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  1. Just bring with you the document that shows this pay increase. No need to bring a completely new form
  2. Hey Ophelie, how are you? I am Emanuela:) Listen, you cannot send an e-request for the travel document even though it is out of normal processing time. The e-request will not be taken into consideration if both the working permit to which the travel document is related, is still within the timeframe of the normal processing times.
  3. ATTENTION TO ALL THE K1 FILLERS: at the interview the lady said that I was lucky to have had the interview today as my medical examination that I had taken the day before the K1 Visa interview - Oct. 6th, 2020 - was about to expire! At that point I would have had to submit the medical form 693! It really lasts 1 year from the day you have it.
  4. Just done my interview today at 10.15 AM CT at the St. Louis Office. The interview went super well and smooth. The lady was nice and tried to put us at ease. She went through the AOS form and asked me to confirm the answers we have given. She only wanted to have some bona fide documents so I handed her the car title where I appear as TOD (transfer on death beneficiary), 2 lease agreements for the apartment we have been renting since 2020, pictures of us and our wedding, life insurance where I appear as the 100% beneficiary. I also gave to her the gym membership and the phone plan but unfortunately my name was not stated in any of these documents so she did not want them. I also showed to her congratulations cards for our wedding.
  5. The problem is that since I still do not have a SSN for my husband it was impossible to add me to his bank account......so besides the lease, the gym membership and the phone agreement and a car..I don't have anything else....
  6. Good morning everybody! My case turned into "Card was mailed to you" early this morning! The date is Sept. 10th though.
  7. Guys I have just received another update! EAD and AP Case Approved. The next step will be "Card was mailed to me" at this point!
  8. No, not yet. It should turn into "Card has been mailed to me" but some people reported that this sometimes doesn't happen.
  9. That was exactly what I was trying to get once I arrived in the US back in October 2020. All the SSA offices were (and still are) closed and I realised I could have gotten a SSN too late....glad you guys were able to get one!
  10. Exactly. 🤷🏻‍♀️. Any ideas on when it is supposed to turn into "Card has been mailed to me"?
  11. Update: on August 23rd my case turned into Interview is scheduled. Yesterday, my EAD turned into New Card is being produced. It is odd ### in less than 15 days I will have my interview but I don't complain! 😁
  12. My case turned into Interview was scheduled this morning! Asked to a Live Agent if he could tell me the date but he said he did not see any changes on my profile.....I will try once again tonight or tomorrow
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