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  1. assila

    Sputum Test

    My mother went in with a tiny bit of congestion, then got hooked for the entire treatment, I think it was 3 injections - one every 2 weeks. She ended up just staying in Manila for the 6 weeks. My stepfather looked at the x-ray when they flagged her, and told them it was obviously clear congestion, not TB, but that didn't do any good. When she got to the USA, the doctor told her the same thing - it was obviously not TB. So, don't go there with any congestion, even mild. Also, maybe this is a story, but I've heard stay away from milk because it can cause congestion.
  2. When did you become documentarily qualified? I think mine was the end of July 2020.
  3. I received a letter from NVC saying, they had everything they needed and would contact me with an appointment. The letter stated, "The U.S. Embassy or Consulate tells NVC which dates they are holding interviews. NVC fills these appointments on a first-in, first-out basis and is unable to predict when an interview will be scheduled" Can someone tell me if "first-in" references the time the received my application or the time all my documents were approved at NVC? I had mixed-up where I put my name and sponsors name, on one document and had to fix it, so the timing could be a bit off. Thank you!
  4. Approved 10-2019. I'm a Permanent resident.
  5. Yes. I'm waiting for my husband and children. Our documents are approved at NVC. We're just waiting for the ban to be lifted. PD 07/18.
  6. I first sent to NVC on May 5, 2020, but I mixed up the sponsor/beneficiary names, so I had to resubmit corrected version on August 5, then I was approved, yesterday, October 22.
  7. I filed through CEAC. Now that they're approved, I probably won't hear from them until after January 1. 2021, after the ban. Is that correct? Thank you!
  8. We've been waiting a long time to get to this point. Husband got in accident, so we had to wait for eye surgery then wait for his eye to heal before we could get his passport pictures. We got those then this virus caused more waiting. So, good luck you to and your husband!
  9. I was just agreeing it could be a system error. We have all our documents uploaded to the site, except the CENMAR and the NBI, which we can't do until after 31st. Nothing has been submitted, so there wasn't any reason for them to send a notice that we needed to submit all documents before they could review. So, that's why I'm thinking "system error" is accurate. We got ours May 13th.
  10. Yes. We just got one of those. We're still waiting to get our CENMAR and NBI, so we haven't even submitted everything. I think she is correct when she said, "system error"
  11. Signed. I am sooo close to submitting all to the NVC. All I need is an NBI clearance, but they're closed until next month!
  12. Hello, My mother has become a US citizen, while my brother was a juvenile, so she was going to get him a passport, using her Certificate of Naturalization to show citizenship. They request his birth certificate with father's name, but the father was not in the picture at the time of the birth, so he's not on birth certificate. Currently, the father's family doesn't know what happened to him to get any type of statement paper. My brother has turned 18 since my mother's citizenship, if that matters. He has a Baptismal with the father's name. Also, he has an expired Philippine passport with visa stamp, and his green card. What can he do for evidence without his father's name on birth certificate since the father is no where to be found?
  13. I added a household member, but I got the surname and given name mixed-up. I don't see an edit or delete option. How can I fix this, or can I do it by adding another household member with correct name, then not submitting the wrong one? Thank you!
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