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  1. Exactly. If being white is a privilege, then why do so many do all kind of hoop jumping to claim minority status. Pochotos Warren comes to mind
  2. Epic https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/cnn-legal-analyst-areva-martin-accuses-david-webb-of-white-privilege-before-learning-hes-black
  3. The Impact of Non-Citizens on Congressional Apportionment https://cis.org/Impact-NonCitizens-Congressional-Apportionment
  4. How dare he serve them food they love
  5. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/de-blasio-pitches-plan-to-seize-private-property-of-problem-landlords-opponents-cry-communism
  6. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/former-top-fbi-lawyer-james-baker-is-subject-of-federal-media-leak-probe-transcript-reveals
  7. I read on FB abe loved a big mac I read somewhere it was because of the shutdown and Trump paid for it.. Dont know if that is true or not
  8. Its called the American community survey. I never have ever returned one period. They huff and puff but have never prosecuted. Its none of the Govts business how many crappers I have in my house
  9. it really is that simple. I think the judiciary is way out of bounds
  10. You have to wonder how somebody that stupid could get by in life
  11. No reply. I didn't admonish I just posted a pic of President Obama and Michelle with the babies. That kind of abject stupidity really pulled my trigger. Same guy always diving in the latest MLM health powder scam etc
  12. Speaking of this very subject. A 60 year old white religious right friend of mine on facebook who is always into whatever the latest stupidity is, just posted on facebook a picture of Trump and his wife holding barron when he was a baby ,The caption said paraphrase--- " none can find a picture of the Obama like this or anything that says they were a family before he became president. I usually never respond to such abhorrent stupidity, but I could not help it. I said "here" and posted a picture of young Obamas with baby and toddler Malia and Sasha I mean how dumb to you have to be to fall for fake spam like that
  13. I said Tuesday. To all off you not blessed to be from the south that means next tuesday.