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  1. Hello everyone. I have a question and I'd like to ask for your opinions. Does having a traffic ticket in the US make any negative effect on my visa interview? Is it a problem? I have two traffic tickets (for speeding etc.) from 2010 and 2015. I would feel bad if they negatively influence my visa interview in any way. Does anyone have similar experience or knowledge on this? Thanks in advance.
  2. Montreal embassy EB-2 interview wait time-Part 2 Continuation of this thread:
  3. Still in the NVC stage though, but we need to plan ahead. Did anyone get their IV interview letters from Montereal after NVC qualified recently? And how far are they scheduling out? Weeks? Months? My wife is on an open work permit in Canada which is due to expire by the end of 2024. So we wanna know this information beforehand to avoid the need for her to apply for a Canadian PR. Thanks!
  4. Hello, I sent back my joint sponsor documents with passport to Montreal. They had it on 18th September, also uploaded in CEAC. Last update was 28th September. I'm at the end of the 7th week. We already sent emails. Any advice about what to do if didn't hear back till end of 8th week? Has anybody else here in same situation?
  5. I completed my medical exam in Montreal and thought I would add another review. Being in Montreal has been a challenge as many people have a hard time speaking English. Perhaps I am the only person who finds the irony in having to travel to Quebec for a US immigrant visa. When staying in Downtown Montreal you are within walking distance everywhere. I arrived a half hour early and it was easy to find as I had google earthed prior. My 5 year old and I went up to the 22nd floor. As soon as we entered the office I was overwhelmed by the volume of people. I would prepare yourself if you don't like crowds. I checked in at reception and she asked for: 5 passport photos, vaccination records, passports, letter confirming consulate appointment. She gave me forms to fill out which included the intended US address. The questionnaire asks things like if you have been hospitalized, blood disorders, drug addiction, mental health history, etc. I filled everything out and my son had to go to the bathroom. I needed to go but the receptionist said I could not do my urine test as it had to be supervised by a nurse. I asked how long it would be and she said she had no idea. We sat down and my name got called pretty quick to do the chest x-ray. The lady was really nice especially considering my son didn't want to leave the toys. I got undressed from the waste up and put a gown on. There were a total of 3 people doing this test at the same time. There were change rooms side by side which me (female), another female and a male all got undressed. I have to admit I was surprised they would do the exam with mixed genders. The guy who was there looked like he could be fun and I could've cared less if he got a peek. But not everyone would be thrilled about that. They did my x-ray first which I appreciated as my son was on the verge of a meltdown. They gave him two candy canes for being good. I wished the female and male good luck as I left. We sat down again and it was around a half an hour before the doctor came out. My son had a tantrum and I was embarrassed. The waiting area had turned into a circus with at least a half dozen kids running wild. The area feels small when there are so many people. The office is extremely busy and it's easy to not hear your name. They should consider investing in an intercom. I was surprised by how many more men there were than women. The view of Montreal was great and there is a play area for young children. The doctor brought me into her office and she was very genuine. She was thorough and went through our medical history. My son and I completed our physical exams. I took everything off except my bra and underwear. The wait felt longer when we got to the vaccination part. It must have been 2 hours after we got there. By then the urge to pee was so bad it was hard to think of anything else. I got brought in by two women to do the physical exam/vaccinations. I explained how desperate I was to use the restroom. One of the girls got me a cup right away and the receptionist was correct someone must stand outside the door. After I was done I handed her my sample. I did an eye test both with and without glasses. They took weight/height measurements along with blood pressure. They went through my vaccine history and I hadn't had a TDAP shot in over 20 years. It was $40 and my son's flu shot was $25. They took blood from me. They took my word I had my flu shot and I brought blood test results to prove I had chicken pox. We went back to the waiting area where we were told to wait at least 15 minutes after our vaccines. At this point it had been over 3 hours and my son was really melting down. The receptionist saw my desperation and rang the bill for myself and my young child. The bill after taxes came to $747. She said the results should be ready Friday (today is Tues) which was sooner than what was said when I called (he said 4 days). They said if there is any type of issue they would call the number you put on the form. I felt everyone who worked there was very friendly. It is a much higher volume medical service lab than I expected. Everything is done in office so you don't have to go anywhere. After we were finished we walked over to Eaton Center and had supper.
  6. Hello everyone, Recently had our interview and were given a 221g to submit a document and the passport. We've since sent the document and the passport to the consulate (and it has been received by them) Any idea on how long they usually take to process? And where we could track this? We don't want to be waiting for months as we've given the passport alongside the document that was requested. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  7. I made a group for those who are pending interview in Montreal Consulate for F2A visa category. My case has been Documentarily qualified/case completed April 4th, 2019.
  8. Hello all, I finally received an update today from NVC that both of my parents' applications have finally become, as they call "documentarily qualified" by the NVC and have moved onto the next step which is interview scheduling. I was wondering if anyone has had any recent experience with the Montreal, Canada US embassy? How long did it take from becoming "documentarily qualified" until an interview was schedule and how long from that time was the actual interview? Would appreciate any insight! It's so hard to find any recent information since COVID times about how long the process is these days. Thanks a bunch!
  9. Hello everybody, I filed a I-824 to have my son to follow to join, and submitted DS-260 last Oct. My son entered US for job internship with J1 visa this year. Do we need to notify NVC for that? or is there any impact on the interview? Thanks
  10. Hi, We received notification that our case was `Ready` to schedule an interview at Montreal but the steps from Montreal state that they'll send a Packet 3 and then a Packet 4 with instructions. Our case has been in a ready state since March 20. We emailed Montreal embassy on March 30th as if we've received the packet 3 but haven't heard from them either. What should we do? Is there a way to contact them? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  11. (Please let me know if this should be posted elsewhere.) Had my medical exam today in Montreal, here is my recap. In short, I was missing vaccine boosters despite having reviewed the list over and over again, and a few details could be interesting to pregnant women or women trying to conceive (especially as concerns X-rays and vaccines); otherwise it was pretty straightforward! My appointment was at 7:45am. I arrived about 5 minutes in advance and had to wear a mask. There was only one other person before me. The lady at reception took my 5 photos, passport (she gave it back straight away), vaccination documents (she kept them), and consulate letter. She took a passport-style photo and gave me a few forms to fill out (personal information, medical history and consents to vaccination). At around 8, I gave her back the forms and sat back in the waiting room. I got called for the X-rays at around 8:25, at the same time as another lady. We got into cabins and put on a paper gown. I got done first and came out, leaving my things in the cabin. The technician asked if I might be pregnant, and when I said it was a possibility, I had to sign consent forms. She explained that she would protect my abdomen and that while there was indeed a very small risk of harm, I would actually receive 10x more radiation from the sun in an airplane than from an X-ray picture. She took two pictures, and 10 minutes later I was dressed and back in the waiting room. At about 9:00, I got called by the nurse. She inquired about one prescription that I have, likely because it seems to be an “off-label” use, and then went over my vaccines. I thought I had them all covered (I read the US list many times!), I had got a few at a pharmacy in January and February to get up to date, but she told me that I was missing three boosters: Hep B, MMR, and varicella. (I did know about the varicella, as I got the first shot less than a month ago.) I think one of the shots I got as a child was the “wrong” one for the US. She also said that as I'm trying to get pregnant, I should *not* have gotten a live varicella vaccine at the pharmacy. I got a bit confused about the rest. If I remember correctly, she also said that had I not gotten that dose a few weeks ago, she would have been able to give me MMR and (my first dose of) varicella together today, in a safe form. Also because of the possibility that I'm in the very early days of a pregnancy (or perhaps because I got the live varicella shot less than a month ago), she said she couldn't give me the MMR and varicella shots now. So she gave me the HB shot, but wrote a note that it was not advisable to give me the other two today. She said that I can get them later (I still have time before the interview), but that it wouldn’t change much, since my current vaccine status doesn't prevent me from entering the US. I asked her to confirm this about 32 times! It's really bothering me, but she said I would have one year to get up to date, and even then, the authorities might not even follow up. She printed the updated Quebec vaccine records and gave me a copy, along with my original records that she had kept. Then she noted my height and weight, did an eye test (she didn’t check my glasses but asked me to read a line with my glasses on, one eye at a time), and took a blood test. That part was done at 9:30. At about 9:50, the doctor called me. She went over the form (I verbally added two details about my “ancient” medical history that I had remembered, just to be transparent, but she didn’t worry about them or write them down). She temporarily left the room to allow me to put on a gown (I kept my underwear on), and she checked my eyes, ears, knee reflexes, listened to my heart and lungs, and she lifted the gown to palpate my abdomen a couple of times. We were done at 10. At 10:15, another lady at reception called me to settle the bill. I paid about $440, this includes one HepB shot ($51). She said it would take about 10 working days for the results to get to the consulate, and I would get an email when that would be done, but the consulate already has received notice that my examination was done today. After I left, I was unsure because I remembered reading on this forum that at least one person had a urine sample collected in 2021. So I called and asked if that was an issue, but the man on the phone said that none needed to be collected. So that's it! All in all, it took 2.5 hours, the people were very nice, and the waiting wasn't too bad. Let me know if you have any questions!
  12. Our daughter sponsored us (parents) and our interview is scheduled at the end of March 2023. Appreciate if someone let us know the questions they asked at the interview. Thanks in advance.
  13. Here we go again, maxed out on so here's our newest thread...
  14. Hello everyone, So glad that P.P. 10014 has been lifted! I’m an immigrant visa applicant for F2B or visa class F24 and will be assigned to have an interview at the U.S. Consulate General in Montreal, Canada. My priority date is Jun. 16, 2015 and D.Q. on Aug. 28, 2020. Could anyone advise what’s the estimated wait time for an interview letter from the Montreal Consulate? Also is there anyone will be having interviews in Montreal, Canada? Any input is appreciated.
  15. Hello, I am sorry if this already exists. If so, please direct me to the existing thread! My I-129 F was approved on May 8, 2023. We are now waiting to receive our next steps in the mail. My K1 interview will be in Montreal Canada. I am wondering what the approx. timeline from I-129F approval to K1 visa interview is for Montreal Canada. Has anyone booked their interview in 2023? How long was the wait between I-129F approval to K1 interview?
  16. Hello everyone, My dad had his IR5 interview in Montreal, Canada Apr 4, 2023. Was verbally approved by the officer and was told to expect passport back with visa in about 2 weeks. They kept his passport and just police certificate. There was a holiday in between, but have not received anything yet. Visa status still says Ready, as of Apr 11. How long does it typically take to get the visa stamped?
  17. Hi, Does anyone know how long it takes after an approval for the visa/ passport to be back to the applicant? Just out of curiosity. Thanks!
  18. Olá pessoal! Este tópico foi criado especialmente para os brasileiros que estão no Canadá e desejam aplicar para o visto EB2-NIW. Não encontro quase nenhuma informação direcionada a este público e, quando encontro, é super antiga e não confiável. Inclusive neste site. Por isso, acredito que criar este tópico pode ajudar bastante. Por favor, não o disvirtuem adicionando assuntos não relacionados a brasileiros aplicando para o EB2-NIW do Canadá. Muito obrigado.
  19. Hello, I had my K-1 visa interview in Montreal on August 9th, 2022 and left with a 221g. I finally got the docs required and send it in via courier and the tracking number shows it was delivered on Thursday Nov 3rd. CEAC still shows as “Refused” with no updates since August. I'm wondering what a realistic (and recent) idea on a timeframe would be for a decision to be made. Wondering if I’ll be able to be with my fiancé in the USA for Christmas or if we should make alternate plans. Our son’s 2nd birthday is earlier in Dec as well. I was so hoping we could all be together by then as well but that’s probably just wishful thinking. Any insight would be helpful!
  20. Hi my husband has applied for my green card on the spousal basis catagory (F21). I got DQ'd on Feb 1st 2023. Currently I am permenant resident in Canada so my interview location is Montreal. Any idea when to expect my interview to be scheduled I read that Montreal embassy is slow. Would really appreciate any relevant information provided. Thanks in advance.
  21. Hi. I am wondering if it is ok to tick mark the P3 checklist and email it back to the consulate, even if I don’t physically have my fiancés i134 signed form yet? I have all of the documents ready, I am just waiting on physically having the i134 form with me right now… I will have it in 2 weeks from now. I just wanted to clarify if there is any issue with that or not? Thanks!
  22. Hello I was stuck in DS5535 AP since last 1.5 years for K1 visa (Montreal consulate) and finally on Dec 29th 2022 the Consulate requested new medical, passports and DS160 with updated pics. Sent everything by Jan 18th 2023 until now there have been 5 updates latest being on 28th Feb and the CEAC says "Refused". Now my Police certificate (RCMP) will be expiring on 17th March since they have a validity of 2 years. I am confused should I send the new RCMP check by Fedex proactively or wait for the Consulate to request a new one? It has been 8 weeks until now and they did not review a single medical file, I am worried if this Police certificate will give them 1 more excuse to delay my case 😞
  23. Hello! Looking for some help as it feels like we’ve been skipped in the queue for an interview. I was DQ’d October 24, my son was DQ’d January 20. We had a 2nd child in November and immediately added her to our application and submitted all documents. Her documents are still showing as “submitted”, despite the timeframe for NVC to review her documents has passed. My questions are: 1) I was DQ’d October & my son was DQ’d January. Is it typical for a child to be qualified after the parent? Everything was submitted accurately and at the same time. 2) Montreal has scheduled interviews for applicants DQ’d in December. It seems like I was skipped (DQ’d October) Or is the interview scheduled based on my son’s date (DQ’d January)? 3) My daughter’s documents were submitted after I was DQ’d. They still show as “submitted”, but according to NVC’s timeframe, the dates they’re reviewing is now after the date I submitted her documents. Should we be concerned that they haven’t looked at her docs? 4) Do we need to wait for my daughter be DQ’d? How can we get her DQ’d if NVC hasn’t reviewed her docs? Very grateful for any help or similar situations. Thanks very much.
  24. Hello, we received a letter from NVC stating they will now forward our case to the embassy in Montreal, and the process may take several weeks. It also said that the embassy will contact us when they are ready to process our case. I’m wondering, do we start on the DS160 and i134 forms now, or do we do that when the embassy gets in touch with us? Also, when do we schedule the interview… does the embassy tell us when to do that? Thanks in advance!
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