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  1. You can then transfer the case to Ethiopia. However, there’s another issue. Were you able to obtain a police certificate for Malaysia since you don’t have a legal status there?
  2. Consulate shopping is generally not allowed. You have to have residency in the country you want to interview in.
  3. True. Might not even ask for it. In any case, OP should do what she can/has to do from her side. There were too many cases here on VJ where they regretted making hasty decisions and jumping to conclusions too quick.
  4. Yep, I agree. That’s what complicates matters. Usually they want renewed letters of intent from petitioner and beneficiary.
  5. I think you misunderstood me and from the way I wrote it, I can see why. Let me clarify. Of course they’re allowed to. What I meant was that, typically, in most Muslim countries, it would be frowned upon to do so to say the least. At least, the family, typically, would be very much against that. For example, if I take my husbands family, and if I were anything but Muslim, it would be a major issue. To the point where it could cause a rift. And the CO would know because I was asked about how his/my family are accepting our union. And if you see the end of my sentence in my last post, I said it could be overcome with time spent together which would show that the couple has addressed this difference and has spent enough quality time together to show they have a bonafide relationship (which is important in beneficiary’s country), even if the family isn’t on board. Considering OP’s interview and how it didn’t go well, he needs to be 1000% prepared next time. And I said “red flags” from the point of view of immigration authorities. To me, many of these things are non-issues.
  6. Those options sound lovely actually. I think your concerns are legitimate. I imagine you’d want to be relaxed on your vacation as much as possible, so maybe best to avoid stress or overthinking. Something to think about for sure.
  7. You raise a good point. Considering deteriorating relations between the two countries, sadly, I don’t find that possibility absurd…. Obviously, most likely your visit will be fine, but then again, is it 100% guaranteed? Who knows. Have you considered meeting in Turkey for example?
  8. There are several “red flags” (in the eyes of the consulate) that you must address before you are successful in obtaining your future visa: - absolutely more time spent together. This is really, really important. Not just a 2 week visit, she needs to visit you and stay for couple of months ideally. - she absolutely has to meet your family, you must get your family’s approval and take pictures together to show at your interview - think how you will address the age difference and religious difference. Me and you both know Muslim men can’t marry other religions. The interviewing officer knows this too. The best way to address both of these major differences is to have more time spent together and your family meeting her. That’s the magic recipe.
  9. You already posted about the same topic back in April. People have told you that your application will expire, there is no appeal with K-1s. There is no chance, no possibility for it to come back. Forget about it, it’s gone. And you said you will now pursue CR-1. So focus on that instead. Good luck.
  10. Yes, many people use joint sponsors. You fiancé still has to fill out his/her own I-134.
  11. Transited but I could enter since I have a Kazakhstan passport. It would be nice if you could get that private visa. I wonder if they’re currently processing them.
  12. But Russia already has had flights from/to the US (albeit limited amount but still). Maybe they will resume pre pandemic schedule? I think that would be good news. I flew myself on June 5th (Almaty-Moscow-JFK) with Aeroflot. As a side note, as @Dashinka said, the new wave is no joke. I got sick with COVID myself few days after my arrival in the US and I’m pretty certain I caught in either in the plane or at the Sheremetyevo airport.
  13. Go to your timeline and click “Show similar timelines”. You will see many others with similar dates as you. You can toggle the results so it shows more than 20.
  14. I think there’s no actual separate waiver required (like a separate form). This is what it says in the instructions: “If you claim that the in-person meeting requirement would result in extreme hardship to you, submit evidence to support your claim”. I think it’s just a matter of including evidence to support your claim.
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