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    I am helping my family with several immigration cases.

    My US citizen father is petitioning for my married brother and his family in the F3 category from Viet Nam; PD is Oct. 2000.

    My US citizen cousin is petitioning for her married brother and sister in the F4 category (USC petitioning for a sibling) from Viet Nam; PD is April 2008.

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  1. Hi,I’m Andres ,I saw that you helped some one about filing a new passport for there child (ir-2) .

    do you know how long will it take to get this passport for my child once he enters the us and I ask for the passport ,can they ask for any other papers? Or just my us passport (I’m the father) and there I-155 green card stamp .

    thank you for your time 

  2. The correct answers to your questions depends 1) who is the US citizen that petitioned your mom? US citizen husband? US citizen child? US citizen brother/sister? and 2) how old are the kids?
  3. Your math is off since you have no idea when the I-130 was approved. You are just taking a wild guess on the approval date and saying OP's son should qualify based on that when you have no idea what's the true approval date is.
  4. Your income and your assets does not meet the financial requirements of the I-864 to sponsor your mother. You need a Joint Sponsor. If you can not get a Joint Sponsor, then your mother will not get a visa.
  5. Have you calculated your son's CSPA age? It doesn't matter that your son wasn't 21 years old when the paperwork was filed. The law did not freeze his age when you filed. So, you can't appeal USCIS properly applying the law. By the way, the longer it takes USCIS to approve the I-130, the better it is for your son. It means he gets more protection under CSPA.
  6. Lots of petitioners don't meet the financial requirements for the I-864 and that's why Joint Sponsors are allowed. There is nothing to worry about.
  7. "The lady" is called his wife. Since his wife did not attend the mandatory interview, his case was denied He needs to leave the US as instructed. There is no going through the process again. He's done. He needs to go home.
  8. Your husband as the petitioner/sponsor files an I-864. The Joint Sponsor files a separate I-864. The Joint Sponsor's spouse files an I-864a. Order free tax transcripts from the IRS.
  9. Proof of what? Your intent to travel that you will misrepresent? Welcome to America. Stop with the fraud mentality. You will regret it. Why the rush to get a US passport that you don't intend to use right away?
  10. Thanks for answering for the OP. You must be a mind reader. 1. It doesn't help to give more. 2. Normal processing is 2-3 weeks, so more than enough for travel in a few weeks. (OP has not indicated this.) 3. No one carries around a NAT cert or a passport.
  11. Google "US embassy tourist visa + name of your country." Follow the official link for the US Embassy. You can not file for a US visa in the USA.
  12. Why do you need a passport in one day when you aren't traveling? Great idea to use trickery with the US Passport Office. Brilliant.
  13. Once you divorce, you would lose your TD status. Why would he lose his job in CA? If you filed a joint tax return, then it's normal for both of you to list your son on your joint tax return. Did you sign the US tax return? If you did, then you gave permission and he did nothing wrong. Divorce and move on. Report him to the authorities for assaulting you.
  14. You're not understanding things. Approval of the I-130 is only the first step. After the I-130 is approved, she has to wait for an available visa number. Your sister has to wait for her Priority Date to be current in the Visa Bulletin to be eligible for a visa. The current wait is 12-13 years.
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