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  1. You got a million problems, and a partially missing address ain't one of them.
  2. No. No one has a 'right' to a visit visa. DOS did not err when they denied her.
  3. That’s a red flag, and could be why they’re questioning things. Do you know if your ex-wife has married and petitions others since your divorce?
  4. Yes, give her legal name. The A number would have been printed on the visa in her passport, as well as referenced on correspondence she received. If you don’t have it, it’s acceptable to write “unknown.”
  5. They no longer issue indefinite B visas, AFAIK. If she is approved, they will affix the currently used B visa in her passport.
  6. Were you “introduced” (even if remote) by friends or family also from viet nam?
  7. Apples and oranges. Income that doesn’t ‘count’ for immigration purposes is still taxable.
  8. Probably some other red flags/suspicion of fraud going on here…..
  9. I guess the question though is: if you filed the N400 9 months ago, and are just now about to combo interview, did it really help? Or would your I-751 be approved by now anyway? The cases where it seems to have definitively helped are like those of @Crazy Cat, who had radio silence for 44 months, and then a combo interview almost immediately after filing. Our LIN filed I-751 was approved 18 months after filing, and the USCIS processing time for that center is 20 months. N-400 processing time for Seattle FO is 9 months. Whenever the husband gets round to filing it, I’m expecting it to be adjudicated within that timeframe. We’re in no particular hurry.
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