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  1. My fiance (the petitioner), contacted his congressman some few weeks ago. Congressman sent an expedite request to NVC. NVC replied that they have forwarded the request to the embassy. Today my case status changed to "in transit". We have not received any letter so i do not know if it is normal processing or if the request was granted. NOA 2 : june 2020
  2. That is exactly what is already happening. Plaintiffs are being moved ahead. Non-plaintifss are being ignored, no matter how long they have been waiting.
  3. Why not, it doesn't hurt to try. Might try this myself. Getting pregnant at 40 is not the same as getting pregnant at 20. I have waited this whole year already, no visa in sight, plus travel bans. Meeting for 2 weeks in Mexico just won't cut it. The odds aren't so good.
  4. It is not about being petty, just as you described, operations are going on with precautions in other places. Sorry about the loss of your colleagues.
  5. All lives matter, not only "staff at embassies". We all (offices) are at work, why can't they go to work and conduct interviews. They have always had a glass shield even before covid.
  6. @Sabriv hello, I am at NVC stage and I am starting to think seriously about switching to CR1. Did you stay on the K1 path or did you switch?
  7. I am strongly considering this route too. My case is at NVC since june.
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