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    I am helping my family with several immigration cases.

    My US citizen father is petitioning for my married brother and his family in the F3 category from Viet Nam; PD is Oct. 2000.

    My US citizen cousin is petitioning for her married brother and sister in the F4 category (USC petitioning for a sibling) from Viet Nam; PD is April 2008.

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  1. Hi, That's generic as there are many reasons people end up in immigration court and fail to appear. Failing to appear for abandoning a green card is considerably different from human smuggling. You need to consult an experienced attorney. Under the circumstances that you have disclosed, your mother is likely to have a lifetime ban. Best of luck.
  2. Bwaaa!!!!! Please provide a link to this Youtube video where the guy got his F2b case done in 4 years. Yeah, the VB shows a PD of August 2014, but you know a guy with a PD in 2015 who got his visa in the F2b category in 4 years. Wow. The US Government ignored it's own laws about having a current PD in order to qualify for a visa. WOW.
  3. Yet, you know that all the categories will be current in a few months. Go ahead and promise your brothers that they will be here soon rather than in 13-15 years. Oh, brother. You have no concept that the longer it takes USCIS to approve the I-130, the better it is for derivative beneficiaries who will age out. You want a fast I-130 approval because you imagined that the F4 category will move faster than what the NVC has stated. I'm done. There is no use educating someone how already knows it all.
  4. You said you know the future. You said you know an AILA lawyer and everything is going to change in a few months. Now, you don't know the future? How convenient when called out on your BS. Who is predicting 3 years, in fact? In what universe are F2b cases completing in 4 years when the current PD for the Dec. 2019 VB will be August 8, 2014. Please show me a single F2b case where someone with a PD from Dec. 2015 has completed the immigration process. Just one case since you stated that it was "in fact" completing within 4 years. You know how to read the VB? Really? What where those questions in the previous pages of this thread about? What is letter E? Remember when you asked that? But you know how to read the VB. Got it. You are so full of BS.
  5. This thread is completely comical. After decades of waiting 10+ years in the F4 category, all of a sudden it's going to completely change and everybody can immigrate now. Suddenly the wait of 10 years with 65,000 visas annually will suddenly increase to 650,000. No new laws needed. Yeah, Trump is all over that. Stephen Miller is on board too. Those two are always saying that more immigrants will Make America Great Again. Bwaaaaa!!!!! You have no idea how to read the Visa Bulletin. You have no idea about visa allocations. But, you know a guy with the secret on immigration availability that is so secret that no other lawyer is discussing it. Bwaaaaaaa!!!!!!
  6. A green card holder over age 18 must file to naturalize on his/her own. A green card holder under age 18 can not file to naturalize. If that child has a parent who is a US citizen, then that child automatically gains US citizenship by meeting the 4 conditions of the Child Citizenship Act; 1) be under 18, 2) be an LPR 3) have a USC parent, and 4) live with that USC parent. The 23 years old will have to naturalize on his own. The 16 years old would automatically become a USC if her mom becomes a USC before her 18th birthday. If mom becomes a USC after her 18th birthday, then she would need to naturalize on her own like her brother.
  7. Go onto a computer. The Guides are under the word "Journey" in the Visa Journey logo at the top of every page.
  8. The answer is "no" because you have not claimed to be a non-resident on your federal, state, or local tax. To claim being a non-resident, you would have had to file an I040NR instead of the regular 1040. You filed regular returns, so you did not file as a non-resident.
  9. Hi. VJ has DIY Guides. Please read them to educate yourself about the process. The answers to your questions are in the Guides and form instructions. The Guides have example forms.
  10. Sorry, no idea when they'll respond. It's a holiday today. Don't expect a response until next week.
  11. If this was allowed, lots of intending immigrants would fake job losses. Jobs they intend to leave anyways. Too easy to manipulate.
  12. There is no sponsoring for a tourist visa. Are these cousins also your siblings by adoption?
  13. You're misreading this. Your daughter is definitely not a qualifying relative for the 212.
  14. Sorry, you can not expedite. The intending immigrant's job loss is not a reason for an expedite.
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