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    My US citizen father is petitioning for my married brother and his family in the F3 category from Viet Nam; PD is Oct. 2000.

    My US citizen cousin is petitioning for her married brother and sister in the F4 category (USC petitioning for a sibling) from Viet Nam; PD is April 2008.

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  1. Once she takes advantage of the EAD and gets in-state tuition, then there is no going back to the F1. She will either successfully get her green card or be denied. There is no going back to an F1 student once she accepts an AOS benefit. If she wants to remain an F1 student, then she has to pay international student tuition. Once she pays in-state tuition, she is no longer an eligible F1 international student. In-state tuition requires another status than an F1 international student. That status is based on the pending AOS. The benefit for in-state tuition is tied to the AOS.
  2. Her visa is valid until cancelled. Why would the airlines be responsible when someone travels on valid documents that are subsequently cancelled after the flight has been completed?
  3. They can do it because they are entitled to look over everything.
  4. She needs a lawyer that will be helpful. Worst case scenario is revocation of her green card and deportation.
  5. The I-130 is still good. You need to get it to consular processing instead of adjustment of status by filing form I-824. There is no reapplying for an adjustment of status. Your wife will need a spousal visa which will take about a year. Nothing is going to be prompt. It will take about a year for your wife to get a spousal immigrant visa. The visitor visa was not automatically cancelled when your wife filed for AOS. However, filing for AOS shows immigrant intent and her visitor visa would be cancelled if she tries to enter the US as a tourist and she will be put on the next flight home at her expense.
  6. How did your wife enter the US last time? K-1 or visitor visa?
  7. aaron2020

    Visiting SA once married - need SA visa to enter SA ?

    No. Marriage to a US citizen does not grant you US citizenship. You will remain a SA citizen.
  8. aaron2020

    Leaving the US before green card arrives

    Rich said that his aunt was petitioned by her sister about 3 years ago. Where did he say that she has been here since 2016? That's an assumption on your part and a few other people. While probably true based on Rich just reading the responses on here and not answering, he hasn't explicitly stated that his aunt has been here since 2016.
  9. aaron2020

    Leaving the US before green card arrives

    Rich, You've been looking over the responses as recently as 2 hours ago. Please provide information if you want help. How long has she been in the US? Has your aunt has overstayed or not? That's important in providing you with the correct answers to your questions.
  10. aaron2020

    Transferring money bank-to-bank

    Have mom write you a check and you deposit it in your account. KISS. Keep it simple. Why go through a joint account and transfer to a different account? Why make something as simple as depositing a check into something suspicious?
  11. https://legaldictionary.net/domicile/ For example: John lives and works in New York but, because he travels a great deal to Los Angeles, he decides to buy a home in California. John spends about six months in each home, and he considers this a permanent arrangement. John now has two domiciles. Alternatively: John’s employer transfers him to their office in Los Angeles, and he is to start within the week. John packs his home and heads to California, placing his belongings in storage, and renting a hotel room, until he buys a home. John’s domicile remains in New York until he establishes a home in California, whether by purchasing a home, or by leasing a home, at which time his domicile becomes California.
  12. https://definitions.uslegal.com/a/age-of-majority/ The age of majority is the legally defined age at which a person is considered an adult, with all the attendant rights and responsibilities of adulthood. The age of majority is defined by state laws, which vary by state, but is 18 in most states.
  13. Google age of majority. It's a state issue. There is no federal age of majority. It's not redundant. The OP's son is domiciled in the state of Maryland. The age of majority there is 18.
  14. By the way. It's an I-864. It's not an I-684.
  15. aaron2020

    N400 application overdew

    No because why would you do it the hard way under the 3 years rule when you can do it the easier way under the 5 years rule. Generally, people take the easier route rather than the harder route when given a choice.