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  1. @Greenbaum, hello! I had my interview on June 27. Interview went fine. However, CO gave me a 221G slip saying "I need to send my fiance divorce decree and send it via 2go together with my passport". I sent the document they need on June 28 and US Embassy here in Philippines received it on July 1. Ceac updated on July 2. Until now still on AP and still no movement. 😢 I just wanna ask if its a good sign that CO asked me to send my "passport" together with the document they need? I am just so worried. 😢😢😢
  2. @Greenbaum, hello!! I need your advice. I had my interview yesterday. However, my fiance had been divorce twice and I just provided the recent divorce decree. Consul asked me if I have a copy of the 1st divorce decree of my fiance and his ex wife. I told her I dont have as I did not ask my boyfriend, we though its not needed because he have the recent divorce decree of the 2nd ex wife. 


    Consul gave my passport and adviced me to send the 1st divorce decree together with my passport at 2go. 


    I am now worried. 😢😢

    1. Greenbaum


      Nothing to be worried about !!!! The reason for the divorce decree's is to insure that he is actually divorced from the 1st to marry the 2nd and divorced from the 2nd to marry the 3rd (you). They are looking for fraud. It's a simple thing. Just get the divorce papers from the courthouse in the county that he filed the divorce in and he can email you a copy and you can then print it locally and send onto the US PI embassy.


      BTW, do you see above in your name/picture the button for "message". If you tap that you will send a PM to me and we can have a conversation that way. Here is not really the place to ask questions. They have a tendency to go unseen.


  3. @Greenbaum, hello! I need your help please. I have a question.. May First Name has a (-) however, my letter from NVC has no (-). I also tried to filled out my DS-160 and filled out an appointment for interview. Everytime I put my correct name with (-) system dont want to proceed and it says "no special character". All my documents like NBI, BC, Police Clearance, Passport : My name has a (-). What I did is I removed (-) on my first name to proceed my DS-160 and interview appointment. I am thinking if I might have a problem in the future. 😢😢😢 Thank you @Greenbaum
  4. Girls, can I ask please. Can you have your medical even you have your period? 😬😓
  5. Checked mine its now "ready". 😂😂

  6. My case is now in transit!  Yay! 🙌

  7. @Greenbaum, 😢 Ugh!! My NOA2 was April 26 and I called last May 15 case # and invoice # assigned already. However, I just check the status and til now still "at NVC".  😭😭😭

    1. Greenbaum


      You may of missed this tidbit of information but cases don't get shipped to the embassy but every other week. Next shipment is scheduled for June 11/12. You won't see your status change till then.

    2. micmic0893


      @Greenbaum, thank you so much greenbaum. My other question is. I filled out the DS-160. Do I need to pay fee for that? My fiance told me that I need to pay fee for the DS-160??? 


      Thank you so much and sorry as we're getting confused. 

    3. Greenbaum


      There is no fee for the DS-160. I have stated that many times in the forums. Please read every post in the threads you subscribe to so you don't miss important information. You must use the DS-160 confirmation number to complete the payment of the MRV interview fee.

      The DS - 160 is a document that stands alone. It does not affect anything. You can't use it to find any information about your case. You can't use it for anything other than for its original intent and that is for the CO to use during your interview to adjudicate your case. It does not need to be finished at the moment you receive your case number.

      In most cases, each visa applicant, including children, is required to pay a non-refundable, non-transferable Machine Readable Visa (MRV) application fee, whether a visa is issued or not. The visa application fee is determined by the
      type of visa for which you wish to apply.

  8. My NOA2 was April 26 and Case # assigned on May 15. Mine was not shipped on May 28-29. 😢 I am waiting til June 10-11. I am praying it will shipped soon. 😢 I keep thinking why they didn't shipped mine. Thinking there is a problem on my papers. 😢😢 

  9. @Greenbaum, Can I ask please... My NOA2 letter says Approval Notice Valid is April 26 2019 til Aug 25 2019. However, I got noticed from email that my case was approved on April 29 2019. Does it mean my NOA2 was on April 26 or April 29? IMG_20190530_114527.thumb.jpg.a5bd8e66b9062c3a968dcd5c9db0a20c.jpg


    1. Greenbaum


      Pick a date as neither is important.  The expiration date is important but only if you think you will need to interview after that date. If not pay the notice without concern. 

  10. Hi! We're the same. May case # assigned on May 15 2019. NOA2 was April 26 2019. I already filled out the DS-160 but not yet paid as I am waiting for the packet 3. I just check my case at CEAC and still shows "at NVC". 😢
  11. @Greenbaum hello! can I ask when will be the next schedule? Mine still shows "at NVC". My NOA2 was April 26 and got my Case # and Invoice # on May 15. But it was not ship out yet. I was thinking maybe it scheduled on the next schedule. Thank you for all your help.
  12. Huuuuhhhh... Thank you very very much!!! God bless us! 😘❤
  13. Thank you very much. I just check my case # now and still "at NVC". I hope it will move and change to "in transit" today. 😢🙏
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