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  1. Gotta back up the black woman with an old white guy. Typical for Democrats.
  2. So the most likely scenario is Old Corrupt Petulant Joe turns tail this weekend so as to provide fodder for the political wonks on the Sunday morning shows and attempt to blunt the extremely successful RNC. The question is will it be a simple anointing of Mamala so the Democrats do not need to deal with transferring funds the Biden/Harris campaign controls, an accelerated makeshift primary like process with many folks vying for the top of the ticket, or a contested convention. If the first, I have been hearing not a lot of folks are interested in the number 2 spot behind Mamala. Regardless, the Democrat Party looks to be a real mess right now.
  3. Yes, I heard the same thing. Actually there are quite a few examples of this as more and more things like vehicles, connected devices, etc. are so reliant on software.
  4. And the USSS bungled that as well, or they are protecting someone.
  5. If Biden cannot run for President, how can he run the country for 5+ more months? The question about SCOTUS is biased of course as the political activists in the media that represents the Democrats are waging an unprecedented attack on them leading to actual threats to some of the Justices. I guess you feel that is fine since you agree with those extreme activists, but no ruling that has been made is outside of the Constitution, and in fact the more important ones get us back to the Constitution. I know, Democrats are in favor of being governed by unelected bureaucrats, but that is not the way this country is supposed to operate. Do you know for sure Hunter is back on track?
  6. What isn’t clear, is the husband in the U.S. as a green card holder (you mentioned no one is a USC) or is he immigrating through another family member through an F3 or F4, or some other type of visa? In the end though it doesn’t really matter based on US law. He can only immigrate with one wife regardless.
  7. If you are both currently in the U.S. and are married, follow this guide. Good Luck!
  8. It may, but more than likely it may not help, as if there is a big backlog at the consulate, there is not much a House member or Senator can do. Don’t worry about the I129F approval expiring, it should still be accepted by the consulate due to the backlog. Good Luck!
  9. Not sure if this is a cyberattack yet, as it could be just a software glitch. If it turns out to be a cyberattack, I will request this be moved to the SCAM thread. Mass IT outage affects airlines, media and banks A raft of global institutions - including major banks, media outlets and airlines - have reported being hit by a mass IT outage. The US state of Alaska has warned its emergency services are affected, while there are reports of the London Stock Exchange being impacted. Australia has been particularly hard hit with flights grounded, supermarkets experiencing checkout chaos, and broadcast networks left scrambling on air as autocue, graphics and computers failed. The cause of the outage is unclear, but many of those affected have linked it to Microsoft PC operating systems. https://www.bbc.com/news/articles/cv2g5lvwkl2o
  10. I am curious if the Loper decision impacts this. SCOTUS seemed to indicate Congress needs to perform its duties.
  11. I agree. CBP tends to look for people abusing their B2s. There is no set time to stay out of the U.S. after a visit, but the general rule of thumb is double the time inside the U.S. Good Luck!
  12. The visa should reflect what is in her passport, but sometimes there are mistakes made. That being said, it is always best to wait for the visa in hand to purchase any tickets. Good Luck!
  13. RIP Mr. Newhart. I loved his deadpan comedy. Bob Newhart, legendary comedian and sitcom star, dead at 94 https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/bob-newhart-legendary-comedian-sitcom-star-dead-94
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