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  1. Have your fiance went for US interview befor the k1? Does he have any records with them,like if he has declare himself married previous interview befor k1?does he go with divorce decree? What does your fiance suspect when he having the questions and answers with the consular during his k1 interview? Do you knew eachother for short period befor you engaged with him?do you met his family when u come to visit him? Do you have any red flag like age gap?do your research what can course his k1 denied,bec it has denied has they returned it back to NVC,it will left expired,and find the reason of him denied befor you come back to married for cr1
  2. So that is the end of your fiance k1,sending k1 back to NVC they will left it expired,just first know the reason they send it back to nvc,bec that means denied, when you know the reason you can work on that on your fiance next interview at nearest future, when u have know the reason,just go back to him and get married and file cr1,I felt so sad for you,my case too still under administrative processing since 10 of may 2019 Usembassy Lagos Nigeria
  3. Yes,the petitioner can scan it for you to your email and you gotta print it out for your interview, also,like w2,tax reture,joint sponsor
  4. Congratulations, you shall end up in praise when your visa is out,amen in the name of jesus christ,am following your tread you yeap and rayson ,am so happy for you
  5. Congratulations, you shall end up in praise when your visa is out,amen in the name of jesus christ,am following your tread am so happy for you
  6. Everything will be mail to you and your fiance in Nigeria through both eachother emails,on the steps your fiance in Nigeria gotta take, on how he will book appointments for interview also where your fiance will do is police report, medical examination ALL WILL BE SENT TO BOTH OF YOU EMAIL K,you are welcome
  7. I dont know if the co approved me or not,and she didn't collect my passport,she just gave me white slip 221g and she mark in there administrative processing
  8. Sorry Nikelr I dint understand you clearly,what other reported fie private information, like what are they looking for?
  9. Call me on WhatsApp ,we should talk on there,since May 10 of these year,I have went for interview,MY status say READY
  10. Yes they will review your previous history all you will just do, that will not cost you too much money,is that,just tell you fiance abroad to put in the file that you are widower,and just go to (npc )any where in Lagos,to do your former wife death certificate,to give your American citizenship by scanning a copy to her to add to the filing to USCIS will receive from her and you too will take the death certificate to embassy for your interview,bec my own advice for you is that dont let any one convince you to do divorce certificate, bec it will course you lot of money and they can never see it verified, just claim that the woman has died and go to national population commission(NPC) to do the death certificate of her,bec I am going excertly what you planning to do now,just text me on WhatsApp I should explain more better for you (removed)
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