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  1. Here we go again, maxed out on so here's our newest thread...
  2. Montreal embassy EB-2 interview wait time-Part 2 Continuation of this thread:
  3. I made a group for those who are pending interview in Montreal Consulate for F2A visa category. My case has been Documentarily qualified/case completed April 4th, 2019.
  4. Hi everyone, My case was completed at the NVC 03/16/18 (over 70 days ago) and I am waiting for an interview date to be assigned at the Montreal Embassy. My visa category is EB-2. Is anyone in a similar situation (EB-2, Montreal) who can share their experience/wait time? This is taking much longer than anticipated. Thanks a lot!
  5. Hi, How long is the wait time for EB3 applicant who are waiting for interview at Montreal embassy? is there and priority for health care workers and nurses at this time?
  6. Here is an update for anyone that has a visa / passport stuck at the consulate and they must travel. You can get a temporary passport. Cost is about $200 CAD. Be prepared to spend many hours at the passport office and also be prepared for the staff there not knowing what you're talking about. You'll need to be polite but push for what is allowed to get the temp passport and when you get your original back with the visa in it to do a exchange, where the original passport with the visa in it is activated again (only one passport can be active at a time) and surrender the temp passport. Ask for a temporary passport application, because your current passport is "Inaccessible" (official term is Inaccessible Passport) You can get a temp passport if you prove your current passport is stuck at a foreign consulate for processing AND you must travel Show proof of your passport being stuck in processing with the consulate and also proof that you have corresponded with them about the delays. Show proof of upcoming travel Bring an original birth certificate and proof of your identity Fill-out an application for a temporary passport (might be the same as a regular passport, but make sure they file it properly) Provide a guarantor (my wife used her adult daughter that is not living with her). The agent will call. Provide 2 references that are friends that can vouch for you. The agent will call them. If travel is urgent, the passport can be made within a couple of days, so show proof that you must pick it up in time for travel. Once you pick-up the temp passport, make sure there is a stamp/sticker inside that shows that it is a temp passport (the cover won't say it). I heard the temp passport is good for one year, not just for this specific travel date. When you arrive at the border, bring your proof of travel, proof of needing the temp passport, and of course your temp passport. In our case, the USA agent didn't ask for anything other than the passport and didn't say anything or ask about it, but that's no guarantee. When you finally receive your original passport with the visa, go to the passport office again Request that you need to surrender your temp passport and have the original activated again. You cannot carry two passports (from what we were told), so you need to activate one and surrender the other. You might need to push that you're not applying for anything new and all the agent needs to do is accept your temp passport and activate the original. My wife had to push a little about the urgency of this swap, because the initial staff wanted her to wait in the long application line all day. This wasn't necessary. My wife stood with the agent while the original was being activated again on the screen. It takes about 30 minutes for the system to process the swap, but it will be fairly quick (not hours or days).
  7. Greetings, I had immigrant visa interview (Category: F2B, DQ: Aug. 28, 2020, PD: Jun. 16, 2015) in Montreal on Jul. 22 morning. The CO asked me a lot of questions and the actual interview lasted about 10mins. After interview was done, he retained my PCCs & passport and I was given a white paper (221g marking - additional processing is required). All docs were good, he didn't need anything from me and medical result arrived couple days before my interview. He also said I should hear back from him within one week, which is today. So far, I still haven't any update in CEAC which still shows "Refused". I have U.S. B1/B2 visa and had frequent U.S. entries and exits; I'm holding Canadian PR in Canada; I also google my name & used name, it turned out both came back with something related to rocket & electronic technologies. Could anyone elaborate should it be a problem? What's the process of being 221(g)? Any experience? Any input is highly appreciated!! Thank you in advance.
  8. Hi everyone! First time poster here. Had my interview yesterday in Montreal and was put into administrative processing with no reason given. The consular officer even admitted he did not know why it was happening. I'm still awaiting the follow-up email from the consulate... I suspect it will the DS-5535 questions because we used to live abroad but have lived in Canada for 8+ years. We are planning to cross the land border and drive from Toronto to Maine (my US citizen spouse has a family cottage there). I have a second passport (UK citizenship) and we are hoping I can cross using that passport as Montreal still have my Canadian passport. We've called the CBP and the actual border office (Buffalo, NY) and have received positive yet not totally clear messages. Has anyone else attempted this in the past? Thanks in advance!
  9. Got DQ today and now thinking about everything that's about to transpire in the next few months. Any recommendations on how to get my stuff from Canada to USA?
  10. Hi All, Today I had received email from NVC for CR1 interview. I am following instruction as mentioned in https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/Supplements/Supplements_by_Post/MTL-Montreal.html. Facing issue while registering the online interview process at Sign Up | Official U.S. Department of State Visa Appointment Service | Canada | English (usvisa-info.com). has any one faced such issue in past? My Application status is showing as Do I need to wait for few more days to complete the process. Thanks in advance.
  11. Does anyone have experience with mailing to NVC or uploading documents on CEAC and whether they require the translations to have the original (ink/wet) signature/seal or are they OK with a digital signature/seal? What about the consulate at Montreal, if they ask for certified translations, can those be the print version of the secured digital pdf translation?
  12. From what I have gathered on this forum, it is quite a possibility that the NVC asks an EB2 applicant to actually mail instead of uploading their civic docs, because the CEAC portal may not have the uploading option for them. Now my question is : does the NVC mail those docs to the consulate? And if there is something already in there, like an original document, then the consulate can't ask me for it, right, because they should know they already got it? Because if not, then what if a document that has no copy such as the RCMP police certificate is asked by the consulate when I have mailed it to the NVC already? Am I just supposed to get another police certificate? (if that one has expired, then sure, no matter what I should get one, but what if it's still valid) [The same goes for certified translations of docs although that is a minor issue. I could ask the translator for copies of the translation with the seal on it, even though only one will be the true original translation. ]
  13. Honestly, I am at a loss to pick out anything that would red flag me. Interviews seemed perfectly good. No missing documentation. I have never had arrests or anything like that. I asked about what the reason for this was and officer had no actual information as to why it would be. Bureaucratic answer of following protocol of US govt, erc. Ok. Disappointing, and bewildering.
  14. Just checking. Am I able to cross, activate my visa and then travel back to Canada a few times to pack up and move? I don’t intend to import my car but will use it for a couple months to travel while I get settled.
  15. Hi, I was wondering about any help I could get with my situation. My family and I live on a TN visa in the US and had our interview in Montréal 12/13, we had to return to the states and did not give the officer our passports then and there. We were told we were approved and were told to mail them back instead, and the passports were delivered 12/22. My family and I have been here in Canada since 12/19 and need to go back, but haven’t gotten any updates other than on 12/30 where the status still said refused. We emailed on 12/24 and got a response yesterday and on 12/29 (day before the emailing update). I’m desperate to go back to the states but I can’t seem to figure out anything to do, any help?
  16. Hello everyone! had interview in January. Got 221g for missing documents. I now have the documents required and would like to submit. How long does it take to get an answer to an email sent to consulate? it was very case specific Once I submit the documents, how long does it take them on average to return passport?
  17. My case is complicated and had been in AP for a while. Recently in January they sent us an email asking for our passport, police records, medical, updated taxes, updated affidavit of support, etc...we sent everything may 31st...how long will it take them to update the case status online and hopefully issue the visa and return passport? I'm assuming since they finally asked for passport we are good 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
  18. My I-601 waiver was approved by USCIS April 26, 2022 for my immigrant visa case. I noticed that my CEAC date of last update has not been updated, suggesting they did not get the waiver approval notice. I was waiting for instructions from the embassy after the approval but did not hear from them. So I emailed the Montreal consulate and after two weeks they responded that they did not yet receive the approved waiver and will not proceed without it. What am I supposed to do ? I scanned and emailed the approval notice to them (I-797 from USCIS) in reply to their email. Normally the consulate is supposed to be notified directly by USCIS upon approval. Has this happened to anybody? How do I get this resolved ? Please help!
  19. Can anyone who recently cleared interview at Montreal consulate for the family immigration visa interview (F3) help me here? Did you need to take a copy or original birth certificate of the petitioner? Instructions on this page is bit confusing https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/Supplements/Supplements_by_Post/MTL-Montreal.html Your original birth certificate and that of your petitioner if applicable, English translation, and a photocopy.”
  20. Could anyone tell how long it takes for visa interview after document complete at Montreal please share date of document complete date of interview email date of interview only for Montreal please
  21. Good day all, All documents and fees were approved and completed on my IR5 on March 7th 2019. Notice from the NVC was that an interview would be scheduled at the Consulate and I would be notified by email or mail. Does anybody know what the approximate turnover times are for the interview? Can I expect an interview in April? Thank you!
  22. People who are waiting for their interview at Montreal Embassy please connect here. Please comment your Priority Date (PD) & Case Complete (CC) date. My details are below: PD: April-30-2018 CC: January-14-2019
  23. Hello everyone, So glad that P.P. 10014 has been lifted! I’m an immigrant visa applicant for F2B or visa class F24 and will be assigned to have an interview at the U.S. Consulate General in Montreal, Canada. My priority date is Jun. 16, 2015 and D.Q. on Aug. 28, 2020. Could anyone advise what’s the estimated wait time for an interview letter from the Montreal Consulate? Also is there anyone will be having interviews in Montreal, Canada? Any input is appreciated.
  24. Hello! I am wondering if there is any update on the backlog at the Montreal Consulate for K-1 Visa Interviews. I am about to receive my NOA2 and I am hoping the significant wait times have subsided by now. Any insight would be very much appreciated!
  25. Hello, is it that US citizen filing for their child application faster than PR holder because I was told that currently those that are being granted for interview are family preferences that was DQ in February 2020 while immediate relatives that are being called in for interview is those that were DQ in January 2022. my case is with the US embassy Montreal and they told me that. My mom is due for her citizenship but hasn’t filed for it yet, is it advisable for her to go ahead and put in her application for my sake?
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