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  1. Hello Sandra ... Gabby and all vawa journey members I d like to thank you so much for the help and guide you were providing for me more than 2 years.....it really means a billion for me I m so happy to share with you today my timeline journey after more than 2 years of stressful waiting but I m very thankful to God who turned my trials into triamph, sacrifice into success,tests into testimony I entered USA on Jan 17,2017 on k1 fiancee visa I got married to USC on March 8 ,2017 We filed for AOS marriage base on may ,2017..... fingerprints on June ,13,2017 We separated on August I,2017 after too much drama and different sorts of abuse On September 11,2017...my ex wife filed for marriage annulment with set of allegations and accusitory grounds....I hired a lawyer to deal with my case On October 12,2017...I had an interview without my spouse who already withdrew her i864 I got denied I 485 marriage based on November 14....2017 I filed I 360 vawa case after I gathered all the necessary documents showing abuse....I have a strong case...I filed concurrently with it I 765 and I 131 on December 1st,2017 and the package was received by USCIS on December 5 ,2017 Receipt notice on December 20,2017 February 7 ,2018 filed I 485 and I 765 c9 and we're received by USCIS on February 12,2018 First hearing at the district court for marriage annulment....it was postponed by the judge ,,,he needs more evidence March 8,2018...I got my first prima facie. June,11...second hearing but nothing happened July ,2018....third court hearing...judge dismissed her motion to compel and motion for sanctions August ...last hearing for annulment ...it was 2 days Long...nothing happened but on September 10,the judge dismissed her motion for annulment but she is appealing September,2018... second prima facie October 3,2018...I filed for divorce...she is objecting....she still fights to get annulment December 4,2018.....,hearing and dismissal of her motion to appeal December 17and 28.,2018 too much fight at the court but judge dismissed all her motions Judge granted divorce for me on Jan,7,2019.... official..I spent 10000 $ for court fees from the begining January,17 ,2019... received EAD c 9 and advanced parole February,2019...3 Rd prima facie June 14,2019...card is produced for I 360 June 19,,,2019. Received EAD c 31 August 6.2019.. received approval letter for I 360 October 01.2019..received courtesy letter. February 1...2020 received interview letter scheduled for February 25 February 11. I had medical exam for I 693 February 25,2020... I had an interview with USCIS. The immigration officer asked me about addresses I lived in the states,my employer address,when did I enter USA....taxes....my level of education because I speak fluent English and other 7 languages...I never traveled outside USA since the entry.... security questions and all answers were no....I provided him all my id cards and also all documents I have from vawa...the interview took 45 minutes February 27,2020...my online status changed in the website into card is produced February,28,2020...case was approved It s really a long journey.. which required sacrifice and challenge...but faith moves mountains.....God is great...God is almighty Superior creator....so thank you God
  2. Hello visa journey members I see that Checking case status online is not accessible since last night.....do you experience the same situation?
  3. Congratulations on the approval We had almost the same case.....same questions...I had my interview today Feb 25 but I have not received any decision yet
  4. Congratulations Can you share your timeline and when did you get I 360 approved? Which field office are you?
  5. Hello guys I got my vawa I 360 approval on June 14....and I m waiting for I 485 interview......I have not received appointment notice yet Any green cards interviews there? Would you like to share your profile history? Also ,I just applied for I 765 c9 renewal with fee waver....should I pay the fees?
  6. Thanks Are you sure I don't have to the fees for i765 and I 131 which are expired? Thanks
  7. Hello guys I have I 360 form approved last June while I 485 still pending ,my ead is almost to be expired -I want to know how to apply for the extension /renewal of I 765 and I 131? -I want also to know if I should pay the fees for both application? To which USCIS office must be filed to? Appreciated
  8. Hello guys Can anyone tell me how I can apply for the extension or renewal of my ead 765 and travel permit I 131? They are expiring in 2 months
  9. Hello there I want to have a sample on how to apply for I 765 work authorization and I 131 travel document extension or renewal? Can anyone provide me with a sample?
  10. Hello Sandra...hello vawa beneficiaries I d like to share my vawa journey with this site members, hopefully I get a desired help and guidance I got my vawa I 360 approved on June 14 th,2019....Then a courtesy letter for I 485 aos..on October 1 at,2019 When do you think my green card interview will take place? Any help will be appreciated
  11. Hello ....you can renew your DL with vawa approval letter ....you know you get ead upon I 360 vawa approval.... Can you share your timeline
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