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  1. Yes I am. Actually. We dont have a car in the family
  2. Happy to report I walked 4.5 miles and cut the grass today and I am alive
  3. No werds are important. I find the left and right have bad ideas. The logical middle is lonely
  4. Planing on going for a walk and using my ZTR mower tommorow, since my wife is off and can call EMS. Of course being Filipina she first chastised me for being carless, checked to see if I reslly tore the mirror off, then checkec the drivway cam to if the camera caught it. After that I got a how is your leg
  5. 'I'll take a look': Trump jokingly responds to question about pardoning 'Tiger King' Joe Exotic https://www.usatoday.com/story/entertainment/celebrities/2020/04/08/trump-pardon-tiger-king-joe-exotic-president-jokes-hell-take-look/2974314001/
  6. All conservatives are crazy , but somehow the phrase. As an example only TDS is offensive
  7. I think a lot of us just want the quagmire in DC blown up and dont care who does it.
  8. A reporter just asked Trump if he was planning to pardon the Tiger King. 😄😄😄
  9. Its real simple. You either MDL or MDR with a very rare few unbiased middle of the road like me. Notice how most conservative people openly embrace the label and admit it. Most liberals bristle at the label of liberal and use substance words like progressive. Its like they got a compulsion they are ashamed of.
  10. You agree with liberals but think conservatives are crazy but dont want to be biased. Psst. Lol never mind
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