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  1. Thank you. in NY state you can get a new card but you have to pay. I may pay to have it changed.
  2. 1- we had to send the green card back because it was wrong, we only have a copy. should we include that? 2- all kids were born in the US. 3- our drivers licence has same adress, but we moved to a new house. we changed it through DMV but we didnt get new cards. what should we add to make our case stronger? we bought a house last year, but its only in my name because he olny has been here for less than a year at that time.
  3. Good Morning visajourney community, we are getting ready to file for removing of condition on my husband's green card, I have few questions: 1- we received a green card with wrong expiration date so we had to send it back and file I-90 to have it corrected, so for right now he only has a stamp in his passport. in this case, shoud we send just a copy of his stamp and biography page of his passport? 2- we filled the I-751 form, we listed all our kids including 2 from my previous marriage. is this correct? 3- im including a cover letter with all the documments we are sending which includes: Birth certificate of our son. Copy of our 2020 and 2021 joint US tax return. Copies of our auto insurance policy. Copy of our visa cards statement showing a joint account. Copy of our health insurance cards showing a joint policy. Copy of our Costco's Club cards on a joint account. Copy of electricity bills on my husband’s name showing our home address Copy of water bill on my name showing our home address Copy of statement from the bank showing that my husband was added to my bank account A copy of our airline reservations for a vacation that we have planned in June of 2022. Few pictures of our family gathering do you guys think this is enough documentations to prove our ongoing marriage relationship? I appreciate your time and effort. Basma.
  4. My mom’s tourist visa got denied 3 times before I applied for her to get a GC.
  5. My high school diploma was accepted as well in addition to my transcript. the college I went to gave me the option to take ESL classes based on my English score, and I had the option to take a higher level English than what I scored in the test. it all worked out well at the end.
  6. Thank you Arken. the officer said will call in an hour and I am planning to meet my husband during the call. hopefully she call during the time she said she will as I am at work and can't take the rest of the day off. do you think there is a chance she will solve the problem during that call and therfore they will send him his card?
  7. Thank you. I just received a call from an immigration officer, she didnt want to talk to me because its my husband card. I explained that he is in class now and his english is not that good, she said thats ok and will call his number back when he get out of class. I plan to meet with him during the call so we understand excatly what she say. do you think we should wait for her call first then file the I90?
  8. Greeting All, my husband entered the states on 11/11/20 one month short from our 2 year anniversary. few months later he received a 10 year green card, we knew its wrong so we filed I90 to replace it. last august uscis called him to the local office for finger prints. up to this point everything was fine, and while we are waiting for the green card we bought a house and moved so i made sure I changed the adress on USCIS website, thats 3 months ago and he has been receiving mail all this time. today we received an email that his card was destroyed because the post office said its undeliverable! I doubled checked the adress I provided previously and its correct. I chatted with real person on ask Emma, the person did confirm that the adress is correct so he said he will put me in the scheduling to get a passport stamp and we should receive a call and he provided a number for us to keep. what else I should do? I am just afraid they will make us pay for the replacement and its not our fault. please advice. Thank you Basma
  9. Yes, your case is faster than mine. We got stock during the beginning of COVID and we received a NOID before I130 got approved.
  10. InshaAllah everything will be fine. Don’t stress.
  11. Don’t worry about it. He can say he send you money with relatives who are traveling to the USA. I used to send donations (sadaqa) in my husband name, he collected it and gave it to the people i am sending it to. At the interview the CO asked my husband if I send him money, he answered honestly that yes, I did but not for him it was donations to one poor family I chose to help in his village. We got approved with no problem.
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