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  1. Yes, I think you should. He is old enough to understand. It is similar to how adopted kids deserve to know they're adopted.
  2. Good questions. Hopefully the stepchild realizes you are not his/her bio father? I very much doubt the CO will ask anything related to the bio father (name/DOB etc), since that info would be in the record, and that person has not been part of child's life. My impression is that interviews for children are nothing like interviews for adults. The kid is only there due to the choices made by a parent. CO may want to know generally how things are between the child and you, and what he/she thinks about moving to the US.
  3. This is precisely why you should have both read and educated yourselves on the process and eligibility to file petitions. Why is the USC not in this thread? He essentially petitioned you before he was legally divorced. You've wasted so much time and money, you BOTH need to really understand these processes before proceeding.
  4. It is fraud to enter with the intent to adjust status. You need to petition them- there is no work-around for the queue.
  5. I believe easily liquidated/liquid assets are generally fine. @pushbrk
  6. Definitely. She would need strong ties to home (reasons to return), like anyone wanting a tourist visa. Unfortunately, when people overstay, it makes it harder for others from the same country to get visas.
  7. Depends on the assets. If it’s a house where the immigrant is to live, then no. Easier to just get a job or a joint sponsor.
  8. Because she clearly wants to immigrate. Consular officers are required to assess immigrant intent for tourist visa applicants.
  9. Most countries do not even have a pathway for siblings to immigrate. USA still does, but might not in 20 years.
  10. She won't likely get a tourist visa, ever. If you need household help, your best bet is to hire someone locally.
  11. No she can't. That visa category is numerically limited each year. You should familiarize yourself with the visa bulletin.
  12. You can file without regard to sponsorship ability, because it will be TWENTY (20) YEARS before a visa number is available to your sister, and obviously your financial situation will be completely different then.
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