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  1. You don’t really need a valid reason to AOS in the US. If he is here, and you wish to take the AOS route you can file the I485. Good Luck!
  2. The simple fact is that we have no idea what the mortality rate is on this one yet. All the numbers are based on identified cases that are highly biased since only those being tested show some kind of symptoms and even those are showing only an approximate 15% positive rate. Yes, technically, this is not an influenza virus, but it is too early to tell if the effects are worse that the common influenza virus.
  3. The world is full of idiots looking for attention. Glad they caught this one.
  4. I cannot claim copyright on that one. Democrats fret as Joe Biden becomes ‘irrelevant’ in coronavirus crisis https://www.foxnews.com/politics/democrats-fret-as-joe-biden-becomes-irrelevant-in-coronavirus-crisis
  5. Nope, not a binary choice, but high density living is certainly worse in a situation like this.
  6. World Health Organization under the microscope: what went wrong with coronavirus? https://www.foxnews.com/world/world-health-organization-coronavirus-what-went-wrong
  7. You are right. I assumed they were just going to rely on those that filed jointly either it’s an SSN or an ITIN. Kind of sucks for those that did take the time to get an ITIN and file taxes properly.
  8. It makes perfect sense, and I hope it ends very soon as well. I am not sure anyone could have been prepared for this, but we are doing what we can. I wish you luck with what you are doing, I have two nieces that are nurse practitioners, but so far they have not been overwhelmed, but I understand.
  9. I agree, so the question is what model are they using to determine who will need hospitalization because not everyone that tests positive will need that.
  10. That is just it, the totals are not real time and the total of those actually infected is completely unknown. For all we know, this virus has been circulating for months in the US and the EU. I hope the CDC works out the antibody test soon. Regardless, my point was more about the way the media was reporting this issue. Sure, the DM is fairly over-the-top, but it is interesting that they got the total number right, 519, but completely missed on the increase based on the Worldometer data. Lastly, I really think three IPAs on Friday is a cure, maybe I will market that. JK.
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