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  1. I'm in a similar situation as you, except I'm F3 and I just turned 21 two weeks ago. Take a look at the visa bulletin for March 2021, looks like both of our cases will be current beginning in March! Just be careful that NVC doesn't accidentally take your name off of the case, in which case if they do, you can email them to have your name added back. I'm thinking about emailing them once March begins just to let them know that I turned 21 and to request CSPA, though I'm not entirely sure if this is necessary. All the best with your immigration!
  2. Good idea. Printed out and filled everything and will mail it tomorrow morning. Thanks for the reply.
  3. Hi everyone, my passport expires in a few days and was wondering if I should renew it via mail or wait until I get my interview letter? I'm not sure how long it will take if I send it in via mail so my plan is to wait until we get the interview letter and then have an urgent renewal done for it. I don't mind paying the additional fee, if there is any. What would you recommend? I'm in the F3 category, planning to interview at Montreal and DQ'd around July 2020.
  4. Yes, that makes sense. I'll wait until it becomes current then.
  5. Alright, that makes sense. Thank you for your response. I'll probably email them after my 21st birthday. And yes, it should be roughly 21 years old + 1 year 10 months (1.83 years), so I think CSPA will only apply until October 2022.
  6. Hi everyone, I'm wondering if I should email the NVC or USCIS after turning 21 to request CSPA? My case is about 10 days away from becoming current as per the February 2021 Visa Bulletin, but I'm not sure how long that will take in terms of months. My case was pending for about 2 years and it is DQ'd at this point. Just waiting for it to become current now. Is emailing a good idea? I think I read somewhere that once your case becomes current, your CSPA age (real age - pending time) becomes frozen. I am in the F3 family category if that helps. Thank you
  7. I also wanted to mention... since your interview was canceled 5 days before in early 2020, that means you're probably at the very top of the list to get rescheduled in Montreal. I'm not sure how many interviews Montreal does in a given month but I'd be interested to know. So hopefully it gets rescheduled soon
  8. No not yet! Our PD is about two weeks away from becoming current as per the visa bulletin board. So we can only get an interview scheduled once it's current. Great to see another Canadian here. Be sure to update, I'll give you a follow.
  9. If it's expedited, it can be done within two business days I believe. I don't mind paying the price. Unfortunately my province is still under lockdown and the offices are closed. When I called to ask them to renew it, they said I can't renew it unless I have a reason to travel, which in this case, would be for the purposes of US immigration. See below what the website says: Proof you need the passport can be an airline, bus or train ticket If travelling by car, a written statement explaining why you need to travel an itinerary that shows your travel dates proof of illness or death in the family requiring you to travel a written statement from you or a third party explaining why you need the passport For example, for legal, banking or residency requirements They mentioned that I would need to have an official interview date before renewing it. So I'm a little lost on how to go about doing this. Once I get the passport, should I bring both or only the new one?
  10. I'm a Canadian citizen awaiting my interview letter from the Montreal embassy. We are in the F3 category and DQ. My passport expires in end of February 2021. Just curious what the best course of action would be? I spoke with the passport office and they told me once I get my interview letter and date, I could expedite my renewal for my passport. Is this fine? Should I bring the new and old passport to the interview, and will I need to inform NVC before I renew it? FYI - case is not current yet. 2021's visa bulletin says July 8th 2008 for January, and our PD is end of July, 2008. Thank you in advance
  11. We are in the F3 category as well, waiting for an interview in Montreal. The Montreal consulate started resuming interviews that were canceled before the nationwide lockdown went into effect... I think there is still a possibility of the interview happening before Dec. 31, but the visa will not be issued until further notice (or at least until 2021).
  12. Hi, we have a joint sponsor and I wanted to confirm a couple things: 1. 2019 income is over the poverty line for our household size, however 2018 and 2017 are below it. Projected 2020 income is to be over the poverty line. Do we need to fill out Part 7 of I-864? The wording is a little vague: "If your income, or the total income for you and your household, from Part 6., Item Numbers 20. or 24.a. - 24.c., exceeds the Federal Poverty Guidelines for your household size, YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED to complete this Part 7. Skip to Part 8." 2. If the answer to number 1 is yes, then how do they consider the 5x limit if the most recent tax return (2019) is already above 125% of the poverty line? I found this a little confusing. To put it into perspective, we have $300K USD in real estate and cash.
  13. No worries. Yes, that’s what I figured as well. I’ll be sure to research on that more and fill out the joint sponsor form as well.
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