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  1. The Dem party. Nominated Obama. Half White Now Harris Why will they not Nominate a 100% black person.
  2. which is more than double what you said the number was. So we are only 24 away from what was originally reported and more than double the number you reported and you talking smack. Dude really ?
  3. I bought a pair for my niece the last time I was in Cebu, at SM seaside. If I recall with the exam and everything they were around 4-5K(P)
  4. But if we are tearing down statues of our founding fathers, how can we elect someone who's family got wealthy on the slave trade
  5. Probably the most moderate Republican of my life time. They hate him cause he never lived in the swamp
  6. Being such a truly middle of the road guy, I can usually understand how others arrive a certain viewpoints, regardless if I agree. But defunding the po po is insane. No logic can justify this insanity. Its going to bite them in the cabose
  7. there are none here either. Doesnt mean many democratic utopian metropolises are not having them
  8. sitting here watching the five. I really like Donna Brazilian. Shevis kinda 🔥 in a strange way.
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