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    My US citizen father is petitioning for my married brother and his family in the F3 category from Viet Nam; PD is Oct. 2000.

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  1. Be patient. It's the US Government. Not happens immediately. Where are you getting that "normally the consulate is suppose to be notified directly by USCIS upon approval?" Instant notice or it takes time for government agencies to send each other official records? While you are important to you. You are one of many in the immigration system. No one is personally running your records around as fast as possible. It's quite the opposite. You've been waiting a month. It takes USCIS 2-3 months to transfer an approved I-130 to the NVC. Immigration is not fast. It's slow.
  2. aaron2020

    B1/B2 Will Do?

    There's no ambiguity. You don't want to accept that you can not legally work in the US. Work = What you do that COULD get paid. Got it? Like running a paid Zoom meeting while INSIDE THE US. READ THE TERMS OF YOUR VISITOR VISA. Do what you want. I'm out. This is beyond silly at this point. If you still don't understand, then hire a US immigration lawyer to explain this to you.
  3. aaron2020

    B1/B2 Will Do?

    Work = anything that someone could get paid for even if you don't get paid. YOU CAN ZOOM FROM OUTSIDE THE US. YOU CAN NOT ZOOM AND WORK WHILE IN THE US. Pretend when you get to the US that you are on vacation like you are suppose to be with a US visitor visa. People who have visitor visas are not allowed to work INSIDE THE US. You can write your book. No one cares. You can not sell your services while in the US.
  4. aaron2020

    B1/B2 Will Do?

    How many time do I have to say this. YOU CAN NOT LEGALLY WORK WHILE IN THE US FOR ANY REASON. DON"T CARE IF YOU ARE BORED AT HOME STAYING WITH YOUR BOYFRIEND. Do stupid things and win stupid prizes. Go ahead and make a little money. Have your visitor visa revoked. Enjoy expedited deportation. Enjoy a ban from the US. Enjoy your boyfriend needing a waiver in order for you to immigrate to the US. Yeah. A little money is worth the risk. Trying to help you and you don't get it.
  5. Horrible. Bad idea. It would illegal for you to work in the US while visiting your spouse. It would be worse if you were working for a US company or servicing US clients. Someone doesn't know US immigration laws. Someone is suggesting you break US laws and put your immigration visa at risk. BE CAREFUL.
  6. You can start looking for work whenever you want. Never too soon to start looking for work. You can only legally start work when you have a green card. You are free to look for work before that - remember to be truthful on any applications as they apply to you at the moment you apply. Don't tell employers that you are a green card holder when you are waiting to immigrate to the US. Inform them of when you can legally start to work.
  7. I'm a liberal. I admit this. Democratic Party smells just as bad as Republican . is . It all smells. It's hard to convince me that your doesn't smell while the other guy's reeks. The Democrats bitched about Ted Cruz's SCOTUS win. Why is a politician allowed to accept money for their election campaign after they win? What is the electoral purpose? The election is over. Isn't this a legal bribe - paying off the politician's debt while they are in office? Surely Democrats are more ethical. They would not use this loophole. Not them. Well, maybe a little. Not as bad as the other guy. His smells, ours doesn't.
  8. Yes. Burning a Best Buy and preventing Kavanaugh from leaving home to buy beer is a greater threat to democracy than storming the Capitol while the VP is inside and your event attendees calling for his hanging. Yeah, I could see how a burning Best Buy is a threat to the republic. A Supreme Court justice or Senator getting a threat are attacks on democracy. Way worse then hanging a VP while he's carrying out his Constitutional duty in the peaceful transfer of power. A coup is just a peaceful event.
  9. Okay. That's the propaganda you want to spread. Rock on. Multiple dead people. Calling for hanging of Pence. Beating D.C. cops. You know how everyone who puts on a uniform is a hero . . . . unless he's a D.C. cop who have a higher percentage of black cops than other departments. Current and former military and law enforcement of all ranks including police chiefs and US generals are all heroes for putting on a uniform and call for the hanging of the US Vice-President. Screw the men and women in D.C. police uniforms. Brotherhood!!!!!! Hurrah!!!!!!!! https://www.google.com/search?q=violence+jan+6&source=lnms&tbm=vid&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjWl5v65u73AhX9KUQIHb_JBYoQ_AUoAnoECAEQBA&biw=1440&bih=789&dpr=2 The videos posted on the FBI wanted list are interesting. Must be fake news. Call Joe Rogan.
  10. Good thing the military didn't buy in with Trumpers. Trump's Secretary of Defense and the Head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff were actively working to prevent Trump from using the military for a successful coup. Guess no military participation in support of Orange Glow resulted in a not successful coup. Event. Yes, let's minimize how bad Jan. 6 was. At worst, it was a riot. A Quiet Riot!!!!!!! Putin has a special military action in Ukraine. It's not a war. It's not an invasion. It's a special military action. They're twirling batons in a parade and the Ukrainians are welcoming liberators. DARK MAGA winning again.
  11. Ha. Ha. Abrams win again. Did Kemp cheat in 2018 when he was Secretary of State by throwing out votes in urban areas?
  12. aaron2020

    B1/B2 Will Do?

    Last time that I will try to help you.
  13. aaron2020

    B1/B2 Will Do?

    Which part of you can't be paid for work in the US did you not understand? Why would paying you prior make it legal for you to work in the US? Do you think it's that easy to get around US laws? It's illegal for you to work in the US even if you weren't getting paid - that's the law. By using the word "few" twice, it seems that you are trying to minimize the seriousness of what you want to do. A little bit of paid work would be a violation of your visa that can lead to you being banned from the US. Don't minimize how serious it would be for you to violate US laws. You now know the law. Your choice. Do you feel lucky?
  14. aaron2020

    B1/B2 Will Do?

    You can not work on a B1/B2 visa in the US. You can not be paid for services rendered in the US. You would be breaking the law and will likely be banned from the US for at least 10 years. Zoom meeting would be an alternative. You are extremely unlikely to get any type of visa to run a paid etiquette training in the US. Sorry.
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