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  1. My husband received his card within 1 week of arrival.
  2. My husband used to send me stuff usning DHL, it is so quick, mostly 1 week.
  3. Google “USCIS case status” and enter the receipt number you received after you made your payment.
  4. Congratulations Fatima and welcome to the states. My husband arrived 3 months ago, he recited his social security card within 1 week, we haven’t received his Green card yet. I checked the status often and just yesterday the status updated to “card being produced”. So, give it about 90 days from either the day you paid the fees or the day you arrived.
  5. If she lives in Casa she can go to their office and ask. otherwise call them. you need to act quick because if the passport is ready for more than 2 weeks thwy will send it back to the consulate. Good Luck!
  6. check Aramex website using her passport number. when it shows ready she should go pick it up. my husband never recived a call or email from Aramex, I checked the satus was ready, he went to pick it up.
  7. Hello again, tell your fiance to ask at al3amala where can he go to obtain the authorozation to leave the country, they should guide him and he should take his passport with the visa in it , his plane ticket, and his ID ( la carte national).
  8. I'll ask my husband and get back to you.
  9. My husband just came about a month ago. he had to get authorization to leave Morocco, this is something new during Covid time. if your fiance lives in chefchouen I would think he will need to get from the closest major city whcih I think Tangier. They wont let him on the Plane if he doesnt have it. I think he should ask at 3amala or Police station. Good Luck
  10. what's the cost for the medical exam?


    Thank you

    1. BasmaHicham


      It was around $200. 

    2. display n

      display n

      What is the name of the panel doctor you used? Can you provide an approximate breakdown of the $200?

    3. BasmaHicham


      Dr. Janah. I’ll ask my husband and get back to you.

  11. make sure you save your very first chat. yes, inlude a lot of pictures, with his family (mom). I inserted our pictures on word documents, added dates, name of people in the pictures and location.
  12. if you are using watsapp to communicate with your husband you can export the chat, send it to your email, transfer it to word document and print. in ours case we included few pages from 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020.
  13. I did the same with my husband now, it didn't look good. we ended up getting married because his visa got returned to USCIS to expire. My advice, have lot of pictures with family, and if you have red flags its better to get married in Morocco.
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