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  1. Thank you guys for your lovely reply..I hope I will get approved soon.....I ve been waiting for 18 months.....I got 3 prima facies and EAD....prayers
  2. Hello guys... I applied for vawa I 360 on December 01 St,2017......my case is still pending.....any approvals for December 2017? I appreciate your help
  3. But what if the annulment is based on the USA wife citizen who is mentally dis ordered and incompetent? I 've filed for vawa since December and will I get vawa approved and green card if the annulment is based on the lack of competence and incapacity of my us wife ?
  4. Will the marriage annulment based on the lack of competence and capacity of my us wife affect my vawa case and green card???? Any answers will be appreciated
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