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  1. About administrative Processing things Co can asked you to summit always different not same things from differentpeople, like my own it was about medical report about me ex wife. US Embassy IN NIGERIA No more request people to come or bring 10 or 15 years Identifications or schools Certificates etc since Trump has left US president,they were requesting that when donald Trump was US president, so since Joe Biden has become US president they are not requesting all that again
  2. Just to update you guys that following my case here, my case status has changed from READY to ADMINISTRATIVE-PROCESSING on September 02 2022
  3. Hi people, I am from Nigeria, I had my cr1 interview July 29 2022 I was put on Administrative Processing and my visa status saying REFUSED, US embassy called me to summit some documents August 11 2022 which I sent it to the embassy August 15 2022 my visa status still remain in REFUSED but the date were UPDATING,embassy called me again to summit my international passport August 19 2022, I submitted my international passport August 22 2022 and my visa status change from REFUSED to READY August 23 2022, US embassy sent me all my civil documents and i collected all my civil documents with the US embassy on August 29 2022 but my international passport never return to me yet,till today my visa status still remain in READY and the date dont update and my visa status never change to ISSUED,my international passport still with the US Embassy ,I need you to kindly answer me on what I should be expecting concerning the visa...does the visa will be issued?. thanks
  4. Bro do you later got your visa? Kindly get back to me please
  5. Kindly message me and add me to the group,am have that same situation
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