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  1. I have an extant account as the petitioner, the beneficiary does not have one. The instructions on the fee pay confirmation page state to confirm/verify the US address for delivery of the GC. I tried to do this via my existing account but couldn't find any place to. Seeing as how the US address hasn't changed since filing the I-130 (and was documented at the interview), do I need to do this address verification step? If so, do I need to make a new USCIS account for the beneficiary in order to verify the address, or am I missing where I can do it in the petitioner account on myUSCIS? For additional information, I wasn't signed into my account when I paid the fee. I don't think that matters though. Thanks a million, friends. So excited to be close to the end of this part of the process.
  2. Hello Everyone, I want to share my experience with you. My husband came to America on a K1 visa during the pandemic and we were unable to get married in NYC due to the shutdowns of my state. Eventually we got married and filed for AOS in October. USCIS sent me an RFE after he had his biometrics appointment and asked for a valid petition because his K1 visa had expired. I spoke with numerous lawyers and all of them said that my husband would be fine with withdrawing the application and filing for an I-130 since my husband came here legally. I withdrew the petition in April and filed an I-130, I-130A, I-485, I-131 and I-765 in May. It was received and signed for on May 6th, 2021. I felt relieved. Two days ago, I received an official withdrawal letter from USCIS saying that my old petition is withdrawn, that my husband can submit a new petition and that he has to leave the country within 33 days since he overstayed his visa. I spoke with a few lawyers since Monday and they have all said to not worry since I have already filed an I-130 and AOS paperwork. They said that I shouldn't do anything else except wait for my NOAs and to relax. I'm still very nervous and scared. Does anyone have any thoughts about my situation? Best, A
  3. Hi All, My husband applied for citizenship while I was serving a two year teaching contract in Saudi Arabia in order to be able to save up enough money for IVF. We visited within 6 months in those two years until tragedy struck and while finally successfully pregnant I gave birth to twins in my 5th month, one died, and the other spent 4 months in the NICU. The laws in Saudi Arabia dictate that I must be employed or leave the country, so I had to sign another 8 month contract to be able to stay by my fragile baby's side. Obviously at this point my husband was not going to leave my side, and unfortunately his citizenship was rejected due to staying outside the US more than 6 months. He appealed and had his n-336 hearing in which the officer was extremely sympathetic and simply asked for more evidence such as death certificate, hospital records, and medical and employment records for my husband in the US. We had 30 days to send them that evidence and the only way to do that was online through his USCIS account. We did it within 8 days. Then, after 30 days he was sent a letter of rejection saying that we never uploaded the evidence asked for-even though it is CLEARLY on his account, I can see it uploaded with the date and everything. I called the hotline and they were basically "sorry we can't help." He now has 120 days to apply to the judicial court in the district where he lives. NJ is the state we are in. I'm so frustrated and have zero idea what to do! I can't find any information about filing this last appeal, how much it costs, how long it takes, etc. Has anyone done this before? Please help! Thank you!
  4. My Sister husband (citizen) filed for her 2 children 5 and 7 last September and awaiting approval! My Sister children father went behind her back last week and filed his own application. What will happen to my sister pending application she filed last September? Will there father application interfere with the first application there mother sent? She's really confused and upset. My sister and her children father live in the US separately as permanent residents. The children live in another country while processing
  5. May 11: I received a mail saying USCIS recalled my green card due to the error of the alien number on my green card. ( I checked my case # on the website. It said USCIS recalled your green card. ) May 12: I sent back my green card along with the notice to the PO Box listed in the letter. May 13: Mail was delivered May 25: My case status changed to “card was destroyed” : On May 25, 2021, we destroyed your card for your Form OS155A, Immigrant Visa and Alien Registration, Receipt Number IOE....., because the Post Office returned it and we did not hear from you. You must file a Form OS155A, Immigrant Visa and Alien Registration, with the correct fee to obtain a new card. If you move, go to www.uscis.gov/addresschange to give us your new mailing address. Does it mean they received my old card and destroyed my old card? But why does it also say “we did not hear from you. You must file a form OS155A” ? Does anyone also have the similar experience of green card being recalled? Thank you! Btw my green card was issued in Feb, 2019.
  6. I was wondering if anyone is experiencing this very unusual delay with the Department of State? So i read thoroughly before applying for the J1 waiver based on hardship (US Government Funding involved). My time line below; At USCIS; 1. Filled November 16, 2017 2. Request for more evidence and responded same month in July 2018 3. Prima facie case was established and hence docket forwarded to DOS for non-uscis advisory opinion. At DOS: Item Action Date Sponsor Views Received January, 28 2019 Request for Sponsor Views Sent October, 16 2018 Form I-612 Received September, 23 2018 Form I-613 Received September, 23 2018 Change of Address Received April, 12 2018 Fee Received February, 14 2018 Form DS-3035 Received February, 14 2018 Form DS-2019 Received February, 14 2018 Statement Of Reason Received February, 14 2018 so from my timeline and the new processing time for Hardship waivers (16weeks to 24 weeks after 612/613 is received), i am outside the normal processing time at DOS. My last 3 emails to DoS has gone unanswered. My sponsor views was received almost 2 months ago. I want to know if anyone has or have had such stupid prolonging after 613/612 and sponsor views have been received?
  7. I am absolutely heartbroken and gutted. I need some advice and help everyone. I have been watching visa journey for a long time and trusted everyone here and am thankful for the help but I have just lost big time. let me explain. I learned so much here that I felt I didn’t need a lawyer to help me through this process. I filed a I-129f petition for my fiancé on august 2020 and supplied ironclad evidence for it and fulfilled all the requirements. I included pictures from our time together in the last 2 years as well as family photos and everything else. However, the problem was my fiancé was 16 at the time I filed it. I did this because I knew with all the delays she would be 18 by the time she gets her visa. I filed from California to the California service center and waited very patiently for 7 months and got a RFE on March 16th 2021. Here is the RFE: “LEGALLY ABLE TO MARRY The evidence shows that your beneficiary was approximately 16 at the time of filing the petition. Generally, a person must be at least 18 years old to marry. Therefore, please submit evidence of the marriage requirements of the state in which you and the beneficiary plan to wed. Also, submit evidence that you and the beneficiary are able to comply with the states marriage requirements” when I saw this I searched everywhere on visajourney and found great advice so I compiled an amazing response with the evidences as follows. I stated the state we plan to marry was the STATE OF HAWAII. I did this because I needed a state where it was easy to get married at the age of 16 and California also allows it but the process would involve getting a court order and seemed very difficult. So I printed the marriage requirements of the state of Hawaii and put that in my response and Hawaii allows marriage at the age of 16 with parental consent, requires a birth certificate, and a drivers license of those over 18. I attached a notarized affidavit of consent signed by both parents and her birth certificate along with my drivers license. Everything was crystal clear and I confirmed with a marriage license agent these requirements and they said yes to all. However I just received a denial of form I-129f today I haven’t received the paper yet but it will be about this age discrepancy nonsense. they said in the RFE! That the state in which we plan to marry. So why would they deny if I provided that, a paralegal I called said they would probably want the evidence of marriage in California but I told her what the RFE said and that Americans are allowed to marry in whatever state they choose so she said you are absolutely correct about that. I need everyone’s advice. What should I do? This sounds like a big mistake on uscis, they sound have approved this petition. Also the problem is I don’t want to wait until she’s 18 to get married in Pakistan and then wait 2-3 years for her to come here maybe even longer since Covid is delaying everything. I can’t be without her that long. if I can get them to overturn this decision it would be the fastest way. Maybe appeal the decision, motion to reconsider? Or file a new I-129f petition? What do you guys think. And why the heck did this happen. Do I have a spot at a reconsider/ appeal. Please help. I’ll update the thread once I get the denial in the mail
  8. Hello members, For about eight months now, my husband's CR1 visa is stuck in "pending security checks" at the Potomac center. I have inquired multiple times but keep getting the same response. My congressman also wrote to them on my behalf and got the same response. We both have clean records. I can't imagine why we have remained pending for so long. Has anyone else been in this situation?
  9. My wife and I went through boundless for our i-130 petition for alien relative. We sent our packet with all the info to the texas based po box we were told to. It's been 3 weeks we filed march 23rd it should have been there no later then march 26th. However uscis has not cashed the 535$ check yet, no response ethier. Is this normal? I was considering paying boundless for a reprint and sending the packet through another mail service we originally used ups, I'm worried they don't have our packet.
  10. Hey visa Journey! I'm nearing the final steps before naturlization and it dawned on me, how am I going to be able to sponsor my parents if I was furloughed from my job in 2020? My tax return for the year 2020 is going to be shot. How will USCIS determine if a person is eligible to proceed as the role of acting sponsor if so many people due to the pandemic were either layed off all together or weren't working their regular work hours? My salary for all other previous years exceeded way over the poverty line, so I'm a bit concerned. I'm curious to know what protocol USCIS will take towards many people in this current situation/global climate we are facing. Much Thanks!
  11. Hi, Just wanted to know if the USCIS send any letter after receiving petition and if it does, then how long does it take ? Thanks in advance.
  12. N400 application timeline:- Applied N400 online: Mar/27/2020 Acknowledgement letter received within 3 days in mail. 10 months later finally I was scheduled on December/17/2020 and I had my biometrics completed on Jan/11/2021 Now after biometrics USCIS case status updated to: "we are actively reviewing your Form N-400, Application for Naturalization, Receipt Number IOE********** Our records show nothing is outstanding at this time. We will let you know if we need anything from you". Does anyone know how long further it will take to schedule interview? As it's already been 10 months. Please advise!
  13. Hi everyone ! I recently got my conditional Green card, I already have my SSN card (the one that says only valide with a work authorization). My question is do I have to apply for a new SSN card or there is no need and I can continue using this one ? Thanks for your help !
  14. I received a call today from a person that said his name is 'Ryan Reese.' He identified himself as someone calling from USCIS to inform me about this supposed complaint against me/my case. Then he asked if the embassy had tried to contact me (I haven't interacted with the US Embassy based in my country since 2018 when I moved here.) The only reason I picked up this call is because my iPhone showed the caller ID as 'US GOVT DEPT OF.' Later, I researched the number 313-568-6049. It appears that this is ICE's number. So this is the 1st contradictory information: Why would this person identify themself as an USCIS employee, if they are calling for ICE? The tone and manners of the person didn't seem professional either. He kept arguing saying 'You don't understand the severity of how this can affect your immigration case' and towards the end of the call he even declare 'I'll be sending an officer to your address today.' I decided to not volunteer any information, I kept asking for a letter or a ticket # to call back later (I was in the middle of my workday.) I'm still startled by this conversation. But I know there isn't anything wrong with my case and/or relationship with my husband. However, I would like to hear if someone has received this kind of call. Or, if they call before being visited by ICE.
  15. Hi everyone ! I really need help ! I had my marriage AOS interview on February 24, we were approved and I received my Approval notice yesterday. Today morning our case status showed " Card was picked up by the USPS " and now in the afternoon our case status says " Notice Was Returned To USCIS Because The Post Office Could Not Deliver It " and they are asking me to file a request online to request a copy of the notice. ( I have not changed my address at all ) What do they mean ? Do they mean the Green Card was not delivered or another notice ? What should I do ? Did anyone go through the same thing ?
  16. My husband and I filed his AOS from K1 category. Tracking shows the package was received January 13 however I have not received a receipt notice yet. I’m sure it’s coming soon. My question is my husband got a job offer and the owner of that company is going to be generating a letter. Assuming I get the receipt number shortly here, what do you think the chances are of us getting an expedite on EAD right after filing with a letter?
  17. Hi All, This may be silly question,but I would like to hear some suggestions. So I have applied for travel extension for my sister(on November) who is an LPR.She was here in USA and had to travel back last month.We applied for travel extension(I-131) as due to this current covid situation it is not sure if she can come back with in 6 Months or in an year period.Unfortunately coz of the delay due to COVID , even though we applied on November we got to know this week that USCIS started processing her application.USCIS charged my credit card.But my sister had to return and she is no longer is available for biometric as part of the application.So her I-131 will get denied. I know it is not right ,but is it okay if I go to my credit card company and dispute the application fee that was charged.?
  18. After interview June 2019 got 221g submit documents Aug 2019 9 jan 2020 got mail by embassy sending file back to NVC IR1 Case return to NVC 21 February 2020 case received USCIS After that no any answer or no reply mail please help me out with this stuck it’s one year already stuck in USCIS My case has been stuck at USCIS after consulate returned it for further review. I have already send many email Is there anything else I can do? Does anyone know email address for new USCIS director? Does anyone know email address for DHS director? Please let me know if there is anything I can do to put some pressure. Thanks,
  19. I send i751 form dec last year. Today took money from uscis. And right now 2028382200 call me. I though bad parson because he dont talking name. And he ask me are you speak english? And i said no Because I was sceard. And I did hang off. But when I hang off finish I reserch this number. Its was uscis. Then when I call back they cant answer.. What shall I do?
  20. Hello everyone I would like to know if President Trump's executive order affects the processing of I130s by USCIS or it is only at the NVC that it is felt for the F2A visa category Thank you
  21. Bonjour a tous je souhaiterais savoir si le décret du Président Trump affecte le traitement des dépôts I130 par USCIS ou c'est seulement à la NVC Merci
  22. Does anyone know if the applicant needs to carry I-864 form with original wet ink signature to the immigrant visa (IR-1) interview? This form was already submitted to NVC. Neither NVC nor US Consulate, Mumbai is able to answer this question. They advise to ask USCIS. Moreover, travel.state.gov webpage says otherwise: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/visa-information-resources/visas-news-archive/20161228_ink-signature-no-longer-required-on-affidavits-of-support.html, but I am not absolutely sure as I never heard back from the US Consulate, Mumbai.
  23. Hello All, I am a USC, and I filed i-130 for my immigrant spouse February 6, 2020. I received my NOA1 a few days later. My receipt number had IOE written on it, but on the bottom left corner it said Potomac. I have not yet received my NOA2 or no other updates at all. Is there anyone else who is going through this same situation? Any advice on making this "wait" easier...
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