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  1. What was the reason for 221g, missing documents or administrative process
  2. For my case have send additional document, how much time it will take to get approval
  3. @Hello100 Hi I got 221g after immigration interview at Montreal consulate. I have to submit missing original documents to the Montreal consulate. Please help me to the process of sending documents to the Montreal consulate through courier. How we send documents through consulate courier services and the courier shipment has tracking information.
  4. @Family One Did you submitted your documents to Montreal consulate?
  5. So needs to carry sponsor’s and joint sponsor’s last year’s tax return (1040) and w2 forms only. There is no any request to carry last year’s tax transcript. Is it correct?
  6. @aaz during interview they asked for last three years tax return (1040) or tax transcript? You had tax return of last three years for your interview or tax transcript ?
  7. For year 2020 tax filing transcript is required or 1040 is sufficient.
  8. Do we need to do biometric before interview or during interview Interviewer takes our fingerprints for biometrics at consulate
  9. Any hotel recommendations near Montreal consulate!!!
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