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  1. Did you make a copy of the form before you submitted it to USCIS?
  2. Why? Most here did DIY. There may be immigrant assistance type resources in your community who could help you with understanding the forms, but I doubt you’ll get a lawyer to do it for free.
  3. Nothing has changed. There are no derivatives for spouses of USCs. K1/K3 doesn’t apply. Please refer to USCIS.gov for your info- you’ll be much better off.
  4. You will be fine. The 125%/I-865 comes into play much later in the K-1 process (probably >one year from now).
  5. The SS card of an LPR with a 10 year GC looks no different than the SS card of a citizen - there is no need to get new cards.
  6. In that case, I think you'll be just fine. Are you currently working? Even if your income was temporarily lower last year due to medical/time off, current income (as evidenced by payslips) will be more important than last year's tax return info. I get the feeling that Manila is pretty lenient as well.
  7. This also is not true. Cutting it so close can lead to a denial, as it is based on the "totality of circumstances." There are many other parameters that the adjudicator can consider, such as age (as it relates to income/earning potential), whether you live in a high COL area, what consulate you are going through, etc.
  8. What does it say on the MC? I'd stick to however the state of Utah lists it in terms of location, and if the MC doesn't refer to Zoom, I wouldn't.
  9. No, but you will be out of status if you wait. Like Boiler said, marriage itself confers no status. You need that magical receipt notice from filing the I-485 to be in “authorized stay.”
  10. I was not being sarcastic. It was a reminder of the TOS you agreed to when you signed up. It’s against the TOS to tell people not to comment.
  11. You’re free to ask anything, and I’m free to comment on anything. It’s in the TOS for the site.
  12. I thought OP had had a previous B2 visa interview, but his line of questioning makes it sound as if he literally has no footing in reality when it comes to tourist visa interviews.
  13. Are you an adult over the age of 18?
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