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    I am helping my family with several immigration cases.

    My US citizen father is petitioning for my married brother and his family in the F3 category from Viet Nam; PD is Oct. 2000.

    My US citizen cousin is petitioning for her married brother and sister in the F4 category (USC petitioning for a sibling) from Viet Nam; PD is April 2008.

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  1. There are no such things as non-immigrant extended visit visas with the ability to work. Yes, taking care of grandchildren is considered work. Taking care of grandchildren is unauthorized work in violation of their B visitor visas. The visas can be revoked for doing this type of work. Immigration to the US is the ONLY way that would allow them to come and work to care for the grandchildren.
  2. The certification must be submitted at the same time as the translation. Either get the original translator to do the certification and use the translation you already have or get someone else to do a new translation with the proper certification. Sending in a certification by itself will not be sufficient. The certification must be sent with the English translation. Google USCIS certification translation block and use that.
  3. Applying for another visa does not get you out of AP. AP will still apply with your L visa application.
  4. aaron2020

    Born in the USA...

    Before 2010, South Korea did not allowed for dual citizenship. If she claimed South Korean citizenship before 2010, then she might have had to give up US citizenship. She may be able to do something now that South Korea allows for dual citizenship. Marriage and a CR-1 may be another option.
  5. aaron2020

    Wil I get deported?

    What's done is done. Choosing to violate the terms of your work visa and cheating on your taxes have consequences. ICE don't give warnings. No one can tell you what will happen to you. You could slip under the radar or ICE can show up to arrest you. Will you honestly declare your illegal work on the green card application or are you planning on lying to get a green card?
  6. If you want to be together, then take the time to do it right. Multiple visits. If you rush things, you may get a denial and make things way harder for the two of you. Once you get tagged as not having a bona fide relationship, it will be way harder to prove otherwise. Do it right with multiple visits or half ### it with one or two brief visits and deal with the fallout.
  7. Any document not in English needs an English translation. Google USCIS translation certification block. Translations do not need to be notarized.
  8. Google Matter of Cavazos, Matter of Ibrahim, and Matter of Battista. Immigrant intent does not matter when an Immediate Relative beneficiary has already entered the US and is adjusting status. Rest your case on those matters since you are wrong.
  9. Of course they would need to travel to the US to get their green cards. Green card holders are REQUIRED to live in the US.
  10. Yes, his spouse and children can be added as derivative beneficiaries to his case later.
  11. For US immigration purposes, your stepchildren are your Immediate Relatives since you married their father while they were under age 18. They would get IR2 visas if their interviews happens after your 2nd wedding anniversary. If they interview before your second anniversary, they would get CR2 visas. When they enter the US with the CR2 or IR2 visas, they would automatically get green cards.
  12. aaron2020


    How is he gaming the system?????? You have no idea what it means to be a dual citizen. It means visa free travel to countries where he is a citizen. Why the hell would a Vietnamese citizen need a Vietnamese visa to enter Vietnam? Get your facts straight before accusing people of gaming the system.
  13. aaron2020


    Perfectly fine to do this. US citizens are required to use US passports to enter the US. Doesn't matter if they have other citizenships. Lots of Vietnamese and US dual citizens do exactly what you do.
  14. aaron2020

    K1 was refused

    Lack of spending time together to show a bona fide relationship is often the reason for a denial. Fake petitioners want money as fast as possible and fake beneficiaries want to get to the US as fast as possible. They get married or engaged on the first visit after a few days. Her words don't magically blind the CO to a lack of time spent together. Does this couple look like fakers who met for a few days to meet the K-1 requirements or a real couple with a history together? The CO made his/her decision based on this.
  15. aaron2020

    K1 was refused

    Online only relationships and ONE MEETING for 4 days does not work. Getting married and filing for the CR1 does not overcome the lack of supporting evidence of a real relationship. Fakers don't have the time or desire to make a long paper trail. Fakers want everything NOW, so they rush petitions without any evidence of time spent together. You want to distinguish yourself from the Fakers.