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Found 11 results

  1. Hi everyone, My case was completed at the NVC 03/16/18 (over 70 days ago) and I am waiting for an interview date to be assigned at the Montreal Embassy. My visa category is EB-2. Is anyone in a similar situation (EB-2, Montreal) who can share their experience/wait time? This is taking much longer than anticipated. Thanks a lot!
  2. Does anyone have any idea regarding wait time to receive interview schedule from NVC after receiving CC? We will be interviewing at Mumbai, India consulate. CC Date: 05/03/2017. [Timeline from India are mostly incomplete, which does not help in averaging the wait time. As per most recently updated Interview dates, they received Interview schedule within 10 days] Anyone with any information please advice.
  3. Hello Everyone, I had a K1 Interview with Mumbai Consulate on 04th October, 2019. I was told that my visa is approved, and that I would be intimated via Email or SMS within the next 3 to 5 business days. However for the 10 days post interview, the status on the consular website was Non Immigrant Visa Application - "Application Received". On 15th Oct, the status date was updated to 15th Oct, yet the status was application received. I checked with the US Travel Docs, it says the passport is still with the US Consulate/Embassy. On 14th Oct, 2019 however, the status changed to "There is no status update available for the passport number submitted." There has been no change in the status post that. When I call the customer care, I usually get the update as"Your documents are with the post". Should I be really concerned about this situation. Has anyone who has gone through the similar thing tell me how long did it take for you to receive the Passport back?
  4. Hi All, My son and I have been approved by the NVC for our IR1 Visa’s since the middle of June 2018. Now we are awaiting our interview date at the Montreal Consulate. Anyone know how long it currently takes to receive an interview date in Montreal, Canada? Thank you in advance for your knowledge and insight
  5. I am a spouse of an american citizen and am from the Philippines. Technically we completed the submission of DS-260, AOS, and Civil Documents last July 8. I would just like to gauge how long y’alls waiting time for me to not go insane with all this waiting.
  6. After more than a year of submitting paperwork and waiting, my husband was told to come to his interview in May of 2018. He was approved, thankfully, and the worker there told him to wait 2 weeks for his passport to be returned to him. However, like with most people that I've been reading about on here, 2 weeks have gone by and still no word. I know that there are more regulations and verifications when it comes to the administrative processing these days, but it is frustrating, nonetheless. It's now been more than 3 months - and still no word. The emails that are sent back in regards to our inquiries are vague, stating only that it can take anywhere from 3 to 9 months. I remember reading somewhere that if your medical examination results "expire" before you receive your visa, and before you enter the U.S., then you have to redo the exam and interview again. That, however, doesn't make sense, due to the fact that we have absolutely no control in this portion of the process. I'm just very confused and over-thinking everything. Is it because my husband lives in a country that is flagged for potential terrorist activity? From what I know, Morocco is pretty safe. If anyone has any advice/input/experience, I will greatly appreciate it! Even if it takes 9 months, it will at least be helpful to know that this is not all for naught.
  7. Hi Guys, My fiance and I filed the I-129F on the 22nd of October 2018. We still haven't recieved the NOA2 but we're still within reported processing times on the USCIS website for the service center it was received at. My fiance and I have a solid case: She's been here for over 2 years doing her masters at the American University in Cairo while I finish my bachelors. We met during her senior year study abroad at AUC. I met a lot of her family, specifically her dad and brother, her mother passed away in 2013. I met her dad when he came to Egypt for a brief visit and another time when I went on a family vacation with them in Europe. On the Europe trip I met her aunt, her brother, the dad's girlfriend and the brother's girlfriend. All of this is documented with photographic evidence. We have affidavits of support from her dad, a friend of hers from the US who came to visit, a friend of mine here (He's the once who told me I should grow a pair and start talking to her at the start of our relationship), and her roommate during her first year here (also a US citizen and a professor at AUC). We hired a lawyer in the Boston area to help us with filing. We also have evidence of a wedding dress, wedding bands, and within a few months a wedding venue if we get the NOA2. The only red flag we have is that I didn't get an affidavit of support from my family because they didn't like her that much and didn't want to help me because they just didn't approve of the marriage. Post filing, my situation has changed a bit and they've stopped outright rejecting my desire to marry her. From what I can tell this is apparently a death sentence when it comes to administrative processing in Egypt. She has no problem staying in Egypt for as long as necessary to get the Visa assuming she can find work. The only problem with that is we can't realistically live together unless we get married here because Egypt is incredibly conservative. If we decide to get married here we'd have to withdraw our application for the fiance visa and start the process all over again with the CR-1. I realize this fear may be incredibly premature but to be honest I am absolutely terrified and I'm genuinely losing sleep over this. Has anyone every experienced a scenario like this before?
  8. What is the next step after NVC receives petition? I called and they received my I-130 on 11/2/18 And how long does it usually take for them to send your packet in the mail? Also, does anyone have an experience with Islamabad consulate and how long they usually take with their process once NVC sends everything over to them?
  9. Sorry if this has already been asked recently, but I was wondering what the wait time is for an interview at the London embassy? Has anyone recently booked their interview and know how soon they are giving out interview dates? I have my medical booked for 5th September but my application is still at NVC so can't book my interview yet. Based on what I have read on VJ, my application won't leave NVC until 7th September now does anyone know if that's definitely true that they only send the applications out on 7th and 21st of every month? Ours was received on 21st August so just missed it! Thanks in advance!
  10. Hi all, The NVC got our case on Feb 12th... We called over 3 weeks ago and nothing. We are 2 days short of 8 weeks of wait only to get our case number and preliminary instructions... Any input on what to do? Thank you!
  11. Hi everyone! Kinda a random question but I'm just wondering if there's a certain day of the week people generally receive the email stating when their interview will be? Also we had our NVC forms approved a week ago and we're wondering how long it has been taking other people to get their interviews from when NVC finalised their stuff? I have had a look through all the Visa Journey forms about timelines but would like to hear some more experiences! It seems that a lot of people stop updating by the time they make it to the interview so it's a bit difficult to gauge it. We're in Australia if that helps Thanks!!!
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