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  1. Lots of people have recently had their case denied because of errors in their documents and filing (particularly i944 it seems). USCIS sends it to you, and you simply file again.
  2. Following for answers. The form is frustrating enough but having to prove you’re a native English speaker should be enough with your passport! I plan on writing a letter and signing it. I have no proof of anything from school, only university.
  3. We spoke with USCIS in our local field office after filing a request and you can only request an extension (satisfactory departure) 7 days before it expires and with that you must prove why, i.e a cancelled flight or sickness that prevents you from traveling.
  4. I wouldn't think so. You are already here and came legally. Until the EO is published, hopefully tomorrow, I would continue preparing AOS documents.
  5. With all this new malarkey from trump I feel we might be changing our "let's continue with the k1 process" tune. Going to wait for the EO to come out before making a final call.
  6. My update on Ceac says my interview date was given to me by NVC, which it wasn't. Is this a generic message?
  7. We didn't update our email. The petitioner got it (I never updated nvc with my own beneficiary email)
  8. Hi all. Glad to see so many cases in transit. I just checked mine also and it is in transit too the Dublin consulate. I have been trying to get in touch with my embassy about extensions but haven’t heard anything back yet. My NOA2 is due to expire on 1st July so hopefully I’ll have an interview scheduled by then. right now I’m in the US enjoying some time with my fiancé. Fingers and toes crossed that this all goes well for us all. stay safe ❤️
  9. Keep us posted I am in the same boat also...waiting for clerks to open office again so we can get married
  10. 😂😂😂😂 This is also true! Like you said, finding somewhere to get a marriage license is the hardest part, and there's the possibility that things open up in 4 weeks again, who knows. Lots of variables
  11. Thank you for your input, and input the whole way through this thread. We are still talking about it... But I think because we are both so cautious and anxious, I should return home rather than risk over staying 😔
  12. Hi all. I’m still he..I am due to fly home on the 26th, but the airline has cancelled all flights from Seattle (from what I can see...I have not yet been notified). I have seen some posts where posters suggested a user must return home rather than adjust status simply because flights are still available. i have also been told by another user that it is unadvisable to adjust status (since my petition was only approved) as USCIS will see an influx of cases like this and that we are just taking advantage of COVID19...and was even mentioned “could be seen as a calculated move” to abandon K1 during this time. with marriage offices closed, it seems very unlikely that we will be able to,ove our marriage forward. my esta is stamped until 2nd of June....should I stay here regardless and spend 5is quality time with my fiancé in the hope that flights move again by June? Or do I go on Thursday 🧐 what would you do in my situation?
  13. Thank you so much for both your comments. This is something that helps ease the mind a bit.... thank you to everyone for their great help and comments, and for those who have messaged me also...I hope this thread continues to provide more info for those in a similar situation to me ❤️
  14. Not saying there'd be posts here suggesting things that are illegal I also have a friend who moved here a couple of years ago, on ESTA and married and adjusted, however she spent thousands in lawyers fees which I would hope to avoid. I am just trying to gather as much information as possible before we cancel our k1 petition and since we've already been in the process since october, we want to do things as correct as possible to avoid delays, confusion or refusal.
  15. Yet a USCIS officer would say it is fraudulent to do so, or so we were told. I can imagine a tier 1 agent, or any USCIS agent can't explicitly say "yes go ahead, get married and change your visa".... Are there any links on gov sites that say it is legal? (just to give myself a piece of mind....and yes i am also trawling through the forums reading other stories)
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