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  1. Any in here ? I loved season 1. Season 2 has me wondering, could it have been made by the same people
  2. Michael is one of the few cast members I feel I could socialize with. Seems like such a nice guy. Poor thing has no idea what he is in for
  3. thats different Just for the record I did not think Franken did enough to have to resign See what you made me do
  4. Maybe biggest deflection of all times. 1 wrong + 1 wrong does not = a right Why don't you start a thread about it
  5. If the Latino vote started swinging to the pubs in a big way, watch how fast they close the border
  6. I had a Bacon and Fresh out of the garden vine ripe tomato samich, with lots of pepper and a dab of Horseradish last night. OMG slap you momma good
  7. Here is the real question. Who in the Dem party did he make really mad. They usually dont turn on their own, regardless of what they did .
  8. i for the life of me cant figure out why people hate someone because of their sexuality. I was in a Sunday School class one time. About 80 single Adults. The teacher kept talking about the Gay communities was on marriage. I raised my hand. I said "everyone that is divorced pleas stand up" about 90% did. I then said if a gay person caused your divorce please remain standing, otherwise please have a seat. Not one person remained standing. Needless to say I got put on the "prayer" Gossip list.
  9. path·o·gen /ˈpaTHəjən,ˈpaTHəˌjen/ Learn to pronounce noun MEDICINE a bacterium, virus, or other microorganism that can cause disease.
  10. Peelowsee has called on him to resign. Fat lady is singing. If he had been a Repub his killings of the elderly would have been compared to the holocausts and we would have had a Congressional hearing, that women must be believed in.
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