work if I owe taxes and goes to the taxes I owe?
  9. Thank you for everyone who replied. Thank you. I fixed it. The problem with writing "NRA" by hand is that the country I'm residing in right now is not making it easy to send anything to the United States due to covid. I sent my 2019 taxes a few months ago, but they still haven't checked it. I'm not even sure if they received it or not. I checked other e-file softwares, but non allowed me to write "NRA". However, recently I believed I found a way to do it in freefilefillableforms I believe I made $2. Silly question, but do I need to report it? I received $1200, but not the $600. When I checked in the IRS website "Get My Payment", it says that there is no information to get my second stimulus check. I believe because they didn't recieve my 2019 taxes yet. Do you if it's possible that I can still get my $600 stimulus check? Thank you again, Wuozopo for helping me with my taxes.
  10. Hello, I'm filling my 2020 taxes using https://www.freefilefillableforms.com/ It's my first time using freefilefillableforms. I was wondering if anyone can check to see if I'm doing it correctly. I'm filling MFS and my spouse is a NRA. Also, I couldn't put NRA for my spouse, so I just put only her first and last name. From what I read, I just need to file: 1) 1040 2) Schedule 1 3) Form 2555 Form 1040: Please note that I couldn't put 30,705 in line 8 in parenthesis such as (30,705). So I put a minus(-) instead. Schedule 1: Please note that I couldn't put 30,705 in line 8 and 9 in parenthesis such as (30,705). So I put a minus(-) instead. Form 2555: Thanks to anyone who would take their precious time to check if they are correct. Thank you.
  11. I currently live in South Korea. I got the first stimulus check, but I haven't filled my 2019 taxes yet. I'm about to send it today and it will take about 1 and a half months to process. Will I be qualified to get the second stimulus check?
  12. For example, it told me that the IRS owes me money even though I don't pay taxes to the US. I did receive the first one.
  13. I called the IRS about that option. Some guy told me that it's not possible due it being a digital signature. If you are going to send by paper, it needs to have the original signature. Yes, but it doesn't allow me to put "NRA" for my wife's social security.
  14. That's not an option for me because all e-files gives me false results.
  15. I haven't filled my 2019 tax return yet because the country I'm residing in is not allowing mail to go to the US. Does anyone know if I can still get the second stimulus check when it's ready to go out? I got the first one because I filled the 2018 tax return.
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