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    kivasbeauty got a reaction from dwheels76 in Immigrant Visa for spouse   
    Thank you so much for the advice. I should have asked this question long time ago. I will book my flight as soon as possible and get in the process. 
    Do you have any idea about the tourist visa and if he has chances of visiting and being approved
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    kivasbeauty got a reaction from dwheels76 in Immigrant Visa for spouse   
    Thank you. I will do the visiting and apply for him after marriage
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    kivasbeauty reacted to Paul & Mary in Immigrant Visa for spouse   
    You can not file for him until you are married.  There is no fiance visa for LPRs.  
    Get Married
    Gather Bonafides
    File Petition
    Once USCIS processes the petition it will be sent to the NVC.
    When there is a visa number available, complete the NVC process and it will be sent to the consulate.
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    kivasbeauty got a reaction from Lil bear in Green card and IV packet   
    Electronically. It's been sorted out now. Thanks. The Senate office helped me. I have my card now. 
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    kivasbeauty got a reaction from nasse_forelle in Green card   
    I sent to the senators office. 
    They asked that I send documents that I think will be of help. So I sent : 
    1.  Immigration Case receipt number,
    2. Something to proof residency in the state eg drivers license (thry didn't ask for it bt I sent it )
    3. I also attached a copy of the Privacy Release Form  on the senators website to grant them access to your details.
    4. My passport page with A number and kind of visa
    5. A letter stating the date I entered, date I paid, response(s) if any from the immigration when and if you have contacted them regarding the delay.
    6. I took them to "Please feel free to contact me if you need any additional info".
    Note: the fax was not delivered so I sent through USPS and also scanned and sent to email.
    Number 6 *I told them*
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    kivasbeauty reacted to Boiler in Asking   
    So this someone you knew before she moved to the US?
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    kivasbeauty reacted to osmosesnew in Asking   
    Get evidence showing communications prior to the wedding and after tha wedding. I only visited once too.
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    kivasbeauty reacted to Cal&So in NVC   
    Thanks to everyone, we finished uploading yesterday .. 
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    kivasbeauty got a reaction from Cal&So in NVC   
    Yes it is normal and you are definitely missing something. It happened to me too. Then I realised I uploaded the wrong amount of documents /size. It will indicate to you which of the document/s is not acceptable. Edit and upload a new one. 
    Best of luck
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    kivasbeauty reacted to afrocraft in I-130 to USCIS   
    You're anxious after 2 weeks? Mehn, you just dey start o. This process is measured in months and years, not days and weeks.
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    kivasbeauty reacted to OluwaseunA in Why RFE with mountain of evidence   
    i got the mail this evening and they requested 1passport photo of me with name and A-number at the back, will be mailing it tomorrow.
    so much relieve.
    Thanks to everyone.
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    kivasbeauty reacted to Mellamanlola in Why RFE with mountain of evidence   
    Financial commingling is one of the most important evidences. Joint bank accounts(With activity), health, life, dental, car insurance, rental agreements, call records, proof of address, etc., together with what you sent. That’s what we did and I got the green card no RFE 🌚 good luck 👍🏽🍀 
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    kivasbeauty reacted to JeanneAdil in Why RFE with mountain of evidence   
    I 130 sent in 2009 so must assume you married in that year or before
    so,  how many times has the USC been to Nigeria?
    How long were the trips?
    Nigerian needs to see loads of time together / you mention plane ticket ?  just 1?
    Has the USC done the paperwork to put the Nigerian on tax returns by applying for a ITIN
    Has the Nigerian given the USC a POA to do business on their behalf like signing name to tax returns?
    Added to bank account using the ITIN after IRS assigns one?
    each of you done a will?
    or added to any life insurance policy?
    Added to deed to house with a quick claim deed?
    Add to a utility bill / i was able to add him to water 
    i did all of the above to get the visa approved
    I also made 5 trips (all over a month / 2 of them were 3 months)
    you deal with a difficult embassy like ours
    gotta do what immigration expects to see to show the relationship is real
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    kivasbeauty reacted to aaron2020 in CR1   
    1.  As a green card holder, you can file whenever you want.  There is no problem to apply less than a year after you got your green card in the F4 category.  Lots of people who must remain unmarried to get US immigration visas will immediately return home after getting their green cards to marry and immediately file for their spouses.  My nephew flew to Vietnam, got married, and return to the US to file for his wife within 2 weeks of getting a green card in the F2b category.
    2.  Look at the I-864p from USCIS.  Look at your household size.
    3.  You do not need to change your name to file an I-130 for your spouse.  If you want to change your name, you can. Since you live in the US, you need to change it here.  You might also want to change your name on your Nigerian passport. 
    4.  Your living situation does not matter.  You can live with your family.  You can live by yourself.  Simply, does not matter.
    5.  NO.  DON'T MIX UP DIFFERENT PROCESSES FOR DIFFERENT PEOPLE.  Your spouse will get an immigration visa and be allowed to work immediately upon entering the US.  Your spouse is not applying to adjust status.  
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    kivasbeauty reacted to afrocraft in CR1   
    The answer to almost all of your questions is no, but why not start by familiarizing yourself with guides on the filing processes and requirements?
    VisaJourney: https://www.visajourney.com/content/guides/
    USCIS: https://www.uscis.gov/family/family-green-card-holders-permanent-residents
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    kivasbeauty reacted to Tracie in Tax filling   
    My Husband filled his tax for 2018 but he filled as Single, how can he change it to Married filling Separately (MFS). Is there an IRS link he can go to.  Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thank you.
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    kivasbeauty reacted to payxibka in Tax filling   
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    kivasbeauty reacted to Tanish in Tax filling   
    It's called amended return and you can use 1040X. It can not be filed online. It has to be filed on paper.
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    kivasbeauty reacted to Rosemichelle in I-130 Approved   
    I checked my email today and our I-130 has been approved. This is my first time posting and I wanted to say that the VJ family is amazing. I have already started gathering my documents for the I-864 weeks ago; by reading the posts on VJ. I found this site in June 2019, after I had filed our I-130.
    I just wanted to say thank you for all of the great advice you all give on VJ. I have made a few friends and I have also recommended the site to a few people. 
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    kivasbeauty reacted to Ezzy4life in CR1 Procedure   
    Do I have to pay for any fees at the us embassy in Lagos Nigeria, after my spouse has complete all the fillings? 
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    kivasbeauty reacted to haben4 in Case been sent back to USIS   
    My Husband Is in Lagos Nigeria,have already had interview January ,2018 we have been in administrative process and now they sent our case Back to USCIS. For what reason they have not told us they it is being reviewed it's been there for 6 months and it's with an officer but don't no when it will finish just for us to wait it's at Potomac ..this been 2years we bee going through this wow I miss my husband.anyone going through this  or have any suggestions
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    kivasbeauty reacted to USS_Voyager in k1 Visa procedure after arriving the us   
    I believe right now the record belongs to somebody on this forum who got married 2 hours after the fiancé arrived. They went from the airport straight to the county office to sign the papers.
    The only way to top that now is to get married at the airport. You can get an ordained officiant to meet you at the airport and administer the wedding vows right there with the guy or gal as they’re coming out of customs. That’ll be one heck of a day because you’ll be coming from “Sir, are you bringing any fruits or vegetables to the United States?” to: “do you take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife?”
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    kivasbeauty reacted to Team A Forever in TRANSCRIPT   
    You're very welcome! Godspeed!
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    kivasbeauty got a reaction from Team A Forever in TRANSCRIPT   
    Thanks so much. I will do just that. Il make arrangements to come with multiple copies of it sealed. Although I was told I will be given just one. 
    I might not want to go into the teaching section, I would prefer production/ research, manufacturing and other aspects. 
    However I am open to new paths for the greater good. 
    Thank you
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    kivasbeauty reacted to Tegs&Lols in No file   
    Its fine, they send it electronically to CBP once you present your passport at your POE they will get all the info they need. Relax, its all good.
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