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  1. AP - 9 to 15 months AOS depends on your local field office The above timeframes are available on USCIS.gov.
  2. It’s a minimum requirement to receive a visa. So I guess yes, you have higher chances of approval as opposed to if you didn’t have one because that’s grounds for a visa denial.
  3. For Philippines it’s about a year, give or take, until interview, after the NOA2. Pregnancy has no effect on the process, as in it doesn’t speed it up
  4. They can’t do that and I also very much doubt that consular officers answer phones, I’m sure they have a person for that. Just be polite and explain the situation and that you need some clarity
  5. OP is in the US according to a previous post where he was asking about expediting based on medical grounds.
  6. Thanks, I see now. That’s a rare country here I think what OP should do is go ahead and fill out the DS-160 and try to schedule their own appointment. Regarding the consulate telling you not to call…. Just call them and see what they say. That’s what I would do.
  7. Hard to give advice when we don’t know which consulate you’re dealing with.
  8. Petitions get transferred all the time without notifying the petitioner. USCIS has its own system of assigning and transferring petitions to balance the workload among the service centers.
  9. ~~ Topic moved from IR1/CR1 Progress Reports to Process ~~
  10. ~~ Topic moved from IR1/CR1 Progress Reports to Process ~~
  11. What you saw is correct. When you input your receipt date it shows you when you can submit an inquiry for outside processing time which is the upper limit of the processing time (15.5 months in this case).
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