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  1. Please I need your advice as I dont know what's is wrong in the fee we paid for our daughter K2 status change. We received notice of rejection due to incorrect fee. and unfortunately they would not tell us what's correct fees. We sent forms 485 and 131 because our daughter is minor that's why we never include 765 we sent the 485 and 131 with two money orders $1000 and $225 = total $1225 Kindly advice us what's incorrect and what we need to do. All our forms and supporting documents was returned with each pages signed and matric code scan: should we return the same packet when we are sending the correct fees? We also decided to include form 765 if we are returning the packet with correct fee, I hope this will not affect the application again? We appreciate your advice. Thank you.
  2. Guys, Please is anyone in Washington State - Seattle, Yakima etc getting interview recently. My file has been ready for interview over 2 months now yet I did not get schedule date. appreciate any feedback on what to do.
  3. Do you try to chat with them as i suggested, calling USCIS will not work for your emergency request, they hardly answer anyone calls this days, right now you can still chat with them and get your expedite request through.
  4. Sorry for your lost. you can use emaa to make quick expedite request and live agent will attend to you in less than 5 minutes. Just type ''Live chat'' then select Green card and wait for the Agent. I hope it all goes well.
  5. Congratulation on your EAD. Have you attend interview? I am not sure Green card got approved without interview, I guess is your expedite request that was approved. However, the approval will speed the entire process for you.
  6. This is why everything about your partner and yourself must remain between both of you. How can a stranger or neighbor knows about you guys immigration status. If nobody no how far you have gone, they will not no how well or far to attack you. However, as many has said IC can not remove your partner as long as you have pending application for changing of Status and no violation of any immigration rules
  7. This might help everyone including your case: Note: Biometric Appointment you will not get any update either as SMS or USCIS Online portal. Appointment Notice are only sent by Mail, many has got lost in process while some are still pending delivery, while some has not been schedule at all. In order to know your status if schedule or not, Go to Emma, type ''live chat'', select ''Green Card'' A representative will attend to you. Here is what you will tell representative. ''My Biometric Appointment Notice Mail is missing'' - If truly it has been schedule the date will be given to you right away and if mail has been sent but pending, the representative will tell you and if its over 15 days the mail has been sent but yet you did not receive, the representative will re-issue a notice mail to you, the last option if no appointment at all, the representative will tell you case is still under review due to Covid backlog. All the best.
  8. Me also I received the same but it was result of my escalation through the congressperson, the same day they replied to the congressman that they are waiting for feedback of REF, shamefully for them they only start the review of my file the same day the escalation note get to them because the email from the congressperson show their USCIS replied that the REF was issued the same day. In my sincere view of thing, USCIS need independent Audit to check their process and ''turn around-time'' of how each application is been process.... as many application are just sleeping there unattended to until any of their officer just have nice day to pick file or if there is escalation note received. from some source, I was told they are doing this delayed for some political and vote suppression, how true is that I don't know but i believed the source. And that 's why that Agency need to neutral officer when it come to their job and politics as many life is at stack as a result of this game that's going on over there. My advice, if you know how to petition or escalate USCIS to people in government or even to office of the VP or President do it.......... The current process has nothing to do with COVID or backlog anymore.
  9. That's good news, I received my receipts no on 03/14/2021 but I did not get anything on biometric yet. Please how did you find out about your Biometrics?
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