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  1. Thanks, that is what I thought, but I wasn’t certain.
  2. A day to remember all those that made the ultimate sacrifice for freedom.
  3. Do you need the UK marriage permit if the couple use the Utah Zoom wedding and the couple are physically both in the UK at the time of the ceremony?
  4. If you haven’t submitted the I129F package yet, it might be a good idea to take a deep look at the spousal visa. As @Crazy Cat summarized, it is a far superior visa. Good Luck!
  5. Sounds exactly like the same thing that happened for my wife when she filed the N400 with her I751 pending. I think the suggestion of posting a request for a combo interview has more to do with these types of scenarios becoming more and more common and some people not getting a combo interview automatically. Back when my wife filed her I751 it was right at the beginning of those applications slowing down (my wife filed in Dec 2016 and only received a 12 month extension letter). She filed the N400 a little more than a year later, and that application went through with lightening speed at the Detroit FO. Like you, when called for her N400 interview, the IO had the I751 package in front of her and simply reviewed the I751 form briefly before proceeding with the N400 interview.
  6. In my opinion it is more than enough. The UK is a fairly easy consulate, and what you show seems like quite a bit. In my case when I filed for my future wife, I had only two in person visits and we were fine. As a side question, just wondering why you chose the K1 route instead of a spousal visa? Good Luck!
  7. Could a U Visa be used if they go after the lawyer and need victims to testify? Regardless there is a bit of a backlog.
  8. Since the OP has residences in both the US and the Philippines the waiting should not be a big issue. File the I130, get through the IR1 process, move to the US and in about 5-6 years from filing the I130, the wife can naturalize.
  9. Since Old Corrupt Joe is the mouthpiece of the Democrat Party, seems appropriate. Threats? 'Squad' members threaten Biden amid fears of major concessions in debt ceiling bill "We have made it clear ... that if they give on these core Democratic values, there will be a huge backlash," she said, adding that there will be "backlash at the polling booth" with progressives not turning out. Rep. Jamaal Bowman (R-NY) said he is not anticipating that progressive members will agree with the White House's concessions to Democrats. "I'm very, very concerned," Bowman said, adding that he is "leaning towards not optimistic in terms of what we're going to give up." Since the start, Democrats and progressive lawmakers have raised concerns that Republicans will use the debt ceiling as a bargaining tool to force Biden to roll back some of his more left-leaning policies. House Republicans have also called for border security to be part of the debt ceiling bill, an area where progressives typically slam Republicans for being anti-immigration. https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/house/squad-members-threaten-biden-fears-concessions-debt-ceiling-bill
  10. I remember a very high level Democrat leader wrote a book with the same title.
  11. Well, Newsom has weighed in. So have the MAPs left the Catholic Church and the Boy Scouts for better cover under the alphabet mafia? Gavin Newsom warns of nationwide 'systematic attack' on LGBTQ groups after Target limits 'Pride' collection https://www.foxbusiness.com/politics/gavin-newsom-warns-nationwide-systematic-attack-lgbtq-groups-target-limits-pride-collection
  12. How else will the Democrats keep the pipeline of child labor going.
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